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Biohacking Stress | Top 27 Stress Relief Hacks | Stress Reduction Tips

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Defeating Stress

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are”, – proverb

What is Biohacking Stress?

biohacking stress infographics

Biohacking stress is

  • an attempt to improve coping mechanism to stress,
  • shape body’s biology to reduce the harmful impact of stress,
  • upgrade one own’s body brain fitness,
  • manipulate biological function for better stress response,
  • and use unconventional techniques to take control over body to adapt and recover from stress.

Biohackers apply biohacking stress techniques for quick and easy recovery from worldly distress & anxiety

Now wondering how biohacking stress can be the missing item in the menu of a healthy and happy life? Before getting to that, you should under how stress works and what is triggering it in your case.

There are many ways that stress can take a toll on you. It could be as a result of workplace pressure, family, or relationships. The great news is that you can always manage stress and lead a healthier, happier life.

But before anything else, it is vital to know the lurking danger of stress to your overall wellbeing.

Letting stress get the better of you endangers your health. Stress exposes you to depression, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and fertility issues. Thankfully, you are not helpless in all these. There are many things you can do to defeat stress, and that is precisely what biohacking stress adds to your table of options.

Why is chronic stress dangerous and biohacking stress is super important?

tired man holding his heas and looking at his book because he is stressed

The long term stress is not anything you want to entertain because it is detrimental to your health. When exposed to stress, adrenaline and cortisol hormones are naturally released to deal with the perceived threat. Once the perceived threat is over, the hormone levels get back to normal.

However, long-term stimulation of the stress response system leads to acute health problems (1). Health consequences resulting from chronic stress include high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, depression, and anxiety disorders.

What are the 5 emotional signs of stress?

Chronic stress affects the whole body, and there are several emotional signs of stress that you are likely to experience. A visit to the biohacking Los Angeles center will help you understand the several signs of stress;

Extreme irritability.

Extreme irritability is a common trait in individuals with stress and is usually associated with mental stress.


Depression comes as a result of persistent stressful situations. Repetitive issues that disturb the peace of your mind will open it to episodes of depression.


Anxiety is also a common emotional sign of someone going through chronic stress. It can be from pressure at your place of work or at home.

Low Self-Esteem.

Individuals prone to stress tend to have continuous negative thoughts. Such thoughts lead to low esteem and a constant feeling of rejection.


Another emotional sign of stress is restlessness. It is never easy to relax and stay calm in the face of pressure.

What are the physical symptoms of stress?

stressed tired woman behind the computer

One reason why biohacking stress is proving to be the silver bullet to better and sustainable health is that it identifies the causes and not treating symptoms.

Chronic stress not only gets to your motions, but it also manifests physical symptoms. Such symptoms include headache, fatigue, regular illnesses, acne, low libido, and fluctuating appetite.

Stress Resilience Approach. 

You may end up feeling totally helpless about your situation when chronic stress hits. Nevertheless, don’t forget that there are several biohacking stress tips you can use to reduce stress.

So, what’s the best stress resilience approach to get through chronic stress? Here are some of the tips you can find helpful.

Address the Causes of Symptoms – do not Suppress Symptoms. The first rule of Biohacking Stress!

Chronic stress always has an underlying cause, it doesn’t just happen. Hence, taking drugs or engaging in other activities to suppress stress will leave behind the primary trigger. You should be treating the cause and not symptoms (2) and that is where biohacking stress comes from. 

 Understand Your Stress Factors.

Another element of dealing with stress is identifying your stress factors. As mentioned earlier, it could be from your workplace, home, or relationships. Knowing the real causes helps you come up with strategies on how to reduce exposure to these factors.

Create a System-Based Approach.

The system-based approach entails doing an analysis of your environment. It helps you determine your stress triggers. Moreover, the strategy also helps you to capitalize on what enables you to beat your stress.

 Measure Everything.

measurement tape

To manage stress objectively, you may need to apply the element of measuring everything. This includes measuring your breathing rate, hormones, blood sugar levels, and improving your sleep. In the end, you learn what you should pay attention to.

Biohacking Each Stress is Individual Because Each Stress Is.

This element is linked to measuring everything. It helps you find solutions within yourself. Remember, stress cure is not all the same; it depends on the type and intensity of your stress. Therefore, find a biohacking stress path that is unique and appropriate for you.

Understand Stress Hormones First for Biohacking Stress.

biohacking stress hormones

In the face of stressful situations, there is a way that your body reacts to counteract them. Typically, it is through changes in the levels of production of hormones that counter stress.

Here below are the essential stress hormones and how they fight the invasion.

 What are the 3 Stress Hormones?

When exposed to stress, the body usually responds by producing some hormones for protection. There are three stress hormones that the body releases when you face a situation that triggers stress (3)


reduce stress by lowering your cortisol sign

Cortisol is the main body’s stress hormone. When the body detects stress, it stimulates adrenal glands to produce cortisol hormone. Being the natural biological alarm, cortisol triggers the fight or flight instinct when faced with danger.


formula of adrenaline written on black background

This hormone is also produced by the adrenal glands when a stressful situation comes knocking on your door. Basically, adrenaline triggers your immediate reactions to stressful circumstances.


Norepinephrine comes both from the brain and the adrenal glands in the onset of stress. Essentially, the hormone’s role is to make the body more responsive during a dangerous situation.

How can I Reduce Stress Hormones?

Excessive release of stress hormones can expose you to acute health risks. Therefore, it’s important to manage them. You can achieve this by practicing relaxation techniques, regular exercise, and seeking professional counseling regularly.

Biohacking Stress with Supplements & Herbs.

supplement capsules and green herbs for stress management

Biohacking stress also involves the using biohacking stress and anxiety supplements. These supplements and herbs have specific ingredients known to help with anxiety. However, you should be cautious when going down this path. In fact, it is advisable to consult your healthcare provider to help you choose the combination that is good for you (4)

When to Biohack Stress with Supplements?

What is the best time to take supplements to help with stress? As with all other things relating to your health, timing is critical. Supplements would be welcome when you have no motivation, feel relentless fatigue, extreme stress, and when you experience poor memory.

 Best Supplements to Help Stress Relief?

cans with l-theanine, l-taurine, and phosphatidyl serine

From credible studies, these supplements are some of the recommendations for fighting stress;  


This is an amino acid commonly found in green tea. It plays a vital role in triggering an increase in the alpha brain waves that enhance calmness and relaxation. For the best of results, health experts recommend 200mg at the frequency of 3times per day.

L- Taurine.

L-taurine is an organic acid that shares similarities with amino acids but stands out for not being an essential building block for proteins. It enhances the function of neuroprotection, lowers depression, and enhances brain cells’ growth. For regular use, doctors recommend 500mg to 1000mg, or you could take 2000mg before sleep.


Basically, it is fat found in the brain tissue. It plays the role of boosting mood and memory. Besides, supplements play a role in enhancing testosterone levels. For regular consumption, take 100-150mg twice a day.


Magnesium supports a healthy stress response. Let’s say the muscle tension is bothering you. If you didn’t know, calcium is the reason. Magnesium counteracts the effect of calcium and relaxes the muscles. You ultimately feel less stressed and more light. Supplements like Bioptimizers Magnesium really help solve the stress puzzle.

Relax My Stress Muscles    Read Magnesium Breakthrough Review


 Best Herbs to Biohack Stress.

red and green herbs for biohacking stress

Arguably, nature has a cure for everything. As proof of that, several herbs can not only fight stress but also win the battle (5)


Also known as Rhodiola Rosea, roseroot does a great job in lowering cortisol and adrenaline levels. It is a potent solution to stress when you use it in the long term. The herb comes in forms of water extract or alcohol. For the best and effective results, use 266-289mgs.


The extracts of this herb include Schisandra A, B, C. The extracts are available as water, glycerol, or alcohol. Schisandra enhances stress tolerance, memory consolidation, and reduces cortisol levels during exercises. The recommended daily dosage is 1000 to 2000mg.


This is a popular mushroom known for its neurological benefits. It’s also termed as an herb that helps unclog the heart. Reishi enhances the growth of new neurons in the brain, relaxation, and protection of existing neurons. Its dosage should be between 500 to 1800mg per day.

Top 27 Biohacks for Stress Relief.

biohacking stress tips

Overall, 77% of the global population goes through the stress that directly affects their physical wellbeing. Another 73% going through stressful episodes that affect their mental health. Shockingly, between 75 and 90% of doctor visits in the USA are directly or indirectly relating to stress. These grim statistics keep on getting worse. Therefore, it is understandable why millions of individuals report chronic depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, among many other stress-related illnesses. It is even a more significant reason why the global population should embrace the concepts of biohacking stress (6)

Biohacks for stress are broadly categorized into groups. There are hacks for physical stress as well as those for emotional stress. It is paramount to diagnose your type of stress before trying ways to fight it.

Biohacking Stress Physically.

The physical hacks help stretch your physical limits of handling stress. While they work differently for individuals, there are high chances of success in a myriad of stressful situations leading to physical anguish.

Upgrade Your Coffee – Your most Important Drink

cup of express and coffee beans of the table for mood enhancing

As much as coffee may be your favorite drink, you may have to substitute it with some therapeutic tea to relieve stress. Keep your morning coffee, and then, later on, switch for teas or herbal drinks during the day.

Great quality morning coffee will put you in a right happier mood, so you should definitely go for it!

 Practice Yoga – Find Ways to Learn & Love It!

According to health experts, yoga is one of the best physical exercises to counter proteins that trigger stress, inflammation, and depression. Enroll in a local yoga class and learn how to tap into your deepest strength to fight stress.

If you feel you’re not ready for it, you can switch your priorities to simple vibration therapy that demands nothing but your presence. For example, vibration therapy from power plate eases off your stress without you having to stretch your legs.

Read Power Plate Review


Improve Your Sleep.

Eight hours of sound sleep enhance your problem-solving capability by 50%. To improve your sleep quality, you should avoid bright lights before retiring to bed, watching TV before you sleep, or eating right before sleeping. We have solution for all the three.

Method #1: To avoid blue lights, you can use protective glasses such as BluBlox.

Avoid Blue Light Now!!


Method #2: You can use Braintap and SleepPhones to get into the deeper meditative state before sleeping.

I Want To Sleep, Please!    Improve My Sleep Cycle


Method #3: If unregulated temperature troubles you, you can choose smart cooling beds like Chilipad and Ooler.

Chilipad & Chill!    Ooler! Help Me Get Cooler


Method #4: Finally, if you don’t want to do anything.. just wished some SkyDaddy light fell onto you and fixed your sleep, you’d need Joovv— the red light therapy.

Sleep Effortlessly!


Be Active, Sit Less, Move More.

move more, sit less and two moving body icons of blue background

Exercise boosts the production of body chemicals that relieve stress and enhance moods.

You don’t have to worry about being an athlete, even the most straightforward exercises serve you well in helping you to deal with stress. Actually, a morning or evening jog could be all you need to beat your anxiety.

Drink Infused Water.

Experts say water is nature’s best medicine. Daily consumption of infused water promotes immune defense, regulates blood sugar, and controls appetite as well. Always consider adding some lemon with cucumber in your water to amplify its health benefits. You can add strawberries, mint leaves, or blueberries.

Just be creative and enjoy the process. You can make it more meaningful by having structured water. Structured water is nothing but a crystallized healing water which tastes, heals, and hydrates you faster than regular filter water. Experts say water is not in the best form and to make them structured, you need devices like Somavedic.

Get Me Clean Drinking Water    Read Somavedic Review


Learn Breathing Exercises.

Deep breathing is among the best ways to deal with stress. Every time you take a deep breath, it’s a signal sent to your brain to make it calm and relaxed. Besides, a simple breath-in-breathe-out exercise also helps in calming your body and mind.

 Use Noise Cancellation Devices.

Using noise cancellation devices like Muse headband to curb stress helps you soothe your mind in quietness as if everything else out there has been turned down. Noise causes stress and eliminating it, especially when you rest, can help combat the adverse effects of stress.

Shut All The Noise! NOW!    Read Musehead Review


Do a Blood Test to Understand Your Current Condition.

doctor writes prescription for blood test to determine stress

A blood test gives you a hint into the specific biohacking stress elements to put in play. As you already know, not all biohacks work for all forms of stress. For your case, you should use the particular hacks that suit your stress type and situation.

Upgrade Your Glasses or Have Lasik Surgery to Shapen Your Vision.

Problems with your vision can also result in stress. You could get an upgraded pair of glasses or go for laser vision surgery to improve your eyesight. With better sight, your body is full of positive energy. It’s also recommended you use trusted glass brands.

Eat Happy Healthy foods and Avoid Bad Mood Foods.

Did you know there are stress relieving foods that could tone down your moods? Get healthy recipes that are not only delicious but also uplift your spirits.

Some of the foods you could use to boost your feelings include chocolate, bananas, fermented foods like kimchi, yogurt, kefir, kombucha, oats, berries, coffee, beans. Generally, watch what you are eating and only eat when you are hungry.

Other times, you can rely on intermittent fasting to reduce stress. The best part is— intermittent fasting helps lose weight as well, which usually lowers down the overall oxidative stress.

If you feel customizing your diet is too much a hassle, you can leave these irritating bits to certified meal programs like

Meal #1: ProLon

Read Prolon Review


Meal #2: BistroMD

Read BistroMD Review


Meal #3: Balance by BistroMD

Read Balance By BistroMD Review


Note: they’re notably great for weight loss. But everything is linked, you see! You nail down your weight to nail down your stress. Simple?

Body and Foot Massage.

foot massage for biohacking stress

Having a body and foot massage helps muscles to relax. It also helps in relieving stress, both physiological and emotional. Get into the habit of going for body and foot massage regularly. You can also have lymphatic massage at home with dry brush to reduce cortisol levels.

Biohacking Stress Emotionally.

Other than yoga or taking a healthy diet, there are other emotional practices you can take to deal with stress. More than any other form of stress, psychological stress effects can take a massive toll on you.

Exercises, physical and emotional, are touted as the best way to beat emotional stress. However, it is not every exercise that helps in this regard.

Tickle your brain via an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR).

biohacking brain

Brain tickling brings the same happy moods that body tickling brings. It’s usually done via a process called ASMR, which leads to general excitement and happiness. In a nutshell, the process involves delivering pleasurable messages into your brain and down the body to improve brain fitness.

Own a Pet.

Probably you do not know pets are great stress relievers! Research has it that pets provide the best support and friendship.

Actually, it is surprising to know that some of these pets offer more comforting attachments than humans.

Find a mentor.

A time comes when you need someone to walk with you through your biohacking stress journey. This is where a mentor comes in. Seek referrals from close friends or get advice from your local health provider.

Whoever you choose has to be someone who understands what you are going through and willing to walk with you every mile of the journey.

Turn On Music

“A soul devoid of music is dead.” For a long time, music has been proven as an effective way to lower depression, reduce anxiety, and lower high blood pressure in hypertension patients.

Basically, pleasing music with minimal vocals resonates most with helping individuals to relax.

Choose music that puts you in a good mood and stick to your personal playlist even it’s not “the best choice” in someone else’s opinion. For example, BrainTap technologies audio is pretty soothing on ears and its binaural beats make sure you live in a calm state.

 Watch Inspiring Movies and Read Inspiring Books.

Exposing yourself to encouraging materials will keep you in good moods and distract you from stressors around you. Train yourself not to watch or read anything that may affect your moods on the negative.

 Surround Yourself with Positive and inspiring People.

If you are dealing with prolonged stress, it’s time to slash off friendships with people who don’t bring positive vibes your way. Get rid off all the negative energies in your vicinity to get rid of overall mental stress. While on this, also remember to form other solid, healthy relationships to keep you going.

 Biohacking Stress Mentally.

When you are mentally healthy, stress has a rough time taking a toll on you. Strong mental focus, positivity, and air of self-worth help you overcome the chains of depression and anxiety. The question is, what habits help you cultivate a strong mentality?

Analyze Yourself and Learn What’s Truly Important to YOU, Not Someone Else.

Do you know what matters to you most? That’s the thing that you need to focus on to keep other stressors out of your way.

Forget what others want from you. You might be under unnecessary pressure that causes you stress. Learn how to say NO to others putting yourself upfront.

Learn How to Get Control of Your Emotions.

Mastering your emotions will make you more mentally strong. It, in turn, helps you to take control of your moods and be in charge of your stress levels. Furthermore, controlling your emotions also involves having control over how you deal with situations.

Build Daily Routines and New Habits.

Creating time for new hobbies and setting up new routines keeps your mind occupied and distracted from situations stress triggers. Moreover, a dependable routine also keeps you on top of your emotions.

Find Training that Would be Right for YOU.

Mental training can also be a vital element of biohacking stress. In instances where your mental health is taking a beating from the effects of stress, you should engage in mental training. It improves your brain’s wellbeing.

Invest in Your Future.

A secure and safe future for you and your loved ones is an asset in fighting stress.

It helps you keep your mind at rest, knowing that if anything happens, your family will be well taken care of. Remember that you can secure your future even in old age.

Biohacking Stress Spiritually.

Is it possible to hack stress through spiritual avenues? Yes, it is and it’s more effective than you can imagine. In fact, research has it that people that discover their spirituality can cope with stress better than those that do not.

Notably, spirituality is not necessarily based on religious belief systems. Instead, it’s about discovering your meaning for life and connecting with yourself and other people.

Below are spiritual hacks you can use to quell a stressful storm;

 Release Chakras.

Chakra is also known as the energy center of the body. When the body chakras are well balanced, we experience relaxation, stress relief, and healing. This is made possible by releasing stuck energy or distributing it to its rightful place to create a balance.


Meditation is quite an effective stress reliever. Precisely, mindfulness meditation helps in enhancing your awareness of the present moment. Moreover, it protects your body from inflammation and stress.

Use Essential Oils.

Since the pre-writing era, essential oils have been used in relaxation and stress reduction. Today, these oils are readily available at biohacking stress product stores. You can use the oils either by adding to foods or by applying to your skin.

Other way to reduce stress is to incorporate heavily researched skincare products like Young Goose. Now you may think the purpose of skincare oil on stress. Well, your scalp is also a skin. Sometimes, you need to feed healthy oil to your head to reduce stress.

Relieve My Stress!    Read Young Goose Review


 Learn More About Spirituality Even If You Think You Know a Lot.

First of all, spirituality is different for everyone. Nevertheless, whichever way you view it, delving deep into your spirituality is a great way to fight off stress.

Understandably, the more you discover your spirituality, the more you are awakened to your purpose and develop a connection to the world.

Create a Wish Map for The Most Important Areas of Your Life.

Sometimes taking a break from your usual cycle can help you create a wish map. On your wish map, make sure to include what you do best. It enables you to enhance your overall productivity as well as reduce stress levels in the long run.

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