What Is EMF Radiation: Definition, Dangers Of It, & Its Sources

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What is EMF radiation, or What type of radiation is EMF?

You must be here looking for answers to this, Right?

Electric and Magnetic fields or EMF are invisible energies or a type of radiation.

The following things generate radiations:

  • The sun.
  • High voltage power lines.
  • Indoor lighting.
  • Electrical devices or appliances.
  • And many other things.

So we can easily understand that it’s both natural and artificial.

And it surrounds us everywhere.

Apart from this, the EMFs have frequencies, which exist on a spectrum ranging from high to low.

what is emf radiation

Now you must be having a series of questions in your mind regarding this issue.

But, don’t worry, we are going to resolve them all for you.

We will talk about a lot of stuff like:

  • How many types of EMFs are there?
  • What are the sources that emit these radiations?
  • Are radiations different from EMFs?
  • Is emf exposure harmful to human health?

We will also discuss what is negative energy.

Also, if there is any link between EMF and negative energy.

So, are you ready to hop into the well of information?

Let’s start!

Types of Electric and Magnetic field radiations

Radiations are everywhere, and they have been a part of our universe since the very beginning.

But the quantity of it has increased over time.

The reason is- Use of excessive electrical gadgets or machines since radiations exist across the electronic spectrum.

Do you know, the intensity of EMFs decreases as you distance yourself from the object? 

You must be questioning yourself- Why is it so?

The reason is- The intensity of radiations depends upon the radius of its placement.

The radiations cover a specific radar area.

 If you distance yourself from that point, the radiations can’t reach you.

As we know, there are lots of sources that emit EMFs.

So, the question that arises here is- Is every source emitting with the same intensity?

Well, the answer is No.

To understand it better, let’s get into the science dimension.

The electromagnetic spectrum is a comprehensive line with two ends:

  • One end represents very high-frequency radiations or ionizing radiations
  • The other end represents low energy radiations or ELF or non-ionizing radiations.
  • In between high-frequency radiations and ELF are different types of non-ionizing radiations.

The high and the low-frequency radiations include different types of EMFs.

Also, electromagnetic fields act as a particular field in most forms of radiation.

The outcome is an electromagnetic field (EMF).

But it’s not the same with ELF.

The electric and magnetic fields in ELF are independent of each other.

That’s a lot of science, Right?

Brace yourself!

There is more to come.

Let’s get into the depth of high and low electromagnetic frequency.

High-frequency EMFs or ionizing radiation

High-frequency EMF energies, also known as ionizing radiation, lie on the end of the electromagnetic spectrum.

They emit high-intensity radiation.

These radiations are dangerous for human health.

What health risks does it cause?

Ionizing radiations can alter your cells by extracting an electron from the atom or ionizing it.

The results are- It damages the DNA and cells of your body.

This causes genetic mutations and leads to carcinogenic situations.

Below are the rays which are high on electromagnetic radiation.

Gamma Rays

Gamma rays lie in the spectrum range over soft X-rays.

Its frequencies exceed 10^18 Hz and wavelengths less than 100 pm.

Gamma rays are emitted by lightning, nuclear explosions, and less active radioactive decay.

Uncontrolled exposure to these radiations can have adverse effects on your health.

But it will be helpful in treating cancer by killing the cancer cells.

Just the doses are in a minimal range.


There are roughly two types of X-rays:

  • Soft X-rays– They lie on the EM spectrum between the Gamma and the UV rays. It has a 3 × 1016 to 1018 Hz frequency and wavelengths of 10nm to 100pm or 4 × 10−8 inches.
  • Hard X-rays– They lie in the same region as gamma rays. However, their source is different. Electrons produce x-rays. On the other hand, atomic nuclei produce gamma rays.

There are a lot of astrophysical objects that emit these rays.

UV rays

Ultraviolet rays lie in the spectrum in between the X-ray and the visible light.

UV rays are emitted by the sun and are not visible to the human eye.

Its frequency is about 8 × 1014 to 3 × 1016 Hz, and the wavelength ranges between 380 nm-10 nm.

It is used in various medical and industrial processes.

But prolonged exposure can destroy your cells and tissues.

Low-to mid-frequency EMFs or non-ionizing radiation

The center portion of the spectrum is where the mid-frequency radiations lie.

And the low-frequency EMFs are placed on the other end of the spectrum.

Both the medium and the low-frequency energies emit non-ionizing radiations.

Though they create a vibration in the atoms in your body or move them, your body is unaffected by it.

According to research, these radiations don’t destroy your DNA or cells. (1)

So you don’t need non-ionizing radiation protection.

Also, non-ionizing radiation comes from both natural and machine-made sources.

The earth’s magnetic field tops the list if we talk about the natural example of these radiations.

And there is a long list of manufactured EMFs, some of which are:

  • Electric blankets
  • Hairdryers
  • Power lines
  • Other electrical appliances

But we got to have in-depth knowledge about it, right?

So below, we discuss in detail the various forms of medium and low-frequency EMFs.

Infrared rays

Infrared rays lie in the EM spectrum in between visible light and microwaves.

These rays are not visible to us, but you can feel the heat if the intensity is vital.

Its frequency is 30 THz to 400 THz, and the wavelength is 100 μm (0.004 inches) to 740 nm.

Every object in the universe emits infrared rays, but the most prominent sources are the sun and fire.

Radio waves

Radio waves lie on the end of the spectrum and emit the lowest radiation.

The frequency range is 30 billion hertz or 30 GHz, and the wavelength is above 10mm.

These rays are also invisible to humans.

Radio waves are emitted by radio towers which are primarily used for communication and entertainment media.

Visible light

This light lies in the middle of infrared and UV rays in the EM spectrum.

The wavelength is between 740nm to 380 nm, and the frequency varies from 400 THz to 800THz.

It is visible to the human eye.

All objects or particularly hot objects emit these lights.


Microwaves lie between the radio and infrared rays in the EM spectrum.

These radiations have a frequency ranging from 3 GHz up to about 30 trillion hertz or 30 THz.

And the wavelength lies between 10 mm to 100micrometers.

Microwaves are used for high-bandwidth communications, radar.

The primary source of these radiations is microwave ovens.

What are the sources of EMF radiations at home?

Do you know Electric and Magnetic fields are very different yet similar on some points?

Let’s understand how!

Electric fields are:

  • Created out of voltage.
  • Measured in terms of V/m or volts per meter.
  • Different in strength at different places and times because of the different amounts of voltage used by different devices. The more the voltage consumption of a device, the powerful the electric field will be. And the surprising part is, an electric field exists even when there is zero current flow.

On the contrary,

Magnetic fields are:

  • Made by electric currents.
  • Measured in microteslas or µT.
  • Different in intensity at varied locations and times because these fields are produced by current flow, the intensity depends upon the amount of current flow. The more current used by a device, the stronger is the magnetic field.

You’ll be surprised to know about the variedness of magnetic fields around different products.

The intensity of magnetic fields is entirely independent of how powerful or extensive the device is.

And the strength can turn out to be different even for similar devices.

Because of all these differences or variances, it is difficult to figure out the accurate EMF for products.

But from the environmental health perspective, EMF exposure in a typical living environment is shallow.

You just get a short-term exposure if you go near devices like refrigerators or washing machines, but it drops as soon as you move away.

Let’s talk in detail about the typical EMFs you have to deal with in your daily life.

Microwave ovens

Do you know microwaves are the names of radiating waves that are used in your ovens?

These waves have multiple uses like:

  • Send television communication.
  • Detect speed of vehicles.
  • Bake bread and potato chips.

But when we talk about Micro energies at homes, we mostly get exposed to them in the form of microwave ovens.

But you will experience very-low-frequency exposures.

Also, microwave ovens are pretty safe if you use them correctly.

Many people experience burns and injuries from microwave heating, but it is because of mishandling it.

These ovens operate at very high voltage levels, but they have in-built shields which prevent radiation leakage outside the machine.

Experts have found that a microwave oven leaks up to 5 milliwatts of radiation in a lifetime. (2) 

This limit is too low to harm humans.

Computers and televisions.

Computer screens and televisions work similarly.

Both generate electric or magnetic fields at varied frequencies.

Liquid crystal display (LCDs) screens don’t produce EMFs.

That’s why modern Televisions, which usually use LCDs/LEDs, produce only a tiny amount of radiation.

But it’s always advisable to keep yourself safe.

It would be best to keep yourself and your children at a feasible distance from these devices to avoid any danger.


Wi-Fi, as we know, is a wireless technology that enables devices such, computers, laptops, smartphones, and other electronic devices to connect and communicate via the internet.

And we are hugely dependent on it.

You might be reading this blog post on a device that is connected to Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi routers and equipment generate electromagnetic radiation.

It works by sending the data through the electric and magnetic fields.

There are grave concerns that Wi-Fi radiation causes cancer.

However, no such studies have been able to prove that.

The reason is- Wireless routers emit radiation at a shallow gigahertz frequency.

There’s concern that Wi-Fi radiation causes various health problems like cancer, sclerosis, etc.

 However, there are currently no known health risks in humans.

Cell phones

Cell phones or smartphones emit an excellent quantity of EMF and microwave radiation when using them.

Studies suggest that the amount of radiation absorbed by the body is measured in SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). (3)

This rate is used to compare the danger levels of different devices.

The SAR must be below 1.6 watts per kg (1kg).

This range is the upper limit for smartphone radiation when in use.

But the critical point that needs our attention is- The SAR rates suggested by the manufacturers of smartphones are far beyond this rate.

So continuous use of smartphones can harm your body.

But all of this fits when the smartphone is in use.

Do cell phones emit EMFs even when they are not in use?

The answer to this is- Yes.

Though it emits radiation, the intensity is low.

The logic is- Even when your cell phone is not actively used, it still has to be connected to the towers nearby to provide you with constant internet access.

Your phone will try to be updated and connected to the servers.

This connection gives off less EMF.

The best biohacking sleep advice would be to not use your cell phone in the bedroom.

This way, you will be out of all threats and would get undisturbed sleep. But don’t be too disturbed, we have it solved for you. You can enjoy cell phones and yet avoid radiation from cell phones.

Bluetooth devices

Bluetooth devices and headphones emit low-frequency radiations.

The amount is meager as compared to smartphones and other appliances.

But emissions are not the only factor we need to be concerned about.

The SAR also helps us evaluate how much radiation is seeping into our bodies.

Even though Bluetooth and wireless devices generate half as much radiation as smartphones (about 0.46g watts per kg), their placements play a massive role in our health.

Prolonged and constant use of these Bluetooth headsets can pose a threat to human health.

Power lines

Power lines are high voltage transmission lines that are kept beneath the transformers.

The reason behind that is- The power lines emit high-frequency radiation and can be very dangerous for humans.

These high voltage lines are kept beneath the transformers before supplying electricity to your house to reduce its effect.

The transformers and the walls of your house also act as an emf blocker up to some extent.

Directly under the power lines is where the radiation is the strongest.

The high voltage power lines generate very string EMFs as compared to household appliances.

Household appliances give out around 0.01-0.02 microteslas.

And the power lines emit around 100 microteslas.

But both the electric and the magnetic field energy decreases as the distance increases.

So if your house is at a sufficient distance from a power line, the strength of the radiation will probably be meager.


You love Saunas, right?

Well, who doesn’t!

But do you know, saunas emit radiofrequency radiations?

We are incredibly sorry to do this to you.

But we care for your well-being, and it is an important thing that needs to be disclosed.

In a typical sauna, the radiation emitted is as high as 150 mg and 2000 to 3000 V/m.

Radiations this high can pose severe threats to human health.

Though saunas cannot emit zero EMFs, there should be a limit to it.

And if you are thinking of getting a sauna for your home, better go for a low EMF infrared one.

Danger levels of EMF as per the world health organization

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), high-frequency radiation can be harmful. (4)

We must restrict its exposure for the safety of the people.

Radiation causes plenty of problems like:

  • Electromagnetic hypersensitivity– EHS is a phenomenon that is common in sensitive individuals because of exposure to various electronic sources. Despite low exposure, symptoms of health issues have been noticed. WHO says that 1-3% of the world’s population is under the spell of the EHS syndrome. The symptoms include itching, pain, edema, loss of sleep, stress, etc. (5)
  • Cytotoxic and genotoxic effects– EMF alters DNA or even damages it. DNA alteration or micronuclei leads to genotoxicity. However, different cell types and organisms react in different manners when exposed to different characteristics.
  • Effects on the Endocrine system– EMF affects your body’s hormones. Melatonin especially gained a lot of focus from EMG researchers. EMF exposure not only affects enzyme production but also affects the mechanism involved in it.
  • Effects on the Cardiovascular system– Studies have found that high-frequency EMF radiation can lead to cardiovascular abnormalities. An experiment was held, where some people were exposed to 80μT of radiation. After the exposure, they were diagnosed with cardiovascular deformity and reduced heart rate variability(HRV). (6)
  • Effects on the Nervous system– EMF is known to damage brain fitness by damaging the cells. The damaged cells cannot divide and repair themselves, which leads to a variety of neurodegenerative diseases. Parkinson’s disease is caused by recurring DNA damage in the brain tissues. High-intensity radiation can also cause Alzheimer’s disease and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). However, biohacking brain treatments like BrainTap and SleepPhones are getting popular lately. 

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Are EMF and negative energy similar?

EMF and negative energy are not the same things.

EMF stands for electric and magnetic fields, which are related to radiation and electric energy.

Negative energy is about feeling not-so-good about your surroundings and yourself.

EMF is caused by electrical appliances, the sun, power lines, etc.

Negative energy is caused by Negative people, hostile surroundings, and sometimes your psyche.

EMF can cause sleeplessness, exhaustion, irritation, and damage cells and DNA.

Likewise, negative energy also causes sleeplessness, exhaustion, irritation, feeling critical, but it doesn’t cause any damage to your cells and DNA.

You can get rid of EMF by distancing yourself from the devices that emit these radiations or by stitching the appliances off.

To clear out negative energy, you have to get rid of your negative surrounding, do regular exercise, create a positive environment and work on yourself.

Fortunately, you can use one device and solve two problems— Somavedic.

It’s an emf and negative energy mitigating device at the same time. For more info, you’d love to read our Somavedic reviews. There are also other ways to remove negative energy from home.

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What is negative energy?

Do you feel low on energy, and you’re constantly complaining about trivial things?

It may be because of some kind of negative energy in your house.

We don’t have the right technology to measure it.

However, we know how it feels like.

It can pop up from anywhere:

  • Your surroundings.
  • Some negative people.
  • Sometimes even from your psyche.

And the worst thing about it is- Negative energy has a perpetual effect.

So you breed more and more negativity.

Its symptoms are:

  • You criticize others and yourself a lot.
  • Your health keeps deteriorating.
  • Feeling sleepless
  • Complaining about petty things.

Read symptoms of negative energy in detail to figure out if your home is the victim of it. Having such energy can be annoying, and you must therefore start to deal with it. Other quick way to deal with negative energy at personal level is to have energy boosting supplements.


Here are some of the questions people usually ask.

Is Electric and Magnetic fields harmful to humans?

EMFs in high intensity can be very harmful and can cause a serious of problems like:

  • Tremor.
  • Dizziness.
  • Headache.
  • Sleeplessness.
  • Memory loss.
  • Loss of concentration.
  • Depression.
  • Fatigue.
  • Irritation.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Cognitive impairment.
  • Nausea

However, low-frequency EMFs don’t cause any harm to your body.

What do EMF radiations stand for?

Electric and Magnetic fields are energy levels, also known as radiation.

These are linked to electrical power and different forms of natural and artificial lighting.

Low-level radiations are harmless and don’t pose any threat to humans.

But high-frequency radiations can be dangerous and even damage DNA and human cells.

What causes EMF radiations?

EMF radiations are caused when an electron in an atom moves out.

The movement generates electric and magnetic fields and causes a bundle of light energy known as a photon.

Electrical wires are the main cause of EMF radiation at home.

Do you ever feel the heat when you go near your refrigerator or your microwave oven?

It’s the EMF doing the job.

But the heat drops as soon as you move away.

It is because of the low radius of these energies.

How can you protect yourself from EMF radiation?

You can get EMF protection in the following ways:

  • Keep EMF sources at a good interspace.
  • Disable your wireless devices.
  • Use your smartphones less frequently.
  • Go for wired devices.
  • Keep your sleeping areas EMF-free.

Read how to avoid radiation from cell phones in detail to reduce the impact of emf at home.

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