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Kiierr Laser Cap Review 2022: What Is It, Benefits, Price, & Refund Policy

Regrow the grass (hair) on your barren land (scalp)

Kiierr laser cap is like any other cap, but with a bit of unique power. Don’t believe us?

What you basically do wearing this cap is charge up your hair follicles. It’s like… plugging your hair into the laser stations.

But why should you be “sending energies to your follicles?” Well, when your frail follicles interact with these laser beams, they automatically transform into thick & healthy hair— which obviously everyone wants.

It brings us to the critical question— should you have Kiierr laser caps for your hair? Don’t worry; the review reveals the detailed and honest tidbits of low-level laser therapy caps— the best biohacking tools available currently.

Benefits of Kiierr laser cap— reasons to own it

A biohacking beginner observes hair growth after using kiierr laser cap for 180 days

– You owned thick, voluminous hair once. But the volume seems to hit a new low. You don’t feel good about it and need something to stop it! Laser cap, it is. It stops hair loss. 

– You only shed 50 to 100 hair every day. But off-late, the hair losses have sped up. You need a hair loss treatment to reverse it. Laser cap, it is.

– Your unhealthy hair follicles are becoming pain points of social embarrassment. You want something to promote healthier, thicker hair follicles. Laser cap, it is.

– You don’t trust expensive surgeries and their medics. You need a safe and effective alternative for treating hair loss. Laser cap, it is.

– Your dry, brittle, and fragile hair adds fragility to your confidence. You want it regained. How do you stop it? Laser cap, it is.

– You want to have your hair back without hitting the salons repeatedly. And you are also in dire need of a comfortable, portable, and discreet hair solution when your travel, walk or even sleep. Look nowhere else. Laser cap, it is.

– You don’t want to hold back with anything less than the best biohacking hair tool. But you’ve trust issues. Not all tools have an FDA-cleared mark. But only one tool stands grounded without reported side effects… Laser caps, it is.

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Kiierr laser cap— what we like the most about it

The biohacking couples flaunt their hair after using kiierr laser cap

  • Low-level light therapy… until now, the physicians and doctors had a monopoly over expensive light therapy devices. But the portable laser hair growth cap gives you easy, at-home accessibility.
  • Price Tag… had you been checking laser hair clinics, your yearly spend would have been around mighty $3000 to $11,000. On the other hand, a low-level laser light cap costs around $650, and they stay with you for a really long time.
  • Kiierr with 7 months growth guarantee… The success rate of this unique hair growth system is well above par (93%). Its makers boast a 7-month money-back guarantee free. If the product fails you or you’re not satisfied with its application, you can claim your refund.
  • 30 mins a day, keep the hair loss away… In-clinic laser treatment has a lot of downtimes. Not with Kiierr hair growth laser energy. Cap it like a baseball player, just 30 mins every other day, and give your hair a classic chance to bloom.
  • Hands-free… Kiierr laser hair caps ensure your hands stay free. You simply place it on your head and carry on with your chores.
  • Clean method… despite the scalp coverage, there’s no wetness or dirt on the head. Everything is neat and tidy pre and post-treatment.
  • Treats androgenic alopecia for males and females… the laser device is intended to mellow down the genetic curse of baldness for everyone.
  • A secure purchase… This laser cap device protects your purchase with a 2 yr product warranty. It’s one of the few therapy LLLT ways that gives money-back growth guarantee and warrants a new unit absolutely free.
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What makes level laser therapy cap the most effective and advanced hair regrowth treatment?

The science and Impact of laser cap on scalp

Of course, anecdotal experiences matter. You need people to be sharing their stories. But here’s the rub: science may not agree with them entirely.

And that’s where this technology gets most effective. Caps hair growth experts feel there’s a lot of science and research involved in making this cap. There’s plenty of controlled studies to prove the cap tames thinning hair and gives healthier hair.

As you may think, what makes it unique, well, it’s the premium laser diodes in the cap (two variants: 148 and 272 diodes). They operate at 650nm wavelength for maximum hair growth and slip in the laser energy to follicles. 

In case you’re wondering if the heat from Kiierr laser hair cap will burn your scalp, then no. It won’t— unless you wear it for a month, 24 hours a day (which is unlikely).

How Kiierr laser cap works?

Kiierr laser cap stimulating hair growth

Short answer: the Kiierr laser caps is a non-invasive low-level light biohacking therapy.

Think of it as a bunch of laser diodes coming together and hitting your scalp, but at meager power. The low-level energies are different from the thermal effect.

It’s entirely different from conventional laser therapy because it uses low power and wavelength, barely hitting the 650 micrometers mark. The energy from the cap ensures your skin cells respire and collagen regenerates.

Now here’s the long answer:

Stimulates your skin tissue.

Our scalps have skin tissues (1). But these tissues live on the alms of nutrients and oxygen supplied by the blood flow. But it’s not an easy road for blood every time. They don’t always flow the way tissues want! This lack of blood flow causes inflammation in the scalp, which subsequently results in hair loss.

The LLLT-backed technology ensures the blood reaches the scalp. What does it do? It ensures the oxygen and nutrients reach as foods to the damaged cells and help them regenerate. Finally, cell regeneration reduces hair thinning.

Enhances cell absorption & protein synthesis.

The weak cells in your scalp find it hard to synthesize protein for hair growth (2). They need revival. Fortunately, the light energy from the cap penetrates into the skin. It’s like an elixir to revive the weak cells. The laser energy is good enough to rejuvenate the scalp and plant the seeds for new hair growth.

Regenerates hair follicle cells.

Usually, a healthy hair follicle results in a healthy growth phase (3). But lack of nutrients and oxygen put cells in the dormant phase. You don’t want to be at this stage as it’s the stage where your hair refuses to grow.

Thankfully, the laser cap energy pumps back life to these sleeping cells and puts them back in the hair growth cycle’s healthy growth phase.

The features of the Kiierr laser cap— the definite watch-outs

A biohacking couple feels happy to use kiierr and read about its benefits

  • The cap has an upgraded battery (hard wired). Charge it once; use it thrice! It’s designed to work for 19000 hours. Any problem before that? Get it replaced with a brand new unit.
  • The base has deep and wide designing to cover your entire head region. It ensures the sides and back scalp don’t miss the light therapy.
  • The cap comes in different skull sizes. The XL head-size is 25% larger than the regular size for better scalp coverage.
  • The programmed sensor technology gives added safety to the cap. The device shuts itself down if it falls off your head.
  • There’s no annoying reminder beep for your comfort.
  • You can fit any regular cap over a laser cap to avoid grabbing eyeballs.
  • It has a stretch-fit headband (for cap’s safety)
  • It also comes with a portable power bank. Use it— anywhere!
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The pros and cons of Kiierr laser cap system for Hair Growth

The anatomy of hair growth with Kiierr laser cap


  • Encourages thicker hair follicle
  • Promotes damaged cells healing
  • Helps with treating hair thinning
  • Reverses hair loss
  • Slows baldness
  • Offers easy-to-use hair regrowth solution


  • The results may vary among individuals.
  • It may take different time-frames for cell healing for different people.
  • Uses the existing regrowth technology.
  • It may not have long-lasting benefits as they may stop coming once you’re done using the product.

How to Use Kiierr laser cap?

A happy biohacker brushes his hands on regrown hair

Ohh! Did you wonder if you needed technical knowledge to use this therapy? Trust us! It’s no rocket science. You need not put any manual effort to use it.

  • Unbox the device.
  • Place it comfortably on your head.
  • Hit the on the button and begin your session.
  • Sit back and relax.
  • Have fun the entire time pursuing your chores.
  • Let the laser do its work.
  • Use it for 30 mins.
  • The cap will automatically shut off after the session.

Is Kiierr laser cap safe?

Did you hear it’s safe? If yes, your ears are damn receptive!

The power with a laser cap is so low; you can’t damage hair or skin or burn them down.

Kiierr laser cap side effects

There are no known Kiierr Laser Cap side effects. The Kiierr cap is an FDA-approved hair treatment device that induces an inhibitory effect. In fact, the study from NCBI suggests laser-based treatment doesn’t have any side effects on both men and women and is completely safe and effective to use.

The cap runs short of any side effects.

There’s just a slop side— if you think wearing it more should grow your hair quickly, you’re a bit misjudged.

In fact, the research says wearing it for a long duration can induce an inhibitory effect.

It’s an effect where the cap behaves precisely opposite of what it claims, i.e., to grow your hair.

In a nutshell, you’re neither injecting chemicals nor taking pills to have your hair back… the cap is safer than any other technology.

Who is the ideal candidate for the Kiierr laser cap?

The Kiierr laser cap is unisex— it is meant for both men and women. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a baseball fan or not; the cap just looks fine on women as much as it looks good on men. As the cap is intended to treat androgenic alopecia— anyone falling into the genetic curse can use it.

The best part is: you need not have to be bald to use it. Anyone with voluminous hair can use the cap to feed light energy to cells. Of course, men and women can fix receding hairlines with it. Don’t wait to notice receding and thinning! Get a healthy diet for your hair cells even before you go bald.

What to expect during laser cap treatment?

Biohacker shares before and after images after laser cap use

You already know it’s non-invasive and non-thermal therapy. But do you need to be prepared to max out its benefits? Let’s check out:


Good news! You don’t need to prepare gazillions of things before the treatment. Just get it on your head and start treating yourself.


  • Wear a Kiierr laser hat every other day.
  • Keep it up there for at least 25 minutes each session.
  • Remove the laser hat once the session is over.
  • You may implement other hair therapies synergistically with it.


Work + Therapy = No downtime!

Treatment process timeline

The Kiierr laser cap works in three stages:

  • 30 to 90 days: stops hair loss during this period
  • 90 to 180 days: hair begins to regrow
  • 180 + days: hair thickens at this phase. Enjoy thick hair

Who can’t use the Kiierr laser cap?

A biohacker feels shocked to find broken hair in comb

  • individuals suffering from reversible hair loss (caused by stress or medications)
  • people with severe hair loss


  • Can get uncomfortable with other treatments
  • May have to wait for results
  • Might have to wear it indefinitely
  • Treatment session time may increase

Warranty/money return policies

Kiierr laser hat has a 2-year product warranty. You can extend it for four years for a little extra fee.

And its refund policy is transparent and clear; however, customers initially have to register their photos with the company. The company offers a 7-month money-back guarantee only when there isn’t any improvement in hair growth.

Kiierr Laser Cap System for hair growth— what are the customer reviews & results?

Kiierr hair cap system has had happy clients so far!

  • The ones who could observe its results claimed it to give high value for money.
  • The ones who couldn’t observe its results received their happy refunds.

Of course, there are always some shady reviewers, but most of the reviews seemed genuine on Amazon.

Kiierr laser cap for hair growth: models, prices, & where do you buy it?

kiierr laser cap for hair growth models, prices, & where do you buy it

There Are two models: 148 and 272 laser diodes.

  • 148 Pro laser cap costs around $595
  • 148 Pro Cap (complete system) costs about $675
  • The Kiierr 272 premier complete system costs $845
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Frequently asked questions for Kiierr hat.

Here are some answers by the anti-aging biohacking experts on Kiierr laser device:

Does the Kiierr laser cap have any side effects?

No, the Kiierr laser cap doesn’t have any side effects; hence, it’s FDA-approved and effective to use in both men and women. The laser-therapy cap doesn’t heat your head, unlike other laser devices. The Kiierr caps use low-level power to charge up your cells. It has no adverse effect on you.

Is Kiierr laser cap system for hair growth medical grade?

The cap makers claim to use the same technology the doctors and clinicians have been using for decades. So, it certainly is a science-backed product. Its clinical research has shown a high success rate of 93%.

Does Kiierr laser cap system for hair growth work?

You might have disappointments in your hand if you expect hair to grow the next day of use. You might have to wait for months to see tangible results. And you may even have to use it indefinitely to enjoy perm-results.


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