Prolon Review: What Is Fast Mimicking Diet, Pros & Cons, Price & shipping

The lighter you is the confident you

Prolon review is all you need at the moment to pick your fasting meal program.

More so, if you’re looking for good health and wanting to get rid of fats. Well, who doesn’t want to minimize stress on their weighing scales?

Not to forget, Prolon fasting has earned a lot of traction off-late, and there seems to be no reason to avoid it!

Two quick reasons to try fasting meal plans by Prolon:

  • First, fasting takes over the keto diet as the most talked-about weight-loss technique these days.
  • And second, Prolon fasting takes over other fasting means without starving you to death.

So it’s like… fasting champions over keto, and Prolon champions over fasting.

We double bet you like this idea and want to know everything about the new Prolon fad in detail! So what are you waiting for? Keep the scrollbar going.

ProLon review: what is ProLon by Dr. Valter Longo?

Prolon packages and tomato soup sachet

Simply put, Prolon is “fasting with food.” What does that even mean? Does it work? Or does it only work on fitness-freaks who make it work on them with hours of exercise?

Well, it does work on you even if you don’t work out— provided you follow the meal plan as suggested in the box.

Coming back to Prolon. It’s an eating plan that fools the body into believing that you’re fasting when you’re not. Now how is that possible? Well, the meals are designed to restrict calories and provide necessary nutrients without being registered as food.

Didn’t get it? Imagine you took a Prolon meal, and the cells in your body didn’t know this. Does that sound weird? As weird as it may sound, Dr. Longo has made it possible with his patented eating plan.

A Prolon meal program puts the body in fasting mode without cutting off the essential food supply. It does two things for you: your cell nourishes despite fasting, and your metabolic system remains in check.

Longo ideated this meal kit to reduce the risks of extreme fastings, such as water fasting. You know how it is with extreme fasting. They lead to:

  • low blood sugar,
  • abnormal blood pressure,
  • fatigue,
  • decreased efficiency,
  • and reduced immune power.

Why give wings to these problems when a special combination of the Prolon diet can solve major problems? And especially without you having to go through fasting’s mental burnout? Prolon is also different from intermittent fasting.

Here’s what the Prolon diet consists of:

  • limited plant proteins,
  • calorie restriction,
  • good fats,
  • low-glycemic index carbohydrates

ProLon review: how does the ProLon diet fool your body cells?

prolon review what are the health benefits of the prolon fasting-mimicking dietAll good! But how does the Prolon diet fool the cells? Well, the diet cuts the body’s nutrient-sensing bridge. It means… the cells don’t know if they’re being fed. As a result, they go into fasting mode. The plus benefit: the diet activates an anti-aging route for cell repair and regeneration.

The interesting thing about Prolon fasting-mimicking diet is it doesn’t even promote itself as an active biohacking weight loss diet.

Rather it markets itself as a cell rejuvenating calorie restriction diet with which weight loss comes as an additional reward.

So with regular benefits, you’re also getting weight loss benefits as byproducts.

ProLon review: what are the health benefits of the ProLon fasting-mimicking diet?

As we said, ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet stands out as a fasting plan. But why? Well,

  • It delivers results without leaving your stomach empty.
  • It safeguards you from the dangers of extreme water-fasting.

Now let’s check the benefits. Don’t forget the benefits may vary between you and your neighbor, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work because every individual is different.

Benefit #1: The lighter you

Did you know the average calorie intake for men and women is around 2,500 and 2,000, respectively? Interestingly, Prolon fast cuts your calorie to as low as an average of 800. It’s no brainer that cutting calories helps with shedding pounds. (1)

To add more stars to its meal program, Prolonged fasting targets belly fat much better than any other fasting kit in the market!

Prolon studies show individuals lose an average of 5.7 pounds and shed 1.6 inches off their waist circumference.

Benefit #2: Concentrate like an eagle

You feel a lot weaker with water-fasting, both mentally and physically. But that’s not the case with a prolonged diet. The fourth day of this dieting marks the new beginning of clarity, focus, and energy. (2)

The sudden uptick in energy also helps in coping with mental decline if you’re old. And if you’re young, good luck having productive hours.

Benefit #3: Your cells clean their houses

benefit #3 your cells clean their houses

Cells are a lazy bit of creatures. They aren’t cleaning their houses and repairing (self-repair) themselves unless you put them on a fasting mode. As you know, a prolonged fasting diet motivates cells to take care of themselves. (3)

This means you’ll have healthier cells. And what do healthier cells do? They slow the tides of the aging process.

Benefit #4: You have a top-notch metabolism health

Unhealthy eating leads to metabolic syndrome. The syndrome is nothing but a cluster of problems. This includes high cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose levels, excess body fat, and inflammation. You want to be regulating it

General fasting does help with metabolic imbalance but leaves you open to other dangers. Thankfully, Prolonged fasting does everything fasting does without risking you to any dangers.

Bonus Benefit #5: Enjoy better chemo treatment results

If you’re about to have chemotherapy in a week or two, prolonged fasting for five days can help improve your treatment results.

There’s a strong belief in the scientific world that five-day fasting right before cancer treatment prevents patients from therapy’s side-effects.

It’s a fact that fasting is hard to comply with. Fortunately, the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet solves these problems by giving the brain and heart the necessary calories to rely on and tricking the body into believing you’re fasting.

Prolon review: Why should you try ProLon fast mimicking despite being an anti-diet?

prolon review why should you try prolon fast mimicking despite being an anti-diet

A lot of you may be anti-diet! We didn’t believe in it either. After all, we thought it to be a pseudoscience trick devised by religious and cultural warriors. But our views regarding fasting changed for two reasons:

  • The Prolon fasting was easy to execute.
  • The Prolon fasting was working on our reviewers.

And there’s no strong reason why you shouldn’t try a Prolonged diet despite being an anti-diet person. Look at these reasons coming good for you:

  • Don’t think of a prolonged diet as a diet. It’s not! It’s like rebooting your body to gain energy.
  • It has a deeper science of calorie restriction rather than starving. The Longevity Diet by Dr. Longo explains how it benefits people who like to manage a healthy weight.
  • You can’t turn down the proposal of stem cell regeneration. Would you? Who doesn’t want to reverse the tide of aging?

Prolon review: Why Prolon may work for you?

Since Prolon fasting state is not very harsh on your system like other means, chances are high it will work on you. Here are more reasons why Prolon should work on you:

  1. Whatever it takes for 5 days fasting, you have it packed in the box. No! You’re not planning, shopping, or making anything special. Everything is ready-packaged. Easy to go about it?
  2. You can expect a lot better taste than those big-time “no-no yuck meals.” Just a hint: tomato soup simply hits the taste bud like nothing other.
  3. Meal preparation is extremely undemanding. Sure, you’ll love not cleaning kitchen platforms like you usually do.
  4. Although you may miss eating fresh food throughout the entire diet course, you won’t really feel empty.
  5. Last but not least, you’re always invited to have black coffee in the morning.

Prolon review: What do you have in the Prolon meal kit?

prolon review what do you have in the prolon meal kit

First of all, the Prolon packaging gives the feeling of an iPhone box! Cleanly packed in a white box (shoe-box size), the packaging will itself intrigue you for getting into fasting.

On cutting it open, you’ll find 5 different boxes for a 5 days meal plan. The meals are plain and simple inside the Prolon Fast Mimicking Diet box. The food includes soups, olives, vitamins, teas, crackers, bars, and formulated drinks (4). For your information, these meals:

  • are low in protein
  • have fewer carbs
  • have moderately high fats (in the form of nuts, crackers, and olives)

Now here comes the buster for 5 days. You’re going to have these foods for the entire course:

  • The L-Bars. The chewy nut bars are love! You’ll definitely fall for it.
  • Three different soups in different combinations: tomato, minestrone, vegetable and quinoa minestrone.
  • Brilliantly crafted sesame kale crackers. They’re simply pleasing on taste buds.
  • Olives on some days. They come either in sea salt or garlic flavoring.
  • The tastiest of all: choco crisp bar. We lived our course mostly to have it the next day.
  • Lots of herbal tea packets: Spearmint tea, hibiscus tea, and mint and lemon tea.
  • Additional drinks as L drink and vitamin supplements.

Prolon review: what does its 5-days plan look like?

prolon review what does its 5-days plan look like

Our reviewers gave a five-day fasting-mimicking plan by Prolon a try, and each had almost similar experiences. Keep reading to know what your days will look like:

We were fairly worried by the small size of the box. It was all we were going to have for the rest of the week. We wondered if it was enough for us to keep us going for the next 5 days, and Gosh! Won’t lie; we felt nervous.

The box had five smaller boxes, each with food and drink sachets for each day.

Had it not been for a handy schedule in the package, it would have been almost impossible for us to pull a nutritionist. Thankfully, we knew what and when to consume with it. The Prolon water bottle in the package also ensured we had our drinks with enthusiasm.

Prolon fasting-mimicking meal program Day 1: Fasting state

Of all the five days, the first day was power-packed with calories. How much? Almost 1100 (1035 actually). 😐 That was too much given the other days were extremely low. It didn’t feel hard because it was not very less than what we usually had.

You were getting 25 g protein, 32 g fiber, 101 g carbs, 66 g fat, and 30 g sugar. The good thing was you didn’t feel it to be very less.

The morning

There was no heavy but a medium-light breakfast. The only stomach-stuffing thing you got was a snack bar. It was accompanied by lemon and spearmint tea in the morning and an algal oil supplement. 

The lunch

Lunch was pretty good with the tomato soup, extremely delicious good kale crackers, olives with sea salt flavor, along with the NR-3 supplement (it was a great source of multivitamin and mineral).

The afternoon

The afternoon didn’t have much but had enough to keep us full till the next meal, which would be dinner. The spearmint tea, along with another snack bar, managed our evening snack-munch cravings.

The Dinner

There was an added soup variety at dinner. It was minestrone soup and felt amazing to taste. Then you had the tastiest sticky chocolatey snack bar— the L bar— kind of Larabar of Prolon. We finally sealed our first day with the multivitamin supplement. The sleep was good! We didn’t observe any headaches.

The pro tip: You can delay your breakfast to 10 or 10:30. We did the same! It shortened our days when we had limited food.

What we think of the day: It was good and easy. The taste was the best thing! Hands down. But we sensed it would decline in the coming days. It was like… “pre-preparation before the final fasting.”

Prolon fasting-mimicking diet Day 2: Fat burning and ketogenesis

prolon fasting-mimicking diet day 2 fat burning and ketogenesis

Day 2 was really tough. It was like… cutting the calorie intake by half (of the first day)! Not good, Prolon. It literally put us in worry. It was 690 calories, to be precise, of which 15 g were protein, 20 g were fiber, 28 g were sugar, 36 g were fat, and 85 g were carbs.

And we felt a lot hungry! Fat burning had ramped up at this stage and placed the seed of ketogenesis.

The morning

There was only one L-bar for the second day! It was sad! We wanted the meal to taste like those of five-star food cafes, but they didn’t. But Prolon was kind enough to add a powdered energy drink for the day, that’s L drink. The manual directed to sip it throughout the day for supplemental energy. Not bad, Prolon!

The lunch

Lunch was not very supportive, but it did taste great! Of course, everything tastes brilliant to a hungry stomach. 🙁 We had soup and olives this time. Of the two varieties to choose, guess what? We dropped mushroom soup and selected quinoa soup.

The afternoon

Well, there’s no snack bar (L bar) this time. We missed it big time. You won’t believe it, but four bites of L-bar stuck us with the routine. Tea and olives were the only afternoon snack. Even olives felt tasty, though none of us like it in general. It was a bit supportive for a few hours but later we felt a bit lightheaded. Maybe the bodies were missing caffeine, poor our reviewers.

The Dinner

At least, we had the snack bar this time. It was not very satisfying, but it felt much better than the day spent thinking about how we missed good food. To be honest, we felt a little weak at this stage and didn’t know if the diet would fare out the way we thought. One thing for sure, the L drink helped stave off hunger between meals.

Pro-tip: If you’re a caffeine personality, try to reduce its intake a week before fasting. 

Pro-tip 2: Try cooking your soup on the stovetop. It’s thicker and voluminous. You won’t feel stuffed otherwise.

What we think of the day: It was distracting. If you’re not prepared to see it coming, you might as well break the fast. However, if you know how real fast on water or juices feels like, we guarantee that Prolon fasting feels much better!

Prolon fasting-mimicking diet Day 3: Autophagy clean upstate

prolon fasting-mimicking diet day 3 autophagy clean upstate

Well, day three started much like day 2. But the only thing good about this day was a couple of hundreds of extra calories. 882 calories, to be precise. It had 25 g fiber, 37 g protein, 35 g sugar, 41 g fat, and 97 g carbs. Still, it felt too long. In fact, the longest of all, the five days.

This was the day when the body cleaned out damaged cells and promoted regenerating new cells. Fat burning was also at an all-time high.

The morning

Prolon keeps the morning going with L-bar. Though the day felt the longest, the snack bar was still the only thing keeping us motivated. The powdered drink helped us be charged throughout the day.

The lunch

No olives today. Again, the soup was the only support for our stomachs. But we had realized that Prolon was kind enough to offer us a range of taste and texture compared to water fasting.

The afternoon

No snack bar to chew! The afternoon felt a little dry. Since we woke up early, the day felt not as easy, and the clocks were behaving dead.

The Dinner

Dinner was plain minestrone. We avoided mushrooms this time. Yes, there weren’t many varieties to pick from, but something still felt better than nothing.

Pro-tip: Don’t wake up early. You’re inviting a long-day! And with hunger hitting the corridor, you’re making it longer.

What we think of the day: Our last day’s headache subsided, but hunger didn’t. There was also a hint of bloated-ness in the stomach. We wanted to hit the bed early. There was no point in being awake.

Pro-tip: Drink lots of water.

Prolon fasting-mimicking diet Day 4: Cellular rejuvenation

prolon fasting-mimicking diet day 4 cellular rejuvenation

Day 4 was by far the best! The bloated-ness disappeared, and we felt a sudden uptick in our energies. We’re not sure about its science, but we did feel good about the fact that the diet was about to end. But what worried us the most was the low calories for the day. Again, only 680 calories for the day with 15 g protein, 21 g fiber, 29 g sugar, 35 g fat, and 86 g carbs.

We were also on the final stretch of cellular cleaning and the beginning of cellular rejuvenation.

The morning

You know what? We were relieved knowing the fourth day had a snack bar. But we were worried because it was the last day which had the snack bar for the morning. Not even into the fifth day, and we were already missing it.

The lunch and afternoon

The manual said we could snack onto not one but two olives. “As if we really cared!” It would have been really considerate of Prolon had the diet adjusted munching snack bars twice or thrice. But Prolon, you strict nutritionist!

The Dinner

It was not tough to pick the soup. All that mattered at this time were taste, texture, and variety. So it was obvious we picked what we didn’t pick on the 3rd day.

Pro-tip: Don’t get bored of the day. If you do, try to sleep or feel distracted. Feeling bored would compel you to break the fasting. You don’t want to ruin the laborious efforts of past days. Do you?

What we think of the day: It was relatively easier than the third one. We were like, “bring it on” while finally falling for it.

Prolon fasting-mimicking diet Day 5: Renewal and change

prolon review what you'll like about the prolon diet (pros)

The D-day was here! Surprisingly, we felt a lot more energetic and productive. Was it the sign we were successfully pulling the prolonged diet? Maybe yes! As expected, the day only had 660 calories to end with 17 g of protein, 17 g of sugar, 21 g of fiber, 37 g of fat, and 73 g of carbs.

The cellular renewal continued on the final day.

The entire day

Again, the day offered us choices between soups. Since it was getting over anyway, we didn’t really think of taste or texture. We just wanted it to get over. Between multiple sachets of soup and energy drink, we finished the day on super high. Did we mention the day had no chocolate bar or olives?

Despite the lack of delicious treats for the stomach, we managed to get through the last day.

Prolon Day 6: Transition meal guide

Though we felt like pouncing on food quickly, that’s what the Prolon transition meal guide asked us to avoid. Instead of heavy breakfast and dinner, we were asked to have light meal for the day.

It included:

  • Breakfast: avocado on toast,
  • Lunch: roasted vegetables,
  • Dinner: kale & carrot soup. 

Prolon is also very compassionate to design and suggest lists of daily meals if you plan to carry on this diet’s effect.

Prolon Day 6: User reviews on transition day meal guide

We asked some ProLon users to share their Prolon Day 6 experiences. You’ll be happy and surprised to know, most of them didn’t feel hungry as they had misinterpreted initially. Rings bell in your stomach already? We think this should rule out all the pre-conceived fear you have in your head.

Of course, they didn’t pounce over meal, but they broke their meals into three small meals:

Prolon Day 6: Breakfast— the avocado toast


  1. kept their meals light
  2. added dairy-free creams to fix their caffeine
  3. substituted regular milk with almond or soya milk

When we asked breakfast recipes, they gave us one of the most delicious, yet calorie-limited item: avocado toast.

Avocado toast recipe


  1. take out half an avocado and put it in a medium-sized
  2. mash lemon juice and put olive oil in the bowl.
  3. add some pepper flakes.
  4. keep the mixture chunky. Don’t mash it smooth.
  5. toast wheat bread in the over or toaster.
  6. spread avocado batter on the toast
  7. put more lemon and sprinkle pepper flakes to add garnishing touch
  8. have fun!

Prolon Day 6: Lunch— the soup recipe

We know you may have run short of soups the first five days. But the happy news is— you can finally have it as your best lunch pick on the transition day. You’d also like to have these soups for your dinner. Don’t worry. we ‘re just hopping on the soup recipe.

  1. Heat the large pot at medium-high temperature 🙂
  2. Put olive oil to it
  3. Sauté onion, celery, and carrots and heat for a few minutes
  4. Mince mushroom, garlic, and toss them in
  5. Stir the Sauté for 3-4 minutes
  6. add lemon juice, vegetable stock, turmeric, peppers, chickpeas, and salt
  7. cover the lid and simmer the Sauté for 15 mins
  8. add kale to further the layers of flavor and simmer it for another 5 minutes
  9. finally, add pepper flakes and slice of lemon to give garnishing touch to the soup
  10. have fun!

Prolon Day 6: Dinner— roasted vegetables with walnut

Look! We know your body had to go through a lot in the past five days.. But you have to listen to its call moderately. Since it’s your first day post fasting, you have to move slow and take yourself into re-feeding stage gradually.

Listen to this again— fasting to re-feeding phase has to be extremely slow.

  1. ready-heat your oven to 400°F
  2. take a large bowl and prepare onion, mushrooms, and bell peppers Sauté
  3. add some olive oil and salt to it
  4. when you’ve covered the entire cuttings with oil, keep them on the baking sheet
  5. ensure the veggies don’t overlap with each other
  6. cook the veggies for 8-10 minutes
  7. add yellow squash, zucchini, and garlic and stir them with spatula
  8. toss some walnuts to the veggies and let it cool for 5-10 mins
  9. ensure the vegetables feel crispy and walnuts feel roasted
  10. if you don’t like nuts, you can sprinkle avocado on the top of the veggies
  11. pour some balsamic vinegar and ensure a good mixture with the veggies
  12. add basil to it
  13. have fun

Prolon review: What you’ll like about the Prolon Diet (Pros)

prolon review who should avoid the prolon fasting-mimicking diet

  • It’s a science-based calorie restricting diet. You’ll eventually accept “calories are everything,” and low protein and high-fat diets can truly help accomplish weight loss goals.
  • Prolon never lets you miss the taste and texture while fasting. You have something to cheer about.
  • The 5-day fasting meal gives you a fair chance to prove your metal mettle. It increases the probability of successfully pulling the diet even when you’re an aged person.
  • You’ll discover so many ways to cope up with inner battles as hunger, bloated-ness, and headache. Knowing the 4th and 5th day will return your energy and give you an extra cushion to bounce back and keep you going.
  • No shopping and chopping! You’re getting everything ready on a platter.
  • Don’t know if it was the food or calorie restriction work, but Prolon fasting does help with fat loss.
  • It’s amazingly organized! You literally don’t have to plan anything.

Prolon review : What you might not like about the Prolon Diet (cons)

  • The price! It was close to 250$ for a little bit of food. But Prolon has revised the rates at the moment. Here are the three slabs:

1) Subscribe for every month @189$

2) One-time purchase @199$

3) Fast Bar Bundle (1 Prolon + 30 Intermittent Bars) @225$

  • There’s no alternative for people who don’t drink tea. In case you’re one of them, the diet food is a complete waste.
  • The food for the meal is fixed. Hey Prolon. What about people with dietary restrictions like an allergy to nuts and olive?
  • Since all the benefits happen inside the skin, you may not have complete faith in their claims. See a medical expert pre and post-fasting to observe internal changes..

Prolon review : Who should avoid the Prolon fasting-mimicking diet? 

prolon review can you plan your diy fasting-mimicking meal

Despite being rated safe, doctors don’t recommend fasting for everyone. Since Prolon fasting has a bit of food in the box, it’s better than water fasting for unfit people.

But it still may want to be avoided by some population. You would like to pass the Prolon fast mimicking diet if:

  • If you age above 65 years and or fall in a high-risk category of Covid-19.
  • If you are diagnosed or on a prescription for cancer, diabetes (type 1 or type 2), congestive heart failure, or fainting history.
  • In case you have a cough, fever, signs of an active infection, diarrhea, or susceptible to a repetitive infection.
  • You are pregnant, underweight, or breastfeeding.
  • If you have an eating disorder or at least suspected of it.
  • If you are under 18 years or over 70.
  • There are dietary restrictions for you.
  • You are allergic to nuts, oats, celery/celeriac, sesame, or other product ingredients.

Prolon review : ProLon tips to max out fasting performance 

  1. Block yourself from seeing others eating tasty meals. Who wants to watch someone else gulping down yummy meals when they are almost taking nothing?
  2. Plan out groceries for your kids and parents ahead of time. You want to spend minimum time working and maxing time relaxing.
  3. Get a massage on the final two days. You’ll feel a lot relaxed, and it will keep you from the thoughts of the meal.
  4. Prepare the L-drink the night before so you can pounce the next day as soon as you wake up.

Prolon review : Can you plan your DIY fasting-mimicking meal?

can you drink coffee with prolon

Sure you can and at an even lesser price. But are you a good nutritionist? Because you probably have to act and behave like one! If you’re a good researcher and want to take all the headaches of customizing your plan, congratulations! You’ll save at least 100$.

Plus what’s the guarantee your plan will work? There’s a whole lot of accountability attached to those tiny-looking boxes. And then, where are you getting those tasty, chewy L-bars?

Hope you enjoyed the Prolon review and can make informed decisions. Till then? Adios!

Prolon review: Frequently asked questions.

Check some answers to the regularly asked questions:

Can you drink coffee with Prolon?

The Pro plan allows you to have one caffeinated tea or coffee if you can’t resist. However, you should give more chances to alternatives such as mint tea.

What can you drink on Prolon?

You can have sparkling water, both artificial or natural. It is absolutely ok to consume as long as it doesn’t have any sweetener. And, you need to drink lots of water

How much can you lose on the Prolon diet?

ProLon helps individuals lose an average of 5.7 lbs along with 1.6 inches from their waist. The results may vary among them.

The final verdict:

We highly recommend the ProLon diet as one of our top biohacking tools and products for weight loss and anti-aging

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