Joovv Reviews In 2022: What Is It, Benefits, Before & After Result, & Price

Solve all your major health problems by consuming red light at home

Joovv devices have made it to many homes ever since the lockdowns showed up. If you haven’t tried yet, you must be thinking, what’s all the fuss! 

Well, have you seen local aestheticians, masseurs, medical offices, and chiropractors shining red light on patients? That’s where Joovv draws its concepts from. We know it by the name red light therapy.

Light therapy is nothing new. Humans have been eating lights (not literally) for centuries. We call the interaction between the body and lights “photobiology.” 

Lights are beneficial to our bodies, and the argument is long-established. But are red light therapies beneficial?

Don’t worry! We will look deeper into photobiology using red light therapy devices such as Joovv— the roaring biohacking device for body therapy in the market. So let’s catch up on the game. We consider Joovv one of the top biohacking tools for 2021. 

What is Joovv red light therapy?

what is joovv red light therapy

Remember the time you interacted with natural Sunlight on beaches and gardens? That was one of the key ways to have natural nutrients to thrive. But here’s the rub: Sunlight is not always good for you because they radiate harmful rays like UV rays dangerous for your skin. So what do you do? Stop consuming natural lights at all?

No! It brings us to red light therapy— a light therapy where you’re not losing out on nutrients and cutting those harmful rays from entering your body. But how do you receive these lights on you? Do they come out of heaven’s kitchen? Or do they make way to you with a magic wand?

It is where Joovv comes to the party! It’s a light therapy device that makes red light therapy come true. The device uses concentrated therapeutic red and near-infrared wavelengths as natural Sunlight. Don’t trust us? Let’s find out the similarities between Joovv and the Sun!

  • The warmth from the Sun helps healing and regenerative functions. So does the lighter warmth from the Joovv go!
  • The bask from the sunlight powers your body. So does the light from the Joovv!
  • The nutrient-rich beams from the Sun heal you. So does the near-infrared light from the Joovv go!
  • The sunbathe can uplift your mood, improve skin quality, heal injuries, and enhance the sleep cycle. Not to miss! Joovv does it all.
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What are the health benefits of the Joovv red light therapy device?

what are the health benefits of the joovv red light therapy device

Chances of your well-being increase with Joovv light penetrating straight into your cells. You have to place yourself up against the red light consistently. But is it good enough to get credit cards swiping? Well, these Joovv light therapy benefits should answer:

    • Anti-inflammatory. Can’t walk or run for your inflammatory muscles and joint pain won’t let you catch up the pace? Try red light therapy for pain & inflammation.
    • Muscle recovery. Skip your gym too often because the sore muscles don’t recover on time? The Joovv speeds your muscle recovery and helps in killing workout sessions.
    • Healthy sleep. Spend the entire night rolling on the bed, restlessly? The Joovv regulates your circadian rhythm to enhance more restful sleep. The secret lies in triggering the release of sleep hormones: melatonin.
    • Blood flow. Don’t want to show up at social gatherings because skin health bothers you? The Joovv improves blood circulation at the cellular level, helping you live with rejuvenated skin. Not to forget how it anchors collagen production and reduces cell inflammation.
    • Better hair. Sick of finding more hair on the floor than your head? Get over the habit of mopping them clean. Welcome, Joovv, for stimulating hair growth and reducing hair loss.
    • Elevated mood. Go down with your mood every time the evening strikes? Give your cognitive health a “brighter” chance.
    • Weight loss. And last but not least. Your waist circumference is on a war with your trousers’ button? Give these buttons a bit of a breather. Joovv red light therapy device reduces body fat and aids in weight loss.

Other quick advantages of adding a Joovv device to your kitty!

Here’re a few more health benefits that should help you make decisions regarding Joovv.

  • Battling cancer
  • Fending off scarring
  • Mellowing traumatic brain injury
  • Controlling cellulite
  • Suppressing migraines
  • Reducing acne breakouts
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Are you an ideal candidate for Joovv Go therapy?

are you an ideal candidate for joovv go therapy

The best part about Joovv Go light therapy is: it’s not biased! It’s beneficial to you as much as your 80 years old granny! So the crux of the talk is: it benefits people of any age and gender. But here’s when going with Joovv treatment sessions makes more sense:

  • Suffering from joint pain or arthritis?
  • Have an autoimmune disease?
  • Chronic fatigue and hormonal issues bothering you?
  • Have a rigorous workout schedule?
  • Scars, stretch marks, and inflammatory conditions affect your skin health?
  • Have physical and internal injuries?

All the above reasons make you an ideal candidate for Joovv treatment. But let’s not consider them the writing on stone! You’re an ideal candidate even if you don’t have these conditions. Light wavelength from Joovv is always beneficial for your well-being.

Your sure-shot experiences with Joovv red light therapy

your sure-shot experiences with joovv red light therapy

You must be wondering what it is to experience Joovv therapy. Is it too noticeable? Or are there too subtle changes to be noticed in a few weeks? Well, one thing is sure, the Joovv Go works when you’re consistent with the therapy.

You can’t have it once a week and expect miracles are knocking on your door. We tried it for at least five months to notice several changes. And we’re sure you’ll experience these changes if you don’t put the feet off the peddle.

The calmer you 

It’s one of the noticeable changes you’ll feel if you continue using red light therapy as instructed. We felt our moods uplifted and ourselves more energized. Chances are high serious commitments with Joovv should also see a calmer you.

The painless days 

Maybe you’re suffering from back pain or ankle injury; you can notice it as early as in a week using the light therapy device. So if you haven’t been able to check with your chiropractor of late, Joovv can control chronic pain from scoliosis or arthritis. Joovv therapy should benefit from jammed shoulders and lower back pain.

The sound sleep 

Falling asleep is not a problem. Most of us fall asleep hitting the bed. But what’s most bothering is: waking up on our own in the middle of the night. Again, it wouldn’t have been a worrying trend if you could have resumed sleep in 15 minutes.

But re-sleeping is a challenge for many, including our reviewers. However, consuming Joovv red and infrared light can show you noticeable results with an improved sleep cycle in 2 weeks. 15-20 minutes, and you’ll already be a snoring giant!

The healthy skin 

Honestly, we didn’t think Joovv would really make sense for the skin. We didn’t even count it in, for we felt it was like any other skin product hoax. But the changes at the cellular level made our skin clearer and glow-y. You should be focusing on your face more seriously now!

Note: Joovv red light therapy is like meditating. You don’t decide to meditate today and expect flappy-fly results tomorrow. It’s not a magic pill either. Just how you manage patience with meditation, try to replicate the course with Joovv too.

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How Does Joovv Red Light Therapy Work?

And now comes the science of Joovv red light therapy. How does it work? What makes it so effective? Many questions must be flooding your mental gateway! So here’s some prevailing theory for it (1).

  • The light penetrates the skin walls.
  • The photons in light are absorbed by cells.
  • Mitochondria feed on this light in the cell.
  • The powerhouse of the cell produces energy (adenosine triphosphate or ATP).
  • Energized cells = faster healing and repairing (2).

10 reasons to consider Joovv red light therapy 

10 reasons to consider joovv red light therapy

Not one but ten reasons should make you go for Joovv as the best available red light therapy device.

You’ve been staying indoors! A lot!

Can you think of ancestors sipping their coffees in their cozy ivory tower? Or did they hunt animals on video games? No! Most of our past generations have spent time in natural Sunlight. And that’s how our bodies have adapted to the necessities of Sunlight. Unfortunately, the element is missing significant time from the current generation.

You wouldn’t believe an average American spends only 5 hours per week outside. Now we don’t ask you to give up all the work and spend time soaking yourself on Sun. But Joovv covers the deficit of natural Sunlight quite convincingly. You won’t even blame rainy or cold weather for lack of Sunlight. Joovv passes on the light energy even when the weather doesn’t support you.

You’re energized and charged up!

Remember we talked about how Mitochondria gathers “photon food” and cooks it into energy for the body? You got to thank Joovv red light therapy for boosting your energy levels when Sunlight is not doing enough (of course, they do, but you’re not catching yourself outdoors).

Natural light’s wavelength sends mitochondria in a frenzy! They fill you up with so much energy (ATP) that your appearance, attitude, and feelings largely depend on it. It’s ATP that makes you stand up like an energetic meatball.

Joovv revs-up your hormonal system

So everything is linked with the energy in your body. If your cells are not functioning well, you’ll have hormonal issues as well. Thanks to Joovv, it keys mitochondria to work for you. You can say there’s a causal effect with it.

With mitochondria getting more aggressive in producing energy, hormonal glands such as the thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive organs come into good health. There have been studies that say red light therapy increases the probability of conceiving in infertile women. So? Getting it already

The Joovv red light therapy has anti-inflammatory benefits.

is joovv red-light therapy safe

There’s a reason why you can proudly say, “you can see red light.” The red lights fall under the “visible light category” on the electromagnetic spectrum with a wavelength of 600–700 nm. Now you might be wondering if lights are penetrable, why not have green or blue light?

There’s the catch! Red light therapy is effective because this range can quickly get into your skin as compared to blue light. If anything you want to thank, it should be red lights’ penetrability to fix you at the cellular level and reduce your inflammation. 

As we mentioned, activating mitochondria helps more energy in the body. There has been enough science to prove energized cells produce healing antioxidants to manage inflammation. 

Joovv is suitable for your sleep.

If blue light disturbs your sleep, red light makes you fall asleep. Now you might be quizzical if you take blue light ever! Well, you do. We all do more than ever. 

Our mobile devices are the biggest sources of blue light. They act exactly the opposite of red light.

If red light therapy helps release the melatonin, blue lights from mobile devices and TV delay melatonin release. It makes it harder to fall asleep. You can say… we’re altering the effects of blue light with the Joovv go.

There’s a connection between Joovv and skin health.

Ten minutes into Joovv therapy and you’ll feel a lot warmer and fresher in your skin. We didn’t really pay attention to skin benefits early on. But it’s something we underestimated a lot. All the Joovv light therapy devices have these skin benefits:

  • Stops the tide of aging
  • hides off the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • manages blemishes and acne
  • suppresses skin irritations and swelling

Joovv helps you with muscle toning.

is joovv red-light therapy safe

Your muscles dangle when you age, tone disappears, and the leanness rubs off! This could come to you as early as in the early thirties. Sad! And when you’re working out, you may take a hell of a lot of time to recover with the clock ticking against your age.

You have to be right on your toes to recover the body muscles so you can wake up the next day to hit the gym floor. Of course, protein and sleep are good ways to recover your muscles, but they might not come naturally to you as much as Joovv red light therapy comes to you. 

You just have to sit under the lights! There’s no way you have to have “special timing” allotted to recover your muscle fatigue and injury.

Joovv makes your brain groove.

Brains work in power-efficient mode. They like getting rest more than any organ of the body. It’s why you feel down and frazzled! But what if you had to attend an important meeting or meet an important deadline with a worn-down mental state?

Well, Joovv red light therapy gets your brain to the party again. You have better mental focus, sharpened thoughts, and an uplifted mood as the photons activate blood flow in the brain.

Hey, busy mom! Joovv is for you.

Busy moms! Light-based therapy is especially for you. We know you’ve been spending too much time working and managing homely chores. The haggling child, the busy husband, and a big family! When do you have time for your health, we suspect?

Joovv doesn’t demand too much time, such as basking in Sun or working out in the gym. All you have to spend is 10 mins a day to cover the daily deficit of light. And if you’re a little freer, ten more minutes could help you in targeting regions.

Joovv is the daddy of red light therapy devices.

Not all red light devices you see serve the purpose. The “greatest deceive lies in color.” You may want to go for products cheaper than the Joovv go, but remember: not all products are created equal. What Joovv offers is trial and tested by research experts. It’s a form of low-light laser therapy with infrared light.

Now, why should you trust Joovv over other brands? It’s a UL-listed company meeting medical devices standards. The company has been too outspoken and educative regarding light therapies.

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Types of Joovv products and price options

types of joovv products and price options

We looked if you’ve spent hundreds and thousands of dollars for full-body devices, or did Joovv have any other option? We were happy to find two categories:

Targeted devices

Joovv targeted devices help you target a specific part of the body. It’s like laser targeting the points you want. They’re compact compared to full-body devices.

The Go 2.0 ($545)

It’s a robust, portable design to carry your light therapy anywhere you want.

joovv the go 2.0Features:

  • Alarm clock function 
  • Ambient Mode 
  • Red and NIR light 
  • Recovery + mode 
  • Bluetooth 
  • Included charger and travel case 
  • Protective Eyewear included
  • Optional accessory: Go Dock 
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The Mini 3.0 ($895)

The Joovv Mini 3.0 is a perfect fit for targeted treatment. It comes with a tabletop Stand, door mount system, or Boot Floor Stand. 

joovv the mini 3.0

The best part is you can expand mini to both the Half-Max and Max kits. It means you can set it up as a light therapy device for your comfort.


    • Bluetooth enabled 
    • Optional accessories 
    • Red and NIR light 
    • Recovery + mode 
    • Upgradeable kit options


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Full body devices

It is where Joovv specializes. They have thrice as many full-body devices as targeted. You keep it at the corner of your room and have rays coming to you.


The Solo 3.0 ($1,345)

You will want to have The Joovv Solo 3.0 if you’re looking for moderate treatment areas. As with other Joovv products, it comes in Boot Floor Stand, Door Mount System, or Nano Wall System. 

You can also leverage its expandable function into the Half-Max, Duo, Max, Quad and Elite 3.0 Kits just in case you need your ideal treatment setup. 

joovv the solo 3.0


  • Bluetooth enabled 
  • Recovery + mode 
  • Ambient Mode 
  • Upgradeable kit options 
  • Protective Eyewear included
  • Optional accessories 
  • Red and NIR light 
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Half-max 3.0 Kit ($2,395)

A perfect blend of 1 Joovv Mini and 1 Joovv Solo device, the Half-max 3.0 kit is designed in a way you can treat your full-body. You can expand half max kit into Max kit for it. It comes with the Door Mount System or Nano Wall System.

joovv half-max 3.0 kit


  • Bluetooth enabled 
  • Red and NIR light 
  • Ambient Mode 
  • Optional accessories 
  • Recovery + mode 
  • Upgradeable kit options
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The Duo 3.0 Kit ($2,845)

Another excellent kit for moderate treatment areas, The Duo 3.0, is available with the Door Mount System or Nano Wall System. 

You can expand it to the Max, Quad and Elite 3.0 Kits for your comfortable treatment setup.

joovv the duo 3.0 kit


  • Bluetooth enabled 
  • Recovery + mode 
  • Ambient Mode 
  • Upgradeable kit options 
  • Protective Eyewear included
  • Optional accessories 
  • Red and NIR light 
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Max 3.0 ($4,595)

If the clock doesn’t permit much time and you need a powerful treatment option, the Max 3.0 kit stands out of the Joovv herd. It’s a combination of 2 Joovv Minis and 2 Joovv Solos.

It might look expensive with those numbers, but it comes down very affordable and feasible when you see it from a full-body treatment perspective.

joovv max 3.0


  • Bluetooth enabled 
  • Recovery + mode 
  • Red and NIR light 
  • Optional accessories 
  • Upgradeable kit options




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Quad 3.0 Kit ($5,645)

So you pick 4 Joovv solo devices and place them in a quadrant. That gives you the Quad 3.0 kit. It’s a complete body collection available with the Door Mount System, Nano Wall System, or Mobile Stand.

joovv quad 3.0 kit


  • Bluetooth enabled 
  • Optional accessories
  • Ambient Mode 
  • Upgradeable kit options
  • Recovery + mode 
  • Red and NIR light 



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Elite 3.0 ($8,395)

It is the Joovv-daddy device with a combination of 6 Joovv Solo devices. It has the most number of LEDs for a full-body collection. The nano-wall system and mobile stand help set up “the elite panel” in your home.

joovv elite 3.0


  • Red and NIR light 
  • Recovery + mode 
  • Ambient Mode 
  • Bluetooth enabled 
  • Optional accessories




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What’s in the box?

You’ll receive a neat branded box of Joovv Go! Here’s the list of things you’ll find:

  • A simple information leaflet: the how-tos of Joovv!
  • a hard-shell carry cover,
  • AC adapter
  • the USB cable,
  • and finally, the Joovv light unit

The pros and cons of Joovv Red light therapy

the pros and cons of joovv red light therapy

Red light therapy has pros and cons, and so does the device made on its principle. We want you to make informed decisions while going for Joovv red light therapy. Please have a look at them:


  • Didn’t appear out of thin air. Joovv has years of research backing and FDA approval.
  • Uses high-powered, practical diodes for red light lasers (available in two configurations: 660 nm and 850 nm).
  • Whether you want it targeted on arms or the entire body, it’s suitable for both broader and targeted treatments at the same time.
  • Excellent quality, metal casing, and solid building. The carry case is beautiful and safeguards your Joovv unit while you’re traveling or moving around.
  • It’s not rocket science. No more excuses not to use it.
  • You can place it anywhere at your place. It’s a wireless device that doesn’t need to be plugged at the fixed point. Maneuver it around, wherever you go.
  • Take 60 days of trial and get habituated!
  • The warranty is long! 2 years! So it doesn’t vanish by the time you blink your eyes.
  • Didn’t like it? You have a seamless return policy.


  • Not the best option if you have a thin budget. A tad “smarter” one will calculate the dollar per LED and compare it with Joovv, which is obviously going to be less.
  • The mini is not too mini when it comes to picking ’em up. It can be too heavy for some.
  • The battery may find itself dead in 2 years. It’s a demerit if Joovv doesn’t replace them timely.
  • It has limitations in the configuration: 660nm configuration and 850nm. The Joovv needs to come out in more variant wavelengths.
  • The fan in the device is a bit loud.
  • There are cheaper devices available in the market at 1/3rd of its price. (Yeah, they aren’t power-equipped).
  • Offers or discount codes are missing! You may not feel the mojo to spend on it unless you know the ins and outs of it.
  • Everyone can’t see noticeable results at the same time.

Is Joovv red-light therapy safe?

Joovv red light therapy is safe to use as it doesn’t heat or sweat you up. Some devices sit directly on the skin and burn your skin. But this red light therapy device doesn’t interact with your skin physically. So it’s safe to use.

Is it worth your money?

Well, we would say you’re not paying for the device, but the years of research. Sure, Joovv is way more expensive than other red light therapy tools in the market, but you’re emptying your pockets for the process rather than the hype.

We certainly see ourselves using Joovv for its science-backed, and our health is our number one priority. Where do you see yourself using Joovv?

Frequently asked questions.

Here are some expert answers to the frequently asked questions:

How is it different from an infrared sauna?

Infrared saunas use near-infrared light and heat as the basic principle for treatment. Joovv, on the other hand, uses both red and near-infrared for quicker healing therapy.

Are there any side effects?

Joovv red light devices are perfectly safe for your body. There’s an argument they’re not good for your vision, but research shows the red light, in fact, enhances vision.

Is it safe for pets and children?

The best part about red light therapy is everyone is an ideal candidate for it— even the tommies and Luna’s of your house. Your toddler can also benefit from the red lights as they’re entirely safe for everyone’s use.

How long do Joovv bulbs last?

Joovv claims each LED bulb has a life span of 50,000 years. Now that’s roughly equal to 6 years. And that’s when you have them on continuously. So you don’t have to worry about getting these bulbs replaced every year. 2 years of warranty on the line also protects your interest.

Is red light therapy a gimmick?

No, red light therapy is not a gimmick. Studies and treatments have shown its use in treating thyroid, tendonitis, eczema, and testosterone deficiency. It’s also been effective for vision, sleep, hair loss, fertility, pregnancy, pain, and inflammation. Red light therapy’s pros and cons and insufficient research may force you to question its effectiveness, but it has proved helpful in many conditions. Despite the therapy being a controversial treatment, evidence shows its ability to heal wounds and diabetic foot ulcers, repair tissues, diminish wrinkles ad scars, and many other such conditions.

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