Pico Toner Review: What Is It, What’s In The Box, & Its Micro facial Benefits

Facial Sculpting & Body Toning Done Easy

Pico Toner is a recent yet unique addition to microcurrent devices. So we thought of reviewing this fantastic biohacking beauty way to help regain youthful appearance without hassling those complex surgeries.

It’s unique because we tested other devices from NuFace, Myolift, Clareblend, Foreo, and several other devices for home microcurrent facials (1). They were great in their sights. But Pico Toner leaves a better lasting impact on the skin even when you don’t use it daily. Something the other devices have failed to deliver.

Not that those devices are bad or badly need updates, but Pico Toner fills the gap others don’t. Full marks to its years of research and engineering. You can think of it as an art.

“If microcurrent device is an art, Neurotris is Picasso of it.

Because Neurotris— a veteran company into making microcurrent devices— has sculpted the best body toner in the market. Pico Toner cuts up as the only existing personal sculptor with multiple output accessory attachments.

That’s right! No other device intended for home has multiple output accessory attachments. Also, it’s a much better solution than a radiofrequency facial at home. It is an essential (2) aspect to watch out for if you’re looking to play around with different modalities and look to gift your loved ones.

The quick benefits of the Pico Toner microcurrent therapy system

Pico toner microcurrent therapy treats:

  • Skin
  • Muscles

How it treats skin

How it treats muscles

  • Treats postoperative muscle pain
  • Helps injured tissues heal faster
  • Improves overall body tone
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Overview of Neurotris Pico Toner – what’s in the box

The toner comes in an exciting blue color packaging. Not a surprise, Neurotris uses the color to announce a trustworthy and reliable product inside the box. This is what we found when we unboxed it.

Pico Toner device

A digital-screened, blue color Neurotris Pico Toner device itself. You can press the buttons to set microcurrent intensity and run favorite treatments among P1 and P2 to serve different purposes.

Neurotris has attached two cables with the machine. These ends connect with output accessories like gloves, pads, and probes. Kind of props you use to tone and sculpt your face.

Silver sculpting gloves

A silver facial sculpting gloves in the best conduction quality. Honestly, we think it’s durable than other gloves in the market (from our experience)

The company boasts its lasting performance for three-plus years. You might be wondering what these gloves do. Think of them as props that uniformly disperse energy for maximum performance. They deliver the dielectric properties to your skin for a better appearance.

Poly Inserts

A packet of Poly insert gloves that you wear prevents microcurrent from seeping into hands while facial sculpting or toning any other parts. You don the silver sculpting gloves on it.

Useful when the toner microcurrent therapy system targets any part other than the hands. Please dump them as they are non-reusable. 

Ion conducting spray

An Ion spray to conduct signature signals uniformly throughout. In short, you max out the benefits of the microcurrent system by spraying the ions evenly across the target.

Now it’s easier for you to return a youthful appearance with the spray made up of natural Mediterranean sea salts. The ion is most conducive in its natural form with no colors, perfumes, and additives. We recommend you to use branded conductivity gel for microcurrent.

Not that you can’t use substitute such as Aloe Vera gels or even water for the matter of fact.  But it’s better to use well researched conductive gels that have balanced ions. Pico Toner official conductive gels are well-suited for the device. You’d rather not want to risk your skin for a few dollars.

Training video disk and manual

A training video disk with written manuals to learn the hand-held microcurrent device’s nuts and bolts.

We were amazed to find how simple the device was for home use. You can try different combinations and accessories even if you’re new with Neurotris Pico Toner, credits to the detailed manual and video.

Velcro Strap

A hook and loop fastener to stick the Pico toner microcurrent device on the wrist. So, when you’re doing facial or body toning, the Velcro strap firmly holds the device for you even while you’re moving around at home. There’s nothing to plug-in and hold you in the chain.

So attach the device to the arm with the accompanying Velcro and continue to send microcurrents to your skin with free hands. The strap does it what it would have taken your hands to do.


Batteries to get started as soon as you can. It shows Neurotris is far more interested to return a youthful appearance to its buyers.

The tiny-charged batteries are easy to plug in, and noticeable results begin immediately as you insert them.

Velcro bag

A Velcro bag to carry your Pico toner microcurrent device while traveling. There’s no hard rule if the device is intended for home use only. Take it wherever you go.

The tiny, little device is extremely easy to carry around. Yes, its results last long, and skipping a week’s session won’t get those sagging jowls and untoned body back. But you can still have and use it as and when you don’t feel confident under the skin.

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How does Pico toner work

We realized there’s no particular way to use Pico Toner when we went through the manual and disk carefully. You can apply different combinations and settings for facial and body toning.

The most famous and the easiest being— the sculpting gloves therapy.

Setting up the Pico device

If you can’t wait to get started, here’s how you set up the Pico device 

Step 1: Fix the batteries.

You will find red and black snaps at the back of the Pico device. Red is the positive end, while the black snap denotes negative. Place your battery terminals accordingly. The positive terminal should face the red snap, and the negative should be close to the black.

Step 2: Press the center button for two seconds to start.

Find the center button in the Pico toner device and hold it for two seconds. The device should show two programs— p1 and p2.

Step 3: Select among both the programs.

Select the program you want to run.

  • P1 (aggressive programming): You would want to stick with p1 if you’re looking to facelift, reduce wrinkles, need radiant skin, tone and tighten the layers, brighten the skin, and minimize the pores. In short, opt for skin surface area therapies.
  • P2 (mild programming): Go with P2 if you’re looking to target collagen, elastin, and blood circulation in the body. Mild programming needs to have a more intense level than aggressive programming. 

Step 4: Adjust the intensity level.

Adjust the microcurrent intensity level, with 5% being the lowest and 100% the highest. Press the (+) and (-) buttons on the device to set your suitable level. We recommend beginning with 15% and gradually step-up to your tolerance level. 

Step 5: Lock the Pico Toner.

Pico toner locks when you don’t show any activity on it for 20 seconds. Now you’re ready to attach props for facial or body toning. Don’t worry if you want to unlock and change its intensity. You can do it by pressing the center button for 5 seconds and re-adjusting your way to a suitable intensity level.

Step 6: Turn off the Pico Toner.

If you’re done using the toner and want to switch off, decrease the intensity level to zero. It will automatically shut off. Try the same trick if you want to shut it off amid therapy.

Please note you can only have a 20-mins extended therapy in one sitting when the device stays on for 30 minutes. The last ten minutes are reserved for installing future updates so you can enjoy 20+ minutes of therapy should there be any reprogramming. 


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Connecting the output accessories- gloves for face treatment

Step 1: Soaking the gloves

  • Get the gloves out of the packaging
  • Sock them in water
  • Ring the water out of them. Ensure they don’t drip (keep them moderately wet)
  • Now put them aside until we prepare our hands

Step 2: Preparing the hands

  • Pick the Velcro wrist strap on your non-dominant hand (left hand preferably)
  • Put on the ambidextrous poly inserts in your hands in case you’re not treating your hands (you won’t need inserts for treating hands)
  • Now get on the sculpting gloves on your hands
  • Put the Velcro strip around your wrist

Step 3: Spraying the conducting ions

  • Squirt the conducting gel on gloves
  • Repeat it 10 to 15 times for better conduction
  • Make sure you’ve squirted it uniformly on the gloves
  • Use water if you don’t have ion spray

Step 4: Attaching the gloves with the Pico toner

  • Attach the cable in Pico toner in glove snaps
  • Set the machine at 15% intensity.
  • Put four fingers of each hand on the forehand to check if there is a generation microcurrent
  • Find your comfortable triggering point
  • You should be feeling a little tinge

Giving basic movements to gloves in P1 programming

You don’t go about rubbing toner randomly. There are slow and watchful directions that give the best results.

  • Glide: move your palm from neck to face, bottom to top in an upward sweeping direction
  • Cinch: place the palm a bit tangent to the cheek, preferably near the jawline. Then move the gloves at the same angle (angled sweeping)
  • Erase: It’s like an erasing gesture on the skin, especially the region between nose and lip, crow feet, and soft tissues. Place your gloved-fingers in these areas and move back and forth (sideward sweeping).
  • Hold: Hold in the areas you’re looking to target more. Keep your palm on those areas and hold the body toning gloves for a few seconds.

Giving basic movements to gloves in P2 programming

  • Only upward sweeping motions 

Using gloves for hand treatment

We wear poly inserts to prevent microcurrents from seeping into our hands. You must be thinking if it’s possible to treat your hands. It is.

Step 1: Spraying the conducting ions

  • Don’t wear the inserts
  • Spray the ion squirts on hands directly
  • Rub it uniformly and prepare the hands for glove treatment

Step 2: Soaking the gloves 

  • Repeat the soaking process
  • Put the gloves on 

Step 3: Setting the Pico toner

  • Connect the Pico toner
  • Set your comfortable intensity level
  • Start 

Additional output accessories

Noticeable results begin immediately with other additional accessories such as facial probes. We enjoy probes because they reach areas on the face where gloves find it difficult. They don’t come in the box, but you can add these props to your wish list.

Let’s find out how these outputs work. 

Facial Probes and conductivity gel

Step 1: Connecting the Facial probes
  • Remove gloves snap from the Pico Toner multi-attachable cable.
  • Now you can connect it with the facial probes. 
Step 2: Ionize your face
  • A scrub teaspoon of conductive gel on the face
  • Or natural stem cell gel for healthy skin 
Step 3: Setting up the device
  • Set your intensity point and feel the tingle
  • Workout for 20 mins 
Basic movements for P1— probes

Follow the same four movements as you did with the gloves. Please ensure you don’t touch both the probes or gloves. Doing it would cancel the effect of treatment.

Facial pads (Comes in a bag of 24 pads)

Step 1: Connecting the facial pads
  • Remove the glove snaps
  • Connect the negative and positive snap with facial pads
Step 2: Cleaning your face
  • Make sure your face is super dry
  • Ensure it’s also clean (no oils)
  • Put the pads on the neck, jowls, eyes, and cheeks 

Using gloves with probes simultaneously

  • Wear gloves without inserts
  • Connect the toner with a quad cable
  • Attach two black snaps of the cable with gloves
  • Attach the other two with facial probes
  • Use on hand for facial probing
  • And the other gloved hand for hand treatment


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What level works for you?

Since we are dealing with microcurrents, you must find your comfort level. So, don’t want to be under or over-treating our skins, muscles, and cells.

Look! Different skin types have different impedance levels. Think of impedance as resistance to microcurrents. Not all skin types let the current flow through their cells. Some resist! And for that, we find a suitable intensity level. What works on you may not work on others.

We were surprised knowing other toners don’t consider impedance at all. It’s like setting your intensity at 50% and receiving only 25%. So the purpose is underpowered. But Pico toner has an adjustable current to compensate for the resistance in your skin.

It’s the only device in the market to do it. Of course, you are not calculating and doing maths. Neurotris device does it for you.


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Unique features of Pico Toners

  • Treat multiple parts at the same time
  • Attach convertible quad pins with the connector and use multiple accessories simultaneously
  • Unscrew facial probe to put another probe and pick the areas accordingly (example, replace larger probes with smaller ones for soft eyes treatment. Also lip tissues treatment) 

Pico Toner Cons

  • The device runs for 20 mins and has 10 minutes reserved cushion for future updates. In case you want a 40-mins treatment, you’ll have to switch off the device and set it again for the other side.
  • The Pico cable is too small. You may feel chained with small wire size.

Myths of Pico Toner

  • It’s an unsafe handheld microcurrent device intended for facial sculpting and body toning. A big myth. There are no safety problems linked with it.
  • The spark near the eyes is dangerous. Again it’s a fallacy. It’s just the optical nerve picking up the special signature from the device. It’s perfectly safe and has no adverse effects on you.
  • It uses the same frequency throughout. Not true! The device changes the frequency every 10 mins. So you must have 5 mins of treatment on each side before the frequency changes.

Side effects with toner detoxification

  • Headache, nausea (tamable with hydration tweaks). However, personally, we or any other people we know have never experienced it

Pico Toner Recommended

  • Use it 4-5 times a week
  • Use both the programs on alternate days
  • Sit in a comfortable position while doing it
  • Don’t touch the pair of gloves as they will cancel the effect, and you’ll not be treated
  • Use both the hands-on either side of your face with p2 programming
  • Don’t touch the probes with each other

Things to remember about Pico Toner

  • Remember the protocol if you’re doing one of the arms. Remove the arm’s insert that’s needed to be done (keeping the insert on the other arm). Put the red snap on that hand; that’s to be done. Then rub the black snap gloves on the un-inserted arm.
  • When you’re doing a facial probe for product penetration, apply the stem cells or conductive ions using a brush in the targeted areas. Now hold black the electrode (the smaller probe) in your right hand if you’re using the Pico Toner on the left side. Repeat it on the other hand.


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Should you use a toner on your body?

Yes. You can use Pico toner on the body for the same reason you use it on face skin. To repair the skin cells and help their nourishments. But it’s also a body toning device. Rub the gloves on the legs, thighs, and abdomen to reap its benefits. You may also get the back and buttocks done like a massage. Please read the manual carefully for body toning.

What accessory do I use for my face?

There’s absolutely no limitation with Pico Toner. Neurotris comes up with add-ons like facial probes and pads along with the sculpting gloves. Each serves the same purpose— to give a relaxing and euphoric time to your skin. However, maneuver around these tools to get the specific part done. For example, probes are great for lip corners and crow feet.

Should I use Pico toner with the clothes on?

Pico Toner can be used with the clothes on, but it largely depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re trying to address superficial skin changes such as pigment, sun damages, and fine lines, the therapy should work better on the bare skin. If you’re treating muscle pain and damaged tissues, you can continue with the clothes on.

Does Pico toner help in lymphatic drainage?

Yes. The electrical impulses from Pico Toner stimulate the circulatory system and help open the lymphatic congestion. So you can also use the microcurrent lymphatic drainage physiotherapy toner for a lymph movement. It also helps with biohacking weight loss and anti-aging

 What is impedance in the skin?

It’s a body resistance to microcurrents. With other devices like NuFace, you might think they adjust the microcurrent automatically. But that’s not the case. However, engineers of Neurotris have made sure your Pico Toner picks the microcurrent as per your body impedance.

Can men use Pico toner?

So, men who are into skincare and fear they need to spend a lot of fortune on it have an easy-on-wallet solution with Pico Toner. Of course, Pico Toner is a unisex device that everybody can use. But please know the hair may interfere with conductivity.

What is the use of product penetration?

Neurotris advocates stem cell gels for product penetration into the skin. You simply slather it on your face with the brush and work on the procedure. It’s considered as the skin’s elixir to manage tissue homeostasis and repair the epidermis.

Is it necessary to buy probes right away with Pico Toner?

No! The sculpting gloves do everything the probe does. Start with essential body toning and facial techniques. Notice how it fares out on your skin for the first few weeks. Once you find it worthy, get into finer details with probes and facial pads.

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