MyoLift Review 2022: What Is It, Benefits, Before & After Results, & Price

Uh, MyoLift is next-level cool for a flawless face!

“MyoLift Review is for you if you’re tired of concealing dropping jawline, chin, and neck!”

Do you often consider eschewing parlor routines and yet look drop-dead gorgeous?

However, the sagging face, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and frown lines just do not favor you!

You are ready to do anything under the sun to conceal your face and get youthful skin.

Then when you are sick of trying everything under the sun, you start to ask yourself: is flawless skin really all that we can ask for? 

The answer is a straight-out no!

While this is not an overnight miracle, the perfect, dark circle-free, wrinkle-free skin you’ve always coveted is no longer a pipe dream.

In the pursuit of healthy, radiant skin, we have discovered a magical face workout tool for you that cue-tone, tighter, and lifts your facial skin instantly. 

Need we say more?

We scoured the research, tapped experts, and rounded up a MyoLift review of the latest facial and biohacking tools to keep saggy skin, frown lines, and hyperpigmentation at bay.

Browse our MyoLift review to discover more about these incredible facial tools.

Is MyoLift Facial Tool Just Another Beauty Fad?


myolift review

Trends fade, but microcurrent will remain timeless

Would you mind getting a perfectly sculpted face?

Because we don’t!

It is impossible to believe that perfect tones could once have existed!

However, we believe getting it doesn’t have to be a chore. 

And so, we have found a more accessible alternative to add a bit of extra pampering! 

Wondering what it is?

MyoLift Facial Tools!

The newest beauty staples don’t come in tubes. Antioxidants, serums, and retinol are always in fashion but no longer available in tubes only.

With in-clinic skincare treatments on hold during the COVID-19 phase, it’s unsurprising that MyoLift facial tools have been all over our Instagram feed.

Everyone has been raving about upgrading their at-home skincare regimen with a MyoLift facial tool of their choice, from beauty editors to bloggers and influencers.

While reading more about MyoLift facial tools on the internet, it seemed too good to be true. But, on the contrary, we found out it’s a ‘Natural FaceLift’ and not just another beauty fad. 

In other words, MyoLift is more than a workout for the face and neck.

With approximately 40 muscles in the face, MyoLift facial tools help strengthen and tone the skin beneath.

Using a MyoLift facial tool over moisturizers, lotions, or gels will also help press and penetrate skincare components deeper into the skin.

The tale doesn’t end here!

The best part about the MyoLift microcurrent machine is it’s painless and doesn’t cost you a fortune.

Here’s what you need to know about MyoLift review as a piece of facial tool equipment so you can choose the one that’s suitable for your skin.

What Is A MyoLift Microcurrent Machine?

Beauty is not only physical but psychological as well…

MyoLift microcurrent machine is the most talked-about non-invasive alternative to any other facial tool that makes you look and feel younger.

MyoLift microcurrent machine is an actual microcurrent machine from 7E Wellness, often referred to as a “Natural Facelift.” 

The face fitness tool activates the ATP stimulation and establishes a new benchmark for non-invasive technology.

For those unaware of Microcurrent and ATP:

Microcurrent is a low-level current that replicates the body’s natural ionic flow.

ATP serves as the primary source of energy for muscular contraction and relaxation.

The FDA-approved microcurrent machine, MyoLift, has been medically shown to treat a range of skin issues effectively, including face contouring, puffiness, redness, texture, and the appearance of lines and wrinkles. In addition, it works on giving long-lasting, beautiful face uplifting and toning effects.

MyoLift microcurrent machine uses electricity to stimulate cell development in the skin.


Don’t be!

As we already said: The procedure is non-invasive, injection-free, and doesn’t cause any pain. Therefore easy to work with!

Interesting, isn’t it? 

So were we when we discovered this beauty! 

We consulted with specialists and tested MyoLift microcurrent facials on ourselves to see how they work and whether the investment is worth all the effort to write this extensive MyoLift review for you.


How Does Microcurrent Treatment Work?

Starting a skincare routine is the best way to stay on top of protecting and caring for our skin.

The MyoLift microcurrent treatment promotes collagen production and tightens the skin in facial rejuvenation. It is an essential part of anti-aging biohacking

It releases soft, gentle, low-voltage current (thus ‘microcurrent’) that mimics the electrical waves found in the human body on a cellular level, repairing scar tissue and stimulating elastic fibers synthesis.

The technology stimulates muscle, ATP cell proliferation, and collagen formation in the dermis of the face by transmitting mild, pulsating vibrations through the skin and onto the face muscles.

Research has shown that it can raise ATP concentrations by up to 400% while increasing protein synthesis and promoting amino acid transport2.

As we age, our skin’s natural capacity to make these protein fibers diminishes, resulting in numerous symptoms of aging. Conversely, increased protein and amino acid synthesis by ATP during face stimulation tighten and tone facial muscles over time, much as exercise vitalizes and educates our facial muscles.

Also, MyoLift microcurrent tool is the ideal answer to address visible aging concerns without spending a boatload on invasive treatments.

When we tested MyoLift microcurrent treatment on ourselves, we experienced a mild, zingy sensation— oh so non-technical term— and, on occasion, the flow would leap when administered near the nerve connected to the muscle.

The tool has portable wands with metal ends capable of conducting charge to the skin. The current stimulated the muscles and increased face circulation, culminating in a gentle uplift that tightens and improves the skin.

This was not painful at all; it just made us feel ‘more alive.’

We adored the sensation since it reassured us that something was working and a connection had been formed! 

What Are The Benefits Of MyoLift Microcurrent Machine?

A microcurrent facial, paired with protective products is key to healthy skin

The significant benefits we witnessed after using the MyoLift microcurrent machine were that

our skin was compressed, fine lines and wrinkles diminished, and the face and neckline were restored. In addition, the device was customized to provide the optimal microcurrent on the face for immediate and long-lasting effects.

Let us break that out further:

Microcurrent—measured in microamps—increases the amount of (ATP) available to your cells to produce collagen and elastin, the proteins that support and fill your skin.

The flagship devices—MyoLift Mini, 600, and MD use microamps to boost the skin’s ATP production. In conclusion, the more you excite your ATP to its maximum capacity, the faster your cells will cycle over.

Our Take as a True MyoLift Review

Commonly referred to as a natural facelift, microcurrent devices help you reduce signs of aging without having to risk neurotoxins that botox delivers.

When we tried microcurrent facial therapy on ourselves, we paired it with the silk crème and aqueous gel to get subtle results. The results were undoubtedly long-lasting, owing to ionPlex technology, which delivered the charge to the muscles and produced significant stimulation. In addition, it kept the skin hydrated, and we noticed an improvement in the appearance of our skin.

The product indeed did a great job on our skin, and that is our genuine MyoLift review.

MyoLift Microcurrent Machine Helps You Get Rid Of:

Myolift reviews benefit #1: Number 11 Lines

A frown or eleven lines may significantly age you—certainly not something you fancy. MyoLift helps you in getting away with “11 lines.” When the muscles are relaxed, the wrinkles become less visible, and you look happy as well!

Myolift reviews benefit #2: Cow’s Feet

While some individuals take pride in their “laugh lines,” as premature wrinkles begin to reveal our age, we began scouring the internet looking for ways to conceal them. Invest in a MyoLift device to minimize fine wrinkles from making you seem older than you feel.

Myolift reviews benefit #3: Under Eye Circle

Dark circles are common in many people and frequently signify age or sleep deprivation. While there are several at-home and medical treatments available to enhance the look of your eyes, dark circles are generally not a reason for concern when using a MyoLift microcurrent device.

Myolift reviews benefit #4: Saggy Eyelids

Have you ever considered the perils of old age? At the time, sagging skin or a lack of skin elasticity was an unwelcome guest. Avoid the repercussions of drooping lids in the winged eyeliners and brows era with a different microcurrent tool from MyoLift.

Myolift reviews benefit #5: Saggy Jawlines

If you have drooping around the jaw, chin, or collar, one of the finest investments you can make is in a microcurrent machine. In conclusion, The MyoLift microcurrent tool removes sagging skin and scar tissues.

Myolift reviews benefit #6: Hyperpigmentation

Attempting to conceal dark spots with cosmetics may be tiresome! The MyoLift microcurrent machine helps prevent sun damage, scar tissues, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation.


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MyoLift Reviews: Different MyoLift Microcurrent Tool

Here are some MyoLift mini

MyoLift Mini reviews

Microcurrent facials are one of the most popular non-invasive and non-surgical facelift or anti-aging treatment methods.

7E MyoLift Mini is a scientifically validated, FDA-cleared microcurrent equipment for beauty professionals. The compact microcurrent tool uses microcurrent technology to exercise and re-educate the face muscles.

Microcurrent treatments with the 7E MyoLift Mini are simple to learn and administer while providing exceptional results for your customers.

Additionally, a 7E MyoLiftMini machine is an excellent tool for touch-ups and maintenance of results at home. Mini is a compact and handy microcurrent treatment equipment for use at home or on the go.


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You would love to use MyoLift Mini device when you want a cheaper and simpler solution in the market. Also when you’re travelling and can’t afford to risk your skin even for a day, portable alternative such as MyoLift mini comes out very handy.

As we mentioned, it’s a medical grade machine and a very few medical grade machines are suitable for home as well as outdoor. MyoLift Mini Professional microcurrent machine works in two frequency waveforms:

  • Educate (for tightening/shortening the muscle).You will need to put this mode on for lifting softer areas like eyebrows, jowls, and cheekbones.
  • Erase (for relaxing/lengthening the muscle). Erase mode will clear off wrinkles and fine lines. You would like to put the MyoLift mini on areas like crows’ feet or between the eyebrows.

If you’re wondering what made MyoLift mini to have two different intensity levels— it’s simple, they have divided two different functions for your better experience. Based on your purpose, you can simply select the mode and have yourself current-ed.

  • Level 1: Perfect fit for surface facial muscles.
  • Level 2: Perfect fit for deeper facial muscles.

Recommended Use Of MyoLift Mini

If you’re operating at level 1, you should try it out for the first 15-20 days. When your skin gets accustomed to it, you can start using second level for the rest of the sessions.

The overall current for Myolift Mini ranges between 175-400 microamps. Although it automatically sets to a specific microamps, you always have the process of programming it manually in both the modes. We mean to say, you can change the settings as per your needs.

What does MyoLift mini machine have

MyoLift machine has LED display and control buttons. You’ll additionally find two attached applicators (wands).

Where do you educate yourself for MyoLift mini microcurrent

Well, if you dive deep into the microcurrent market, you’ll immediately feel MyoLift mini is far more advanced than any other microcurrent devices in the market. Now as much as you celebrate it, we understand it can sometimes get overwhelming specially when you’re trying to get the hang of it.

To know the nuts and bolts of MyoLift mini, you can educate yourself with 7E wellness complimentary online webinars once a week. Learn everything about the microcurrent technology and how the device works on your skin. You also get to learn a lot with user’s experiences that help you avoid problems in your skin.

Pros and cons of MyoLift Mini microcurrent

MyoLift Mini Pros: you have access to professional medical grade device with advanced settings and free tutorials.

MyoLift Mini Cons: beginners might not enjoy using it for a bigger learning curve.

Our final take on MyoLift mini reviews

We feel MyoLift Mini is a fantastic microcurrent tool for anyone looking to play around advanced pool of settings. You may find it a tad confusing because it has steeper learning curve, but you can always latch onto online webinars to understand what a microcurrent device is.

The webinars will also give you detailed insight on frequency waveforms, current intensity, and methods to run through conductive gels on your face and skin. You would prefer using it if you’re an advanced skincare enthusiast.

MyoLift 600 reviews

The results that make a Microcurrent facial so desirable are a nearly immediate natural lifting and toning appearance of the facial muscles and skin

7E Wellness’ newest True Microcurrent equipment, the FDA-cleared 7E MyoLift 600, is designed for professional usage.

This tool initiates ATP stimulation by providing a current between 175 and 600 microamps. Also, it establishes a new benchmark for minimally invasive technologies and the potential to provide long-lasting, natural-looking face lifting and toning.

Similarly, this highly effective True Microcurrent device is available exclusively to professional cosmetologists, aestheticians, and acupuncturists. This microcurrent machine is ideal for increasing ATP levels for anti-aging biohacking, cellular regeneration, muscle re-education, and skin firmness and tightening.


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MyoLift MD reviews

Microcurrent facials work by applying conductive probes to different areas of the face which deliver a sub-sensory electrical current to the muscles underneath the skin.

For licensed professionals looking for the best, the MyoLift MD is a sophisticated machine.

However, with True Microcurrent, this device offers the widest variety of options for face uplifting and shaping therapies in intensity and personalization.

Before the 7E Team mails your MyoLift MD order, you must give them your license information.


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How To Use it Through Our MyoLift Review:

Of course, one of the primary benefits of using MyoLift Mini over getting a facial at a parlor is ease—five minutes a day, five days a week is all you need.

You may follow a skin routine from anywhere—while sitting on a couch, watching a movie, or reading a book.

Enough with the bragging. Let’s cut it short and quickly jump to how to use it.

Over time this treatment increases the strength of the facial muscles which helps them to better hold our natural, youthful facial form.

To prepare for an at-home microcurrent treatment, cleanse and tone the skin using oil-free products (oil acts as a conductor of electrical current).

What’s next?

Simply apply your preferred activator and gently slide your device upward three times in each of the following areas of your face: neck, cheeks, and forehead. 

Using the MyoLift Mini will beep when moving to the next part of the face. 

Isn’t it simple!?

If you still find it challenging to follow, you can always get help from the official website. Moreover, experts typically advocate using conductive gloves and gel (it comes with the device).

You can use this device three to five days a week for optimal outcomes.

However, the two flagship devices are marketed only to professionals, as only a licensed person can administer advanced microcurrent face treatment. 

When conducting more studies on the MyoLift range, the common confusion is that consumers must experience a shock for treatments to operate.

However, believe us when we say that if a tingling sensation occurs, the microcurrent bounces off the skin and is rendered useless.

The goal of your treatment is not to feel anything!

Does It Work? Our MyoLift Reviews Say Yes:

The electrical currents that occur during a microcurrent facial help to restore your skin over time to a youthful state and lock in that natural facelift look.

Yes. It’s remarkable and evident how much smoother and less bloated the skin appears after using a MyoLift range, particularly when used consistently and religiously. (1) However, should you use it?

Read the pros and cons before you decide.

Pros of MyoLift Microcurrent Machine

  • MyoLift performed admirably – that is, significantly lifting and firming – on the jawline and cheeks and to a lesser extent on the forehead.
  • One of the reasons we enjoy MyoLift is its simplicity of usage. We utilized gloves with this tool, which eliminates the need for conducting gel and simplifies the process.
  • The tools do a good job increasing ATP stimulation, promoting anti-aging, promoting cellular repair, strengthening and mending muscles, and firm and tightening the saggy skin.
  • Due to their compact size, you may carry and use the microcurrent machines anywhere.

Cons of MyoLift Microcurrent Machine

  • The drawback of adjusting the prongs is that they can pull muscles in the incorrect directions and cause more harm than help in the wrong hands.
  • When these tools are used on the face, you may feel the pinch of current if you don’t put enough conductive gel. 

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Are you intrigued by the positive reviews as a result? So were we!

Let’s discuss each device in detail.

What Is MyoLift Mini?

True Microcurrent™ is a fantastic tool that takes sagging, dull skin and transforms it into tighter, more radiant skin

7E Wellness created the MyoLift Mini for professional and home usage as a more affordable, accessible, and lightweight alternative to existing medical-grade devices.

It is also appropriate for at-home use; however, the learning curve is slightly longer than other at-home microcurrent facelift devices because of the more complex settings. The MyoLift Mini professional microcurrent machine is equipped with two distinct frequency-specific modes (waveforms):

  • Educate—This mode is helpful on the eyebrows, cheekbones, and scar tissues.
  • Erase—This mode helps erase fine lines and wrinkles.

Each mode (Educate and Erase) has two different intensity levels. 

While Level 1 focuses on the facial muscles on the surface, Level 2 focuses on the deeper facial muscles.

In general, Level 1 is advised for the first 15-20 days of usage, followed by Level 2.

MyoLift Mini’s microcurrent intensity may be adjusted manually inside each mode, ranging from 175 to 400 microamps.

The machine comprises a base equipped with an LED display, control buttons, and two applicators connected (2 wands).

Due to the sophisticated nature of the MyoLift Mini compared to other microcurrent devices on the market, 7E Wellness provides complimentary weekly online seminars.

In conclusion, this tool is recommended for enthusiasts of sophisticated skin care.

What Features Does MyoLift Mini Offer?

  • Maximum Intensity Of 400 Microamps
  • Easy To Learn
  • Portable, Small In Size
  • Two Waveforms
  • Visualizes The Delivery Of Microcurrent

What’s In The Box— MyoLift Mini

The benefit of a microcurrent facial is that Collagen and Elastin are boosted.

  • MyoLift Mini Microcurrent Machine
  • Classic Ball Tip Applicator Probes
  • Lead Wire
  • Charger
  • 4oz Restore Conductive Gel
  • Access To Online Support Portal 

MyoLift Review: Why MyoLift Mini?

  • Anti-aging Benefits
  • Reduced Puffiness & Inflammation
  • Even Skin Tone
  • Improved Circulation
  • Repairing Sun Damage
  • Increased Elastin & Collagen Production
  • Product Penetration
  • Boosts Muscle Tone


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What Is MyoLift 600?

Microcurrent works to stretch fine lines and tone the face, it allows for products to absorb deeper into the skin after a treatment…

The 7E MyoLift 600 uses cutting-edge technology to offer a maximum output of 175 to 600 microamps. In addition, the device initiates ATP stimulation and establishes a new benchmark for non-invasive innovation and the capacity to give all clients long-lasting, natural rejuvenation and toning effects.

In other words, The 7E MyoLift 600 is a professional-grade device that quickly produces significant results for customers battling fine lines and wrinkles.

7E MyoLift 600 has the pinch-and-hold method, which is critical for providing microcurrent to the face muscle. In addition, MyoLift 600 has four distinct procedures for shortening or lengthening muscles, all of which produce professional results.

Let’s talk facts!

We have a total of 32 facial muscles that we use daily to communicate with the rest of the world. These face muscles are oriented differently and require lengthening or shortening, depending on their location and usage.

The 7E MyoLift 600 is a piece of professional-grade equipment, and only licensed cosmetologists, aestheticians, MDs, PAs, RNs, LVNs, DCOs, kinesiologists, and acupuncturists can get their hands on this flagship device.

7E MyoLift 600 is a safe and effective exercise machine that you should use three times a week. While immediate, dramatic improvements are possible following the first treatment, expected outcomes are cumulative and improve each session, depending on age, skin condition, and moisture levels.

Most individuals over the age of 40 may require more intensive treatment 2-3 times per week to start therapy and subsequently transition to a maintenance program.

What Features Does MyoLift 600 Offer?

  • Exclusively for Licensed Professionals
  • Maximum Intensity of 600 Microamps
  • Easy to Learn
  • Small, Portable Size
  • Visualizes The Delivery Of Microcurrent

What’s In The Box— MyoLift 600:

  • FDA-Cleared MyoLift 600 Microcurrent Device
  • 4 Lip Masks
  • 1 ReStore Conductive Tx Gel (4oz)
  • 4 Eye Masks
  • 1 ReNu Conductive Tx Gel (4oz)
  • ATP Booster Gel Mask
  • 1 RePlenish Hydrating Spritzer (8oz
  • 1 ATP Booster Mask (4oz)
  • Replenish Hydrating Spritzer 

MyoLift Review: Why MyoLift 600?

  • Skin Pigmentation Improvement
  • Improved Muscle Tone
  • Reduced Appearance Of Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Improved Circulation
  • Increase In Product Penetration
  • Improves Elasticity
  • Rosacea Treatment
  • Acne Treatment
  • Reducing Signs Of Scar Tissues
  • Hydrates And Revitalizes Skin


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What Is MyoLift MD?

Younger-looking, fresh skin with zero downtime is just a microcurrent facial away!

As an FDA-cleared and certified True Microcurrent device for the cosmetic and medical sectors, this powerful and user-friendly professional microcurrent machine offers owners various treatment protocols to meet the customers’ biohacking skin demands.

Each upscale salon, spa, and medical and cosmetic clinic will profit from investing in this powerful Master Device to help them improve their practices. 

Skin treatment has never been easier or more convenient than with this complex yet uncomplicated equipment – it’s simple to run and delivers enhanced outcomes that help you achieve your clients’ expectations and business objectives.

What Features Does MyoLift MD Offer?

  • Maximum Intensity of 800 Microamps
  • Easy to Learn
  • Advanced Customization Options
  • Eight Waveforms
  • Financing Options Available

What’s In The Box— MyoLift MD:

The first signs of skin aging that you may want to look out for are fine lines around the eyes, loss of volume, and loss of elasticity in the face.

  • MyoLift MD Microcurrent Machine
  • Classic Metallic Tip Probes
  • 6 Conductive Lip Masks
  • 1 ReStore Conductive Tx Gel (4oz)
  • 6 Conductive Eye Masks
  • 1 ReNu Conductive Tx Gel (4oz)
  • 25 Customer Brochures
  • 1 RePlenish Hydrating Spritzer (8oz)
  • Maximum Intensity of 800 Microamps
  • 1 Pair Conductive Gloves
  • Lead Wire
  • Charger
  • Access to Online Portal
  • Certification Course 

MyoLift Review: Why MyoLift MD?

  • Easy To Learn, 
  • Fast In Delivering Subtle Results
  • Maximum Intensity Can Be 800 Micro Amps
  • Treatments Are Relaxing
  • In-house, Zero Percent Finance
  • Precise Waveforms
  • Eight Waveform Variations
  • Controlled Time Setting From Seven Presets
  • No Visible Muscle Contraction Or Stinging


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Difference Between MyoLift Mini, MyoLift 600, And MyoLift MD

Microcurrent therapy triggers the healing process in our skin and helps even skin tone by increasing Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) levels in the skin cells.

MyoLift Mini

The MyoLift Mini employs two distinct waveforms that act on the various levels of the muscles to either shorten or lengthen them. As a result, MyoLift Mini assists in toning and firming the skin and increasing ATP levels to achieve desired effects.

MyoLift 600 (Professional)

The MyoLift 600 is marketed as an ‘ATP booster kit’ and is intended for professional use. It provides increased microcurrent intensity (175 – 600 microamps) to empower skin and muscle cells. This model is excellent for professionals who work with customers undergoing a series of four anti-aging treatments.

MyoLift MD (Master Device)

The MyoLift MD has eight frequency-specific waveforms that enable you to design a personalized sequence of anti-aging treatments for circulation, lymphatic drainage, muscle shortening and lengthening, firming, and product penetration.

Our Myolift Review: Is MyoLift A Botox Alternative?

Opposite from botox and fillers, microcurrent helps restore the face from a non-invasive angle.

We have grown up reading news of celebrities getting botox. The perfectly sculpted and toned face has almost convinced us to get botox and ditch the age from our face. (2)

When we grew a little older, a little wiser, we got to know what botox is, and it can be risky and painful to get injected in the face!

What if we have a swollen face we can never get away with.

What if we face the repercussions?

Many questions are popping into your head right now, and we cannot blame you.

Botox relaxes a muscle, allowing it to contract less often, whereas microcurrent maintains muscle tone and regulates muscular activity.

Botox is also costly for reasons other than needles— prices vary by geographic area but can reach as high as $250 for a single treatment— and transitory, lasting three to four months.

However, microcurrent technology employs a low-level current to provide the look of a facelift without the danger of surgery or the stress of downtime.

It is designed to treat the entire face and neck and may be modified to address particular areas of concern, such as the forehead, eyes, or jowl lifts.

Moreover, it is administered by certified beauticians in a weekly series of eight to ten treatments to obtain the desired appearance. After the initial eight to ten weekly treatments are completed, monthly maintenance visits are scheduled to preserve the results you’ve worked so hard to accomplish.

In other words, Microcurrent is similar to going to the gym, only that it is used on your facial muscles.

MyoLift Review: What MyoLift’s Product Should You Consider And Why?

Natural, non-invasive options take longer to show results but have the more comfort of being just that: non-surgical.

Are you scratching your head confused and wondering which flagship device will work for you?

If yes, we owe you an apology for talking too much and not helping you pick one out. We want to make it up for you.

We will give you all the right reasons to pick one or all of the MyoLift Microcurrent range.

If someone is just starting with microcurrent and is unsure what it is all about, the MyoLift Mini is the way to go.

Its slim shape makes it an ideal trip companion for toning, lifting, and contouring.

While spending an entire day reclining at a spa is ideal, spending five minutes with this tool is far more manageable when you don’t have hours to invest in a beauty treatment (which is most days). Plus, it gives the same resulting amount of brilliance.

MyoLift 600 and MyoLift MD use true microcurrent, a non-sensing source of energy. True microcurrent is calming and does not affect muscular contraction or twitching. Both of these biohacking products act at the cellular level to restore vitality to the skin’s cells. (3) The current stimulates and activates the skin cells, smoothing and softening expression lines and wrinkles naturally.

The MyoLift Mini, MyoLift 600, and MyoLift MD generate electrical impulses comparable to those produced naturally by the body to repair injured tissue. 

The electrical signal has been shown to stimulate cell development and rejuvenate aged skin by sending harmless, painless impulses to the muscles in your face and neck, re-educating and restoring the muscles.

Whether it’s a 7E MyoLift Mini or another microcurrent machine for estheticians, the bottom line is that you’re receiving the best of best services from 7E wellness.

Is MyoLift Safe To Use?

With natural and non-invasive options we encourage patience, consistency, and working with a professional to get the lifting results you have in mind.

7E MyoLift is a non-invasive therapy approved by the FDA that delivers genuine microcurrent to the face muscles. Although microcurrent treatments are safe, you should see a physician before proceeding if you have a cardiac condition or a pacemaker. If you are pregnant, see a gynecologist to determine whether the procedure is safe for you. (4) Similarly, those with sensitive skin or skin allergies should see dermatologists or skincare specialists.

What are the results of MyoLift before and after?

Microcurrent is one of the few modalities that achieves great results but does not irritate the skin. Because it is non-invasive, it doesn’t require injury to the skin to generate a healing response — it is the most relaxing technique for rejuvenating your skin.

While some fortunate individuals notice benefits from a single MyoLift facial, this technique is meant for cumulative effects.

In other words, consistency is the key!

The more dedicated you are to a MyoLift face regimen, the more noticeable the effects will be. This is because the benefits accumulate over time as your facial muscles get stronger and more capable of storing them.

Visible outcomes will vary according to age, skin condition, and amount of moisture.

Clients above the age of 65 may require more concentrated treatments 2-3 times each week. Younger customers may choose to begin with weekly treatments and progress to simply needing occasional facials for maintenance.

While immediate, dramatic improvements are possible following the initial treatment, usual outcomes are cumulative and improve each subsequent session. Therefore, make sure to include pre and post-treatments!

While using MyoLift Microcurrent every other day is safe, doing so for an extended-term is not suggested.


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The best preventative skin care routine at home depends largely on your individual skin type. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, or otherwise existing skin conditions is something that should be determined by your esthetician or dermatologist.

Is MyoLift FDA Approved?

Microcurrent devices are controlled by the FDA in the United States and other regulatory organizations worldwide. They maintain the strictest safety requirements and demand extensive testing before they can be sold.

However, not all devices offered on the market have been certified by the FDA and meet these worldwide safety requirements.

Clinical trials are pledges made by manufacturers to demonstrate the actual effectiveness of their products. All investigations are supervised and conducted by specialists to ensure the product’s authenticity.

How Often Should I Use MyoLift?

While some fortunate individuals notice benefits from a single MyoLift facial, this technique is meant for cumulative effects. The more dedicated you are to a MyoLift face regimen, the more noticeable the results.

The reviewers recommend a course of treatments once a week for up to twelve weeks. After achieving the desired outcomes, the frequency of microcurrent face treatments should be reduced to one or two treatments per month.

What Does MyoLift Do?

Microcurrent therapy works with the body’s natural systems to re-energize the facial skin and muscles from a cellular level.

The 7E MyoLift Mini microcurrent machine boosts collagen, elastin production, and blood flow. In addition, it cues tones and sculpts the face, which helps you appear young and youthful.

Is It Safe To Use?

7E MyoLift is a non-invasive therapy approved by the FDA that delivers genuine microcurrent to the face muscles.

Although microcurrent treatments are safe, you should see a physician before proceeding if you have a cardiac condition or a pacemaker. If you are pregnant, see a gynecologist to determine whether the procedure is safe for you. Similarly, those with sensitive skin or skin allergies should see dermatologists or skincare specialists.

Is It Safe To Use 7e MyoLift Every Day?

Visible outcomes will vary according to age, skin condition, and amount of moisture. However, 7E MyoLift is entirely safe and effective for everyday usage.


MyoLift Review: Hot Take Here

Working regularly with your esthetician will also help you identify important factors like how often you should be applying preventative products to your skin and which ingredients you should look out for.

Hot take here—we are adamant that the most critical factor to consider when purchasing new face equipment is how enjoyable, stimulating, and satisfying it is to use.

Hear us out: No matter how excellent and powerful a product is, it will not perform wonders for your skin if it is not used (and when we say used, we mean used consistently).

Therefore, if you’re having difficulty adhering to your mundane skincare routine, what you need is a pleasant skincare tool to mix things up.

That was it!

We’ve rounded up the MyoLift review to help you make a buying decision. 

Keep coming back for more. 

MyoLift Review: Take Home Massage

Need we say more? Get these incredible face beauty tools for toned and tightened skin. (5)

Additionally, they will help you in maintaining a healthy and youthful appearance as you age.

Our two cents here—

Take pride in your age. Stay positive about how you look, even if you wish you could look a little younger, and other people will see your looks in a more positive light.

Love yourself!

Self-love is not self-indulgence; it is just as necessary as the love you freely give others.

We all have flaws, but to remove them would mean discarding a large portion of who we are.

We are not here to preach but to provide some advice – embrace every bit of yourself!

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