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55 Easy Health Hacks To Improve Your Life During Busy Schedule

Biohacking & Improving Your Health on Daily Basis

What are health hacks, and do they work?

Let us put things into a better perspective before answering these two questions.

We all strive to look good, feel good, and be in perfect health. It’s not a lot to ask but most of the time we don’t get that wish. Also, we dream about making sweeping life changes to have better health and longevity. From experience, taking that path never ends well for a majority. However, did you know that there are small health hacks that can give your life a turn for the good?

Coincidentally, you just found a post that explores daily health hacks that can get you started to a long and happy life. Who doesn’t want that? We all do and now you are only a few minutes of reading to get your dream life and health.

Health hacks are where biohacking your health starts…


What is health? Health is not a nonappearance of disease, but proper, optimal, smooth functioning of your body and fitness of brain (1).   

It’s not a lot to ask but most of the time we don’t get that wish. Also, we dream about making sweeping life changes to have better health and longevity. From experience, taking that path never ends well for a majority.

However, did you know that there are biohacks for health that can give your life a turn for the good? Coincidentally, you found an article that explores daily health hacks that can get you started with a long and happy life. Who doesn’t want that? We all do and now you are only a few minutes of reading to get your dream life and health. 

Health Hacks – Sleep.

health hacks for sleep and better mood

The importance of adequate and regular sleep can never be overstated. Biohacks for sleep  are a recipe for good moods, a sharper brain, and sky-high body energy levels.

You not only rest, but also reduce insulin levels and that helps with stress. Besides, your skin radiance significantly increases. 

And you would not wonder why biohacking Los Angeles underscores the role of healthy and adequate sleep for you.

So, what sleep hacks can help you reap all these benefits? 

Sleep Eight or More Hours

The National Sleep Foundation says that sleeping for between eight to nine hours has a lot of benefits to your body. Your muscles are able to heal, rebuild energy, and generally boost your moods. 

Get to bed a little earlier than usual

Practically, getting more sleep hours means going to bed early. Take half an hour after your night meal and retire to bed earlier. 

Avoid screens before bed

We all like watching an episode of our favorite film or TV show before bedtime. However, it is a bad idea. You end up staying up longer and slash on your sleeping hours. Disconnecting from devices is one of the super important health hacks.

You also want to block the blue light from affecting your eyes. Consider wearing anti blue-light glasses such as BluBlox to ensure limited side-effects of the digital consumption.  

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Get a new pillow

biohacking sleep with getting new pillow

Your old pillow may not be giving you the right sleeping posture. Invest in new bed essentials can add meaningful hours to your sleep cycle. For example, a new pillow depending on your body’s requirement may be what you need to get the rest you deserve. You never should underestimate the importance of the right quality pillow. 

Take a bath before you go to sleep

health hack of taking the bath before sleep

Taking a bath before bed can help you sleep better. But, the temperature matters. The water has to be lukewarm and you should take the shower between 1 and 1.5 hours to your sleeping time.

Some experts suggest bathing in structured water are even better for sleep. Structured water bathing is nothing but exposing your body to pure and organized structure of water molecules.

Use lavender oil inside your pillowcase

Lavender is a reputable muscle relaxer that helps with unwinding and reducing stress. Using lavender oil in your pillowcase increases slow-wave sleep and generally improves your resting. 

Distance yourself from alarm

Alarms force you to wake up and you end up feeling groggy the rest of the day. Stop using them and work on a waking-up rhythm and stick to it. 

Manage your bed temperature

Sometimes, even when you’ve ticked all the requisites, your body don’t feel rested. Why? Maybe because it’s not prepared for the bed or surrounding temperature. We all know one good way is to put on our ACs and regulate sleeping temperature. But the downside is— what if you’re a cold sleeper and your spouse is a hot sleeper?

In such cases, you can work around biohacking products such as Chilipad or Ooler. The best part is— you can regulate temperature of your side of the bed and your spouse has nothing to do with.

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Let a bit of technology take over

You brain health plays a huge role in getting you quality sleep. You need to calm the overactive mind and stop the negative mind chatters. Given the meditation requires tremendous focus and patience, you might not feel it worth the time (wrong choice).

And if by chance you get to the art of meditation, the results might not show as quickly as you’d expect. Yeah, yeah! Good things take time. :/ But we all want quick results. Right? In such cases, letting technology take over a bit of load should always be acceptable.

For example, some people use BrainTap technologies for guided meditation to calm their minds and sleep better.

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The other breed of biohackers use noise cancelling products like SleepPhones and Muse headband to guide their sleep.

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We’re not saying you need to have all these room essentials at one go. Try one! Check how it enhances your sleep. If you feel a little difference in your sleep cycle, add another biohacking product to your kitty.

Health Hacks for Your Workspace.

Health hacks do not only apply at home, but they also traverse to the workplace and anywhere else you may be. Therefore, be mindful of everything you do at your office for it may be your magic wand to how to live your healthiest life.

health hacks for workspace - comfortable desk and chairs, packed lunch

Use a comfortable desk and chair.

The eight hours you spend on your desk at work can strain your spine leading to long-term back pain issues.

Health experts recommend the use of an adjustable desk to allow you to work in both a seated and standing position. Also, find a chair that supports the right sitting posture. Biohacking your health always starts with comfort and joy. 

This one adds to the most important list of healthy hacks for a better, balanced, and health life at work.

Sit properly – pay attention to your posture.

Always sit keeping your back and shoulders back with your bottoms touching the back of your chair. You should also avoid slouching or slumping on your chair. 

Bring a bagged lunch.

Did you know that bagged lunch could be your ticket to achieving your health goals? It allows you to control what you eat even when you are away from home.

If it’s a task for you to make bagged lunch, of course, because of busy schedule, BistroMD or Balance by BistroMD can be good fits for you. Another reason why you need them is their ability to control your circumference from growing. 

Eat your food outside when you can.

Biohacks for health include getting a real break after long working hours behind your computer, avoiding eating at your desk. It actually retunes your brain to be productive during the afternoon.  

The benefits of eating your food outside include relaxation, detaching from the work environment, getting fresh air, and concentrating on your nutrition more.

eating lunch outside for biohacking health

Schedule walking meetings.

You can break the monotony of holding meetings in the board room with walking meetings. Other than reducing your sitting time at the office, walking meetings tend to balance creative and critical thinking

Eyes practice by 20/20/20 rule.

Staring at your computer for long hours will obviously end up straining the eyes. For every 20 minutes spend looking at a computer screen you should gaze at something for 20 seconds that’s 20 feet away. 

If you use the bus or train get off earlier and walk.

Forgoing the bus or the train to walk to work can be quite beneficial to your overall health. It will help you burn extra calories, regulate blood circulation and, boost immune function

This health hack sounds simple, but it will take you far in the long run.

Walk during your breaks.

Maybe your workplace is quite a distance and you can’t afford to walk to work. Well, you could use the short breaks at the office to walk and relax your brain

Health Hacks – Exercise.

One thing you can add to your daily health hacks is regular exercise (2).

Of course, the intensity of exercise will vary depending on your health, age, and free time. But whatever you do, set aside a few minutes to jog, run, walk, or play an active game you like

Exercising does not only keeps your body fit but also enhances your brain’s creative potential. Furthermore, exercising also helps in boosting the immune system and keeping the body younger and energetic. 

Well, how do you make exercise work for you? 

Have a consistent workout routine

biohacks for health hand written workout schedule

Workout experts recommend early morning workouts since they are easy to stick to. If you can’t get up early in the morning, you could create a consistent exercise routine at any other time of the day. 

Biohacks for health always recommend put a focus on your exercises. So whether you’re trying to maintain your body or looking to lose weight, it’s crucial you stay motivated to do either of the two.

Every time you can take stairs instead of the elevator.

Taking up the stairs instead of the elevator enhances your heart health and also boosts blood circulation. 

This is an “extra cardio” health hack that will add to your daily calorie burn.

Coordinate your exercise schedule between cardio, weights, yoga, and stretching.

Coordinating your exercise routines with cardio, weights, yoga, and stretching ensures that your exercise sessions are balanced. 

Depending on your current shape you can start smaller, but increase your activity and eventually combine workout activities under the same workout.

health hacks with gym activities - people taking fitness classes

Make “exercise dates” with your friends and loved ones.

Tagging along with your friends on your exercise routines helps you keep your workout goals in check and stay motivated as well. Instead of going to lunch, go to a fun fitness class. 

Visualize your exercise and think about the effect.

For you to complete that workout session, visualize it first. It helps you enhance your motivation levels hence become more productive. 

Health Hacks for Gym.

The gym also has its share of challenges that you are likely to face when you decide to shed off some extra pounds. The truth is, the weights at the gym never get lighter but you can always increase your productivity through some gym hacks. There are a couple of them.

daily health hacks with workouts at the gym - collage of different fitness classes

Go to the gym at off-peak times.

Visiting the gym when everyone else is in there means you might miss your favorite weights and other workout tools. Therefore, schedule your gym sessions during off-peak hours for a super-efficient workout. 

Work out when you travel – find solutions.

Being an avid traveler is not an excuse for you not to work out. There are online apps that can give you a heads up on a gym near you, or guide you through a workout session at your hotel room.

Take group classes at your gym or independent studios.

To improve your gym productivity you can always go for independent studios. If you don’t like it alone, a group class is a reliable support system as well. 

Always keep gym clothes in your car or at work.

With your gym clothes in your car or your workplace, you are always ready for abrupt sessions. Moreover, you have no excuse for skipping your gym session. 

Health Hacks- Hygiene.

woman flossing teeth, woman doing dry brush massage and taking shower

Other than exercising, there are hygiene hacks that you could add to your daily health hacksMostly, hygiene health hacks involve proper sanitation. They enhance your physical appearance as well as improve your confidence levels. 

Generally, your hygiene revolves around and is not limited to the following. 

Taking cold showers.

Regardless of how much you love the luxury of hot showers, cold showers have an array of benefits that cannot be ignored. A cold shower enhances your metabolism, boosts blood circulation, and improves general alertness. To make your showering session even better, enjoy the benefits of structured water.

Flossing teeth.

Flossing teeth is recommended by dentists as a great addition to brushing your teeth. Daily flossing prevents bad breath, gum diseases, and tartar build-up on the teeth. 

Exfoliate with natural scrubs.

The benefits that come with exfoliating with natural scrubs are way more than that of regular bar soap. It increases blood flow on the skin surface, removal of dead skin, and lymph nodes draining

Dry brush massages.

This is a body massage performed with a dry bristled brush. It is a great way to improve digestion, detoxification, and stimulation of the nervous system. 

Health Hacks with Nutrition & Food Planning.

vegetables, fruits, and smiling family eating health meal

What you eat, how, and when you do add to the endless list of health hacks.

Nowadays, everyone is in the business of knowing the craziest life hacks. Well, one of the important life hacks you would want to have in mind is the food planning hacks. To have a diet that’s working for you definitely will need some meal prep plus a score of other easy-to-follow tips. 

Dedicate a day per week to plan and pre-prepare your meals.

This is a great option for spending less time preparing your meals. You could set a number of hours to pre-prepared foods like salad greens, eggs, or quinoa. 

Go grocery shopping only when you are full.

Are you reading this right? Definitely yes. If you are full while doing groceries, it’s unlikely that you will purchase extra food items that you don’t need. Or you would buy something you crave, but which is not on your healthy diet menu. 

Use cash to avoid overspending.

open wallet and man's hand counting cash

With a predetermined amount of cash that you are going to use at the grocery store, you avoid the temptation of making unnecessary purchases. 

Kitchen rearrangement is one of the most important healthy lifestyle hacks! 

Keep healthier foods on the middle shelf of the fridge and hide the not-so-healthy ones on the back of your cabinets. This way, healthier foods will be more noticeable. 

Get rid of junk at your house.

We all know that a large intake of junk foods is the main cause of heart illnesses and overweight problems. Clear junk out of your house and start eating healthy. 

Choose fresh and frozen over canned food.

Fresh foods are always the way to go. Essential vitamins and minerals are always lost in canning foods. If you don’t have access to the frozen food as well, you should consider supplementing important minerals like magnesium and zinc. 

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Eating Healthy Hacks & Tips.

nuts, apples, vegetables, artichokes, and other healthy foods

Your eating habits highly determine your general body health. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to create healthy eating habits. It’s the small things that can set you on a path of eating healthy. 

Decrease your food intake in general.

Taking less food helps maintain your weight or achieve your weight loss goals. Other than weight management, it also keeps diabetes and high blood pressure at bay. If you’re not sure about meal plans, you can always latch onto intermittent fasting. Some meal programs like ProLon guide you to decrease food intake in general.

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Use smaller blue plates for appetite to decrease.

Using smaller plates to eat helps control the amount of food you take at a time.  The blue color will make you want to eat less. 

Use smart apps to track your calories.

pink, blue, and black smarwatches

Smart health apps make tracking your weight effective and more convenient. 

Health Hacks of Eating Mindfully & Slowlier. 

Eating mindfully helps you to slow down, eat less, and have better digestion. You should learn how to eat without destruction. 

Eat raw fruits and vegetables.

Eating raw vegetables and fruits provides the body with more nutrients that are lost while cooking. 

Cut calories and add flavors.

Drop your appetite for flavors and slash your calorie intake significantly. Instead, add more natural spices to your meals. 

Eat at home more often than in a restaurant. 

Eating at home helps you regulate the number of calories you take as well as ensure that you eat clean and healthy food. 

Replace dessert with fruit and try eating it before 3 pm.

Ending your meals with fruit instead of a desert helps you stay within your calorie range. 

Health Hacks with Natural Mood Boosters.

coffee beans in brown ceramic cup, orange and pieces of dark chocolate

The good news is that you can always do something about your awful moods. Luckily, there are pharmaceuticals that could help with that but you can also opt for natural mood-boosting hacks that work pretty well.

Natural mood enhancers can give you a good head start. 

Dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is not only delicious but it also enhances your moods instantly. 


Drinking coffee enhances mental focus and also keeps you in high moods all day long. However, go slow with the number of cups you take per day. 

Orange skin.

Don’t just throw away your orange peels. You can smell them to enjoy their sweet pleasant aroma to soothe your moods. 

Taking Supplements Health Hacks

multi color supplement pills, and healthy products around them

Taking dietary supplements doesn’t mean that you are not healthy. Actually, they are necessary for keeping you healthy and boosting your immune system. 

Vitamin D.

Vitamin D strengthens bones, enhances serotonin production and in some cases, it also prevents breast cancer. 

Vitamins B.

Vitamin B supplements keep the nervous system healthy and enhance food breakdown as well. 

Skin & Hair Supplement.

These type of supplements helps in making your hair stronger and your skin smoother. Young Goose is one good supplement for healthy skin and hair.   

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Collagen supplements help in moisturizing the skin and eliminating wrinkles. It eventually helps in anti aging.


Magnesium supplement elevate sleep quality, improve brain function, and reduce stress.

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Health Hacks Improve Morning Routines

Your morning routines always determine how your days start and progress. A healthy morning routine keeps you energized and productive all day long. 

smiley face wall clock showing six twenty of the morning, and a woman stretching near the window

If you want to make your morning routine better here are some of the practices you can apply. 

Wake up earlier.

Research has it that people who wake up late have higher chances of suffering from psychological disorders compared to those that wake up early. 

Start exercising right after you wake up. 

Exercising in the morning enhances metabolism hence enabling you to lose more calories during the day. 

Get morning sun.

The morning sun boosts moods and general focus. You definitely should start your day on the brighter side. However, also protect yourself from harmful UV radiations. You don’t need sunlight during noon hours. Joov light is a far more effective alternative if you’re looking to get the needed share of light without being too exposed to the sun.

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Meditation has tons of health benefits. With meditation, you can fight stress & depression, sleep healthier, and also reduce high blood pressure.

Moreover, meditation only takes very little of your time and you can include it in your schedule no matter how tight it is. It is important that you meditate the right way. 

Unplug from devices.

Most of us are guilty of struggling with technology dependence. Take some time in a day off your gadgets and walk in the park or try out a new hobby. 

Learn how to meditate properly.

Your meditation sessions can only be productive if you know how to do them correctly. You can get meditation guidelines with reputed technologies like BrainTap or SleepPhones

Dedicate at least 10 min per day to see the difference.

If you are not able to focus consistently during meditation, you could set apart some 10 minutes in a day to see the difference actively. 

Drinks for Health Hacks.

green juice with kiwi, herbal tea with mint leaf, and cappuccino with cinnamon

What’s in your cup? It really matters what you are drinking. Don’t get carried away with including vitamins and proteins in your foods and forget about your drinking habits. 

A few drink hacks can set you on the right path and help your body. 

Double or triple your water intake.

Doubling or tripling your water intake levels enhances your overall body health. Make your uncrystallized water into crystallized water with Somavedic for far more better results.

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Stop drinking empty calories.

Avoid taking drinks that consist only of sugars, fats, and oils. 

Put cinnamon instead of cream in your coffee.

Cinnamon has a variety of medicinal properties compared to cream. 

Swap green tea for coffee as much as you can.

Green tea has robust benefits compared to coffee in regards to enhancing brain health and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. 

Drink herbal teas.

Herbal teas contain antioxidants and vitamins that help in fighting free radicals and diseases. 

glass teapot and tea cap with herbal tea with a daisies bouquet

Infuse water with lemon, mint, cucumber, and ginger.

Adding these ingredients to your water help in flushing toxins out of your body and shedding off some extra pounds. 

Use as little alcohol as possible.

Excessive drinking could cause liver disease and chronic mental issues. 

Make green juices.

Green juices contain a variety of plant nutrients and chlorophyll that boosts the immune system. 

Carry a water bottle with you.

With a water bottle in your backpack, you can keep your body hydrated all day long. 

Health Hacks with Technology Use

Addiction to technology is detrimental to your health. The research argues that such addiction highly contributes to depression symptoms and also insomnia. 

Learn to relax and set stringent no-technology rules. 

Try to stay away from devices when you can.

Develop the habit of keeping your gadget away and breathing some air outside or reading a book. 

Use technology to track your success and health like smartwatches and apps.

On the other hand, you could use technology to make your healthy lifestyle journey a success. Smartwatches and other apps are convenient ways to track your health goals. 

Don’t Underestimate Intimate Activities.

couple kissing each other with their eyes closed

Sex is quite underestimated when it comes to relieving stress. A good sex session will leave you happy and relaxed after a long day at work. 

Furthermore, sex experts have it that a 25-minute intimate session could help you burn up to 100 calories. 

Fine yourself for bad habits.

How about skipping a meal every time you engage in an unhealthy habit? Well, you can implement any form of punishment or fine you feel fit for you any time you violate your everyday health hacks.

Learn more about biohacking

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