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Microcurrent Eye Treatment: Definition, Benefits, & Is It Safe Around Eyes?

Your vision is your power. Don’t lose it early!

April 2, 2021 0 comments

Microcurrent eye treatment will feel gold if you’ve already got it done on your face and body. 

Not long ago— it was debatable if microcurrent stimulation therapy works or not.

Obviously, it’s not an overnight flyer that gets you to result in a day or two.

And the lack of human-controlled studies gave more fuel to the debate.

But you know how it is with electrical stimulation. Don’t you?

Using it religiously for a few months… And you have all those debates disposed of in the waste.

And with the increasing use of microcurrent stimulation for eye treatment, you can certainly feel all the arguments graving well below (because more acceptance says a lot about its success rate).

It already makes us believe you can’t wait to check how best microcurrent device affects eye conditions. Right? So are you ready for one more wonderful biohack for eye health? Well, continue reading.

What Is Microcurrent Stimulation For Eye Treatment?

what is microcurrent stimulation for eye treatment

You must have heard of acupuncture. Who hasn’t? Microcurrent applies the same principle.

It’s like… acupuncturing at points and in the region around the eyes.

The only difference is that therapists, eye doctors, and physicians deal with “currents.”

Now it’s natural to think if these currents hurt your eyes.

Fortunately, it’s absolutely safe! It’s a low current bioelectric stimulation. You might as well need 50,000 microcurrent devices to light a bulb.

So forget about catching shock in your eyes!

But why are experts bent on using microcurrents as acupuncture points for eyes?

Well, here’s what experts say about the use of electrical stimulation on the eyes:

  • helps cells hone their skills in getting rid of waste products around the eyes
  • raises the level of cell degeneration and nourishment in the ocular region
  • increases blood flow in the nerves around the eyes
  • reduces sagginess in the skin

So their microcurrent device has electrodes. Think of these electrodes as protruding props, something like… a small mace.

They use this “electrical mace” to press the area and pass on the cell rejuvenating signals beneath the skin.

What makes it more catchy?

Well, instead of voltage-driven, the microcurrent devices are current-driven.

The idea is simple. “Have a consistent and stable level of current to the eyes.”

Your microcurrent device should have three things in alignment. 

Current, frequency, and waveform! It ensures a successful, result-bearing microcurrent treatment. 

What Happens In Microcurrent Eye Treatment?

microcurrent eye treatment

In microcurrent eye treatment (MCS), the biohack doctors pass a form of electrical acupuncture in the region around the eyes and other parts of the body. Microcurrent eye treatment involves microcurrent stimulation to trigger ATP cells, and boost collagen, and elastin.

You can expect a detoxification process rapidly right after microcurrent therapy around the eyes. Besides, there is a sudden rise in blood flow and cellular metabolism around the eyes.

Is Microcurrent Safe Around The Eyes?

Yes, microcurrent is safe around the eyes and is great for removing crow’s feet, reducing dark circles, tightening eyelids, and removing puffiness around them. You can use microcurrent below, at-the corners, and right below the eyebrow region. Please make sure you move the microcurrent gently around the eye region and not press it hard.

Microcurrent Eye Treatment: What are the benefits?

microcurrent eye treatment what are the benefits

The results have been quite remarkable with applying Microcurrent around the eyes.

Most people have benefitted from better visual acuity (vision) in one or both eyes (1).

Here’s the list of eye disease you can manage with Microcurrent if you’re wondering what eye conditions it helps:

  • Scar tissue
  • Eyestrain
  • Eye spasms
  • Myopia
  • Amblyopia
  • Uveitis
  • Astigmatism
  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration
  • Dry Macular Degeneration
  • Wet Macular Degeneration
  • Retinitis pigmentosa
  • Cataracts
  • Acute Glaucoma
  • Subconjunctival Hemorrhage
  • Acute Retinal Detachment
  • Ocular Trauma
  • Presbyopia
  • Retinal vein occlusion

It’s easier to list out these eye problems than to really know how they neutralize these issues.

But we have answers for that too!

Science! It’s all science rather than believing in people who call it pseudoscience. Here’s how Microcurrent like Pico Toner maxes out these benefits:

Microcurrent Eye Treatment Use#1 Increasing blood flow in the eyes

microcurrent eye treatment use#1 increasing blood flow in the eyes

Before you assume low-ampere electric currents magically improve blood circulation in the eyes, let’s be very clear!

A lot of science is happening in the background.

Technically speaking, Microcurrent changes your body physiologically! These changes are also easily observed in many research studies.

Simply put, electric stimulation enters at the cellular level and heats up the cells.

Think of this heat as food for cells, or more precisely as fuel for cell regeneration. Now how does it help blood circulation?

There has been enough science that supports the correlation between healthy cells and dilated blood vessels in the applicable areas (eyes in this case).

So the automatic resizing of blood vessels promotes blood flow velocity in the eyes. (2)

Mind you! Most physiological conditions, including those of the eyes, show up because of impaired blood flow in these regions. It means… there’s a direct benefit for many eye problems.

Microcurrent Eye Treatment Use#2 Stimulating cellular activities

The ocular region has plenty of damaged and dead cells. If you have degenerative issues, the areas around your eyes might even run short of useful cells.

It eventually accompanies other problems, with the most common being vision issues.

But as mentioned, low-intensity electrical treatments are like food to healthy cells. But did you know they’re also therapeutic healing agents for damaged cells?

Though PicoToner gives a slight shock to the muscles around the eyes, they secretly promote cell growth and activities around it too. (3)

Again, every action your body does is basically the trillions of cells working in synergy (together).

You want these cells to be working around the eyes to avoid major vision problems. Right? So sending them a bit of current can straighten them up if they refuse to work as you expected. 😉

You’ll be surprised to know: “instead of behaving almost dead, the cells’ productivity increases by 500% with microcurrents.” 

Microcurrent Eye Treatment Use#3 Reducing scar tissues around the eyes

microcurrent eye treatment use#3 reducing scar tissues around eyesIn case you’ve used Microcurrent to reduce scar tissues (marks) in your body, don’t be shocked knowing it works on the eyes as well.

Well, well! Scar tissues in the eyes? Is it even possible? Yes! It is! Surgeries and inflammation in the eyes can make scar tissues grow in your eyes.

Corneal scarring is scary if you haven’t seen the pictures yet.

Not saying Microcurrent obliterates all the scars, but long-term use shows healthy changes to these scary-looking scars.

In fact, many studies show microcurrents may not erase scar tissues built-up around the eyes entirely but remold them into healthy-resembling tissues. (4)

Microcurrent Eye Treatment Use#4 Toning down inflammation in the eyes

microcurrent eye treatment what should you expect from itBody inflammation is bearable at times.

But it’s hard to go along with inflammation in the eyes. Uveitis is one such inflammatory condition that can come suddenly and get worse quickly.

Also, it accompanies pain, redness, and blurred vision.

Plus, viruses and allergies can add to your inflammation. So it’s really crucial you get away with these vision-threatening issues.

Fortunately, Microcurrent has gained tremendous traction as an energy producer (ATP) in cells by 500%.

When you send microcurrent signals to the cells, the activity reduces inflammation-causing proteins— cytokines in the body.

These electrical impulses help in secreting Substance P— an essential secretion for fending off pain around the eyes.

So you can assume how beneficial Microcurrent is in healing wounds around the eyes and preventing vision impairment. Our pick, Foreo Bear microcurrent is amazing to handle inflammation.

Microcurrent Eye Treatment: What Should You Expect From It?

It’s safe to say you can expect your vision to improve. Many celebs and respondents have reported more transparent and brighter vision, post-microcurrent eye treatment.

The visual acuity test supports these respondents’ claims that they found it much easier to read eye charts.

But yes, there have been cases where Microcurrent didn’t work out for everyone. In fact, it’s advisable everyone reads microcurrent contraindication before getting it done. It may not always work for you for some reasons.

And the ones who experienced improved vision went for continuous treatments.

You can get treated in a clinic or do-it-yourself at home. Microcurrent devices are intelligent; portable devices made for home use.

Some “do’s” if you have decided to go for Microcurrent:

  • Let experts know your eye conditions if it’s in a clinic.
  • Commit yourself to lifelong therapy if you’re undertaking this treatment at home.
  • Be prepared for treating several days a week.
  • The results may not be permanent for everyone, even if they use it for six or more months.
  • For some, the results may show up as early as a couple of months.
  • Continue the treatments. The ones who put brakes got back to square one (concerning their visions).
  • Don’t lose hope if you don’t see positive results. People may not experience the wanted results, but Microcurrent does stabilize vision. Meaning? If not good, the electric current will deaccelerate the rate of vision deterioration. 
  • With degenerative problems as macular degeneration, stable vision is one of the most valuable gains for you, if not the most valuable.
  • Again, carry on the regular treatment for stabilization too.
  • Don’t think of Microcurrent as a magic bullet. It’s not a permanent cure! But there’s no denying it helps with vision improvement.

What Is Microcurrent Electrical Stimulation Treatment Like?

what is microcurrent electrical stimulation treatment like

Well, microcurrent technology makes it possible for you to treat yourself daily! It’s more or less like a self-administer treatment. What sets microcurrent home treatment units apart from in-salon/clinic treatment?

  • super easy to learn
  • extremely fun to apply at points
  • leaves no pain

The points around the eyes (crow’s feet, cilia, lacrimal gland) are treated multiple times a week. You will only need fifteen to twenty minutes for every treatment.

If you don’t have much time and want to go once per week, apply for at least half an hour.

Should you need continued improvements and stabilization, make sure you remain faithful to your device even after the first six months.

Microcurrent Eye Treatment: Who’s the ideal patient for it?

It took some years for the electric stimulation community to figure out ideal patient groups that responded well to the Microcurrent.

Microcurrent worked well on patients with as many eye problems, including dry macular degeneration (non-exudative macular degeneration).

But it showed no substantial results in patients with “wet” macular degeneration (exudative macular degeneration).

There’s still a demand for rich data to confirm if Microcurrent works well with the wet form of age-related macular degeneration.

So if you’re suffering from it, there’s no science-backed guarantee it will benefit you.

However, for other conditions, recent data suggest a positive change in vision.

It is based on visual acuity testing. The testing indicates Microcurrent improves visual fields. And yes, not to forget high scoring on color testing too.

Other patients with Stargardt’s Disease have also observed positive effects with microcurrent stimulation therapy.

In short, Microcurrent is for anyone who’s looking to trigger cellular activity in the ocular region.

Oops! We completely missed on dark circles, drooping eyes, and creasy eye bottoms.

Microcurrent also helps with all these conditions apart from severe eye problems.

Microcurrent Eye Treatment: What are the criteria for getting treated?

can microcurrent treat age related macular degeneration

Don’t waste your money on Microcurrent if you don’t match these criteria. Honestly, this is how crucial these criteria are:

1) Ask yourself: Is an eye professional monitoring a couple of first treatments? What’s their qualification? Are they Ophthalmologists or Optometrists? It’s vital you get treated under an expert initially, so you know all the perks of it. You can later switch to DIY methods and save loads of money!

2) Are you eligible for microcurrent eye treatment? We emphasize getting checked with experts because they evaluate your health and nutritional state before passing any signals on your body.

3) What are your zinc levels? You need minerals in your body to make microcurrent work on your body. Think of these minerals as an electrolyte in the body. When microcurrent electrodes touch your body, these conducive minerals help the easy flow of electrons in the cells. If you haven’t got them measured yet, go for it. Hard luck in case you’re mineral deficient; there will be a muted effect on you!

4) What’s your optimum level of current and frequency? You need to know this because not all devices are made equal. Some settings in microcurrent devices may harm you for the worse. You don’t want that!

Also read: Contraindications for Microcurrent

Microcurrent Eye Treatment: Is it painful?

No! Microcurrent isn’t painful. You may find a spark around your eyes when you use devices such as Neurotris Pico Toner, MyoLift, or Foreo Bear.

Don’t worry! The device isn’t harming your eyes. The spark is completely safe and just a microcurrent signature received by the cells.

Is Microcurrent For Eyes Safe?


Yes! There are no severe side effects or adverse outcomes with Microcurrent.

But there’s always a little concern with patients suffering from a wet form of macular degeneration.

If not valuable for treatment, you may think it may increase wet form conversion. But studies show there’s no bleeding or exudation tendency.

How do we say this with so much affirmation?

Well, The National Institutes of Health unveiled a statement in 1997.

It covered pretty much everything about the studies of eye treatments using microcurrent stimulation.

The best part about the statement was that it reported Microcurrent as “One of the absolute advantages…… over drugs and other medical procedures used for the same conditions” as ocular problems.

You can find the complete document from NIH too.

Can Microcurrent Hurt Your Eyes?

Patients and do-it-yourself biohackers have complained about high microcurrent hurting their eyes adversely in the past. The older microcurrent technology had “adjustable knobs” which made patients turn the current at a high level by mistake. However, modern-day microcurrents have bearable levels of current which are safe around the eyes. There’s safety from the high current as long as patients use trusted microcurrents.

What Are The Long Or Short-Term Side-Effects Of Microcurrents?

Now you know Microcurrent is not a miracle chime that fixes all your problems.

More than reversing the vision problems, we’re focused on stopping the progression. Just like instead of reversing age by 20 years, we focused on preventing aging, we will do the same here.

Getting too excited to run over your eye problems can land in your trouble, especially if you aren’t checking an expert initially.

You may feel tempted to use Microcurrent for its low current settings, and rightly so, it involves minimal risk.

But that doesn’t license you to abuse microcurrent therapy without any precautions. If you don’t really go as per the guidelines, only a matter of time; these long and short-term side effects will bother you.

what are the long or short-term side-effects of mcs

Here’s all you should know if you’re using DIY Microcurrent:

  1. Don’t bother yourself with microcurrents if you have pacemakers/seizure disorders. Of course, it’s not entirely contraindicated, but it’s best you get a letter of recommendation from your neurologist or cardiologist for the treatment. Low current doesn’t necessarily keep you safe every time.
  2. You know the current and frequency settings for your body. The crux of the matter is: Microcurrent behaves differently with different bodies. You should know if you’re an ideal candidate. Neglecting eligibility criteria may leave you open to side effects.

Now, what’s the most considerable risk with Microcurrent?

Well, it’s having a high current pass to your body. Ill-researched microcurrent devices have “adjustable knobs” where users turn up the level to extremely high values (knowingly or unknowingly).

The high current is not suitable for your eyes. In fact, it can worsen your eye’s condition.

Thankfully, devices, like approved and reviewed microcurrent devices, are programmed in advance! They have a “uniform current” or “consistent supply of current.” It means… you can’t adjust the knobs at a high level. There’s no way you can change the level by mistake.

It is the reason why we ask you to get treated by the experts initially.

Frequently asked questions on Microcurrent Eye Treatment

can microcurrent treat age related macular degeneration

You may want to go through these commonly asked questions.

Can Microcurrent Treat Age-Related Macular Degeneration?

Yes! Microcurrent has shown tremendous benefits in slowing down the progress of macular degeneration. It’s a pathbreaking treatment considering macular degeneration leads to most permanent vision loss.

Is Microcurrent Stimulation Safe?

Yes! It’s safe for use. But do read the using guideline on the information leaflet.

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