BrainTap Reviews In 2022: What Is It, Benefits, Result, Shipping, & Refund

When you have control over your consciousness

BrainTap reviews-  A must-read if you’re determined to change your life for the better.

‘Change your life for the better’ sounds a little vague, doesn’t it?

It’s too-bright-and-sunny-from-afar a statement…

And we agree!

We’ve always thought of it as ‘easier said than done.’


Until we came across the BrainTap Headset!

What wouldn’t we give to use our brain to its optimum capacity?

To have razor-sharp clarity and focus?

To improve our mental agility?

Or to reduce stress?

And, to sleep better every single night?

We’d trade almost ANYTHING for lifelong peace.

Wouldn’t we?

We’ve turned to yoga, meditation, healthy lifestyle habits…

We’ve tried seeking refuge in nature from time to time.

But, how do we make a habit of it?

Or, how do we get the most effective results?

And we all know that learning to meditate is no small feat.

And to do it for more than 5 minutes?

An arduous task for sure!

But BrainTap technology has made our lives much simpler.

We don’t have to trade a thing (except money, of course!), and we don’t have to stress about stress either!

orchid and braintap headset

The big question is: what exactly is brain tap?

What is the BrainTap headset?

One of the best biohacking tools!

Imagine being cut off from the entire world around you…

Hard to, when you’re surrounded by city clamor and crowd!

That’s where BrainTap enters!

A brilliant tool for beginner and intermediate-level meditation practitioners.

The Bluetooth-enabled BrainTap headset is fitted with headphones and an LED visor that helps you cut yourself off from the outside world.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re at the office…

Or in the middle of the bustling city

You can now meditate whenever you want, wherever you want!

We’re sure you want to know more, so let’s get deeper into the details…

What Does the BrainTap Headset Really Do?

a girl is lying on the bed and listening the braintap headset

Let’s be honest!

We’ve all tried meditating, and the majority of us failed at it.

To sit still for, say, 5 minutes, or to close your eyes and train your mind to be void of thoughts, is extremely difficult and needs immense discipline.

But our brain hovers over all sorts of thoughts, and eventually, we quit trying.

The BrainTap headset helps us get through this difficulty using brain entrainment and frequency following response (more on this later).

The BrainTap technology combines light, music, and sound to induce deep relaxation.

The headset consists of a set of headphones and a visor that sends gentle light pulses.

Two types of sounds – Isochronic tones and Binaural beats – are used to sync the light pulses and induce desired states of consciousness.

It has been found through research that flickering lights and synced sounds can help your mind achieve deep relaxation states.

But, when combined, they produce extraordinary results!

You can achieve a state of serenity that facilitates optimum balance, focus, and learning.

And if you’ve ever tried meditating, you know it’s tough to achieve that state!

And the tech is super easy to use!

Use the BrainTap App and load your audio file.

Place the headset and visor over your eyes, and that’s it!

Let’s talk a little about the BrainTap audio files.

The Brain Tap Audio Files

The BrainTap Pro App provides ten guided visualization sessions with 700 audio sessions spread across 43 categories!

The audio plans are designed intentionally to solve specific problems such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Stress Relief
  • Pain Management

Instead of doing something to enter the meditative state, you have to let yourself be immersed in the audio experience.

Less stressful and more benefitting!

What Happens During a BrainTap Session?

a man is lying on the bed and listening the braintap headset

A recommended BrainTap Session generally lasts about 22 minutes.

All you need is the headset, the visor, and an audio session.

Once you’ve put on the headset, close your eyes and place the visor.

Be ready to be drenched by the rich light and sound experience!

The BrainTap technology process treats you to a beautiful light show and an immersing audio track that induces the theta/alpha brainwave frequencies.

From the active beta state, the audio-visual experience brings you to the drowsy/dreamy state.

Most advanced-level meditation practitioners can enter this state without external help.

You may experience colorful geometric patterns, or as the session progresses, you’ll lose track of the flashing lights altogether.

Based on the science of frequency following response, your brainwave activity follows the pulse rate of the neuro-sensory algorithms.

And as it happens, your mind begins to envision the changes you want to bring in your life!

Hard to believe, right?

Let’s try to understand the technology better!

BrainTap and Brainwave Entrainment

a girl is sitting on the sofa with black dog and listening the braintap headset

We’ve mentioned Brainwave entrainment previously in this article, and we’re sure it left you confused.

BrainTap technology is based on the principle of brainwave entrainment.

A better understanding of it will help you make your buying decision with more clarity.

When an organism synchronizes to an external rhythm or flow, it is known as entraining.

Now, think of our brain as the organism here.

With the help of the flashing lights and audio, your mind is entrained.

Your mind is stimulated to particular brainwave frequencies that are linked to deep relaxation.

And guided visualization helps form mental images.

This state is what all meditation practitioners desire!

What is Visualization and How it Works With the  Brain Tap app?

a woman is listening braintap headset

Can you affect the outside world with just your thoughts?

Forget the outside world; can you change your life with your thoughts and focused imagination?

Visualization has been a topic for research for decades!

And it has proven to be effective in improving physical and mental performance.

Create a mental image of the kind of life you want, the kind of future you envision.

The visualization of a goal helps you prepare for it.

Thereby reducing fear!

Many people have attributed their success to their visualization process.

And that includes artists, inventors, people with corporate jobs…

Athletes, even!

People have experienced a high level of concentration and performance owing to visualization.

BrainTap helps you reach a state of calm and tranquility which stimulates the brain to visualize better!

It boosts your creative state, intensifies your concentration, and enhances your learning ability.

The benefits of Brain Tap

braintap headset

 As you know, a proven biohacking tool, BrainTap has a lot of benefits that meet the eye!

But to begin with, it helps you step out of everyday stress.

Meditation, yoga, breath-work, sound healing are some of the few wellness practices people have been trying.

Because why not opt for a healthy way to deal with anxiety?

But, how do you transform these wellness practices into habits?

BrainTap is a holistic well-being device that brings a novel experience to the table for wellness practitioners and enthusiasts.

The 20 minutes you wear the BrainTap headset can forget all your worries and entrain your brain to better the relaxation response.

That’s not all!

There are so many other benefits that will make you want to try the BrainTap headset.

  • Improved inward awareness
  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • Helps you adapt to a healthier lifestyle
  • A positive change in your behavior and thoughts
  • Improved focus and performance
  • A surge in productivity levels
  • Endorphin and serotonin release leading to happiness

It’s hard to believe that a piece of technology can improve your life, isn’t it?

But to believe it, you have to use it!

Users have noted that they sleep better, have reduced negative thoughts, and are calmer.

What more do we need?

Who Can Use the BrainTap Headset?

a girl is sitting on the beach

Anyone who wants to benefit from the BrainTap technology!

If you aren’t sensitive to flashing lights, the BrainTap headset is ideal for you.

If you have minor light sensitivity, you can adjust the light intensity on the headset.

You’ll have to try it a couple of times to find the correct setting.

The gentle pulses from the headset and the guided audio sessions when combined make for a potent tool.

You can aim to achieve enhanced performance and laser-like focus.

Who can’t use the brain tap app?

The BrainTap headset is recommended for people with a healthy brain. 

People with severe mental disorders should not use the headset as it can trigger seizures.

Since the BrainTap technology makes use of flashing lights to sync brainwave activity, it’s essential to know if you’re light sensitive or not.

If you’re extremely sensitive to light and are diagnosed with seizures due to it, you should NOT use the lights in the visor.

However, you can always turn them off.

And reap the benefits of the audio sessions, guided visualization sessions, and the sounds.

What will you experience with BrainTapping?

a person is lying on the sofa with phone

A client once described what it was like to use the headset to the creator of BrainTap, Dr. Porter – “It feels like my body fell asleep, but my mind stayed awake.”

When you use the BrainTap headset, you have your brain engaged in visualizing positive change.

It generates a sleep-like, natural state. Without any conscious effort, you anchor your vision.

You rehearse new changes, positive behavior, beliefs, and the kind of improved life you picture.

You create a timeline for success in your mind.

You’ll experience a trance-like state that will ensure stress relief, mental clarity, and increased blood flow.

If you’ve had an encounter with insomnia, the headset is the perfect tool for biohacking sleep.

How soon will you notice the results after using the braintap headset?

woman is watching braintap app at her phone

Whenever we try something new, we dive into it head-on with the expectation of a miracle.

And that’s where we falter!

When you first put on the BrainTap headset, you should begin your session with an open mind.

The experience will probably be very new, very different.

Probably like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

The flashing lights can be distracting; the dual voice processing can seem very foreign to your ears.

Please Note: Try to relax and let your mind free. Let the lights and sounds immerse you in an experience of a kind.

With this attitude, you’re sure to notice its effects within a session or two.

About 90% of users have reported that they felt relaxed, refreshed, and energized after just one session!

They noticed a positive change in their desire for healthy food and water.

With specific guided visualization audio sessions, people have achieved desired results in just a few weeks!

Some Facts About BrainTap Technology Used

Here’s the list of facts about BrainTap you should know

  • BrainTap headset is extremely safe and easy to use. It’s like walking over a cake.
  • You can improve your thinking, concentration, memory, and creativity only by attending a 20-minutes BrainTap session. Usually, BrainTap enhances the blood flow to the brain and helps brain fitness at the same time.
  • When you use BrainTap headset, your brain reaches a relaxation state. The brain tap headset allows your brain to relax by releasing serotonin and other crucial beta-endorphins. You will more focused, composed, and balanced with 20 minutes BrainTap session.
  • People who have used BrainTap headset have testified positive response from the headset in improving sleep cycle, inducing energy, and building sense of well-being.
  • More than 100,000 people use BrainTap Technology audio-sessions every day to improve their well-being and receive astounding health results. Patrick K. Porter, PhD, took decades to research and develop brainwave technology.

Honest BrainTap Reviews: Pros and cons

braintap headset and a phone

Let’s dive into the crux of this review- the pros and cons of BrainTap!

BrainTap reviews: Pros

  • BrainTap headset is easy to set up. No gels or extra efforts needed
  • A significant number of tracks available
  • From sleep quality to a healthy lifestyle or relationship balance, you can aim for anything with this technology
  • A perfect way to attain a meditative state, especially if you live amidst the bustle of the city
  • The fusion of binaural beats and LEDs has proven to be an efficient way to get into the theta state
  • Biorhythm scores are improved

BrainTap reviews: Cons

  • Pretty expensive, even for one of the best biohacking products that work wonders
  • An additional monthly subscription of $12 for using their app makes it even costlier
  • After this expenditure, you’re limited to four tracks a day

Sounds like something you need?


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What Are The Primary Brainwave Frequencies?

a woman is sitting on the sofa

There are four primary brainwave frequencies using which you can shift your brainwave activity. 

Let’s dive into it to understand how these frequencies can affect our mental state and how amazing all of this is!

BrainTap reviews frequencies #1: Beta 13-30 Hz

If you’re attentive while reading this Braintap review, processing all the information, and analyzing it critically, your brainwave activity is in the Beta state.

We spend most of the ‘awake’ hours of our life in this state, the wide-alert state of mind. 

All our negative emotions, such as fear, frustration, insecurities, etc., are processed in this brainwave frequency.

To put it more simply, it is the ‘human’ state. We become a critic, an analyst, and a rationalist when we are in the Beta state.

And we all know how stressful this ‘human’ mind is, right?

And most of us become a slave to the beta state, destroying our mental clarity and peace.

However, you could easily choose not to by using the Braintap Headset.

The Braintap headset trains you to stop the beta brainwave activity and pulls you out from the dominating stress.

BrainTap reviews frequencies #2: Alpha 8-13 Hz

braintap headset with pink flowers

We all have been guilty of daydreaming at least once in our life. 

We either encounter something that triggers our inward awareness or are simply bored enough to let our minds wander.

Whatever the reason may be, this state of mind where you let your imagination flow, where you are relaxed and in peace, you’re in the alpha state of mind.

Alpha waves trigger your intuitive brain, and you dip into a super-learning state. (1)

BrainTap reviews frequencies #3: Theta 4-8 Hz

Now, this, the theta state of mind, is where all the miracles happen.

The inventions, the ideas, the inspiration, the creation; all of it stems from the theta brainwave activity.

You experience semi-consciousness and are somewhere in between sleep and consciousness. 

It’s the perfect meditative state that keeps you composed enough for reinventing yourself.

The Braintap headphones take you to the theta state using sounds and visuals. 

You stay afloat in this state with Braintap technology, with which realizing your goals and the pathway to it become clear. (2)

BrainTap reviews frequencies #4: Delta 1-4 Hz

This brainwave frequency puts you in deep REM sleep. You are unconscious during this brainwave activity.

However, the objective of the Braintap headset is to elevate your personal development. 

And this is only possible in the meditative state of theta.

So, this wellness biohacking headset stops you from falling into a dreamless sleep. 

The light and sound patterns of the Braintap technology keep changing for the same reason.


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The Four Key Elements of the BrainTap Technologies

binaural beats

BrainTap uses brainwave entrainment in its technology and these are the four key elements that play its part in doing so:

BrainTap reviews element #1: Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are the embedded sounds or tones that help the brain enter a deep state of relaxation.

It usually takes years to reach this meditative state where the brain can perform on extraordinary levels of creativity and invention.

However, binaural beats trick the brain into hearing a phantom frequency to prompt theta brainwave activity.

For instance, if the Braintap headset plays a 220Hz carrier tone into the left ear and a 226.5Hz carrier tone into the right ear, your brain catches the difference between the two frequencies, which is 6.5Hz.

And 6.5Hz is the same Theta frequency that pulls you in the deep, relaxing meditative state.

Because the brain does its math and follows this frequency to a meditative state, Binaural beats have been a proven self-development tool in the wellness industry.

BrainTap reviews element #2: The 10-Cycle Holographic Music

Our brain is simply outstanding!

And we know you’d agree, but the reason we are stressing it here is its ability to perceive sounds from all around.

We can hear sounds from all around, but that’s not it; our brain also knows where each of the sounds comes from, the distance, the direction, the frequency, everything!

BrainTap adopted this in their technology with the 10-cycle holographic music. It plays sonic music that gives you a 360 degree sound environment.

This 360-degree sonic environment allows the brain to visualize better, pushing you to a more receptive learning state.

BrainTap reviews element #3: Isochronic Tones

isochronic tones

Manually generated, isochronic tones are repetitive beats from the same tone.

In simple words, this sound technology has the same beats from a tone that create equal intensity pulses of sound with silence in between them.

These tones turn ON and OFF real fast, but the speed also depends on which frequency your brain prefers.

The isochronic tone is one of the latest brainwave entrainment technologies, and its simplicity of conditioning the brain has made it a popular technique for progressive relaxation.

BrainTap reviews element #4: Guided Visualization

“You are in a deep forest. There are trees all around you. The air is filled with the earth’s smell and you hear a bubbling stream nearby. You take a deep breath and feel a sense of calm as soon as the clean air hits your lungs.”

See what we did there?

Guided meditation!

We guided you to form mental images of yourself using just words.

Guided visualization has been around for years now, and the most common form of its execution is verbal- Spoken word sessions.

But with Braintap’s brainwave entrainment technology like binaural beats and holographic music, the results of guided visualization are outstanding.


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What Is Included in a BrainTap Headset Package?

a braintap headset package

Here is what you’ll find in the BrainTap Package:

  • LED-equipped earphones with LED visor
  • Standard USB charger
  • Audio cord
  • Product case
  • User Manual

Before you start using the headset, make sure you download the app on your smart device. You can also download BrainTap audio sessions from the website for free.

The BrainTap Headset Guarantee

Here are the guarantee/warranty highlights for BrainTap headphones:

  • BrainTap Technologies offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for the headset
  • You’ll need an RMA(Return Merchandise Authorization) number to get a return. Contact support for the same
  • The eligibility window for returning the product begins from the day you receive the package
  • Shipping costs are not refunded
  • BrainTap Headset original model has a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty
  • The Bluetooth model has a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty


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Some of the Braintap technology reviews

Well, we know how difficult it is for you to spend hard earned bills on technologies you’ve never heard of. But there’s no reason why you wouldn’t believe someone else’s words of mouth.

If you haven’t been convinced with Brain Tap and have no clue how it would come out for your brain, you’d like to go through some of the BrainTap Technologies Reviews given by veteran users themselves.

Here’s what some customers have to say about BrainTap experience:

  1. some felt their numbers of cellcore went extremely high
  2. some used brain tap to treat migraine
  3. other users felt their emotional concussion reaching a better state
  4. another biohacker showed low stress level

You’d like to check their reviews here:


Does BrainTap really work? 

dog and headset


BrainTap has proven to decrease self-doubts, destructive habits, impulsive behavior, and other negative tendencies.

It has helped many people in experiencing the joy of a higher state of consciousness with its brainwave entrainment technology.

So yes, it does work.

Is BrainTap safe? 

There’s no reason for it to be unsafe!

BrainTap is absolutely safe if flashing lights are not a problem for you.

If you suffer from medical conditions such as seizures, epilepsy, brain injury, or photosensitivity, you must ask your doctor before using BrainTap.

How much does BrainTap cost? 

a girl is listening music

The current cost of BrainTap is $647. It may vary periodically, but this headset will cost you anywhere from around $550 to $700.