Bioptimizers Magnesium Review: What Is It, Benefits, Result, Price & Dose

A Magic Bullet To Your Otherwise Sleep & Stress Problems

“Bioptimizers Magnesium is the swiss army knife of all the magnesium supplements.”

We went through many existing Bioptimizers Magnesium reviews. And we shouldn’t break this, but we were not impressed! Why? Because they seemed promotional more than personal experiences.

Come on, how do we know the product works if you keep talking about its sciences and logic? Do you care for your readers? Share the insight!

  • tell them how the product benefits
  • show them the use cases
  • share the side effects if any

But then we realized we sounded “too demanding” to be asking for honest Magnesium Breakthrough reviews. Especially from people who barely experienced it. So we decided to test Bioptimizers Magnesium ourselves and draft our experiences.

So with this review, you’ll know if you need to spend hard-earned money on one of the elements of the periodic table you’ve probably heard all your childhood— Magnesium.

What is Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough?

white bioptimizer magnesium breakthrough bottle

“Magnesium Breakthrough by Bioptimizers is an anti-stress supplement made up of seven rich-forms of beneficial Magnesium.”

No, we aren’t getting into its chemistry now, but think of Bioptimizers Magnesium as a one-pill-fixes-all kind of a supplement. Yes, you heard it right. The pill has all the seven Magnesium your body needs to respond to stress and a destructive sleep cycle.

But this is what Bioptimizers— the manufacturers— claim. Do we share the same views? Well, you’ll have to read this review to find it out.

What did we order?

a biohacker pandiculates around three bioptimizers magnesium bottles

To begin our test, we ordered three bottles of Magnesium Breakthrough for three members.

You may ask why not one, but three? Well, here’s the deal. Three bottles cost us 33$ each. It would have pulled out another 7$ (40$ each) from our pockets if we ordered one bottle.

So even before we started testing Magnesium Breakthrough, they had already won an inch of our hearts. After all, 15% is a big deal if you’re on a regular Magnesium supplement. Isn’t it?

Now you must be waiting to hear our experiences, but before that, let’s find out what you can order.

What can you order?

a biohacker enjoys sleep around magnesium breakthrough bottle

Your order depends on what you’re looking for.

Ask yourself:

  • How long have you been prescribed with Magnesium Breakthrough supplement?
  • How many members in your family need Magnesium Breakthrough to boost their immune system?

Once you have answered these questions, you’re set to pick your orders from these pricing models:

  • One bottle cost: 40$ (no saving)
  • Three bottles cost: 33$/bottle (save 15%) (most popular)
  • Six bottles cost: 30$/bottle (save 25%)
  • Twelve bottles cost: 29$/bottle (save 28%) (best value)




Subscription-based pricing model

The subscription-based pricing model makes most sense if you’re Magnesium deficient and your doctor has advised continuous intake.

Also, this model should suit you if you’re not willing to spend a large chunk of your salary once at a time.

Cost after subscription: 35.20$ (save 12%)

What benefits will you experience?

We followed the Magnesium loading program for six weeks, and the results surprised us.

Based on our experiences, we feel you may experience more or less similar benefits.

Bioptimizers Magnesium Benefit #1: Your heart may start behaving properly

an improved heart condition after magnesium breakthrough intake

Sometimes your skin turns pale, and your body turns numb. The other times you feel a hint of inflammation in your chest. And let’s not talk about stress. It can Breakthrough in any shape and size in your daily routine, like running or eating.

Well, all these problems are not mere coincidences. The signal at abnormal heart behavior. Studies show the lack of Magnesium (Hypomagnesemia) may affect how your heart works. (1)

We experienced the same issues before having Magnesium. But then these Magnesium forms improved the cardiovascular system and its activities a lot more than we thought. (2) Here’s what we observed:

Our observations

  • We didn’t feel arterial stiffness. So Magnesium did the biohacking trick on our blood vessel health.
  • The chest felt a lot more relaxed than earlier. Inflammation had gone down.
  • Our skin didn’t turn pale for no reason. Magnesium had ensured the blood reached all over properly.




Bioptimizers Magnesium Benefit #2: You may deal with stress more efficiently

a biohacker breathes sigh of relief after having bioptimizers magnesium

Suppose you’re going nuts over to finish the office deadline but can’t get it done on time. Or if the slightest of pressure affects your performance in general, maybe your brain and body are home to certain stressful conditions, and you’re running short of Magnesium. Studies suggest Hypomagnesemia causes stressful conditions. (3)

Here’s what you can observe:

  • photosensitive headache,
  • chronic fatigue syndrome,
  • audiogenic stress,
  • cold stress, &
  • physical stress.

Our condition was no different. All three of us were suffering from mild to acute stress. But then stress response grew stronger with Bioptimizers Magnesium. (4)

Our observations

  • We could focus on work without feeling performance anxiety. Magnesium acted as a stress relief agent.
  • We didn’t wake up mentally fatigued and physically tired. The headache disappeared. Magnesium Breakthroughs have played a key role in regulating the stress response.




Bioptimizers Magnesium Benefit #3: Your brain fitness may touch skies

animated brain lifts up the gym weights post magnesium intake

Most industries are mentally demanding these days; you can’t let your mood and mental state slip as and when you want. But it’s also impossible to be in the best state every day because we all are mildly depressed. (5)

You are maybe moodier than you really know! Chances are high your mood reflects a lot on work too. Either way, lack of Magnesium for all the different forms may have been the reason for a mood disorder. (6)

Even our team members, especially, writers have significant mood swings. One week, they would write four articles; the other month, only 2. But Magnesium Breakthrough works in a way our team works like keyboard warriors every day. (7)

Our observations

  • Our mood didn’t reflect on the work we did, catering great content to you. Magnesium sets our moods to boost performance, the very reason why you’re reading the ultimate buying guide on Bioptimizers Magnesium.
  • We could feel a consistent mood across the working hours after two weeks. Our brain health had improved. Thanks to this amazing biohacking brain supplement.




Bioptimizers Magnesium Benefit #4: You may achieve healthy blood sugar level, metabolism, and weight loss

biohacker gives blood sample for blood sugar level measurement

The urge to feel thirsty and frequenting the bathroom may be a sign of a high blood sugar level. You may even be gaining weight too rapidly. All these signs suggest that your metabolic functions are not in the best state. (8)

Although none of us had high sugar levels, metabolic issues such as stomach upset, excessive stomach acid, unexplained weight gain, etc., made us try Magnesium full spectrum supplements. The least we can say is— our metabolic health improved significantly in the first week itself. (9)

So if you’re a

  • type-2 diabetic patient, or
  • pregnant woman with gestational diabetes, or (10)
  • Patient with metabolic syndrome.

Then you may consider seven forms of Magnesium to promote healthy blood sugar hormone and metabolic functions.

Our observations

  • Our waist circumferences measured less. Magnesium supplements helped us lose weight by a few ounces in the first three weeks. (11)
  • We didn’t need to worry about sugar levels anymore. Our metabolic system worked efficiently.


Bioptimizers Magnesium Benefit #5: You get to exercise your favorite moves more routinely

a biohacker relaxes on the beach with both palms above the hips

Well, muscle building is your best routine, and it’s your favorite biceps day. But there’s a terrible pain in your arms. You haven’t probably recovered yet. You notice the body takes more time to recover than your peers. Why? Maybe your body doesn’t have enough muscle recovering Magnesium. (12)

We felt the exact muscle cramps. Our designer feels muscle cramps even when they’ve taken adequate rest and better sleep. That said, Magnesium enhanced our workout performance. No, it didn’t look like a magic bullet. But it came close to it. (13)

Our observation

  • The muscles felt relaxed and pain-free. Magnesium enhanced our recovery period, and we felt more energetic in a short time.
  • We felt Magnesium reduced muscle damage significantly.


Bioptimizers Magnesium Benefit #6: You may sleep like a log

biohacker sleeps like a log after having bioptimizers magnesium

Maybe you roll around on the bed to search for the colder side. Or maybe you try to attain a deep meditative state to sleep well. But sleep doesn’t come to you. Or it doesn’t come the way you expect. Well, stress could be the reason. But there can be deeper causes to it.

Maybe, you aren’t getting enough Magnesium and studies suggest its deficiency can cause insomnia. (14)

Similarly, all of us in our team are light sleepers.

  • First, sleep is a luxury for us.
  • Second, it’s so light we wake up in the middle of the night with sometimes no disturbance at all.

So we took a new supplement of Magnesium and observed significant changes in the sleep cycle. (15)

Our observation

  • The feeling of “wanting to sleep, but can’t sleep” disappeared. Magnesium boosted natural hormone-like melatonin for quality sleep. (16)
  • We didn’t feel restless the time we needed to focus on sleep.
  • We slept at least 15 minutes earlier than what it would take us otherwise. Magnesium supplementation reduced sleep latency. (17)


Bioptimizers Magnesium Benefit #7: You may “feel it in your bones.”

a biohacker with healthy bones runs on the beach after bioptimizers magnesium supplementation

Do you ever feel your bones might collapse if you take a quick sprint? Or they might hurt if you stretch it to “that particular angle?” Well, calcium deficiency could be the reason for weak bones. But it’s not the only reason. Magnesium deficiency also affects bone cells, leading to osteoporosis. (18)

If you don’t find us working, you’ll also find us pressing our shin or ankle bones. It looks weird, but that’s what low Magnesium does to our behavior. But then, even a struggle felt good after we took Magnesium Breakthrough.

Our observations

  • We didn’t feel low-grade inflammation in our bones. Magnesium reduces chronic inflammation, making it easier to ignore the pain in shin and ankle bones. (19)
  • Our overall bone density went up, making us less susceptible to fractures. (20)
  • Magnesium improved bone brittleness score.


Bioptimizers Magnesium Benefit #8: You may feel proud of blood pressure readings

a heart-shaped balloon placed near blood pressure reading machine

A vampire’s favorite meal is the person with high blood pressure. Of course, you don’t wish to end up being their meals. But you want to manage blood pressure at the same time! But how? Well, some studies suggest low Magnesium leads to hypertension and irregular cardiac rhythm. (21)

The kind of work we put in, there wasn’t a day we didn’t feel a slight stiffness in our veins. High blood pressure is a pretty typical scene among us. But adding an adequate level of Magnesium reduced blood pressure. We felt less tired and less confused. (22)

Our observation

  • Our blood pressure readings were usual. Magnesium had enhanced blood circulation in our body.
  • We could work for longer hours without breaking a sweat and looking to catch our breath. Thank you, Magnesium Breakthrough supplement.


Bioptimizers Magnesium Benefit #9: You start trusting the internal pharmacy

green bioptimizers magnesium pills spilled all over on table

The immune system is the most efficient pharmacy in your body! But Hypomagnesemia creates a domino effect on immunity. (23) Likewise, improving Magnesium intake will also have a domino effect, but this time, positively on your immune system.

One of our brand marketers had a similar issue. We were sick of his sick leaves. Did he operate with compromised immunity? Of course! But his problems demanded over-work from us. Fortunately, adding Magnesium to his diet staved off work stress from our heads. (24)

Our observation

  • We got free from the risks of chronic inflammatory diseases. Magnesium reduced our chances of having inflammatory issues. (25)
  • Our overall work performance increased because of fewer sick leaves.


Bioptimizers Magnesium Benefit #10: Plays second fiddle to the Sun in producing Vitamin D

yellow vitamin D pills on bowl

Professional physicians might be pushing you to spend some time under the Sun; after all, you need to fulfill the Vitamin D quota which your body isn’t producing. But how long can you chill under the Sun?

And it’s not always the Sun that solves your Vitamin D problem. You also need to have minerals in different forms along with other foods to support general health. Lack of Magnesium can make vitamin D ineffective. (26)

This can lead to:

  • low bone health,
  • unhealthy immune function,
  • Poor metabolism.

Even one of our writers complains about constant body pain despite long sleep. Not to forget, the writer likes to stay in the darkroom. So less sunlight over less Magnesium adds to the misery. But since we added Magnesium supplement, their fatigue-ness and muscle aches disappeared. (27)

Our observations

  • We felt less need to take sunlight every day. Magnesium was beneficial in the days when we couldn’t bask under the Sun.
  • Our bone health improved because Magnesium activated vitamin D.


Can you take Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough supplement?

a biohacker holds three bioptimizers magnesium bottle

Now you must be wondering if Magnesium Breakthrough is for you. Well, first of all, you’ve to figure out the Magnesium level in your blood already. Although Magnesium Breakthrough is absolutely safe, you should look for sound medical advice before taking any decision.

For this, you would need to get a Magnesium blood test done. Your doctor will advise if you need a Magnesium supplement for your body. Chances are high you will need to because it’s hard to intake different forms of Magnesium from your regular diet.

Anyway, if the blood test shows a low Magnesium level, you should consider taking Magnesium Breakthrough immediately.

Here’s the age-wise recommended dose.

Magnesium Breakthrough recommended dose in different age range

When do you need Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough the most?

Now, this is a fun part! Don’t skip this. You need Magnesium Breakthrough when:

You’re having a busy day…

Either you carry seven forms of Magnesium in 7 different bottles and add more tasks to your already power-packed day. Or you carry one full-spectrum supplements bottle and ease your day through!

So Magnesium Breakthrough is the savior when you already race against time. Just toss in the super-dynamic Magnesium pill and cover the need for all different Magnesium forms, all at once.

Magnesium Break Through 1

Time 0



You’re an environmentalist…

The supplement industry heavily relies on the plastic industry. (28) Think of it this way— you’ve to manage seven different plastic bottles to meet Magnesium needs. And you’re not sure even after that if different forms of Magnesium will help you.

It should come out as an annoying fact if you’re an environmentalist. Fortunately, Magnesium Breakthrough saves six plastic bottles for every Mg Breakthrough bottle you buy.

Magnesium Break Through 1

Plastic bottles 0



You’ve premenstrual syndrome…

a PMS affected model uses endorses bioptimizers magnesium

If you’re filled with

  • crying spells
  • mood swings
  • anger
  • irritability

before menstruation, Mg Breakthrough can see you home without blowing a fuse. (29)

Magnesium Break Through 1




You’ve postpartum anxiety…

You’ve delivered the lineage of your family, yet you feel:

  • worried,
  • sad,
  • fatigued,
  • irritated.

And it’s rather unfortunate you have to up your smiling curve to see everyone despite not feeling good. But mg Breakthrough can help you get over the Baby Blues mood and return you to a cheerful state. (30)

Magnesium Break Through 1

Postpartum anxiety 0



Mg Breakthrough 6 week plan

Mg Breakthrough doesn’t have any fixed plan. But you shouldn’t consider making your plan on your own either. Let the licensed healthcare provider plan it for you.

Our physician advised us to follow a six-week plan. Here’s how it went:

Week 1st, day 1 and 2: 3 caps/day [1 morning, 1 afternoon, 1 night(1 hour before bed)]

first week plan for bioptimizers magnesium

Week 1st, day 3, 4, 5, 6, 7: 6 caps/day [2 mornings, 2 afternoons, 2 nights (1 hour before bed)]

The doctor ramped up our dosage for week 2nd to week 6th.

Week 2nd to week 6th: 9 caps/day [3 mornings, 3 afternoons, 3 nights(1 hour before bed)]

second to sixth week plan for bioptimizers magnesium

The first six weeks went ultra-smooth! It was to bring back Magnesium deficiency to the optimal level. Once we were at the optimal level, the doctor advised us to switch back to the maintenance dose.

The maintenance dose program suggests taking

  • 1-2 caps in the morning for a composed nervous system
  • 3 caps at night an hour before sleeping for quality sleep

maintenance week plan for bioptimizers magnesium

How many Mg Breakthrough bottles do you need?

If you’re planning a six weeks program, you’ll need one bottle/week. The idea is to load your body with adequate Magnesium so you can get on the maintenance level. You’ll need additional bottles for the maintenance program.

Here’s something to cheer about! Bioptimizers offer special discounts if you’re following the complete program. It’s a private offer, and you’ll get all the information on orders.



When should you take Bioptimizers Magnesium?

a clock indicates right time to have magnesium break through

Although you can take Magnesium any time, it’s best to stick to the fixed schedule. Here’s why fixing your schedule makes the most sense.

If you take Magnesium in the morning— your body can respond to stress much better. Think of it this way— when do you need to fight the stress the most? Of course, throughout the day when you’re working. And not after you’ve already spent 70% of your day in stress.

Similarly, you’d like to have it at night to promote relaxation and healthy sleep. There’s no point in having it when you’re not about to sleep.

So your first resort should be to take it in the morning and the nighttime. Worst case, if you can’t divide the doses throughout the day, you can take it anytime. At least, something is better than nothing. Right?

Should you take Bioptimizers Magnesium on an empty stomach?

Yes, it would help if you took a Magnesium supplement on an empty stomach for the best results. Magnesium minerals have the best bioavailability and intestinal absorption when you haven’t eaten anything. (31) By bioavailability— we mean that’s when your body absorbs Magnesium efficiently.

When you take it after a meal, your body may filter a large portion of Magnesium in the first-pass metabolism process. You don’t want that! However, you can do it with food if you experience an upset tummy on an empty stomach.

Should you take Bioptimizers Magnesium every day?

magnesium breakthrough bottle

Yes, you should take Magnesium every day because bodies can’t hold Magnesium for long. Since we’re talking about capsules here, it’s an oral form of dose. Oral Magnesium has 35 to 70% bioavailability, depending on the quality of Magnesium you’re taking.

Most parts are excreted from the system within 24 hours of administration. So you should take Magnesium every day to at least get to the optimal level from the deficiency stage.

What did we love about Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough?


There’s a lot to love about mg Breakthrough, especially the benefits. But even before we could sense any benefit, we fell in love with other things. Let’s check them out:

Their packaging screams authenticity.

When you hold the Magnesium bottle, you downright feel it’s an authentic and well-researched product. Bioptimizers send a clear message— it’s a dietary supplement to boost your health. Each bottle has 60 capsules. The designing and typography add minimal yet effective values for the users. We are making this point because it’s packaging instantly generated credibility in our minds.

Being in the biohacking industry, we have seen counterfeited products. This, at least, didn’t seem like one.

Carry them where ever you want

Mg Breakthrough bottle is small and portable. It can easily fit in your pocket.

Product Dimensions:

  • Cap diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Bottom diameter: 2 inches
  • Height: 4 inches
  • Weight: 3.05 ounces

It won’t take much space and weight if you’re planning to carry it in luggage. Glad you have one less reason to skip mg dosage.


We like to call it half-a-dollar-pill because that’s what it costs you. If you’re on a 12 bottle spree… each bottle costs you 29$. That’s less than half-a-dollar in fact. Why do we love it? Well, other Magnesium products in the market are pretty expensive.

We didn’t mind paying the additional bucks, but did they offer the same benefits? We highly doubt it.

Get all your money back.

We loved their return policies the most! So Bioptimizers clearly say they’ve been meaning to refund all the money if Mg bottles don’t give the said results. But that’s not the best part! The best thing is they won’t ask any questions.

Now we all feel embarrassed to return things, don’t we? Thanks, Bioptimizers didn’t have to get on our nerves. We’ll tell more about its refund policy later in the section.

The band of seven Magnesium

Seven colors make rainbows; seven Magnesium types make Mg Breakthrough! So you can imagine the colors it can add to your life. Now, what’s so special about it? Why do we like it? Well, when you go through other Magnesium products, you’ll find they don’t have full-spectrum Magnesium.

You can forgive them for a moment. But they’re also unnatural and synthetic. In many cases, your body refuses to recognize them as Magnesium. You can wonder about the quality of Magnesium the market produces. Since we got our Magnesium count tested before and after the six-week plan, we can say our bodies “did recognize” the Bioptimizers’ Magnesium.



What did we not like about Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough?

Okay, so it was a bit hard for us to find the negatives about the Mg Breakthrough. But we somehow managed to. 😀 Let us tell you it wasn’t our experience, but we did talk with a few people who had experienced a bit of discomfort. Here’s what they said:

The pill was hard on their stomach.

Some of them felt Magnesium was very hard on their stomach. When we asked if they preferred having it before or after the meal, most of them had it before it because Bioptimizers asked to.

But let us remind you— even though Bioptimizers ask to have an empty Magnesium stomach for effective results, you can always take it at your suitable time if the drug doesn’t suit an empty stomach. We asked these users to take Magnesium post-meals and re-learn their experiences. Most of them felt better this time!

The capsules were found broken.

Although all the Magnesium capsules are packed and sealed under high supervision, some people complained about broken pills within the bottle itself!

It’s a shame some received broken capsules. It’s more of a transit problem rather than a manufacturing issue. In such a case, you should make videos while unpacking the bottles, attach and send them to the official email handle. Bioptimizers are more than happy to get into the depth of the matter and get your product replaced if needed.

Can’t measure the effectiveness with naked eyes.

We wouldn’t say it’s a problem with Bioptimizers Magnesium. But it’s the shortcoming of the way minerals are designed. Of course, you can’t measure the immediate results with naked eyes. And you may falsely believe that it’s not working.

And even if you’ve measured Mg deficiency pre and post Magnesium program— you can’t truly say if it’s benefiting you anyway. But give it some time… if you feel less tired and more focused over six weeks— it’s safe to say Magnesium is working!

What cautions do you need to take before Bioptimizers Magnesium intake?

Despite how essential Magnesium is for your body, you need to take care of certain things to ensure the highest form of results.

  1. Talk with your doctor before adding any supplementation or diet program to your life.
  2. Mention all your medical history for your doctors to understand Magnesium contraindication ( although there aren’t many contraindications for Magnesium) (32)
  3. Keep Magnesium out of children’s reach.
  4. Stash it in a cold, dry place.

When should you avoid Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough?

If you have a low Magnesium level, you’ll need Magnesium supplements. But if you’re already taking drugs for:

  1. hypersensitivity
  2. ataxia
  3. breastfeeding
  4. anaphylaxis
  5. phenothiazine
  6. hypoventilation
  7. chronic pain

… you should ring your physician’s doorbell and learn about your dose limits. You don’t want Magnesium to cross-react with your existing medical plan. So consider having a second opinion with your doctors and discontinue if you feel any adverse effect.

What is Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough shipping policy?

To get your Magnesium bottles from Bioptimizers, you first need to make the online payment via Mastercard or Visa or PayPal. Once they’ve received the payment, you’ll get a confirmation email. Should there be any problem throughout the transit process, you can contact them through their website or phone number.

Your Breakthrough will be packed and shipped within 72 hours.

US shipping

You’ll receive your package typically within 3 to 5 working days. Bioptimizers will leave you a tracking code to track your package. 

Your postage method will cost 7.95 dollars for shipping and handling.

Canada Shipping

The shipping process takes about two weeks to deliver in Canada. You can receive your order on any specific date of your choice provided you’ve given ten days’ notice here. The postage method will cost 14.95 dollars for shipping and handling.

International shipping

Internal shipping may take up to 3 weeks delivery time. FedEx International Economy will deliver your package to your overseas delivery company, and then they will deliver Breakthrough to you by the end of the third week of shipping. The postage method will cost 14.95 dollars for shipping and handling.


You might need to spend additional money on duties and customs for international orders. Please note Bioptimizers don’t charge you any single penny. Every dime is mentioned on their official website, and you don’t have to pay anything extra (at least to them).

What to do if you miss your delivery?

Bioptimizers always notify during different delivery stages— be it packaging, shipping, en route to you, or delivering. But if you are not in when they’re meant to deliver at your shipping address, then you can learn about your packages’ whereabouts with an online tracking id.

You’ll get all the information on re-collecting the package. If you can’t collect the bottle for some reason, Bioptimizers will have the bottles returned to their warehouses. You have two choices to make from this point:

  • either you put a request for re-dispatching
  • cancel the order

If you plan to cancel the order, Bioptimizers will refund all your money, barring the shipping charges. Again, if you didn’t get the order because of their fault, they don’t have the right to deduct outward shipping fees. They can only do so if you’re at fault.

What is the Mg Breakthrough refund policy?

Here’s what the Bioptimizers claim:

  • “You can return unopened bottles within 365 days of purchase.”
  • “If you have bought multiple Mg bottles and want to qualify for a full refund, you would need to return all but one of the bottles unopened. The refund policy applies to both subscription and non-subscription purchases.”
  • “The first bottle of the first purchase of any product will constitute a trial of the product. Any return afterward with used bottles will attract a prorated refund.”

Helpdesk contact: (800)719-2467

Operational days: Mon – Fri

Time: 10 AM to 8 PM EST


Once you’ve mailed them for return pickup, you’ll obtain an RMA (Return Mailing Authorization) number and instructions to return any unopened bottle. You’re only eligible for this if you reside in 48 contiguous United States, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough ingredients

Now we’ll get into the Bioptimizer Magnesium ingredients. Don’t be scared! We’ll try to make it super-easy for you. If you don’t want to know, you can jump onto the frequently asked questions.

But we insist you know all the Magnesium ingredients Breakthrough has!

Bioptimizers Magnesium form #1: Magnesium Chelate

Chelated Magnesium is a naturally occurring Magnesium mineral with great bioavailability. It means your body can easily absorb Chelate to regulate the overall Magnesium count in the system.

When do you need Magnesium Chelate

  1. you’re looking to develop muscle,
  2. you’re looking for muscle recovery,
  3. and you’re looking to boost overall muscle health.

Bioptimizers Magnesium form #2: Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium Citrate is used to treat constipation issues. But in general, it helps the overall proportion of the body. Many studies suggest Magnesium citrate is an effective weight loss supplement for obese patients.

When do you need Magnesium Citrate

  1. you’re looking to soften your stool,
  2. you’re to lose weight,
  3. and you’re looking to reduce arterial stiffness.

Bioptimizers Magnesium form #3: Magnesium Orotate

Magnesium Orotate is a complex mineral made up of Orotic acid and Magnesium. Bioptimizer Magnesium promotes it as a muscle relaxing and recovering supplement.

When do you need Magnesium Orotate

  • you want to improve the metabolic function
  • you’re an athlete looking to enhance your recovery
  • and you want to have high performing energy

Bioptimizers Magnesium form #4: Magnesium Sucrosomial

Sucrosomial is a highly bioavailable Magnesium type.

When do you need Magnesium Sucrosomial

  • you want to produce energy
  • you wish to strengthen your immune system
  • and you want to improve bone health and develop the skeletal system

Bioptimizers Magnesium form #5: Magnesium Malate

When you combine malic acid with Malate, you get Magnesium malate.

When do you need Magnesium Malate

  • you need the best bioavailable Magnesium,
  • you need to stave off migraine and chronic pain,
  • and you want to defeat depression.

Bioptimizers Magnesium form #6: Magnesium Taurate

Magnesium and amino acid taurine combine together to form Magnesium Taurate.

When do you need Magnesium Taurate

  • you’re looking to boost the heart health
  • you want to use it as a vascular-protective nutritional supplement.”

Bioptimizers Magnesium form #7: Magnesium Bisglycinate

Magnesium Bisglycinate is an ideal formula to get you quality sleep.

When do you need Magnesium Bisglycinate

  • you’re looking to reduce the attacks of stomach acid,
  • you’re having troubles with upset tummy and heartburn,
  • and when acidity is affecting your digestion.

Important questions in your mind


Now let’s take some important questions before you buy Mg Breakthrough:

What is the role of B6 in Mg Breakthrough?

Vitamin B6 improves the overall absorption rate of Magnesium. (34) Let’s consider this! Suppose you had Magnesium the first week and then Magnesium with B6 the subsequent week. You’ll experience different effects in both cases.

Your body may respond to stress in the first case, but they’re still will be a lot of room. The second case reduces your stress by 24% than the first one. Bioptimizers have made vitamin B6 from carbohydrate fermentation.

Why does Bioptimizer Magnesium have rice in it?

Rice flour acts as a binder to hold the ingredients. If you don’t have them, the capsules might fall apart! Additionally, Stabilized rice flour keeps the allergens away. These stabilized flours are completely non-toxic and natural.

If you are already allergic to rice— take a second opinion from your physician. If you didn’t know the order, you could still follow the refund policy.

Can you add Mg Breakthrough into your beverage?

Adding Mg Breakthrough capsules in any beverage or liquid will not improve Magnesium bioavailability. In fact, it will only ruin your otherwise tasty beverage. Please follow the information leaflet and advice from your doctors. Take it with an empty stomach. If it causes an upset stomach, then you can switch to taking it with meals.

Is this product safe for children?

No! Magnesium Breakthrough is not safe for kids aged below 12. Children aged between 9-12 can have 240 mg of Magnesium per day, but not more than that. Mg Breakthrough capsules have more Magnesium than recommended.

How to take Magnesium?

a biohacker proudly points at magnesium breakthrough choice

Taking Magnesium depends on what you’re eyeing.

Do you want Magnesium for general health? The recommended dose should not be more than 500mg.

Or do you have an acute Magnesium shortage? Then you can consider stepping up your dosage to 5000 mg/day. Of course, not all at the same time. Divide your dosage for the morning, noon, and night. It shall increase your cognitive and physical performance.

If you feel any side-effect such as an upset tummy, switch to having it with a meal. You’ll realize the best time of intake, depending on how the body responds. Don’t forget; the human body knows what it wants the most at what time.

What is the best Magnesium supplement?

Like not all bodies are made equal, not all Magnesium supplements are made equal. Every supplement has different bioavailability depending on the method of its preparation and ingredients.

The best Magnesium is those that reach your circulatory system and target your tissues. What good Magnesium is if it doesn’t reach your system? Magnesium with high bioavailability will have better results on your body.

Fortunately, Magnesium Breakthrough® is a full spectrum Magnesium supplement that offers the best possible bioavailable combination in the market.

Can you take Magnesium when pregnant?

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Yes, you need Magnesium more than ever if you’re pregnant for your and baby’s body’s health. Depending on your age, you’ll need anything between 350 to 400 milligrams of Magnesium Breakthrough every day to restrict blood pressure problems.

The recommended intake amount is more than non-pregnant women because, during pregnancy, you lose a lot of Magnesium in urination. (35)

How many capsules are in a bottle?

Every Magnesium Breakthrough bottle is designed to home 60 Capsules. You’re most likely to cover one bottle a week for a six-week Magnesium plan.

Some frequently asked questions

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Now let’s cover some frequently asked queries:

Which form of magnesium is best for sleep?

The form of magnesium best for sleep is Magnesium Glycinate. Being a combination of elemental magnesium and amino acid, it is also helpful in insomnia, diabetes, pain, anxiety, inflammation, and chronic stress. Its ability to improve bone health, boost exercise performance, and maintain heart rhythms helps you get better sleep. But if you are looking for an all-in-one solution to improve your sleep cycle, Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough is your best bet. It has all the seven forms of magnesium you need for a stress-free and relaxed sleep. Read the entire Magnesium Breakthrough review to know more about its benefits.

How to take Magnesium for sleep?

You can take Magnesium empty stomach 1 – 2 hours before crashing the bed. You should start feeling relaxed and composed in some time.

How much Magnesium should I take for sleep?

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The amount of Magnesium you need for sleep depends on three factors:

  • how deficient you’re
  • how stressed you’re (mentally)
  • what physical stressors affect you (physical routine like workouts)

If you’ve tick marked both the factors, you may need more than an average individual.

  • The recommended dose for men is ~400 mg/day
  • The recommended dose for women is ~310 mg/day

If you solely rely on a daily diet to fulfill Magnesium intake, chances are high you’re running short of the recommended amount. And if you’re already diagnosed with Magnesium deficiency, filling your quota of Magnesium with an RDA dose is like filling your rice bag with one rice at a time. It’s best to switch to Magnesium supplementations like Bioptimizers Breakthrough to fix your deficiency.

Begin your dosage journey with 1-2 capsules and as you advance to the next week, increase it depending on the way your body interacts with it. You might want to be a little careful if you’re suffering from Magnesium contraindication issues like hypertension, kidney problems, etc. Keep your doctor posted about your medical routine.

Which Magnesium is best for anxiety and sleep?

a biohacker points at the perfect magnesium supplement for sleep and anxiety

If you’re taking Magnesium Breakthrough, you don’t really need to rely on any other specific form of Magnesium because it already has the combination of the other seven forms.

But to answer your question,

  • Chelate,
  • Glycinate,
  • Citrate, and
  • Malate

Promote relaxation as you crash on the bed.

What can make you deficient in Magnesium?

12% of hospitalized patients have Hypomagnesemia. (36) Many factors contribute to the lack of Magnesium in the body. Here are some of them:

  • emotional and mental stress (37)
  • extreme physical exertions (38)
  • high Calcium intake may reduce Magnesium (39)
  • large doses of vitamin D can reduce Magnesium (40)
  • alcoholism (41)
  • osteoporosis drugs like bisphosphonate (42)
  • processed and unhealthy food (43)
  • diuretic drugs (44)
  • blood pressure-reducing drugs (45)
  • kidney disease (46)
  • being diabetic (47)
  • caffeine intake (48)
  • stomach acid-reducing drugs (49)
  • antibiotics
  • old age (50)

What foods are high in Magnesium?

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Since the world has moved towards modern agricultural methods, you wouldn’t find much Magnesium in soil and therefore less in foods. But of all the options, you can consider:

  • Dark chocolate
  • Leafy Vegetables (green)
  • Avocado
  • Seeds and Nuts

Here’s the list of Magnesium-rich foods with their serving sizes and Magnesium amount.

  • Pumpkin seed – kernels: Serving Size 1 oz, 168 mg
  • Almonds, dry roasted: Serving Size 1 oz, 80 mg
  • Spinach, boiled: Serving Size ½ cup, 78 mg
  • Cashews, dry roasted: Serving Size 1 oz, 74 mg
  • Pumpkin seeds in the shell: Serving Size 1 oz, 74 mg
  • Peanuts, oil roasted: Serving Size ¼ cup, 63 mg
  • Cereal, shredded wheat: Serving Size 2 large biscuits, 61 mg
  • Soymilk, plain or vanilla: Serving Size 1 cup, 61 mg
  • Black beans, cooked: Serving Size ½ cup, 60 mg
  • Edamame, shelled, cooked: Serving Size ½ cup, 50 mg
  • Dark chocolate -60-69% cocoa: Serving Size 1 oz, 50 mg
  • Peanut butter, smooth: Serving Size 2 tablespoons, 49 mg
  • Bread, whole-wheat: Serving Size 2 slices, 46 mg
  • Avocado, cubed: Serving Size 1 cup, 44 mg
  • Potato, baked with skin: Serving Size 3.5 oz, 43 mg
  • Rice, brown, cooked: Serving Size ½ cup, 42 mg
  • Yogurt, plain, low fat: Serving Size 8 oz, 42 mg
  • Breakfast cereals fortified: Serving Size 10% fortification, 40 mg
  • Oatmeal, instant: Serving Size 1 packet, 36 mg
  • Kidney beans, canned: Serving Size ½ cup, 35 mg
  • Banana: Serving Size 1 medium, 32 mg
  • Cocoa powder– unsweetened: Serving Size 1 tablespoon, 27 mg
  • Salmon, Atlantic, farmed: Serving Size 3 oz, 26 mg
  • Milk: Serving Size 1 cup, 24–27 mg
  • Halibut, cooked: Serving Size 3 oz, 24 mg
  • Raisins: Serving Size ½ cup, 23 mg

Is Magnesium better for sleep than melatonin?

If melatonin is an alarm that asks your body to get to the bed, Magnesium is the hammock; it relaxes you and gets you to sleep. Magnesium ensures all your biological clocks are running smoothly. On the other hand, melatonin keeps up your circadian rhythm in check. Magnesium is beneficial for your overall well-being, whereas melatonin is important for your own circadian rhythm.

Are there any side effects of Magnesium?

Yes, Magnesium has some side effects if you don’t follow physicians’ advice. High-dose Magnesium can upset your stomach and cause diarrhea. In cases of large Magnesium built-up, you can expect

  • irregular heartbeat
  • confusion
  • low blood pressure
  • coma
  • death
  • slowed breathing

Should you start taking Magnesium for sleep?

Everyone should take Magnesium post their Magnesium deficiency test. The modern lifestyle diet doesn’t have enough Magnesium. Try adding Magnesium supplementation to reach the optimal level and then carry on with the maintenance stage. If sleep doesn’t come easy to you or you wake up tired, consider supplementing Magnesium to enhance sleep quality.


When should I take Magnesium Breakthrough?

You should take magnesium breakthrough when you get up in the morning, in the evening, or before you go to bed at night. The dosage and time depend on your requirements and prescription (if any). For example, you can take BiOptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough in the morning to boost your brain power and spend the day stress-free. Or you can take it in the evening to relax for a good night’s sleep. Although we’d recommend taking magnesium breakthrough on an empty stomach, take it after your meal if it upsets your stomach.

How long does it take for Magnesium Breakthrough to work?

It takes 1-6 weeks for magnesium breakthrough to work. It, of course, depends on your body’s magnesium requirement and its type. Some people notice the effects in the first week, while others need 5-6 weeks to notice the difference. If you read the complete Magnesium Breakthrough review, you’ll know the different magnesium ingredients and their functioning. Based on the information, you can get a rough idea of how long it will take magnesium breakthrough to work for you.

Is BiOptimizers FDA approved?

Yes, BiOptimizers is FDA approved, and so is their product BiOptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough. In fact, the entire BiOptimizers product line is FDA approved, and they follow all the required guidelines to meet the quality standards. Besides, they manufacture their products in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facility with a COA (Certificate of Analysis) badge.

How much magnesium should I take with the Magnesium Breakthrough?

The magnesium you should take with Magnesium Breakthrough is 500 mg daily. It means you should take two capsules of Magnesium Breakthrough BiOptimizers every day before or after your meal in the morning or night. You can either take the capsules at once, anytime during the day or divide your portion according to your schedule. Every bottle of Magnesium Breakthrough has 60 capsules, lasting for 30 days.

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