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Balance by Bistromd Review: What Is It, Pros and Cons, Price, & Shipping

The best things about the cheapest meal delivery service


BistroMD Free Shipping offer on Orders $99+

Balance by Bistro is no sham game! Here’s how!

So you trimmed 20 pounds with the BistroMD weight loss plan last month. But you’re worried if these adamant fats might show up again. You know how it’s with weights— maintaining them can sometimes get tougher than shredding them.

Fatty cells, being too stubborn with their nature, it’s only a matter of time they multiply and increase your waist circumference, puff up your face, and bloat your thighs again. Because you might also go easy on the exercise, sleep, and pancakes your friends force you to eat.

In case you don’t mess your healthy-running schedule, BistroMD has unique meal delivery services solutions for you— Balance by BistroMD. It’s about eating healthy and meeting balanced dietary needs this time. This meal-delivery service is like… getting high on maintenance mode with healthy, ready-made meals.

We already knew how successful BistroMD and its biohacking weight loss programs were. But with lots of buzz around, we tried a few Balance by BistroMD meals to test out their products and services. You’d want to keep reading our experiences if you want to manage your weight loss:

BistroMD Free Shipping offer on Orders $99+

What is Balance by BistroMD meal delivery services?

Balance by Bistromd meal catalogue

Balance by BistroMD offers frozen and prepared meals without having to subscribe to any plan.

If you’re wondering how it is different from other meal delivery services or what should make you go for it, well, the most significant benefit is you can select any number and type of meals on the schedule that suits your needs.

So you’re not receiving meals in regular intervals. Instead, you’re having them flexibly— whenever and wherever you want.

Potential health benefits of using Balance by BistroMD services?

Did you know the government recommends high-quality ingredients and nutritious foods, but most of us don’t follow them?

As much as 75% of Americans miss recommended vegetables and fruits on their plates every day. (1)

Not because they’re short of money and can’t afford one square meal, but because healthy eating lacks convenience.

Just when you want to know healthy numbers for your body, your calculator goes missing. Because calculating and meeting your dietary needs are incredibly boring.

But Balance by BistroMD does all the sum game for you. You merely have to place your order and wait for the meal to swim in your tummy. Here are the other benefits:

Different health needs, different meals

Think of any healthy dietary plans and Balance by BistroMD has it for you. Be it heart-healthy or low sodium options, gluten-free or diabetes-friendly; you’ll have them all at one-stop reference. And yes, dairy-free and low-fat meal eaters have plenty to celebrate too.

A balanced diet

Your mundane routine and crazy working hours may not let you add nutritious food to your diet. The sad part is it gets out of hand even when you want it.

Fortunately, Balance by BistroMD mix matches a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins to help your day.

Cutting off extra pounds

We wouldn’t say Balance by BistroMD is only meant for managing weight because you’re not obligated to pick BistroMD biohacking products and plans before choosing Balance by BistroMD. A balanced meal is beneficial even if you haven’t picked BistroMD and want to aid in weight loss.

Science is elementary. Less calories = healthy meal = weight loss.

Healthy ingredients 

You may be eating healthy fruits and vegetables, but unhealthy ingredients can minus your efforts. Trust us!

These ingredients can make your lunches & dinners meaningless. Balance by BistroMD rules out high sodium and sugar plans and caters to healthy meals.

BistroMD Free Shipping offer on Orders $99+

How Balance by BistroMD works?

Meal types from balance by bistromd

Unlike other ordinary food ordering systems, Balance lets you pick your favorite meal before asking you to swipe your cards.

We really like the feature because you don’t have to fill long, frustrating forms before picking your meal. It gets pokey to fork credit card details even before you have selected your meals. Doesn’t it? But Balance seems a little less desperate to collect details.

The Balance system also lets you manage your order building. Whether you want to add more meals to your list or fold at a certain bill amount— you have absolute control over billing.

The only slop side is when you’re starting new, it may take some time to get friendlier with you. The user experience may not start the best, but you eventually get there (hardly 5-10 minutes) before everything takes over like a smooth pancake journey.

Ordering is quite simple once you’ve figured the system:

  • You begin with picking and customizing your meal.
  • Then you add them to the cart.
  • Now you sign up for an account/or log in to your previous account.
  • Pay for your cart.
  • Relax and wait for the meal.

BistroMD Free Shipping offer on Orders $99+

Why is the no-subscription model successful with Balance by BistroMD?

Other meal delivery services emphasize the subscription model. It means you’ll keep receiving your meals at regular intervals. But what if you want to customize your date and hours? Do you have such a provision with a subscription model? A very few.

But there are no monthly or yearly plans with Balance by BistroMD. You get what, and whenever you order, that’s it. Now it’s convenient for three reasons:

  • You’re never paying for the food you don’t want! What happens with other subscription systems? They’ll deliver despite being out to the countryside or when you don’t want the meals delivered. You forget to cancel the subscription once, and you’re receiving unwanted meals for months. Nasty!
  • Some meal delivery systems want you to book four or six portions of a meal. What if you want five? Should you plan another unwanted meal? Absolutely no. It’s like second… ing with stupid ordering rules. But never bow down to such stern rules. It only toughens them. Fortunately, Balance is amazingly flexible, and it goes down as one of the most convenient ordering systems in my book.
  • Want a one-off meal instead of the daily dose of receives? Well, you’re not forced to subscribe to the meal. It’s very much like shopping for your favorite shoe on Amazon. You can browse the one-off menu and order it. Though it’s not free shipping till a certain amount of order, you have the flexibility of ordering as little as a meal.

BistroMD Free Shipping offer on Orders $99+

Meal options and special diets in Balance by BistroMD

broccolini meal from Balance by bistroMD

As we mentioned, you don’t have to subscribe or become a Balance member to have your meals received.

The biggest perk is: you can customize your week’s meal and get them as and when you want. And if you don’t want to keep remembering to order, the company also lets you enjoy the benefits of concierge services. So you can place recurring orders for your favorite menus.

You’ll come across nine major specialty diets whether you’re on a weight-loss plan or want to eat healthy for convenience. Here’s what the website (2) says:


“Meals fall at or below heart-healthy standards for calories, sodium, total fat, and saturated fat, with less than 600mg of sodium and less than 3.5 grams of saturated fat to support heart health.”

Featured heart-healthy meals:

  1. Chicken Meatballs with Marinara and Linguine
  2. Western Egg Scramble
  3. Ham and Potato Egg Scramble

Low sodium.

“Meals fall at or below the American Heart Association’s (AHA) recommendations for calories, sodium, total fat, and saturated fat. Each meal contains 600 milligrams or less of sodium per meal, falling below the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommendation of 2,300 milligrams per day.” 

Featured low sodium meals:

  1. Grilled Salmon with Lemon Dijon Dressing
  2. Chicken Meatballs with Lentils and Spiced Tomato Sauce
  3. Greek Omelet with Fruited Quinoa


“All meals follow our founding physician’s recommendation to consume a consistent and controlled amount of carbohydrates at each meal. These meals help to maintain blood glucose levels and contain 25 grams or less of NET carbohydrates each.”

Featured diabetic meals:

  1. Western Omelet with Roasted Potato and Onion Hash
  2. Chicken Rice and Vegetable Stew
  3. Hatch Green Chile and Pork Stew

Low carb.


Chicken Meatballs with Lentils and Spiced Tomato Sauce

“All meals follow a low carbohydrate diet, containing 25g or less of NET carbohydrates per meal.”

Featured low carb meals:

  1. Beef and Vegetable Stew with Burgundy Wine
  2. English Muffin Sandwich with Egg Ham and Swiss
  3. Chicken Meatballs with Lentils and Spiced Tomato Sauce


“All meals are nutritionally and scientifically balanced to provide your body with balanced nutrition during menopause, focusing on lean proteins and reduced carbohydrates to support hormone regulation.”

Featured menopause meals:

  • English Muffin Sandwich with Egg Ham and Swiss
  • Jerk Spiced Chicken with Mango Chutney and Spinach
  • Artichoke Spinach and Roasted Red Pepper Frittata


“All meals are tested to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gluten-free standard (20 ppm or less) and do not contain wheat, rye or barley.”

Featured Gluten-free meals:

  • Western Egg Scramble
  • Grilled Salmon with Dill Mustard Sauce
  • Bacon and Potato Egg Scramble

The Best Tasting Gluten-Free Meals >>>>>


“All meals with this classification are free of dairy products.”

Featured dairy-free meals:

  • Grilled Salmon with Lemon Dijon Dressing
  • Chicken Rice and Vegetable Stew
  • Chicken Cacciatore


“All vegetarian meals are inspired by popular seafood and plant-based recipes.”

Featured vegetarian meals:

  • Greek Omelet with Fruited Quinoa
  • Cheese Tortellini with Three Cheese Tomato Sauce
  • Four Cheese Ravioli


“Our Mediterranean diet meals are inspired by the vibrant ingredients and ancient eating habits of the Mediterranean.”

Featured Mediterranean meals:

    • Chicken Meatballs with Lentils and Spiced Tomato Sauce
    • Pork Tenderloin with Olive Tapenade
    • Greek Omelet with Fruited Quinoa

All of the meals served on Balance are appropriate for use as part of a weight loss plan, eating healthy or even just convenience for Specialty Diets. >>>>>

Our personal choice for three-square meals?

The family that eats balance by bistromd together, stays together

Whether you’re looking to munch on energy-laden breakfast or healthy snack bars, Balance has it all for you.

We’d say it’s apple cinnamon oatmeal with scrambled eggs steals the breakfast show. But again, you have choices to make from homestyle waffles with scrambled eggs and maple syrup or a palatable bagel sandwich.

Among snack bars, dark chocolate coconut pleases our taste buds the most. Glazed Cinnamon buns and granola mixes are close competing bars too. You can plan your snack routine depending on the number of bars you need. Pack of five, six, or eight— order them right away and give your tongue the blend of health and taste.

Don’t miss the protein shakes should you want to bulk up and feel stuffed for a longer time.

And yes, we’re missing on one of the great things about Balance: you’re not selecting from the pool of options mindlessly. Balance meal keeps you updated about nutritional information, including fats, proteins, and most importantly, calories.

What’s the benefit? Well, you’re not eating anything that doesn’t fall in your calorie requirements or dietary needs. And you have hands-on detail of all the ingredients in the meal. Should you avoid certain food materials to get over allergy or phobia, you have pre-planned information at your disposal.

What does Balance by BistroMD cost?

Balance By BistroMD serves Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf with Yuca Fries

And we’re talking business finally.

Quality at one end. What about the price? Is Balance by BistroMD worth your money?

Well, first thing first. There’s no minimum order option to fulfill. You can have an off order without worrying about pushing the cart limit. So the fact is established you’re not overspending.

Now coming to the price— Balance lets you sort the price from minimum to maximum values.

Let’s say you didn’t want to spend over 6$. So you have options such as English Muffin Sandwich with Egg Ham and Swiss and English Muffin Sandwich with Egg Turkey Sausage and Cheddar that comes cheap at $5.99 merely.

Don’t worry! You must be wondering if low is low, high must be super high. But the high priced meal is not 50 or 100$.

It’s 13.99 dollars. So the rub is: the entire meal plan folds between $5.99 to $13.99. Well done, Balance!

Mind you! These are prepared meals. 5.99$ is an exciting buy if you’re looking for convenience at a low-cost. 

Here’s the price structure:

Price Units
Breakfast $5.99-$9.89 1 unit per price
Lunches and dinners $7.49-$13.99 1 unit per price
Snacks and shakes $10.99-$17.99 5-8 counts

But here’s also a little bad news for you.

Despite nailing prices for almost all the meals, you have to bear high shipping charges for low-value orders. So a 6$ meal may cost you 19$ in shipping. We fear more than Balance you might abandon the cart watching the price steep up so high.

Our first recommendation to the brand: have a shipping fee, but keep it nominal enough to have more orders per day.

Balance by bistromd offers Free Shipping on Orders $99+

Deals and rewards by Balance By BistroMD

We don’t think Balance is utterly deaf to our feedback. They may not have the best shipping charges, but they offer shipping offers and rewards in other forms. And they understand high pricing should cost them customers and business.

So they have generous schemes to pull down the costs for their customers. And when you avail of these offers, you might be using the cheapest meal delivery service in the town. Take a look at these shipping offers. (3)

  • Free shipping on group buys. Whether you’re jamming or watching Mike Trout hitting long home runs with friends, buy orders in bulk and get your deliverables free. Your order should value 99$ or more.
  • Get 15% off on orders of $149 or more.
  • Get 20% off on orders of $199 or more.
  • First-time offer: You’d want to celebrate a 10% off offer if you’re a first-time buyer. Balance is a little more kind with new users. They get free shipping as well.


Delivery services from Balance by BistroMD

delivery services from balance by bistromd

You’ve almost read everything about Balance without really knowing if they deliver to your place.

So Balance by BistroMD pledges to serve healthy food to all Americans. But what does the delivery report card say? Do they reach you?

Well, Balance delivers to all the parts of America.. except. Sorry, Alaska and Hawaiian people. 

Balance has FedEx as its delivery partner, which picks your frozen food order between Monday to Wednesday. Now you must be wondering what happens if you order at 11:59 pm on Wednesday?

You can be late in ordering. But FedEx will ship your order by the subsequent Monday.

FedEx delivery services are costly. All the Balance orders will cost $19.95 to you. So here’s our first two-bit: stuff as many meals into the package. You don’t want to spend 19.95$ for a 6 dollar package. 

Since it’s a frozen meal delivery service, you don’t even have to worry about orders getting stale. So order frozen goods and store them for future use. (a nice piece of hack to get around high shipping cost ;))

Not to forget Balance’s packaging. It comes in awesome dried-packaging, which insulates your meal from heating and going bad. And here’s where Balance nails it: it takes care of the environment with recyclable and recycled cardboard.

Pros and cons of using Balance by BistroMD services

Pros of eating Grilled Salmon with Lemon Dijon Dressing

We thought about what fits the best as pros and cons, and they didn’t take much of our time. Both of them are easy to experience and are highly noticeable.

Favorite pros:

  • No subscription fee or minimum orders: We have said it already. Balance by BistroMD earns brownie points over other meal delivery services for its flexibility. Get over the headache of subscribing to a plan or ordering a minimum value cart. Just hit the portal, select whatever you want, get it whenever you want! As simple as that.
  • No grinding in the kitchen: If you fear the frozen meals would demand hard grinding in the kitchen, you’re wrong. Balance meals are well-prepared in advance. So the maximum you have to do is to heat the meal and toss it in your belly. We’re sure munching on the meal is not too hard. 😉
  • Quality ingredients: Yes, Balance uses fresh fruits and vegetables. But are they enough to keep you healthy if ingredients have additives and don’t resonate with the quality you’re looking for? Fortunately, everything Balance uses has excellent quality and chemical-free, including the ingredients.


  • Designed meals under expert dieticians: The last few pounds can be annoying, but you can pluck them out with Balance’s designed dieticians’ meal. Also, the details on ingredients help you fill up with an informed dose of proteins and fats.

Balance by bistromd offers free Shipping on Orders $99+

Additional pros

Artichoke Spinach and Roasted Red Pepper Frittata by balance by bistromd

  • Fantastic for special dietary needs: Though plenty of meals target beyond weight-loss programs, meals with dietary needs are a gift to your taste buds and body. Vegetarian to low sodium diet, Balance has your back covered in every aspect.


  • Positive testimonials: Balance understands missing on customer testimony is not like.. missing a small boat, but missing Oasis of the Sea, the largest ship in the world. So they neatly place positive feedback to earn credibility. Of course, we’re not blinded by their testimonies. So we checked their social media accounts, and they’re full of positive chatters. Congrats! Balance!


  • Easy on your wallet: A meal delivery service without subscription plans has to be costly. Right? Wrong! The overly-priced meal deliveries have a serious competitor because Balance swipes nothing extra out of your pocket apart from little deary shipping fees. It’s still your best bet, considering the quality they’re offering.
  • A potpourri of meal plans:  Generally, cheaper meals have limited options. You might as well think the company can’t have all its prepared meals so cheap. They’re not doing charity either. But you’ll be stunned by the fact that Balance by BistroMD lets you pick from a wide array of meal options. So what are you waiting for? Get your share of lunches, breakfast, and dinners. Balance also ensures you’re not overwhelmed with too many options.


  • Shipping charges are big turn-offs: There’s no compensation or offer in Balance’s kitty for small orders. You have to pay $19.95 for every order, which may sound too much even from FedEx standards. Of course, then you have group buys and bulk orders for free shipping.


  • Bad luck, Alaskan and Hawaiian people: Our dear Alaskan and Hawaiian readers, you might have to go jealous of the entire continental United States. Balance doesn’t deliver it to your doorsteps. Thinking of relocating?

Balance by bistroMD Offers Free Shipping on Orders $99+

Who’s the ideal candidate for Balance meals?

Jerk Spiced Chicken with Mango Chutney and Spinach by balance by bistroMD

If questions such as “Do I need Balance meals?” or “When should I have Balance meals?” are bothering you, don’t worry! You’re not the only one trying to solve the puzzle. We looked into ideal candidates who can go for balanced meals, and here’s what we found.

  • Dieters struggling to keep on track: sneaking out time for strict diet plans can get strenuous. Balancing well-prepared meals gives you the convenience to stick to your diet plan without lighting your stove once.
  • If you’re looking for specific dietary needs: It doesn’t matter what your dietary demands are. Browse through the list, and you’ll find something matching your needs.


  • Working people looking for weight loss: Ready to heat and eat Balance Meals is a one-stop solution for busy people.
  • Pulling on the maintenance mode: Balance meals are ideal fits if you’re looking to manage your weight.
  • A cheaper alternative to other meal delivery solutions: You’re not bound to pay 200$ monthly subscriptions to meal delivery services. If you’re looking for a flexible, cheaper solution and want to hear the calls of your mood, Balance it is.

Who’s not the ideal candidate for Balance meals?

It’s safe for everyone. But if you’re considering your weight loss program meal, you might seek a laser-targeted meal delivery solution as BistroMD, the parent company of Balance.

How to store and heat Balance by BistroMD meals?

Preparing Greek Omelet with Fruited Quinoa to store

The good part with Balance meals is: you can throw them right away in your freezer and have the quality munch-time after months of refrigeration. Though the meal can last for a year, try having it in the first few months to enjoy full nutrition.

Use the microwave or oven for heating your meal. 6 minutes in the microwave or 30 minutes in an oven should be enough to give you an enjoyable experience.

Yank out your thermometer and check if it’s 165 degrees F. Once it’s there, you’re ready to gulp.

The final food for thought

While we don’t recommend you have Balance as a part of your weight loss plan, and even Balance doesn’t market itself that way, there have been experiences and testimonies suggesting losses in fats.

We appreciate Balance’s marketing honesty as a maintenance plan and not weight loss despite having hundreds and thousands of positive reviews.

While lack of availability may sometimes upset you, Balance pushes the limit most of the time to be accessible for you.

And a little unavailability is acceptable considering the kind of “almost-charity” they’re doing. So it’s a no-brainer that Balance is a service to pay for.

Please follow our blog posts, review materials, and tips on weight loss and anti aging biohacking for easy buys.

Balance by bistroMD offers Free Shipping on Orders $99+


  2. Balance by bistroMD (