How To Boost Collagen And Elastin Naturally- 13 Mind-Blowing Tricks

Tricks to Cut a Decade off Your Skin

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Collagen Stimulation

What are the best tips for collagen stimulation?

Looking at collagen stimulation therapy before and after pics, you will understand why everyone is suddenly obsessed with it. 

And so are we; enhancing collagen production can transform your skin health and appearance. And that is what we live for; healthy, youthful, and glowy skin. We know you here for that too. 

Our quick little secret for collagen production is microcurrent such as Foreo Bear. But there are so many other methods too. If you want your skin to return the favor, you need to go strong on enhancing collagen production. But how do you do it? 

Read ahead for the best tips to stimulate collagen production. 

Why is Collagen Production Important to Your Skin? 

Now, as you grow older, collagen formation in your skin starts declining. And, this means that untimely signs of aging start creeping in. 

Collagen makes up to 75% of your skin weight. It also makes up to 30% of the total amount of your body’s protein. 

They provide strength to your skin and hold it together. Furthermore, it helps the skin renew. And it keeps the skin moist. (1)  

As collagen formation declines, people are lured into applying collagen topically. And, many people perceive it as a way to boost collagen production. 

It does not. Collagen is made of giant protein molecules. Therefore, it cannot penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. 

While this may help with hydration, it may not help with other things such as skin elasticity. And, it is only a temporary way to solve the collagen decline issue. 

The best resort is to find how to boost collagen naturally. 

 And we discuss that in detail below. 

The Best Ways to Boost Collagen Stimulation

As mentioned above, the best way to boost collagen stimulation is to start deeper within the cells. It is not ideal to apply collagen creams topically. 

Here are the best ways of stimulating collagen production in the skin from the comfort of your house. 

Use Hyaluronic Acid for Collagen Stimulation

hyaluronic acid

We don’t doubt it. You must have heard how much hyaluronic acid is an asset in skincare. 

But what can it do for your collagen production? 

Hyaluronic acid is a critical compound for collagen in the skin. It is popular in foods rich in amino acids, such as beans, soy, and root vegetables. Eating foods rich in hyaluronic acid can tremendously boost your collagen levels.  

There are a lot of brands that sell hyaluronic acid as supplements. You can go for these too. 

One popular Hyaluronic acid function is that it makes skin more supple. It is, therefore, ideal, especially with advancing age often marked with skin thinning. It is also known to:

  • Quench thirsty skin, 
  • reduce wrinkle appearance, 
  • boosts skin elasticity,
  • generally slows the aging of your skin. 

Vitamin C for Collagen Stimulation

If you want to improve collagen synthesis, you need to up your vitamin C intake. You can do this through your diet or vitamin supplements. 

 First, vitamin C supports the formation of hyaluronic acid. You already know what this can do to your skin.

Therefore, ensure your diet is composed of lots of:

  • oranges, 
  • kale, 
  • strawberries, 
  • red peppers, 
  • broccoli
  • brussels sprouts

We always encourage our readers to go strong on vitamin C. Why, you may ask. It is because the body does not manufacture its vitamin C. You have to give it an adequate supply. 

Get your vitamin C right to support collagen formation. If you look at the vitamin C for wrinkles before and after pictures, you will be amazed. 

Aloe Vera Gel for Collagen Stimulation

We often use aloe vera gel to treat rashes or sunburns. However, new research shows much more you can get from aloe vera. 

You do not have to wait for skin damage such as sunburns to occur. You can treat your skin topically using aloe vera gel. However, there are now aloe extracts you can take orally. And, these will work magic in the formation of collagen. 

 From research, taking aloe sterols orally has doubled the production of hyaluronic acid, and even more, interestingly doubled collagen production. Tell us, what more can you ask for in your anti-aging skincare routine? 

Furthermore, aloe stimulates cell growth, which stimulates the reduction of wrinkles. 

Also, Aloe Vera is the perfect substitute for conductive liquids.


Ginseng is another supplement you can use for your collagen stimulation. It has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. 

A 2012 research shows that ginseng increases collagen components in the bloodstream. 

Furthermore, ginseng has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties. Also, from the research, ginseng was found to slow down the skin’s aging process. Ginseng is mainly found in the forms of tea, supplements, and tinctures. 


Another top tip on boosting collagen in the skin is taking antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your body and cells from free radicals. Think of it as a way to protect healthy cells. 

 Before we progress, we would like you to know that not all antioxidants will support collagen function and formation. However, when collagen production decreases, taking some antioxidants can boost the functioning of the little collagen present. 

There are several types of antioxidants that can promote collagen production. However, if you would love to increase antioxidants through your diet, take more of:

  • blueberries,
  • licorice extract,
  • Verba mate, 
  • mulberry extract, 
  • pomegranate extract
  • cinnamon, 
  • basil, 
  • coffee extract,
  • astragalus
  • Oregano and thyme essential oils

Also, free radicals in the skin stimulate skin aging and cell turnover. Therefore, if you want younger-looking, healthy skin, take antioxidants. 

Red Light Therapy

Another super-effective way to restore collagen naturally is getting red light therapy. 

Do you know why we choose red light therapy over many other skin treatments? Well, of course, it is so good to stimulate collagen and elastin production. However, we choose it repeatedly because it leads to no complications. For instance, you will need time to heal with other skin treatments such as chemical peels. 

Red light therapy is a speedy way to strengthen the collagen fibers and boost their production. You will be mesmerized if you look at the red light therapy for wrinkles before and after pictures. 

If you would love to produce collagen in non-invasive ways, go for red light therapy. You can get these over the counter and do the treatment at home. We trust Joovv red light devices


Sometimes, it’s not all about boosting collagen synthesis. You have to prolong the lifespan of the collagen and elastin for long-lasting glowing skin. And, this is where retinol comes in. They increase the lifespan of the already existing collagen. And, at the same time, it stimulates the human body to produce more collagen. 

Additionally, retinol inhibits enzymes that destroy collagen in the skin. This, therefore, makes it an asset to your skincare routine. 

Protect your Skin from the Environment

How often do you apply your sunscreen? If it’s only during hot summer days or when you are headed to the beach, you need to do more. Harsh UV rays destroy collagen in the skin. 

With constant exposure to the sun, you will first see sunburns. Not long after, you will start noticing aging effects such as the 11 lines and sagging skin. This is a sign of collagen destruction and decline. You do not want to wait until you get to these adverse reactions. 

Therefore, protect your skin from sun exposure. Whenever you are under the sunshine, have on your:

  • sunscreen, 
  • hat,
  • sunglasses, 
  • cover-ups for exposed skin. 

This is a sure way to not interfere with new collagen formation. 


Marine plant ingredients are taking up space in the cosmetic industry. And, they are here to stay. This is because most skin damages occur due to oxidation. These are often caused by pollution, which interrupts cell growth. 

Algae protect the skin from oxidation processes. It also stimulates collagen fiber manufacturing. This, therefore, ensures that your skin remains elastic. 

 You can find algae in most health food stores in the form of oral supplements. 

Vitamin A Derivatives and Retinoids 

Reducing collagen in the body can be signified with persistent acne scarring. Now, this is a skin condition that many people struggle with. Vitamin A derivatives can help rectify this. 

 If you would love to boost your collagen production while still preserving your skin from harmful external agents, get collagen supplements that contain vitamin A.

The Best Professional Treatments for Collagen Stimulation 

We have discussed the best ways to stimulate collagen manufacturing at home. 

However, you should know that these will take time, patience, and consistency. That is it about using dietary support such as collagen supplements. You may not see tangible results in the first week. 

And, that is why we encourage our readers to supplement the above dietary changes with professional microcurrent treatments for collagen stimulation. We swear by this because of how tangible and speedy their results are. They guarantee you increased collagen levels within a short time of use. 

Enough talk; we will get right into the best professional treatments for collagen stimulation. 

 Pico Toner

neurotris pico toner device and accessories fda cleared

 Pico toner is one of the best biohacking skin tools you could ever invest in. And the reasons are simple:

  • it offers almost instant results, 
  • the results stay with you long after you break from using it, 
  • they rectify untimely sagging skin. 

One of the symptoms of collagen and elastin decline is sagging skin. And, using the pico toner device can reverse the sagging skin. 

The fact that it leaves an impact on your skin even if you stop using it for some time keeps terrific us. And, you may wonder how the pico toner device does that. It works by:

  • increasing blood flow to the blood vessels, 
  • lifts sagging facial skin, 
  • nourishes skin cells, 
  • tightens skin pores, 
  • reduces cellulite, fine lines, and crow’s feet near the eyes, 
  • stimulates collagen and elastin production, giving you more plump and youthful skin. 


myolift mini microcurrent machine with applicatior probes

The Myolift is another device taking the biohacking beauty industry by storm. 

And, it is getting all the applause, thanks to its ability to revive drooping jawlines, chins, and neck. In short, if you want to lift your facial skin, the Myolift should be your most desired biohacking tool. 

 Think of a Myolift as a workout for your neck and face. It helps strengthen and lift the facial muscles. And, we love how it penetrates deeper into the muscles. 

Even more convincing, Myolift’s use for treating different skin conditions is FDA_approved. 

And how does it work? It stimulates cell development and collagen production in the cell. You will soon discover that it is a way to cut some decades of your skin appearance. 


foreo microcurrent devices bear, bear mini and serums

In our pursuit of going strong and stronger on biohacking, we discovered another device that can give more life to your skin. The Foreo bear facial toning device sends minute electric waves to the skin. 

The electric currents penetrate the skin pores and enhance cellular activities. While at it, the currents help eliminate toxins and tighten loose skin. but even more importantly for younger-looking skin, the electric currents sent by Foreo stimulate collagen and elastin production. That is a sure way to look several decades younger. 

Collagen Stimulation Frequently Asked Questions 

Let’s get it straight: many people have gotten collagen stimulation wrong for ages. A lot of people end up with treatments that never show any results. The trick starts from deep within the muscles. 

And, we know you could be having more doubts. We answer a few Collagen stimulation FAQs below to clear any doubts you could be having. 

What is collagen stimulation?

Collagen stimulation is the process of pushing your body to produce more collagen. As you age, the collagen naturally declines. The situation is made worse by lifestyle choices and environmental hazards (2). To keep your skin in good shape, you have to master the biohacking tricks discussed to manufacture more collagen. 

Can collagen be stimulated by massage?

Yes, one of the ways you can stimulate collagen production is by getting body massages. However, you will have to supplement the massages with other ways such as dietary changes, lifestyle changes, and the use of microcurrent devices such as the pico toner, myolift, and foreo. 

Final Thoughts 

The secret to cutting a decade or two from your skin appearance is stimulating collagen synthesis in your skin. You will long forget about the untimely signs of aging and unhealthy skin with increased collagen production. You will, however, need patience and consistency to achieve desirable results. And, this is why we encourage our readers to speed up their results with Pico toner, Myolift, or Foreo. With these devices to back up your pursuit for more collagen, you will achieve more tangible and long-lasting results. 

Go ahead, get that youthful skin you have always wanted for years. 





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