Acousticship Sleepphones Review 2022: What Is It, Pros, Result, & Refund

Sleep big with the headphones on!

SleepPhones review, as objective as it could get!

Sleep is important. Nobody would disagree with that.

But sleeping like a baby is still a dream for many.

Of course, there are remedies and therapies to fight wakefulness.

Warm milk… hundreds of teas… incense sticks… and so on.

However, music and sleeping pills are the most popular of all.

Now, imagine that music and sleeping pills are put against each other in a ring.

Which do you think would win the title?

Or which of the two would you prefer?

Music, right?

Why would anybody want to go for sleeping pills!

But somehow the winning belt always goes to the annoying sleeping pills.

It’s sad but true.

How much the world wants to use meditative melodies as therapy, it just can’t!


YES, the uncomfortable Headphones!

The earbuds of our normal headphones are like the devil’s horns that poke you relentlessly.

And that’s how music loses the throne as a sleeping therapy.

But someone fought for comfort… And Won

Normal people like you and me, what do we do when those earbuds nullify the calming effect of sounds?

We drop them, right?

Squirming in discomfort at night, we curse at the companies for not making them sleep-friendly, and eventually…

We stop listening to it!

But Dr. Wei-Shin Lai didn’t!

When she wanted to use meditative music as therapy for sleeplessness and couldn’t because of her bulky headphones, she came up with this phenomenal idea of SleepPhones!

She invented her own sleeping headphones with the help of her husband.

And that’s how the company AcousticSheep launched wireless headphones for a good sleep.

A practical product that has blessed thousands of insomnia with sleep!

They call them SleepPhones!

So, let’s see how good.. or not… are they with AcousticSheep SleepPhones review!

And how they are biohacking sleep!

What are SleepPhones?

man is sleeping with sleepphones

SleepPhones are two things at once:

  1. It is a soft headband made using plush fabric.
  2. It is also a headphone with two speakers inside that are flat, padded, and removable.

So basically, a headband that lets you listen to your favorite tracks without torturing your ears!

Made using exclusive SheepCloud fabric of AcousticSheep, SleepPhones offer a snug fit that makes them ideal for drifting off to the SnoreLand!

The fabric being hypoallergenic, you don’t need to worry about getting rashes or skin irritability.

The lightness of the headband is such that your head may not even notice that it’s there, which is exactly what a deep sleep demands.

The best part of this product is that AcousticSheep has not compromised with technology while seeking comfort.

Yes, they have been successful at keeping their product viable.

And that’s a scorer for us who are keen on using only the best biohacking tools!

Moving forward, the speakers are RoHS/CE compliant and offer high-quality sound.

Featuring flat speakers with a fair noise cancellation technology, the headphones drown disturbing sounds of traffic, T.V, construction, etc.

And that’s what you want while asleep, right?

Now, how do you connect the headband with your device?

Well, there are two kinds of SleepPhones for the two classic methods of connectivity:

  1. SleepPhones Classic: Comes with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack that you can plug into any of your devices.
  2. SleepPhones Wireless: As the name suggests SleepPhones Wireless comes bare. They are Bluetooth-enabled.

What are the Benefits of SleepPhones

couple are sleeping in bed with sleepphones

The benefits of SleepPhones are tremendous, and their customer satisfaction reviews are a clear indicator.


Let’s look at each of the benefits in detail to understand what’s actually in store for all you sleepyheads!

SleepPhones Review Benefit #1: Falling asleep with headphones is now pain-free

Over-ear headphones or wireless earbuds, none made listening to music in bed comfortable.

The discomfort is real, especially if you are a side sleeper.

But we come bearing good news for all the side sleepers!

The speakers of the SleepPhones are sewn inside a plush fabric that lends extra cushioning to them.

Because the speakers are padded, these headphones are comfortable in every sleeping position.

Yes, even the side sleepers don’t need to compromise their comfort with these sleep phones


what side sleepers say about sleep phones 

It’s true that you’d feel there’s something between your ear and the pillow.

But because the speakers are flat, and have extra padding, you’ll fall asleep on your side without any aches from the headband. You won’t feel the speakers between your ears and the pillow.

Pretty amazing, right?

SleepPhones Review Benefit #2: The flat speakers have good sound quality

When you buy headphones, there’s one thing you never compromise on and that’s the audio quality.

While the volume may not be comparable to that of the current high-tech earphones, the sound quality is clear.

Whether you are in the mood to listen to podcasts or some relaxing music, we bet it’ll be a good listen!

Yes, even the white noise!

There’s no bass distortion. So you can rock as heavy as you want!

But because they are night headphones and are designed for bedtime listening, you may not be able to blast your ears as you do with regular earbuds.

Of course, there’s no rule that you can’t listen to your daytime playlist with these!

Even at high volume, the sound will be music to your ears through the flat speakers of SleepPhones!

SleepPhones Review Benefit #3: Bluetooth Module or corded version? You get to choose!

the things in sleepphones box

It’s always good to have a choice and AcousticSheep SleepPhones has made sure to offer a good one!

You must’ve figured what the options are, so let’s just get into the details!

Bluetooth Headphones

With a Bluetooth module that’s compatible with smartphones, tablets, and other modern devices, this headband is a blessing for cord haters.

Like all Bluetooth headphones, these wireless headphones are simple to connect.

All you have to do is hold the center button on the control module and link it to your device while in the pairing mode, i.e, your phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

YEP, it’s the same drill with these wireless headphones as the Bluetooth module is pretty basic!

And once you do connect them with your device, we bet you won’t have any connectivity issues.

That’s how thorough a job AcousticSheep has done with their Bluetooth module.

SleepPhones Classic

Okay, so all you sleepyheads who somehow are still hung up on the classic audio cord version of connectivity, you don’t need to compromise!

With this classic version of sleep headphones, you get a 48-inch stereo cord.

The cord connects easily with any device featuring a 3.5mm jack. Just like we said, it’s classic!

So plug the headphones in, wrap the band over your head in a way that the speakers are on your ears, and invite sleep with all the ambient noise you need for falling asleep.

SleepPhones Review Benefit #4: The audio control unit is secure in the headband

It is reassuring to NOT have a control module as a separate device.

Well, it could have been an option for the product designers but let’s just be glad that the control module is inside the headband.

Fiddling for the module in the dark when you’re half asleep can be tiresome, and so not practical!

The control unit has three buttons: volume, play/pause button, and change tracks, like any other media player.

Many of you may be wondering, no… not wondering but doubting the comfort level of this headband because it has the module inside.

But trust us, this biohacking product has made it to our list because of its high practical quotient.

The control module is flat, so there’s no bulge there to worry about.

And along with being flat, it is flexible. It is made using silicone, so the module will reshape itself according to your head.

The working of the main module has convinced us that AcousticSheep SleepPhones, wireless or not, score a 100 on the feasibility test!

And that’s all that matters for side sleepers, right? Nothing should poke you awake at night, and with SleepPhones, nothing will!

Hear all the music you want, for how many hours you want!

SleepPhones Review Benefit #5: Breathable, stretchable, and machine washable headband

different fabrics of sleepphones

Getting a gadget that’s tailored from a fabric raises a serious concern: How do you clean it??!!!

Especially for cleanliness freaks!

But thankfully, AcousticSheep has given some serious thought while designing this headband.

They created their fabric called ‘Breeze,’ which is 95% polyester and 5% spandex, which is 100% machine washable.

They also have another version that’s made of fleece, ideal for winters.

You could also use these in the colder months, as they fit nicely under a winter hat.

Now, the main concern: what about the main module and the speakers?

Of course, you don’t wash them!

You just need to remove the control module and the two speakers from the headband, which is quite simple and quick.

Don’t worry, it’s not a huge task. A minute is all you’d need!

Spandex in the fabric makes the headband stretchable without putting any pressure on the head.

And the best part?

The fabric is breathable! NO sleep marks, NO discomfort!

SleepPhones Review Benefit #6: Battery life is amazing

Many of you might not opt for the wireless version of SleepPhones, and you may have just one reason for doing so: limitations of a battery!

Is that so? Are you not considering wireless SleepPhones just because you are not sure about the whole charging thing?

Well, it’s time to shift gears and upgrade because this product doesn’t leave any space for complaints.

It has an average battery life of 11 hours after a standard charge that takes 3 hours.

The latest version, however, takes just two hours to charge and lasts up to 13 hours. It’s always best to go with an upgrade!

To charge the headphones, you’ll need to take the module out. Use the charging cable. A red light will glow as an indicator of charging.

Once the batteries are charged, the red light disappears, and you’re on for 11 hours straight!

Yep, no need to worry about the headphones getting discharged in the middle of the night.

Just pair it with your phone, poke the power button, and enjoy your jam!

How do SleepPhones improve your sleep

a woman is sleeping in bed with lavender sleepphones

Sleep should not be a struggle. But it is, and so is listening to music on normal headphones to fall asleep! Isn’t it ironic?

Whatever it may be that’s making you an owl forcefully, a snoring partner, a pressing deadline, or the annoying hardness of your headphones, SleepPhones will tackle it head-on!

Here is how SleepPhones will help you get a good night’s sleep in no time:

  • SleepPhones don’t poke your ears which makes it easy to fall asleep with headphones on
  • Although the speakers don’t have active noise cancellation, they do a pretty good job at drowning down the surrounding noise
  • Ignoring a snoring partner or a gaming partner becomes much easier with these headphones
  • Listening to calming audio sounds (rain, waves, woods, etc.) at night without ear pain elevate sleep quality (1)
  • The sound comes from the padded flat speakers making it softer, almost like a lulling tune, perfect to reduce stress


Features & Specs

Okay specs enthusiasts, it’s time to land the plane on your turf! Let’s talk about some amazing features and specifications of SleepPhones:

  • Made lead-free to come under the eco-friendly roof (RoHS compliant)
  • Amazing stereo sound
  • Micro USB plug impedance: 32Ω
  • Wireless range: 15-30 feet
  • Power: 300/500 MW
  • Bluetooth 4.0A2DP audio
  • 11+ hours battery life
  • Removable speakers
  • Fabric is hypoallergenic, washable, and breathable
  • Two options for fabric: Fleece and AcousticSheep’s own fabric- ‘Breeze’
  • One year limited warranty
  • No bass distortion on high volume
  • Consistent audio quality
  • Multiple colors available
  • Three sizes available: Small, medium, large

Is it for you?

YES! It is definitely for you IF…

  1. You’re suffering from sleeplessness due to excessive stress or anxiety
  2. You sleep beside a nocturnal partner who is into gaming and can’t stop screaming to his/her virtual troop
  3. You’re the nocturnal one and need some lavishly comfortable headphones for your night binge-watching while your partner sleeps
  4. Music is your constant companion but regular headphones don’t let your ears do the job- listen
  5. You are a side sleeper, and you can’t fall asleep until you listen to your share of audio
  6. You’re a fan of books in audio format and are tired of both, in-ear and over-ear headphones
  7. Your neighborhood may have its unique sound called ‘NOISE’, and you want to hear anything but that- NOISE

When should you use it


Whenever you want!

It’s true that SleepPhones are meant to be your listening partner for nights, but why limit comfort by hours?

If you want to hear something or the other at random hours, or if you can’t step out of your house without your song in the ear, use SleepPhones!

Make your workouts, commute hours, and any random hour entertaining!

There’s no law here!




Packaging – There are options!

things in sleepphones box


How do we love it when we have options even for the simplest of things as packaging!

Don’t we?

Well, AcousticSheep offers three packaging options making it interesting for the buyers:

  1. Eco Packaging: As the name suggests, this features minimal packaging. The SleepPhones come in a resealable plastic bag to avoid generating paper waste. For all the environment enthusiasts, this eco-friendly package is the way to go!
  2. Retail Packaging: Unboxing has its perks, and excitement is the major one. This is a standard retail package. The price remains the same as eco-packaging.
  3. Gift Packaging: Gifts should be special. SleepPhones are special enough but with this gift packaging, it becomes perfect. This is a beautiful purple box with a stretchable silver cord folded into a bow.

That’s all about packaging. But what should you expect inside the box?

What’s in the box 

You’ll find three things in your SleepPhones box:

  1. SleepPhones
  2. Micro USB charging cable (Yes, just the cable)
  3. Instruction Manual

Are SleepPhones affordable? 

Okay, so this is a trick question.

SleepPhones are nowhere near your normal headphones, and it’s understandable.

They are on the expensive side and their price may burn a hole in your pocket if you live on a budget.

There are several versions of SleepPhones but because we have talked only about the basic two versions, let us list the price for the same.

  • SleepPhones Wireless: $99.95
  • SleepPhones Classic(corded): $39.95

They may seem expensive but when you compare them with similar products, they are unarguably affordable.




What are the pros and cons of SleepPhones?

collage about pros and features of sleepphones

Every product has its advantages and disadvantages, and you as a buyer have to navigate through the facts before reaching the conclusion.

But let us help you with that with a Pro-Con list!

SleepPhones Review: Pros

  1. Extremely comfortable for a headband
  2. The fabric is washable
  3. Impressive battery life of up to 13 hours
  4. Takes just two hours to charge
  5. The sound quality is decent
  6. No bass distortion even at high volume
  7. Doesn’t need an app
  8. Three different head sizes available
  9. Worth the cost

SleepPhones Review: Cons 

  1. No active noise cancellation
  2. Removing the control module every time you wash might become annoying
  3. Hat size is not adjustable

Warranty: How much do they cover?

AcousticSheep offers a limited warranty of one year on all its products.

Under the warranty, they repair the non-working parts of the headphones.

However, the company does not cover any damage, malfunction, or failure that’s a result of the following:

  1. Improper installation
  2. Misuse
  3. Use with unrecommended equipment

SleepPhones Shipping Policies

AcousticSheep has some basic shipping policies, like every brand.

You can easily track your order, which has also become a shipping standard in the retail world.

They use USPS for both domestic as well as international shipping. However, they do have different options!

Standard domestic shipping:

AcousticSheep ships worldwide from Erie, PA, USA.

As for shipping rates on domestic orders, they charge $5 for order value lesser than $25.

You get FREE shipping for orders above $25.

Domestic orders take 1-2 business days to process the order and may take 3-7 days in transit.

So, it may take up to 10 days to get the product at your doorstep.

Priority domestic shipping

If you need your order earlier than the standard shipping time, AcousticSheep also offers priority shipping.

There’s a $4 difference between standard and priority shipping rates bringing the cost of priority shipping at $9.05.

They take 1-2 days to handle the order and 2-4 days to ship the order.

Express domestic shipping

Headphones are rarely an emergency, but it’s always good to have an option, just in case!

If you do need SleepPhones in less than 4 business days, express shipping is the way to go.

As you may have already guessed, it’s expensive.

The shipping rate for express domestic delivery is $33.05.

International standard shipping

AcousticSheep ships to more than 80 countries and the charges may vary from $14 to $18.

They take 1-2 days to handle the order and it may take 1-8 weeks in transit.




Are SleepPhones worth buying?

a man is watching tv with sleepphones while his wife is sleeping nearby

The crux of any review, including this SleepPhones review, is to conclude whether the product is worth buying or not.

And after going through all the benefits, pros and cons, specs, and other details, we conclude that this biohacking headband is definitely worth buying.

The wireless headphones have received phenomenal customer reviews.

The primary reason for a high satisfaction rate is that these sleep headphones are extremely helpful.

Especially for those who love to listen to calming sounds, audiobooks, or podcasts right before they sleep (2).

Although spending $100 does put you in a tight spot if budget is an issue for you, the corded version of SleepPhones relieves you from that crisis.

Overall you’ll enjoy your SleepPhones once you have put them to test with a variety of things

So, it’s a big YES! SleepPhones are worth every penny you spend on them!

SleepPhones FAQ: Know it all

a man is flying in an airplane with sleepphones

We’ve tried to answer the most common questions in this SleepPhones review! It’s time to kill your curiosity!

SleepPhones Review Q#1: Are SleepPhones any good?

Nope! They are not good, but they are GREAT!

They are one-of-a-kind sleep headphones with clean audio quality and long battery life. So yes, they do their job perfectly, and that’s what counts, right?

SleepPhones Review Q#2: Where are SleepPhones made?

AcousticSheep has a registered office in the state of Pennsylvania, and all the SleepPhones versions are manufactured in Erie.

It’s a US product, made under strict guidelines without compromising the standards of its components.

SleepPhones Review Q#3: How do you wear SleepPhones?

You can wear them just like you wear a headband.

Because the control panel is inside the headband, you may need to adjust it accordingly.

Put it around your head in such a way that the two speakers come over your ears, and you’re set to hear your favorite tracks!

SleepPhones Review Q#4: How long do SleepPhones take to charge?

2 hours… That’s how long you need to wait for SleepPhones to charge.

Pretty quick, right?

Playback time is quite decent, especially if you’re buying them to listen to white noise for hours.