Best Biohacking Tools & Devices In 2022| DIY Products To Optimize Life

Our Editorial Picks to Improve Your Lives, Optimize Your Health & Wellbeing

We would like to introduce the best biohacking tools and devices of our choice. We took the time to try them by ourselves to understand all pros and cons.

So, we recommend products with the best results and impacts to you.

Best Biohacking Tools For Skin

Here are the best biohacking tools for skin toning and face lifting.

1. MyoLift Microcurrent Machine

Facial beauty tools rejuvenate, relax, and sculpt your face the natural way. It tightens the tissue and skin, leaving you with a taut, younger-looking jawline, chin, and neck. If you consider yourself a proud member of the skin-care club—MyoLift Microcurrent Machine facial tools are worth every cent.

myolift mini microcurrent machine with applicatior probes


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2. Foreo BEAR

In combination with Foreo’s patented Anti-Shock System, Foreo BEAR & BEAR mini offer deep, spa-level treatments and up to 90 uses per USB charge, with no attachments required, ever.



3. Pico Toner

You would love it because you don’t have to use it daily for the rest of your life while having results. This is a super quality device that provides you with visible results immediately. Premium tool designed in Los Angeles, CA

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Pico toner microcurrent device with probes


Best Biohacking Tool For Sleep

Here are the best biohacking tools for sleep.

1. Chilipad Sleep System

Chilipad offers what your mattress is supposed to give in the first place: sound sleep. The comfy mattress runs a network of cold/hot water right beneath you. So if night sleep bothers you— be it sweaty summer or freezing cold, you can put a chili pad right under you to create a counter-effect.

chilipad sleep improvement tool


2. Ooler Sleep System

Sleep is a luxury once you hit your twenties! It comes very hard to you. Sadly, you can’t buy sleep. But you can certainly buy Ooler as it comes with simple installation and effective performance. 

Now regulate the temperature of your mattress with an advanced yet beautifully evolved Chilipad in the form of ooler! 

Happy biohacking family enjoys ooler sleeping mattress


Best Biohack Wearables For Sleep

The list of biohack wearables helps optimize your life and is the perfect gift to flaunt.

1. SleepPhones

SleepPhones has made sleeping with headphones what we all only desired until now- supremely comfortable. This biohacking product has helped people suffering from stress, worry, and insomnia get a good night’s sleep.

Switch from traditional headphones to SleepPhones to live your desire to listen to music all night just to get a great sleep.

A biohacker enjoys quality sleep with sleepphones


2. BluBlox Glasses

Cell phones and computer devices are great but return the favor with blue light radiation. And you don’t want them.

You want something that deviates off these radiations from entering your eyes. BluBlox glasses do precisely what you need to have healthy eyes and a good sleep cycle— low blue light and high melatonin!

what are the different styles and frames

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Best Biohacking Tech Devices For Sleep

1. BrainTap

Stress and insomnia dominate human lives, and we constantly try to eliminate them using different approaches. And BrainTap is one of them.

BrainTap headset is one of the best brain entrainment technologies of 2022. Using sound and LED lights, this headset offers guided meditation that taps your most profound meditative state.

All you have to do is set your goal, whether it is weight loss, a healthy lifestyle, better sleep, or just about anything, and use the brain-tapping headset!

braintap headset placed in a calming surrounding


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Best Biohacking Devices For Negative Energy

Here is the list of best biohacking devices to eliminate negative energy.

1. Somavedic devices

Would you live better well with emf-nullifying Somavedic devices?

Enjoy the medical advantages of the two worlds: the east and the west. Somavedic blends western frequency therapy with eastern natural science. Why should you use it?

  • Reduces the harmful effect of mobile phone radiation
  • Encourages relief from inflammation
  • Healthy for cardiovascular proceedings & nervous system
  • Better heart rate variability, circulation, and internal body balance
  • Offers freedom from regular headaches
  • Improves circadian rhythm and sleep cycle
  • Increases clarity in focus and mental concentration
  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • Gives enough energy to battle the tiring day
  • Induces calming effect

Biohacker flaunts somavedic device on her hands

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2. EMF Harmony

The ultimate collection of EMF Harmonizing protective devices for your cell phone, routers, all wireless products, home, office, kids, pets, etc Must have!

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Best Biohacking Devices For Pain

Gift your family members and friends the best biohacking machines for pain and tell them how much you want to see them pain-free. 🙂

Joovv Red Light Therapy

Joovv is our #1 pick for reducing pain. Here are the benefits of Joovv.

  • reduces pain in joints
  • subdues pain in tendons

Joovv also increases energy, improves mood & sleep, enhances hair and skin, promote weight loss, blood flow, & muscle, and finally, it helps with fertility. Joovv is an all-in-one device for skin, hair, sleep, and pain. So it’s the

  • best biohacking tool for skin,
  • best biohacking tool for hair,
  • best biohacking tool for sleep,
  • best biohacking tool for pain

Joovv products for red light therapy

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Best Biohacking Tools For Weight Loss

The biohacking weight loss tool is one of the best at-home gifts you can present to your near and dear ones. We have it covered for you as well.

1. Power Plate

Power Plates are vibration therapy tool that helps the body with a high-speed workout. The body relaxes and contracts every second. The best part is, that it’s not difficult to operate. You must stand on it and let the vibration machine do the talking.

Best Biohacking Programs For Weight Loss

Biohacking tools are not only for sleep and pain but also for weight loss. Just that they take a new shape into programs. Here are some biohacking weight loss programs you can help your loved ones subscribe to.

1. BistroMD

Exclusive menu, no cooking required, perfect for people with no time or bad cooks, tons of success stories! Backed up by Dr. Phil, super easy to start, meal plans for both men and women, a diabetes meal program, and much more

BistroMD meal catalogue

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2. Prolon Fasting

We thought you didn’t want to starve yet shed irritating fats lingering around your waist. So reviewing Prolon fasting made the most sense to us. Here’s how you benefit:

  1. feel extremely light in your body
  2. concentrate on work despite tiring hours
  3. have new cells generated for a healthy body function
  4. enjoy healthy metabolism

prolon meal for weight loss

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3. Balance by BistroMD

If you don’t mess up your healthy-running schedule, BistroMD has unique meal delivery service solutions for you— Balance by BistroMD. It’s about eating healthy and meeting balanced dietary needs this time. This meal-delivery service is like… getting high on maintenance mode with healthy, ready-made meals.

  • No subscription fee or minimum orders;
  • No grinding in the kitchen;
  • Quality ingredients;
  • Designed meals under expert dieticians..

Salad bowl from Balance by BistroMD

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Best Biohacking Programs For Hair Loss

Biohacking tools are incomplete without hair loss tools. You can gift it to the people you love, but make sure you don’t offend them. Be considerate while gifting such devices. Your intentions may have been good. But don’t make it look like hair-shaming.

1. Kiierr LASER CAP

Among multiple hair loss products and other laser caps brands, we picked Kiierr Laser Cap because it

  • stops hair loss
  • reverses hair loss process
  • promote healthier, thicker hair
  • save an effective way to re-grow your hair

kiierr laser cap for hair growth models, prices, & where do you buy it

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