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If you are looking to familiarize yourself with the somavedic devices, reading these Somavedic FAQs would help immensely.

Reading Somavedic reviews is an excellent way to learn more about a somavedic device. And that is what you need before you buy one. You want to understand it well. 

While somavedic reviews are an excellent way to go, you must couple it up with these Somavedic frequently asked questions. 

We don’t need to talk much. Let’s understand Somavedic more deeply. 

Somavedic Devices Frequently Asked Questions

Medic ruby somavedic placed on nano white table

We love to think of somavedic devices as one of the most intriguing wellness inventions. At first glance, it is a bowl with semi-precious stones. Nothing too complicated. But switching on the somavedic devices proves something different; it changes the ambiance and has a couple of positive effects on your health. 

How do the somavedic technologies do so? Find all you need to know in these Somavedic FAQs. 

Somavedic FAQ #1: How Does Somavedic Work?

somavedic devices manufacturing process

“Does somavedic work?” is a valid and common question. To answer this, yes, it does because it’s one of the best biohacking tools and devices known for emf mitigation. But how? 

Somavedic technologies work on the principle of controlled supplies of energy from precious minerals. Somavedic contains semi-precious and precious stones that vibrate at a particular frequency. In the process, the precious stones radiate their vibrations to the surroundings. 

The stones are hand-picked(and yes, somavedic devices are handmade). They then undergo coordination to neutralize disturbances such as EMF radiation, environmental hazards, and GPZ disruptions. 

Somavedic FAQ #2: Which Precious and Semi-Precious Stones are Used in Somavedic Devices? 

You may have heard that the frequency range of the individual precious stones is scientifically proven. (1) And, you must have heard how the frequency range knowledge and knowledge from quantum physics are used collaboratively for the optimum benefits of somavedic devices. 

Powerful features in the precious stones right there. It will leave you wondering what stones they are. We reveal the principal individual components below. (2)


crystalline material tourmaline used in somavedic

Tourmaline is among the most powerful healing stones. It:

Rose Quartz

crystalline rose quartz used in somavedic

In somavedic technologies, rose quartz prevents harm as a result of:

    • EMF radiation exposure, 
    • GPS, 
    • curry grids, 
  • water veins. 

Rose quartz is famous for its ability to radiate just positive energy. And, they are effective in:

  • heart healing,
  • sensibility, 
  • romance, 
  • calmness,
  • reduced anxiety and fears of relationships. 


silicate mineral cheroit used in somavedic devices

Charoite is another precious stone popular in somavedic products. It is suitable for:

  • reducing stress, 
  • solving anxiety issues, 
  • improving sleep quality. 


volcanic glass obsidian used as somavedic ingredient

Obsidian is another precious stone that will help solve a couple of health problems. It’s role in somavedic devices include:

  • removing blockages, 
  • reducing fear, 
  • healing traumas and shocks, 
  • improving perception. 

Jade/ Nephrite

Watermelon-lookalike Jade mineral used in somavedic

Jade’s addition in somavedic devices help in:

  • improve metabolism rates, 
  • support excretion, 
  • promote kidney function, 
  • release therapeutic blockages. 

All these functions eventually contribute to an improved immune system. 


royal blue tectosilicate mineral in the somavedic device

Sodalite’s role in the Somavedic is to:

  • improve stamina
  • boost mood, courage and self-confidence, 
  • free you from your fears, bad habits and guilt, 
  • release suppressed feelings. 


Rhodonite crystal to make somavedic devices

Rhodonite helps in:

  • dealing with life changes, 
  • stimulate mental control,
  • dissolving emotional pain, 
  • relieving anxiety and stress,
  • dealing with extreme obstacles such as misfortunes or personal calamities. 


translucent blue color quartz to make heart of somavedic

Aventurine is huge on courage boosting. It promotes relaxation and healing. Furthermore, it promotes a positive outlook on life. It is also good in improving sleep, freeing worries and psychosomatic disorders. 

This energy is what you want to wake up to every morning and come back home to every evening. 

Precious Metals in a Somavedic Device

gold pieces on measuring plate to make somavedic gold

Precious metals supplement the precious stones in the functioning of somavedic devices. The metals used include:

  • gold, 
  • platinum, 
  • palladium, 
  • silver, 
  • copper, 
  •  zinc. 

Somavedic FAQ #3: How Do Precious Stones in a Somavedic Device Neutralize EM Radiation? 

EMF radiation has fine-material energetic and physically measurable effects. First, you need to know that the precious stones in the somavedic device cannot help against the physical effects of EM radiation. Therefore, the only way to counter this effect is to switch off devices that cause it. 

However, luckily, at the fine-material level, the precious stones can neutralize radiation effects on the cells. They are instrumental in helping the body, mind and soul deal with the fine-material effect of EM radiation. Also, they are effective in helping the body organs and supporting the immune system. 

Somavedic FAQ #4: Why Do You Need to Protect Yourself from EMF Radiation Especially at Night?

somavedic gold placed with salt and pepper on table

At night, your body needs to focus on:

  • detoxification
  • regeneration, 
  • production of hormones. 

However, these processes are severely affected by wireless networks and mobile phone radiation. Therefore, to counter the effects of the radiations, the body produces glutathione. This is in a bid to protect itself against the free radicals. This means that regeneration and other critical body processes are suspended or severely undermined. 

This, therefore, results in consequences such as:

  • insomnia, 
  • the weakened immune system, 
  •  hormonal imbalances, 
  • high blood pressure,
  • constant fatigue and burnout. 

You need to shield yourself from EMF radiation to be able to avoid all these health problems. 

Somavedic FAQ #5: Can Somavedic Technology Protect me from 5G?

a biohacker points at virtual 5G network

To be short and precise, yes, all somavedic products are 5G-ready. And yes, they will protect you from 5G radiation. 

5G is just as harmful as EMF radiation. And it results in free radicals just like its predecessors 3G and 4G (LTE). But, it’s scarier as it exposes you to the side effects at a greater intensity and extent. 

The programming of somavedic devices to counter the harsh effects of 5G. Somavedic technologies inc are just about to become a must-have, especially with the rapid expansion of 5G. 

Somavedic FAQ #6: Can Somavedic Technologies Inc Protect Me from EMF Radiation in the car? 

somavedic sky placed near car gears to bring calmness and harmony

EMF radiation is much stronger in cars. The radiation created by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, air conditioning, and car telephones make it much worse in cars. With these, you will always feel burnt out after a few hours of rides and eventually fall ill. 

Luckily, the Somavedic Medic Uran mini is designed to help neutralize the enormous EMF energy field in cars. Somavedic medic uran mini models can also be used for small rooms such as hotel rooms or home offices. 

Somavedic FAQ #7: Will my Smartphone and Wi-Fi Still Work While Using Somavedic Devices? 

Yes, you can keep using your Wi-Fi and smartphone while your somavedic device is on. There won’t be any sort of interference. Somavedic devices protect the body from reacting to harmful radiation, whether low or high. They neutralize the effect at the cellular level and not externally. 

Somavedic FAQ #8: How can the Effects of Somavedic be Measured? 

You are probably wondering, “how will I know if my somavedic device is working?”

There are three standard methods to measure the positive effects of somavedic on your wellbeing:

  • bioresonance tests: bioresonance devices are used to measure the geopathic stress levels in the body. You can have this measured at bioresonance centers or practitioners such as doctors or medical facilities. 
  • Urine tests: Oxidative urine tests can help determine if the somavedic effects have helped lower free radicals in the body. 
  • Blood tests: the redox state of your body can be measured through blood tests. You can have the redox state of the body measured before and after using somavedic devices to keep track. 

Somavedic FAQ #9: How Can I Treat My Water with Somavedic? 

water splashes for structuring

 The somavedic effect is also good in creating standardized water. First, feel a jug or carafe with drinking water to treat your water using the somavedic effect. Next, place it close to a Somavedic Atlantik or a Somavedic Uran. Then, let it stay for at least 5 minutes. 

From this simple procedure, water will regain its natural state with the following features:

  • natural crystal structure like spring water, 
  • optimum pH and redox value, 
  • right-handed energy flow. 

Taking this standardized water means:

  • improved water absorption rate by the cells, 
  • improved self-defense from free radicals. 

How to make structured water has never been that straightforward. 

Somavedic FAQ #10: Isn’t the Quality of Structured Water Destroyed by boiling? 

Yes, structured water is destroyed by boiling. Therefore, we recommend you boil it first before putting it close to your somavedic device to structure it. 

Somavedic FAQ #11: I feel tired and do not notice any changes after switching Somavedic on. What should I do?

somavedic harmony placed on sofa's hands

The adaptation of somavedic’s coherent field may be connected with a mild detox of deposits which clears the energy blocks and harmonizes the body. This process may leave you temporarily fatigued. Luckily, it happens just from the first few hours to a few days of use. 

 To replenish yourself from this, drink a lot of water. Enough water will help wash out the toxins and keep you strong. 

 The unpleasant feeling may leave you asking, does somavedic work? We want you to know that it is normal to feel fatigue in the first few days. And, this is pretty much normal with self-healing processes. 

Somavedic FAQ #12: How Do I Know I am being Protected From EMF? 

a biohacker pandiculates in a safe somavedic environment

You would want to know the EMF exposure symptoms. And, as you use somavedic, you would want these symptoms to reduce or disappear altogether. 

Other than the famous bioresonance test, you can use the free radical test strips. 

 The positive and almost instant effects that will let you know you are protected from EMF are:

  • improved sleep,
  • high-concentration level, 
  • more energy levels, 
  • reduced headaches, 
  • less brain fog.

While you’re catching up the emf symptoms, don’t forget to diagnose the symptoms of negative energy at home. This device is perfect for EMF protection for home

Somavedic FAQ #13: What is the Ideal Place for Somavedic?

a biohacker and a dog stretches around somavedic

It is ideal to have the somavedic centrally placed in your flat. In the case of a one-story house, the best place for a somavedic device would be on the ground floor. 

Do not install your somavedic under the bed or within a one-meter range within your bed. 

Somavedic FAQ #14: Do I Need to Leave the Somavedic Turned On All the Time? 

somavedic sky placed near biohacker's laptop

 For the most optimal benefits, the somavedic should stay switched on at all times. Luckily, it consumes minimal electricity (not more than 1 kWh per month). 

Somavedic FAQ #15: Can the stones be removed from the Somavedic device, cleaned and recharged, e.g., in the Sun?

medic ruby red somavedic device placed on white marble table

 No, the precious stones cannot be removed. And cleansing is not necessary. When you connect your somavedic to the switch, they are directly connected to the ground, which is their natural environment. Therefore, the charging and energetic cleansing are pretty much automatic. 

Somavedic FAQ #16: Should I take the device with me When I go to a different room?

somavedic device placed at riverfront as a show piece

 No need to. Somavedic’s effects reach 100ft radius in all directions. It penetrates ceilings, floors, and walls. These are infinitely large distances, and it is clear that you do not need to carry the mobile device around. You just need to find the most appropriate location and have your device centrally and permanently located. 

Somavedic FAQ #17: Why Does Somavedic have a long Lifetime?

a biohacker sips coffee and enjoys around somavedic

We attribute the long lifetime of somavedic to the materials used to make it. The exterior is made of a glass body, and the interior is composed of precious stones and metals.

Somavedic FAQ #18: Do Somavedic Devices Emit Blue Light? 

somavedic sky placed with toiletries

You are probably worried if the somavedic emits annoying blue light. Yes, it is true some models emit blue light. However, it is not a cause of alarm at all. The amounts of blue light are so minimal and would have no impact on your sleep.

 If you hate the blue light, cover the device anytime you use it. You can cover it with the box it came in with or a natural fabric. 

Somavedic FAQ #19: What Happens After 5 Years of Using Somavedic Devices? 

somavedic medic cobalt placed on table to improve psyche balance

The very first Somavedic products are still in perfect condition and give their users optimal health benefits. And luckily, somavedic devices come with a five-year guarantee of effectiveness and functionality. 

 If all the LEDs are on, the somavedic works perfectly even after five years of use. However, Somavedic Technologies Inc allows customers to send back their devices anytime for tests.

Somavedic FAQ #20: What is a Human Quantum Field?

All matters consist of information. We are full of feelings, experiences and thoughts. And these are composed of conscious and unconscious feelings, all the used materials in our daily lives stored in our DNAs. This storage is like a virtual cloud that consists of the quantum field. 

If you want to change anything in your life, it is necessary to start from the grassroots, changing the quantum field.  

Somavedic FAQ #21: What is the difference between Somavedic standard products and Somavedic Medic Gold?

somavedic medic gold and its shadow on the floor

Somavedic Medic Gold is the luxury, top-class model of the Somavedic devices family. Each Medic Gold is individually programmed, certified and gilded with 24-carat gold. The gist of getting this top-class somavedic medic gold product? The vibrations of the precious stones in the medic gold are highly potentiated through a combination with a tesla coil and precious metals. This makes the somavedic gold model much more potent than the other somavedic models, especially in optimizing the self-healing process of the mind and body. 

Somavedic FAQ #22: I don’t see or feel any changes. Am I Still Protected against EMF radiation and GPZs?

a biohacking doctor sits with somavedic and surfs the benefits of somavedic on laptop

First off, everybody perceives vibrations differently. And, even if you don’t feel it physically, your body is protected at a cellular level. The somavedic units protect you as long as it is in your surroundings. 

However, if you would love to prove if it’s still protecting you, nonetheless, you can have bioresonance tests. 

Somavedic FAQ #23: What Effects Can I Expect from Somavedic? 

a biohacker reads a book about somavedic while enjoying clean environment with somavedic device at home

 The somavedic side effects many people experience include adaptation discomfort. And, it is a very normal reaction to any new users. Also, what you feel after switching on the device varies from person to person. But you can expect mild adaptation discomfort before noticing other significant health benefits. 

Somavedic FAQ #24: How Long Do I Need to Use Somavedic to Start Seeing Changes? 

somavedic sky on brown granite table

 Again, this varies widely. The highly sensitive people will notice positive effects almost immediately after switching on their devices.

We give a timeline of what you can expect as you start using your somavedic device. 

The First Effects 

 Many people feel pretty much nothing at this stage. However, a lot of others feel like there is a change in their surroundings. You will feel like the air is getting clearer. And, it is not uncommon to experience euphoria and deep relaxation at this stage too. 

Yes, it is at this stage that some people experience adaptation discomfort. 

 Effects after 3-5 days of Using Somavedic 

Sleep starts changing for people who have had sleep problems. You start having a long, uninterrupted and deep sleep. And, the result is getting up in the morning feeling rested and rejuvenated. 

Effects 3-6 Weeks of Use

Within 3 to 6 weeks of use, you will start to notice the elimination of the geopathogenic burden on the body. 

Effects after 1-3 months of use

Within three months, there would be an elimination of the environmental burden. Furthermore, you will notice an improvement in metabolic processes.

 Effects after 3-6 Months

Within months of use, you will notice a purified energy level in your household. Users at this stage feel boosted vitality during this period. 

Somavedic FAQ #25: Is Somavedic Worth It? 

The question of Somavedic vs.Blueshield often comes up. 

And, from the somavedic reviews, it is clear that it is a game-changer. From shifting the energy levels in your household to the numerous relaxation and health benefits it guarantees you. It is worth every single minute. 

Know Somavedic's Worth    Super Somavedic Collectibles At Low Price

Final Thoughts

There you go! After coming all this way, we can confidently say you are well conversant with the somavedic and how it works. Whether you bumped into it in your online wellness trips or through the latest news, or you already have your device at home, you are now set to get deeper. 

We believe we have answered your Somavedic faqs. Our parting shot would let you explore more on countering the network disturbances and changing the energy in your surroundings.

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