Chilipad Mattress Review: Definition, Benefit, Price, & Refund

Smart Sleeping Pads For Smart People

Chilipad review is for you if you’re sick of a terrible sleeping cycle.”

There’s something evil with sleeping mattresses in general.

And we mean it for all the mattresses in the world!

  • When you need them cool, they’ll be like a hot steam pan.
  • When you need them hot, they’ll turn into freezing Antarctica.

Our entire night dissipates like a vapor— searching for one sweet sleeping spot

Sadly, you never find them.

Or you find them only for a few minutes until everything turns annoying again.

Imagine your sleeper mattress controlled temperature

imagine your sleeper mattress controlled temperature

But what if your mattress controlled sleep temperature like an air-conditioner?

All you needed to do was… to push the remote button and whoosh! It turned hot/cold depending on your preference.

Well, well… it might sound like a bit of a drag to you.

But Chili mattress pads are designed to do this exactly.

They’re the latest sleeping products to catch the biohacking sleep community’s attention.

Now before you understand how the heating and cooling of Chilipad works— let’s think of these actual use cases:

  • Imagine you sweated the whole day and your body feels tired. Wanting to get relieved, you sprawl on the bed but soon realize the hot mattress and night sweats won’t let you. What do you do then? Sleep on the chilly floor? Well, maybe! But we don’t suggest it to you. It’s not a long-term solution.
  • Or think of a cold night when the room’s thermostats don’t work. What do you do then? Burn the bonfire? Of course, you can’t do it in the room.
  • Then you decide to switch on the air conditioner in the hope you’ll sleep better after the freaking hot day. Ahh! But your partner is a cold sleeper. They don’t need the chilly air irritating their nose. What do you do then? Relocate your room?
  • Finally, you put a wet cloth on your pillow only to find you caught cold the next day! What do you do then? Sleep on the other side of the bed? Or don’t sleep at all? Well, we don’t recommend this either. :/

Problems… Problems!

The surface temperature of your mattress pad matters. (1)

Fortunately, Chilipad sleep products understand this very well for you.

Don’t trust us?

Continue reading the benefits to know how hydro-cooling technology fitted in your bed customizes your sleeping pattern. Or 


What are the benefits of the Chilipad sleep system?

what are the benefits of the chilipad sleep system

Let’s first talk about how Chilipad benefits you in four different ways, at least statistically.

  • 15% less tired… If you sleep on a Chilipad, you’re 15% less likely to feel tired after working.
  • 25% fewer night sweats… Even if you’re a hot sleeper, Chilipad helps to cut 25% of night sweats.
  • 36% less discomfort… If pain or discomfort disrupts your sleep regularly, you’re 36% less likely to wake up from pain or discomfort during the night.
  • 40% less trouble in re-sleeping… Don’t worry if sleep comes hard to you. Chilipad ensures you’re having 40% less trouble sleeping again.

How is Chilipad better than other options for you?

You might find the Chilipad technology stupid and silly if you have a standard heated blanket or AC in your room.

Why would you need it after all?

But remember, most sleep systems in the market don’t give enough control over your sleep as you want.

So why is it better?

ChiliPad review reason #1: Varying degrees of effectiveness

Chilipad gives you a massive temperature control range.

It’s a biohacking sleep solution for both hot and cold sleepers.

You can go as cool as 55 degrees Fahrenheit to as hot as 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

Maybe you can get hold of hardly 2 to 20 degrees for other products in the market.

ChiliPad review reason #2: The water-based system is more effective

chilipad review reason #2 the water-based system is more effective

The other best biohacking tools in the market are either electric or air-based sleep systems.

You can’t really fiddle around with sleeping temperature with these systems.

For example, electric blankets are good.

You can regulate the temperature.

But they’re not good enough to get you to the exact temperature you wish.

The same goes for the air-based systems.

They have a less concentrated temperature.

So it’s an uphill struggle to manage specific temperatures the entire night.

Chilipad, on the other hand, has water-based control units that work pretty much as you like for better sleep quality.



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Pros and cons of the Chilipad system 

pros and cons of the chilipad system

The good, the bad, and the ugly of the Chilipad system should help you make informed decisions


  • If you can’t meet your temperature preferences in usual pads, Chilipad caters to the system you’re looking for.
  • You can sleep deeper and better by regulating the sleeping environment.
  • Solo or couple sleepers— Chilipad has two variants— “me (single zone)” and “we (dual-zone)“.
  • It’s super easy to maintain. You can wash and dry Chilipad in the front load washing machine.
  • No matter where you point the remote control, you can still operate the Cube (as it works on radiofrequency).
  • It has a memory foam mattress that gives year-round comfort.
  • Manual and wireless control make your sleeping experience even better.
  • It might feel expensive in the first hearing but can save you plenty against AC and heaters in the long run.
  • Easy set-up. You don’t have to connect it to the internet or Bluetooth. It takes you less than 5 minutes to set up the entire sleep system. Just plug in into the power source, and there you go.
  • You’ve a 90-night sleep trial to test the product. If it doesn’t meet your need, you can send it back for a refund. Sleep trial shrugs off a lot of pressure if you’re tentative about the product.


  • It’s expensive. Though we don’t call it a disadvantage purely, but it might be a pain point if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative.
  • You may feel it like a white noise machine. No! It’s not as loud as you think. It’s pretty much the same as a table fan. But it can be a bit of pain in the neck if you’re a light sleeper, or a slight whirring noise can wake you up. In this case, we recommend using earplugs, and you will enjoy your sleep fully! 
  • The temperature changes are slow to come by. Chilipad mattress toppers don’t reach the desired temperature the moment you tap the remote. You’ve to hold your horses for at least 30 minutes. So plan accordingly before hitting the bed.
  • Unfortunately, you’ll have to take a waterproof mattress protector to ensure the warranty remains valid.
  • ChiliSleep recommends distilled water to prevent any type of sedimentation in the water tank. Sadly, you’ll have to buy them. The order doesn’t have it for at least your trial days.
  • There are no AAA batteries. You’ll be disappointed if you can wait to test your king-size bed. Make sure you arrange batteries and distilled water before the parcel arrives. Arranging them should give instant gratification.
  • The design may not go with your home’s aesthetics. If you look at the cubes, the Chiliblanket, and the silicone tubes— they more or less look like a hospital device.

Everything you should know about the ChiliPad

everything you should know about the chilipad

You’ll be amazed to know the Chilipad system is designed by “everyday” people like us!

Here’s the exciting story behind it.

Todd and Tara Youngblood were young couples.

They found their sleeping preferences differed from each other.

He liked to sleep cold, and she liked sleeping hot.

There was no negotiating point between the two.

But instead of shouting and haggling at each other, they designed the customized sleeping pads that would keep them comfortable.

Their “WE” Chilipad option lets couples regulate two different sleep temperatures on the same bed. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Don’t be disheartened if you’re a solo sleeper.

They’ve also taken care of your needs with the “ME” model.



When are you an ideal fit for the ChiliPad Cube single- and dual-zone mattress pads?

  • If you experience temperature-related discomfort continuously, then Chilipad is one of the best biohacking tools on the market.
  • If you’re an annoyed homeowner who spends thousands in heating and cooling bills every month, go for Chilipad! It can save you plenty of green bills in the long run.
  • Should medical conditions trouble your sleep cycle, a Chilipad sleep mattress helps relieve your pain point.
  • If you’re pregnant and can’t sleep properly, the Chili mattress pad smoothes your pregnancy journey.

When are you not an ideal fit for the ChiliPad Cube mattress pad? 

  • You will want to avoid the expensive system if you don’t experience any temperature-related issues while sleeping.
  • Don’t go for it if you’re a light sleeper. The whirring noise might get a little discomforting for you.
  • Though a mattress topper is comfortable for many, it’s possible you don’t like it underneath the fitted sheet. Avoid if the discomfort bothers you.



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Chilipad review: how does it work?

chilipad review how does it work

The best part about Chilipad is: it’s not rocket science.

We tell you, the set-up may look complex, but it’s easy-peasy to work around.

Don’t trust us? Take a look at these steps:

ChiliPad review Step #1: Unbox the Chilipad cube system

Once you’ve received your order, unbox it.

What’s in the box? Let’s check out:

  • A mattress pad with elastic corner straps. (mattress size depends on the version you ordered)
  • Chilipad cube (one or two depending on “Me” or “We” model). They more or less work as a water tank.
  • The microtubules that attach the Chilipad Cube with the heating and cooling mattress pad.
  • A radio-frequency-based remote control.
  • Chiliblanket or a mattress protector if you’ve ordered for effective results.
  • The H-shaped tool to drain the Chilipad Cube and mattress tube.
  • A warranty card.
  • A registration card.
  • An information leaflet and the user manual for understanding the biohacking products by ChiliSleep.

ChiliPad review Step #2: Put the mattress pad beneath your fitted sheet

We begin our set-up from this step.

  • Unfold the pad and place it on your bed.
  • Make sure you’re placing it beneath your fitted sheet. Think of it as a refrigerator. Your fridge wouldn’t cool if you don’t shut the door. Your fitted sheet is like a door to the mattress pad.
  • Thankfully, ChiliSleep has taken care of the mattress stability with its elastic corner strap. You can secure your Chilipad mattress tight around the main bedding mattress, so it doesn’t move while you sleep.
  • Now place the microtubule at either the head or the foot of the bed. We recommend you place it near your feet.

ChiliPad review Step #3: Connect the tube to the Chilipad cubes

chilipad review step #3 connect the tube to the chilipad cubes

  • Keep the Chilipad Cube on a flat surface.
  • Manage at least 2 feet of breathing room on each side.
  • Plug it into an AC outlet.
  • Make sure you position the water tank in such a way it doesn’t leak.
  • Please don’t put the cubes beneath your bed as they need proper ventilation to draw fresh air.
  • Now connect the male connector of the tube to the Cube’s female connector.

ChiliPad review Step #4: Fill the Cube with distilled water

  • Unscrew the tiny opening at the top of the control unit cube.
  • Put the distilled water into it.
  • Please ensure you fill it up just below the brim. Be careful! Don’t let the water overflow.
  • Don’t cap the Cube again. We’ll do it later on the stage.
  • Press the power button located near the cube cap.
  • You’ll hear a sudden beep sound, meaning the Cube has started loading the microtubes with water.
  • Once water is distributed into the tubes, you’ll have to replenish the Cube again with water. In reality, we are filling the network of water tubes meshed in the mattress.
  • Refill the Cube until you see the “add water” indicator light.
  • Stop once the light goes off.
  • Screw back the cap.

Here’s the quick hack to find if your Chilipad Water tank is tested.

When you uncap the Cube, you should find a bit of water in it.

It’s because your ChiliPad system has undergone the quality control test.

If you don’t see any sign of water, chances are high the product is not tested.

You should shoot the query with its support staff in that case ASAP.

ChiliPad review Step #5: Regulate the temperature on Cube

chilipad review step #5 regulate the temperature on cube

  • You can regulate Chilipad in two ways— either you change it with the RF remote or manage it from the buttons on the Cube itself.
  • Both remote and Cube have two buttons each. 
  • One button has a snowflake icon to lower the temperature control, and the other with a flame icon to increase the surface temperature.
  • In this case, we’re managing the temperature on the Chilipad Cube. Increase or decrease the temperature based on the body heat until the pad hits the desired setting.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re a hot or cold sleeper; you can always set a chiliPAD temperature between 55 to 115 degrees.
  • Please note the temperature reading displays the setting you want, not the Chilipad current temperature. It means… the Chilipad doesn’t adopt the temperature instantly as you set. So how do you know if Chilipad has adjusted to the temperature? Well, the number display will blink thrice.
  • Keep the waiting window of at least 15 minutes.

ChiliPad review Step #6: Program the wireless remote

  • As with Cube, Chilipad gives you wireless control over the cubes.
  • You can program temperature settings easily by activating the remote.
  • Hold down the Cube power button for at least five seconds.
  • The unit will utter a beeping sound and display ‘888’ to you.
  • It’s the point where you turn on the remote control.
  • As soon as you turn it on, the unit will make another beeping sound and show the current temperature.
  • And the remote is synced with the Cube.
  • Now you must be wondering how to sync remotely with a dual-zone pad.
  • Well, nothing much. Just ensure one of the Cube remains off while you’re syncing remote with the Cube.

ChiliPad review Step #7: Turn off the Cube when needed

chilipad review step #7 turn off the cube when needed

  • Turning Cube off is as simple as turning it on; you simply have to press the power button (even when it’s running).
  • The display will go off instantly.
  • Wait for the fans to go off for a few seconds.
  • Unplug the Cube if you’re not using it for another 18 to 24 hours. Of course, you can keep the set-up as it is, but it’s best to unplug to avoid any unnecessary stretch during working hours.
  • Use the H-shaped tool to drain the Cube and mattress tube.
  • Make sure you drain both the cubes and microtubes.

ChiliPad review Bonus Step #8: Operate dual-zone Chilipads

Now you know how to manage the solo sleeping “Me” model.

But what about dual-zone Chilipads such as Queen, King, and California sizes?

Well, you don’t have to do anything extraordinary.

Just repeat the process twice for both the microtube and Cube units until you reach the desired temperature.



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What will you experience with the Chilipad mattress?

what are the features of chilipad

Let’s say you’ve bought the “WE” model.

To test their credibility— set one Cube at the maximum temperature and the other at the minimum.

It is what you’ll experience within 15 minutes of filling the tubes and cubes:

  • The cool side will feel like you’ve tucked your face inside the refrigerator.
  • The hot side will feel as if you’re lying on a toasty electric blanket.

Now here’s the most exciting thing you’ll experience:

  • The temperature of one side of the Cube won’t interfere with the other. It’s like… they’re independent of each other.

We’re not sure how the hot functionality will help people. 

Most of us like the cooling function, but it’s considerate of Chilipad to include the feature for those who like to sleep hot.

Here’s some other experiences at lower temperature:

  • Your skin will feel calmer caressing from the comfy mattress.
  • You will fall asleep quickly.
  • You will feel a lot more fresh and energetic when you wake up.
  • Your sleep stat will be awesome.
  • Even the sleeping heart rate might drop down by a few points.

And finally, you’ll have a balanced circadian rhythm.



use codes

CUBE20 (20% off a full CUBE with chiliPAD sleep system)

OOLER15 (15% off a full OOLER sleep system)

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What’s the price for a Chilipad sleeping mattress?

what's the price for a chilipad sleeping mattress

The fact Chilipad wants to customize sleep for everyone is the reason why they’ve so many versions.

You got to watch it yourself:

Single-size ChiliPad Cube (Single-zone)

New (Pad and Cube): $499

Replacement (Pad Only): $249

Twin XL-size ChiliPad Cube (Single-zone)

New (Pad and Cube): $599

Replacement (Pad Only): $289

Full-size ChiliPad Cube (Single-zone)

New (Pad and Cube): $699

Replacement (Pad Only): $299

chilipad review

Queen-size ChiliPad Cube (Dual-zone)

New (Pad and Cube): $999

Replacement (Pad Only): $379

King-size ChiliPad Cube (Dual-zone)

New (Pad and Cube): $1199

Replacement (Pad Only): $399

California King-size ChiliPad Cube (Dual-zone)

New (Pad and Cube): $1199

Replacement (Pad Only): $399

Split California King-size ChiliPad Cube (Single-zone)

New (Pad and Cube): $649

Replacement (Pad Only): $289

You can buy additional cubes at $399 per unit.




CUBE20 (20% off a full CUBE with chiliPAD sleep system)

OOLER15 (15% off a full OOLER sleep system)

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What are the features of Chilipad?

what are the features of chilipad

Well, you got to read these features and functions before pushing Chilipad into the shopping cart.

So here’re the technicalities:

ChiliPad review Feature #1 Temperature window

You can play around the Cube by going one degree up or down between 55° to 110° Fahrenheit (13° to 43° Celsius).

We’re not sure who sleeps at 43 degrees, but in case you need to, Chilipad has taken care of it.

Well, one vital thing you should know is… the performance of a Chilipad may get diluted by the room temperature, body weight, and your body temperature.

It means… the delivery might not be consistent every time.

ChiliPad review Feature #2 Cube dimension specs

The Cube is almost nine pounds.

Width: 9 1/4″

Length: 9 1/4

Height: 7 1/2″

ChiliPad review Feature #3 Energy consumption

Though Chilipad might look like an energy sucker, it only uses about 80 Watts.

It may not feel significant to you in the first hearing, but this is how it affects your energy bill.

Let’s break the energy consumption for you:

The average price/ kilowatt hour in America: 12 cents.

Now assuming you use the Chilipad Cube 8 hours every day: 8*80 watts.

Total cost per night: $2.33.

Total cost monthly: $70

Now compare it with your AC and heating bills.

So there’s no doubt you save more than 100 dollars per month.

ChiliPad review Feature #4 Power sources

chilipad review feature #4 power sources


The power source for remote control is two AAA batteries for the “ME” bedding system and four AAA batteries for the “WE” bedding system.

ChiliPad review Feature #5 Cord length

We’ll have bumped into the problems with short cords. Haven’t we?

Fortunately, Chilipad understands it from the practical point of view and gives eight feet (8′) long cord.

ChiliPad review Feature #6 The materialistic composition

Chilipad had the challenge to present a comfortable solution without trading off their unique USP.

So they made their mattress pad by blending cotton with polyester.

Also, the microtubules are made up of silicone.

ChiliPad review Feature #7 ChiliPad’s weight limit

As we mentioned, if you’re hefty, you may not have as much control over your sleep as lighter individuals have.

That said, it’s not entirely useless for you.

Though you may not enjoy the same temperature range as low-weighted individuals, you can comparatively still control your sleep against other tools in the market.

You can still reap a significant form of sleep advantage.

The pad can operate on weight up to 500 pounds per zone.



Use codes

CUBE20 (20% off a full CUBE with chiliPAD sleep system)

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What type of water should you use for Chilipad?

It’s best to go with distilled water.

Not that you can’t use standard tap water.

You can, but Silicone tubing can lead to sediment buildup with general water.


How often should you clean your Chilipad cube system?

how often should you clean your chilipad cube system

Well, it really depends on how frequently you use your Chilipad system

We recommend you clean it every one month if you’re a rigorous user.

For a bit less use, you can keep the cleaning interval at three months.

Cleaning Tips

  • Though Chilipad is easy to maintain, it doesn’t mean you give up on its maintenance. One good way to keep your sleep system cleaned is using a Chilipad system cleaning solution for the Cubes.
  • ChiliSleep recommends adding this solution to the Cube once every month.
  • It’s like… pouring cleaning solution instead of water. You have to keep the cubes connected with the pad so the solution reaches the in’s of the mattress and cleans everything inside it.
  • Get your cleansing packet @ ACCESSORIES SECTION

Cleaning Method

  • Unscrew your Cube and empty the control unit.
  • Pour in the distilled water again.
  • Now put in the Chilipad cleaning solution.
  • Connect the cube system with the pad and run it for 1 hour on “HI” mode.
  • Now drain out the water and cleaning mixture from the control unit.
  • Replenish the Cube with distilled water again and run it on the normal mode.

Do’s for additional maintenance

  • Ensure you keep the control units free for ventilation (maybe clearance of 18 inches on all the sides is good).
  • The control unit uses fresh air to cool the mattress pads. So ensure there’s enough air for its effective performance. It increases the lifespan of your Chilipad system.
  • Use a control unit under the bed only if you sleep on bed risers. Again, you don’t want to be obstructing the airflow.

You’ve to be a bit careful while cleaning and to maintain your Chilipad cube system.

Should any failure occur, your warranty may void.




CUBE20 (20% off a full CUBE with chiliPAD sleep system)

OOLER15 (15% off a full OOLER sleep system)

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Can you wash your Chilipad?

can you wash your chilipad

Yes, you can wash the Chilipad mattress!

Though you might want to wash your chili cubes more than the ChiliPad mattress, ChiliSleep recommends washing both of them with the same frequency.

Here’s how you wash the pads:

  • First, you have to remove the water from your pad.
  • Use the drain tool available in the system.
  • Once you’ve squeezed out all the water, tie up the extension tail with the rubber band/rope.
  • The idea is to prevent the tail from flailing in the spin cycle.
  • If you don’t do it, it might even damage the connector.
  • When you’re done securing the tail, put cold water in your machine (front load only) and run it on a gentle cycle only.
  • Now put the mattress pads in the washing machine.
  • Dry your Chilipad on a no-heat cycle. You can also put it in air dry mode.
  • Keep a thorough check of the system. Inspect if tubes are safe and there’s a free flow of the water throughout the mattress system.

Again, if you don’t wash your Chilipad carefully, you might be voiding your warranty.





CUBE20 (20% off a full CUBE with chiliPAD sleep system)

OOLER15 (15% off a full OOLER sleep system)

CHILIBLANKET10 (10% off a full chiliBLANKET sleep system)


How to drain the Chilipad if you lose your water release key?

Yes, Chilipad comes with a drain tool with H-look, but if you lose your water release key, you can still drain most of the water.

Here’s how:

  • Hang your pads upside down with the microtubes at the bottom if it’s possible for you.
  • Or you can use pencils, pens, or similar-looking tools to press the “X” shaped pieces inside the connector end. It will open the valves for you and let the free flow of the water out.
  • You have to repeat it twice for the dual pad.

Should you use a mattress protector?

It really depends on how you not only want to maintain your Chilipad but also the existing mattress.

You should go for the mattress protector that stuffs between the pad and mattress sandwich.

It protects your mattress from Chilipad temperature regulations and condensations in a high-humid environment.


Read here for Chilipad Troubleshooting>

All you need to know about Chilipad sleep system shipping

all you need to know about chilipad sleep system shipping

As a part of the biohacking community, we have seen many businesses leaving out Alaska and Hawaii.

Thankfully, ChiliSleep delivers all across the United States. Plus, don’t discount the international shipping.

And the best part is: shipping is free in all 50 states. So good job, ChiliSleep!

Shipping Policies

  1. Shipping is free for everyone living in the United States.
  2. Chilisleep partners with delivery agents like FedEx, UPS, or the USPS.
  3. If you have given standard orders, Chilisleep tries to fulfill them within one business day.
  4. You can expect to have the order hit your door in five to seven business days if you live in the contiguous US.
  5. The exact delivery will take seven to ten days if you live in Hawaii, Alaska, or any other Offshore US territories.
  6. ChiliSleep also delivers internationally for an extra charge.
  7. It typically takes 8 to 12 days for international deliveries.
  8. Here’s the list of countries where they don’t deliver.
  9. You can go for rush shipping should you need early delivery. It invites an extra charge.

All you need to know about the Chilipad warranty

  1. Chilipad covers a warranty for two years.
  2. If your Cube is found defective in the first year, ChiliSleep will get it repaired or replaced without any extra charge.
  3. Should any defect be detected in the second year, the company will have it repaired or replaced with a nominal fee of 30$.
  4. Warranty is limited to US customers only.
  5. You should bring every issue in ChiliSleep’s notice within three months of the problem.





CUBE20 (20% off a full CUBE with chiliPAD sleep system)

OOLER15 (15% off a full OOLER sleep system)

CHILIBLANKET10 (10% off a full chiliBLANKET sleep system)


Frequently asked questions.

Here’s the list of answers you should know for the frequently asked questions (2):

Does the Chilipad really work?

does the chilipad really work

Yes, the Chilipad really works the way its maker, ChiliSleep claims. You have great control over sleep temperature ranging between 55 degrees to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. However, a few factors affect its performance, including room temperature, body weight, and body temperature.

Are cooling mattress pads worth it?

Yes, cooling mattress pads are worth every penny because when you calculate your cooling and heating bills, cooling mattress pads save you a lot of money in the long run. In fact, Chilisleep cooling mattress pads only cost you 28$ annually. However, it’s not a replacement for AC.

Is the Chilipad loud?

No, and yes! It depends on how deep you sleep on the Chilipad mattress heating and cooling system. Chilipad is a bit loud for light sleepers. If you sleep deep, the whirring sound is a little noisy as a table fan but won’t disturb you much.

Need a Split king/Queen size unit for half of your bed?

If the partners or couple own a large mattress, but only one member feels the need to control temperature, Chilisleep has good news for you.

It offers single-zone sizes that will be a right fit for the following sizes:

  • Single (CP309) (30 x 75) inches (for a split or 1/2 Queen)
  • Twin (CP301) (38 x 75) inches or Twin XL (CP302) (38 x 80) (for split or 1/2 King)
  • Split Cal. King (CP308) (36 x 84) inches (for a Split or 1/2 California King)

The single-zone size will have one control unit, while the dual-zone size will have two.

Can you use Chilipad with an adjustable bed?

Yes, Chilipad can be easily used with an adjustable bed; you need to buy a set of extension hoses.

These hoses are available for $20 each (CP-20) and allow additional ease of movement that the adjustable bed requires.

Do Chilipad work on Visco/Memory foam mattresses?

Yes, Memory foam beds are a great choice if added with ChiliSleep.

They are very comfortable, but they often get hot.

A chili pad can effectively adjust the temperature of the surface to a comfortable level.

So, better go for a Chili Cool Mesh™ pad which will cool down the bed’s temperature for you st sleep comfortably.

What’s the ideal sleep temperature?

The best sleep temperature depends on your body temperature and the climatic conditions.

Some studies show that the ideal temperature for good rest and recovery is in the range of 60-68ºF. (1)

But, again, it differs for different people, and it can take around 2-4 weeks to find which temperature range suits you the best.

Do we need to use a mattress pad protector?

It is unnecessary, but you can use it if you want to.

Make sure to put the mattress protector underneath the Chilipad instead of placing it above it to get the best results from the product.

In rare cases, the Chilipad experiences condensation around the circulation tubes (temperature differences more significant than 25F); using a mattress protector would be significant to avoid condensation damaging your mattress.

Does the Chilipad maintain the set temperature?

Yes, Chilipad very well maintains the set temperature.

Once you turn on the power button, the Chilipad will work towards returning to the last set temperature giving you a phenomenal sleep.

Are body heat flashes cured with Chilipad? 

Yes, Chilipad is known to cure hot flashes.

Even doctors recommend using Chilipad to reduce excessive hot flashes and body temperature.

Should you get it if you are facing head sweats?

Although many people feel that the temperature problem at night is just with a particular part of their body, Like just the head or the feet, the temperature build-up happens all over your body. It is just released from that particular body part.

So when you use Chilipad, your whole body temperature is regulated, and the excessive sweating stops.


Do you feel the tubes under your mattress? 

You might feel the circulation tubes with your fingers if you search for them under the sheets, but they are not prominent when you lay on the bed.

The silicon tunes are soft and give you a cozy sleeping surface while allowing easy passage of water through the tubes.

Does the sleep system track your sleep stages?

No, the Cube does not track your sleep stages.

Unfortunately, the Cube doesn’t have the biometric tracking feature.

But it is a good thing; how?

With tracking features comes many electronics and wires attached to the mattress pad, which expose you to higher electromagnetic radiations.

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