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How To Reverse Your Age by 20 Years? Ways To Reverse Biological Age

Unique Anti Aging Info and Secrets

August 13, 2020 0 comments
reverse your age by 20 years

It is possible to reverse your age by 20 years if you eat right and follow scientifically proven body and healthy hacks. Of course, there are many questions than answers in the anti aging biohacking space, and some information can be misleading.

Fortunately, we cut through this misinformation to find for you helpful and healthy hacks for looking young. What we include here are tested and proven tips and lifestyle habits for staying young.

Therefore, if you are looking for how to reverse aging naturally, you are in the right place. With the hacks discussed here, you get fast and safe results. But before that, let’s answer this basic question.

Is It Possible To Reverse Your Age By 20 Years?

reverse your age

Yes, it is possible to reverse your age by 20 years, confirms the mind-blowing gene therapy clinical trial. Gene therapy uses active telomerase (hTERT) to slow down aging process and control age-related diseases. Then there are ways to reverse age by 20 years naturally in humans by following anti-aging diet and exercises, practicing mindfulness, avoiding UV rays, and using biohacking products.

Important Things to Know About Reversing Your Age by 20 Years

anti aging biohacking

Firstly, reverse aging is not something you will achieve overnight. (1)

You will only notice changes after you are patient and devoted to your reverse aging plan. If there are no observable changes within a week, it is not time to give up yet. Give the anti-aging hacks more time, and you will get your desired results.

Secondly, there are a lot of harmful skincare products on the market. They claim to be effective in age reversal, but they may harm your skin and even body organs. So, be keen on whatever anti aging biohacking products you purchase for your skin.

Finally, you do not want to take up anything risky without talking to your doctor. If you have any preexisting conditions, avoid taking unnecessary risks. Do not change your diet plan or use products that may be fatal. Always get your doctor’s approval beforehand.

For example, let’s say you want to try microcurrent devices such as Pico Toner, Foreo, or MyoLift to tighten sagging skin on face. As much as we want you to use them, we’d still recommend you to learn everything about microcurrent contraindications. Why? Because it helps you prevent the side-effects even before you’ve begun.

Similarly, you may feel tempted to try skin care products like Young Goose or diet plans such as BistroMD or Balance by BistroMD… they’re amazing! We love them and shamelessly promote them on our website.

But that doesn’t mean we recommend you to use them without getting into their nitty-gritty. So never ever self-prescribe yourself any tool or diet! Let experts handle their way.

How Your Skin Is Affected By Age

Younger people’s skin contains a lot of collagen and elastin fibers. However, as you age, collagen starts to decrease, and the elastin fibers begin to break. This results in wrinkles and non-elasticity.

In fact, the rate of declination of collagen and elastin continue exponentially as you age from 30’s to 40’s to 50’s.

So, in whatever anti aging biohacking method you settle for, your main aim should be to increase collagen amounts, ad to restore broken elastic fibers. Don’t worry— our guide to anti aging regimen for 30s, anti aging regimen for 40s, & anti aging regimen for 50s will get you to the skin care end goal.

Reverse Your Age by 20 Years Process

Age reversal often requires a blend of different methods and procedures. A lot of these would need you to follow them every morning and night. Once you start a procedure, stick to it religiously, and you will soon see results.

Furthermore, you may have to change your lifestyle. There are many aspects, such as diet, smoking, and physical activity that you may want to change. After all, it is our lifestyle that quickens the aging process. So, to look younger, you will have to embrace healthy hacks.

To succeed in reverse aging, you should also invest in the right skincare products and an anti-aging skincare routine.

Ways To Look 20 Years Younger

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We have compiled the best ways to cut 20 years off your physical appearance. Stick to these hacks and watch how physically younger your skin turns.

Anti-Aging Diet

Whatever is on your plate plays a vital role in controlling the aging process of your skin. In fact, it is the most significant factor that affects the cellular composition of your skin.

If you want to age reverse, ensure your diet contains a lot of vitamins A, B6, C, E, and minerals like magnesium and zinc. Also if you eat stress reliving foods, you’re indirectly stopping your aging signs.

Some of the foods you should take include broccoli, spinach, green tea, dark chocolate, grapes, tomatoes, fatty fish, walnuts, avocadoes, kiwi fruits, sushi, and bell peppers. Whole grains and lean proteins would also be suitable in your age reversal journey.

Also, take at least eight glasses of structured water per day. Structured water is nothing but pure hexagonal water which tastes better than regular filtered water. The best part is— you don’t have to climb the fresh water streams or mount Everest to get it.

Simply place Somavedic devices near the glass water and enjoy the daily regimen for skincare. As you alter your Diet for anti-aging, it is wiser to minimize sugars, histamine, and gluten.

UV Light Protection

UV light causes your skin to age prematurely.

Researchers have found that UV light makes the skin aging process five times faster than it should be. Sunlight exposures account for over 80% of any visible signs of aging, such as sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, broken capillaries, brown spots, red blotches, scalping, dry and dehydrated skin, and reduced pigmentation. Also, UV light makes the skin more sensitive to contact and allergens.

Ensure you use sunscreen and other necessary biohacking products like red light therapy from Joovv to protect your skin. It is not only about aging; UV rays can have some adverse effects on your skin.

Also, wearing dense clothes can protect your skin from the fierce UV rays.

Picking The Right Skincare Products

The cosmetic industry is exploding with a lot of skincare products. This makes it overwhelming when choosing what is suitable for your skin health. The downside is, a lot of these products contain harmful ingredients.

To stay safe, do not go out trying new products without talking to a dermatologist.

Also, to avoid gambling with your skin, it is safer to stick to trusted brands like Young Goose.

When shopping for anti-aging skincare products, go for serum products. Serum products contain a lot of active ingredients, which are suitable for cellular tissue.


Exercising every day is excellent for improving your body’s functioning. For anti-aging, exercising helps soften the wrinkles, tighten the skin, helps get rid of cellulite. Sagging skin is one of the aging signs a lot of people are trying to fight, especially on their faces.

So, if you have saggy skin and wrinkles in whatever part of the body, go for exercises to help you work on that particular body part.

Other than tightening your skin and reducing wrinkles, exercises will help you feel stronger and more flexible. Anti-aging is not all about younger-looking skin. If you can feel younger and fitter, it would be better for you. So, get into a daily exercise routine and get your body to look 20 years younger.

The downside of exercising is— it’s super annoying to stay consistent. You’ve to sacrifice your sleep, enjoyment, and mid-night munches. And even after following the routine religiously, you still can’t guarantee the anti aging results. In such cases, we love recommending vibrational therapy biohacking tools like power plate.

Ask us why! Well, just as exercise and physical activities help with significant anti aging benefits, Power Plate’s does all the same… with only difference being— you don’t exercise like a radicals.

Power Plates

  • contracts working muscles,
  • improves strength,
  • increases balance,
  • helps flexibility,
  • develops postural control,
  • enhances circulation, and
  • shoots up coordination. 

Every benefit you reap with Power Plate contributes to reversing your age… without really putting your body through excruciating exercises and hard work.

Meditate and Practice Mindfulness

Stress is harmful to your DNA and general body health. The damage that free radical stress causes to the DNA lengths can directly cause premature aging and untimely wrinkles. The DNA has lengths called telomeres. When you are regularly exposed to stress, your telomeres shorten. Shortened telomeres often translate to damaged cells, which result in premature skin aging.

To get your stress level in control with highly efficient biohacking stress methods such as daily meditation.

Meditation is a great way to suppress your everyday pressure and to dig into your inner peace. While meditating, focus on the positive side of life and tap into your inner strength. Appreciating the good things in life helps your body relieve stress.

But we also understand it can sometimes get very hard to get out of the stress chain and concentrate on meditation. Hope no one has to go through such troublesome times. Thankfully, biohackers have been able to respond their stress much better with biohacking products such as BrainTap, SleepPhones, and Muse headbands.

While these tools are great for sleep… many biohackers suggest them an indirect benefit for skin. As you know, your entire body health is linked with good sleep.

A good sleeping cycle = better skin health.

Some experts go onto changing their mattresses to smart mattresses like Ooler and Chilipad to get better sleep. It’s a little far fetched step, but it works amazing for reversing their age!

Do Anti-Aging Supplements Work?

Wondering how to reverse your age by 20 years without sacrificing a lot? Anti aging Supplements may be the way to go. However, their effectiveness may not be noticeable in aging reversal if you do not live a healthy lifestyle.

Following a strict diet and exercise plans do not come naturally for everyone. This is true, especially because you need to wait for some time to see any tangible change. Therefore, a lot of people consider going for anti-aging supplements. But, the question is, do anti-aging supplements work?

There are hundreds of anti-aging supplements in the market at any given time. Unfortunately, many of these may never give you the results you desire: reversing your age by 20 years. A lot of these may do more harm than good to you.

But, it is not the end of the road for your age reversing effort. Several anti-aging enhancers like Bioptimizers Magnesium are safe and healthy for you. (2)

To find them, you have to know what to look for. It is the ingredients that will determine whether the supplements would work for you or not.

Some of the famous and most trusted elements you should look for in your anti-aging biohacking products include curcumin, garlic, collagen, coenzyme Q10, crocin, theanine, rhodiola, astralagus, and resveratrol.

This list is not exhaustive, but whatever you settle for, ensure it contains active ingredients that will give you safe and sustainable healthy results.

We would also recommend you to check out for

Now you may ask why! The reason being— every function in our body work in synergy! What do I mean by this? Well, every function is dependent on each other. If you fix sleep, you fix stress. If you fix stress, you fix energy. And if you fix energy, you fix skin quality.

So instead of focusing on simply reversing your age by 20 years, you should look to focus on fixing the underlying issues like sleep, weight, and stress.

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