Energy Boost Supplement: 11 Energy & Vitamin Boosters- Ageless Body

Dip Your Hand in Energy “Cookie’ Jar

Finding the right energy boost supplement (1)will start your day in the right way and get back home when you still have some power a few chores. But the truth is, there is a sea of energy-boosting supplements. Therefore, finding the right one for your health needs will be like the proverbial search for a specific sand grain on the beach.

Thankfully, we did a lot of research around energy boost supplements, intending to identify the safest and beneficial ones to your well-being. And now we are ready to reveal the coveted list of those power champs you can take when you need your horsepower at its best.

Energy Boost Supplements

Life keeps us busy. It is normal to keep running up and down from the office to meet clients and forget about taking a bite the whole day. You will run out of energy, and fatigue will set in. How do you get out of that hole of fatigue and feeling overwhelmed?

This list of supplements could be the answer you have been looking for. Pick the best energy biohacking supplement for you and see your life turn around for a better and healthier tide.

Zinc, Magnesium, And Vitamin B6 (ZMA)

zinc, magnesium, and vitamin b6

We all big role sleeping plays in keeping our body energetic. But we also know how quality and adequate sleep can be elusive. With the help of ZMA, you can find your way back to sleeping like a baby.

This blend of minerals and vitamins delivers the relaxation and peace you need to fall asleep fast and stay asleep for long.

Energy Boost Supplement – Creatine

creatine amino

This amino occurs naturally in red meat and some seafood. Its supplement has been found to build muscle strength, resilience, and energy.

It also boosts quick recovery from sports-related injuries. For sportspeople, creatine dose can help you stay powerful and recover from injuries in record time.


ashwagandha plant

Anxiety and stress are ingredients for fatigue and an all-time drop in energy. Fortunately, Ashwagandha- an adaptogen- can help you get back up your energy levels. An adaptogen is a substance obtained from plants and helps minimize stress through relaxation.

In several studies, it has been established that taking Ashwagandha for 2 months can completely root out stress and anxiety. You will notice better fortunes in your energy levels. 

Rhodiola Rosea

rhodiola rosea flower

This is yet another supplement from the family of adaptogens. The mother plant is an herb that is popularly grown in cold and mountainous areas. It works to suppress stress and anxiety.

It gives the body an upper hand when dealing with stresses of all forms, leaving you energetic. Specifically, Rhodiola Rosea has been found to help in alleviating both physical and mental fatigue.


coq10 supplement

Coenyme10 (CoQ10) is naturally manufactured in the body. As a supplement, it is generally available in two primary forms: ubiquinol and ubiquinone. The prefix ubiquitous denotes the fact that they are generally present in body cells. The cells utilize CoQ10 to fight oxidative damage and produce energy. 

When there is a drop in CoQ10 concentration, your body cannot produce adequate energy for all functions. The immediate result is fatigue and a drop in energy levels.

To counter that deficit, you can increase your intake of fish, nuts, and red meat. This may not be enough, and that is where CoQ10 supplements come in.

Vitamin B12

vitamin b12 and blood

B vitamins are excellent for converting the food you eat into energy. Vitamin B12 coming from such a background will live up to the same challenge. On top of that, B12 ensures both blood and nerve cells stay healthy. This prevents conditions like anemia that make your body generally weak.

While you can get vitamin B12 from foods like fish, meat, and dairy products, it may not be adequate. Turning to the vitamin’s supplements can fill up the deficit and keep your full of energy.


citrulline food supplement

Citrulline is extracted from watermelon and comes with a load of benefits. One of its beneficial roles is increasing the amount of nitric oxide. From basic biology, nitric oxide is a vasodilator in that it enhances the widening of blood vessels and muscles to allow free and fast blood circulation.

Therefore, oxygen is rapidly distributed around the body, and that increases the level of energy.


melatonin capsules

Melatonin is naturally available in your body and plays a central role in regulating sleep. Its level is determined by the time of the day, registering a surge toward the evening and waning towards the morning.

If you have insomnia, it is due to a shortage of melatonin, which disrupts your sleep. Supplementing melatonin can turn around your sleeping fortune, and you enjoy a good and restful night.

Beetroot Powder

beetroot powder and beets

Do you remember those early time when your mom or guardian used to give you a red vegetable, and you had to eat it all? Turns out that it was not in vain. Beetroot powder added to foods helps muscles and blood vessels to relax.

This boosts circulation and the supply of oxygen to the brain. Your mind will be clearer, your focus sharp, and your body more energetic.


tyrosine orange

Tyrosine is abundantly present in protein-rich foods such as red meat, nuts, fish, and unprocessed dairy products.

It conditions the body to produce neurotransmitters, which are like the body’s messengers. A deficit of neurotransmitters will mean a delay in message delivery to the brain. This is such a time when you feel slow, tired, and have a problem remembering.

Taking tyrosine as a supplement will keep you feeling fresh, more alert, and with a sharp memory. 


guarana plant

This one comes from an herb and has been used for a long time to help with mental strain. Guarana contains mild levels of caffeine, which explains why it can be excellent in boosting body energy. However, if you already have your fair share of caffeine from elsewhere, be careful not to overdose.

Side Effects of Energy Boost Supplement

They may be good for your body and health, but some supplements (2) pack a few side effects if not used in moderation. Here are a few examples of side effects that you should be aware of;

  • Creatine can lead to weight gain since it works by drawing body water towards the muscles. Therefore, it is advisable to take lots of fluids if you are using it to stay hydrated.
  • Ashwagandha: it is very safe, but in sporadic cases, it can cause liver damage.
  • Iron: taking too much iron can lead to poison. The symptoms will be stomach upset, vomiting, and back pain.
  • Vitamin D: there is no way you can take too much vitamin D from the sun. But it is possible with supplements, which lead to excessive calcium in the blood.

These are just points of example. Ensure you stick to the right dosage and follow guidelines from experts.

How To Choose The Right Energy Boost Supplement

As we began saying, you can easily be overwhelmed by the sheer number of energy-boosting supplements available now. But if you are steadfast on what you want to achieve, picking the right ones is easy. These tips can help you with the decision;

Define Your Health Goals

What do you want from the supplement? It is energy, but that should not blur your focus on your health and well-being. Set your goals, double-check them, and go full gear to achieve them.

Seek Your Doctor’s Input

When you hit a wall and are clueless where to begin choosing the right energy boost supplement, your physician can be the one you turn to. This is someone who probably knows your medical history; thus, better placed to make recommendations for you.

Other Things To Do To Stay Energetic

While energy boost supplements will keep you energetic, do not forget the basic energy source: calories (3). Therefore, you can try having a power snack when your energy fades. Some good choices of snacks are fruits, yogurt fortified with granola, and almonds.

It is also advisable to stay hydrated all day. Actually, sometimes you may be feeling tired because you are thirsty. That plain glass of freshwater can be all you need to get back on and keep working.

Your everyday habits can also play a role in giving you the energy you need throughout the day. For instance, having adequate and comfortable sleep each night would see your energy level increase. For an adult, make a habit of sleeping between 7 and 9 hours each day.

Another thing that could be draining all your energy is staying inactive. And no, it does not mean you have to grind for hours in the gym or run several miles each morning to be considered active. Even a little dance with your kids or a walk around the backyard could make all the good difference. Several studies found out that people who dedicate 20 minutes to exercise each day feel way less fatigue than those who do not exercise at all. Experts recommend you exercise for 150 minutes each week. No matters how things go fast in your life, always find time to squeeze in some exercise time.

Stress can drain all your energy and leave you beaten even when you just woke up. Find a way to tame your stress. Identify your stressor and work around beating them. Meditate, exercise, love yourself more, stay in a positive company, and do not be too hard on yourself when you fail.

Generally, those small things you do to stay healthy and happy will keep you energetic. Stay positive, enjoy what you have, and it is all the difference you need to be jolly and powerful.

Bottom Line

The right energy boost supplement will give you energy and keep you alert. However, avoid falling into the trap of neglecting your body’s basic needs. Ensure you exercise regularly, stay hydrated, eat a balanced and healthy diet, have enough quality sleep, and follow the book of daily health habits.

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