Anti Aging Peptides: The Secret to Ageless Skin and Body

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You probably dismissed it as a buzz when you first heard about anti aging peptides. But have you ever examined your skin care product ingredients closely? If yes, you must have noticed peptide as part of the ingredients. That should have got you thinking about what business it is with peptides and skin care.

Well, you are going to get all answers you are seeking in this post. It will tell you what peptides are (if you are hearing the terms for the first time). You will also know the connection between peptides and anti aging. Most importantly, you will learn about the best peptide skin care products. Got any questions? You will find your answers here. If not, leave your question in the comments, and we will happily get back to you.

What are Anti Aging Peptides?

what are anti aging peptides
Before exploring the link between peptides and anti aging, it is crucial to understand what peptides are. They are short groups of amino acids and part of the protein building blocks for the skin. Thanks to their short stature, they can easily penetrate the skin and spread the benefits of aging in reverse. Some of their direct roles involve smoothening the effects of wrinkles and fine lines and boosting collagen production.

How Peptides Work

how peptides work
Peptides are already present in your body. So, why do we need to supplement them? Every one year after you turn 30 years of age, you are losing 1% of collagen. And that loss comes with depletion of peptides, which are part of the body’s communication system.

But that does not mean piling up peptides on your skin will replenish their supply. That is not how this works. The presence of peptides deep in the skin is a signal to the body that you need healing. In response, the body will automatically release collagen and direct it where the healing is needed.

For instance, if you have a wound at the kneecap, more collagen will be pumped into the joint for fast healing. The same happens if you are aging prematurely- the body will release more hyaluronic acid and collagen to repair, smoothen, and fill up the wrinkles for a new look and healthy skin.

When you have peptides on the skin, the body is tricked into believing that you had an injury that needs healing, and it releases the necessary agents of healing. The collagen released will repair dead cells, boost circulation, make the skin firm, and leave it hydrated and healthy. And because peptides work differently, you should select the specific type to achieve your goals.

Are Skin care Peptides for you?

skin care peptides
Who doesn’t want a healthy, firm, and radiant skin? That should answer the question to whether you should get into anti aging peptides.  Therefore, you and anyone else can use peptides not only to reverse aging but also to act as a prevention to any skin-related problems. One good thing about peptides, unlike other skin anti aging supplements, is that they do not have many side effects.

You can use them regardless of your skin type, any underlying condition, or any other reason for not using other skin care methods. Although you may have to talk to your specialist, peptides can also be used during pregnancy for a fair skin tone and health.

Benefits of Peptides for Skin Care

benefits of peptides for skin care
You now know that there is a deep connection between peptides and anti aging, and it goes deeper than the skin’s surface. Here are a few benefits of using skin care products with peptides.

  • Stimulating the production of collagen. With 1% of your collagen breaking off every year once you turn 30, you need help filling up the deficit. Peptides send the right signals to the body to start collagen production.
  • Bolstering skin barrier. Left on its own, your skin would lose all the moisture and other nutrients that keep it healthy and functional. Anti aging peptides build a barrier on the skin to prevent dehydration and penetration by harmful organisms.
  • Removes wrinkles and smoothen fine lines. Rebuilding the skin and keeping it firm leaves no room for loose skin. You will enjoy a wrinkle-free and smooth skin.
  • Anti-inflammation properties. The presence of antioxidants soothe your skin and prevent any inflammation.

There are countless benefits you can get from peptides that we cannot enumerate all of them here. If you are looking to improve your anti aging regimen, you will get that and so much more.

Peptide Side Effects

Unfortunately, anti aging peptides come with a fair share of drawbacks. First, their age-reversing properties are not scientifically proven. Apart from what those who use them say about them, there is no scientific evidence to the claims. However, it does not mean it is all lies about peptides’ benefits to your body and overall health. It only means that you cannot rely only on peptides to slow down the wheel of aging. You should combine it with conventional practices, eat a healthy diet, exercise, get adequate sleep, and adjust your lifestyle to pursue better health and wellness.

Types of Anti Aging Peptides

Types of Anti Aging Peptides
Skin care products with anti aging peptides tend to work the same way and deliver a similar package of benefits. Generally, they all clear out buildup from dead cells and enhance collagen production to healthy levels.

However, it is worth remembering that each type of peptides can work independently and do more than the basic functions. Therefore, how a specific skin care product works will be pegged on the individual peptides it contains. But that is another problem for you because they do not list each of the peptides contained in the products. Some of them will give a clue that they contain peptides, but there are 20 or so types, and you can never know which one they have used.

Therefore, it is helpful to know the general types of anti aging peptides so that you can know what to expect in your age-reversing journey.

copper peptides skin care

Carrier Peptides

Copper is the dominating ingredient in these peptides. On top of delivering many anti aging benefits, copper plays a significant role in the healing of wounds. You will see copper listed as one of the ingredients. In other products, you will see manganese peptide, which falls in the same group of peptides and work in the same way as copper.

Signaling Peptides

These are the most common anti aging peptides, and you will find them in a range of skin care products. They work to restore the right amount of collagen on your skin. And that is not only what makes them very helpful in your anti aging products. They also hold things together where your skin has broken down, and that helps it heal and regain its healthy structure.

Thanks to their popularity, these peptides come in many versions. You can pick your combination from the variety that works for your specific skin needs. Some good examples you can make your pick from include hexapeptides 11 and 14, palmitoyl peptides, tetrapeptides, carnosine, and much more.

peptides skin care

Enzyme Inhibiting Peptides

It is body chemical processes that initiate the process of aging. If there could any way to stop or even slow down the chemical processes, your skin will never show any aging signs. Well, that is precisely the same way that enzyme inhibitor peptides work. They block the chemical process that leads to the breakdown of collagen and other skin structural proteins. Without the loss of collagen, your skin remains healthy.

You can get these inhibitors from rice, silk fibroin, and soybean peptides.

Neurotransmitter Inhibiting Peptides

These anti aging peptides are not widely used as the first two, but they do a great job of slowing down the wheel of aging. Their specialty is in fighting the appearance of fine lines by stopping the secretion of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter at the center of muscle contractions. The peptides in this cluster work by relaxing your facial muscles, and that is how you will hardly see any fine line on your beautiful face.

Some of the best peptides in this category include pentapeptides, tripeptide-3, and acetlyhexapeptide-3.

Keratin Peptides

Also known as structural peptides, keratin anti aging peptides work to retain your skin’s hydration and keep away dryness. These two are prerequisites for radiant and plumper skin that will not show any signs of age. Keratin is known for its function in giving structure to hair and nails, and it is surprising it forms a barrier to prevent skin dehydration.

On skin products, you will see keratin peptides or wool lipids as some of the ingredients. Actually, sheep wool has the highest percentage of keratin; thus, the ‘wool’ tag on products should not bother you.

How to choose the right Peptides for you

 peptides skin cream

There are hundreds of skin care products with peptide, and they all promise benefits to your skin health. It can be overwhelming- and that is an understatement- to pick the right one for your needs. Here are three things you should use to always find anti aging peptides that are right for you;

  • Read the labels. You want to see peptides high up in the ingredient list. If you see “palmitoyl,” it means the same thing.
  • Be cautious with the other ingredients. Peptides can work with a range of other skin care and anti aging products. They are good with vitamin C, hyaluronic acids, antioxidants, and niacinamide. Remember that you cannot use vitamin C and niacinamide together. Also, using AHA with peptides will render them useless. Overall, pick ingredients that will bring out the best in peptides.
  • Go for the most effective form. Anti aging peptides in the form of moisturizers or serums will stay longer on the skin. Therefore, they will bring you the most benefits thanks to the prolonged contact. On the other hand, if you go with cleaners, they do not stay for long on the skin; hence the benefits are minimal.

 Anti Aging Peptides Takeaway

There is no harm or anything to lose if you incorporate anti aging peptides into your reverse aging regimen. Of course, retinoids take the leading role when it comes to reversing the effects of aging and especially wrinkles. But they may not be for you. In that case, peptides can do a fantastic job with your skin. It does not matter that you are already using other skin anti aging supplements; peptides tend to fit in with other products very well.

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