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Power Plate Reviews: Is weight loss vibration tool worth the hype & price?

“Lose it all on the couch dear.”

Power Plate reviews are for you if you want an excellent gym workout in the comfort of your own home.

Imagine yourself lying on the sofa without sweating in the gym five times per week?

And still have toned abs?

A fitness trend, passive exercise, paints this picture. 

But could this work?

Yes, if you invest in the right fitness equipment!

But does fitness equipment improve your health?

If such a question pops into your mind, well, we’re here to help!

This article will talk about the top two passive exercise trends: 

  • Whole-body vibration and,
  • Targeted vibration

Trust us; 

This will be one of the best vibration machine reviews – power plate reviews you will come across!

Power Plate Reviews: What Is A Power Plate?

what is a power plate infographics

Power Plate is a vibrating platform. 

It stimulates

  • natural reflexes
  • anti-aging processes
  • enhances muscle activity, and
  • improves circulation.

Moreover, the Power Plate’s engineering enables the body’s innate response to vibrations.

It oscillates between 25 and 50 times per second to recruit muscles consistently and controllably.

In short,

Power Plate helps you become the better version of yourself!

Power Plate Reviews: What are the benefits?

Why not Power Plate!? Here’s why you should consider them:

Accelerates Your Training

Power plate lets us perform traditional exercises more efficiently. (1)

Thanks to its proprietary PrecisionWave Technology. 

In addition, 

The PrecisionWave technology elicits the body’s natural instinctive reaction to vibration.

Helps You Lose Weight

Studies suggest that Power Plate decimates cellulite and body fat when used with an active lifestyle. (2)

In short, it helps you lose more weight than conventional exercise.

Increases Your Strength And Flexibility

Have you ever taken a bull ride on a fare?

No, we are just asking!

The Power Plate vibrates in the same way!

Upward and downward, side to side, and front to back.

It destabilizes the body and stimulates reflexive soft tissue involvement.

Thus, it enhances flexibility, strength, and motor function.

Helps In Faster Recovery

Exercise can be taxing.

Moreover, the body requires time to restore itself to adjust favorably to the training.

Here Power Plate comes to play!

It increases lymphatic drainage, eases pain, relaxes muscle tone and tendon regeneration.

In a nutshell, it helps you return stronger and better.

Strengthens Bones And Muscles

Have you ever wondered how many times your muscles contract during routine exercise?

If not, let us help you do the math.

It’s just 1-2 times!

On the contrary, a vibration plate contracts your muscles 30 to 50 times each second.

It thus leads to a considerable improvement in muscular density and strength. (3)

Improves Circulation And Immune Function

During vibration plate training, you will experience intense muscular contractions.

Stimulating your muscles will also increase blood circulation.

As a result, you’ll have more energy.

Toughen Joints And Relieves Pain

The vibration plate helps strengthen the hip flexor and core muscles.

It thus stabilizes the entire body by supporting joint flexibility and function.

Don’t look any further.

Bring the best vibration plate home and get going!

Power Plate Reviews: What Types Of Vibration Does Power Plate Offer?

Okay, so the power plate works with two kinds of vibration: whole-body vibration and targeted vibration.

Whole-Body Vibration

Whole-body vibration (WBV) is also known as Power Plate exercise. 

It exposes an individual’s entire body to vibration.

Also, it helps you move back and forth in subtle, quick movements.

But do you know the most bang aspect of whole-body vibration? 


Are you giving up already?

It enhances the lives of physically disabled people and older adults.

In addition, it increases:

  • muscular strength and, 
  • bone density,

in elderly individuals who physically cannot perform conventional workouts.

They can also provide a much-needed exercise alternative for people with

  • Parkinson’s disease, 
  • multiple sclerosis, or severe arthritis, and
  • no mobility

In conclusion, whole-body vibration machines are a fantastic way to work out in the shortest time possible.

These machines are a godsend for individuals who despise performing multiple exercises before they break a sweat.

Targeted Vibration

Targeted Vibration Therapy is an innovative technique of today’s time.

It uses high or low-amplitude vibration to ease pain, improve flexibility, and promote overall health.

Targeted vibrations focus on a specific body part, such as the forearms, back, or neck.

They are performed at predetermined intervals via a handheld or wearable device.

When performed by a certified professional, it can enhance soft tissue quality.

On the other hand, self-application techniques can help ease injuries and discomfort in muscular/joint health.

Power Plate Reviews: What Is The Difference Between Whole-body Vibration And Targeted Vibration?

The only significant difference between whole-body vibration and targeted vibration is that— the former works to tone the entire body and, later, the specific part of the body. (4)

Keep scrolling for more detailed information!

Power Plate Reviews: What Are The Types Of Whole-body Vibration Machines?

There are eight styles of whole-body vibration machines. Just for you!



The MOVE by Power Plate perfectly combines size and function.

It’s durable, light, and convenient. 

Furthermore, its base is designed so that it saves space and doesn’t compromise on performance.




(We are partners with Power Plate, so your order will be processed at the official site) 



personal powerplate

A PERSONAL Power Plate evokes the body’s natural, instinctual response to vibration.

As a result, you can speed up training without sacrificing performance. 




(We are partners with Power Plate, so your order will be processed at the official site) 



power plate my3

The Power Plate MY 3 has a stylish design and a pocket-sized price tag.

MY 3 Acceleration Training will help you achieve an explosive fitness level. You can effectively become fit in just 15 minutes a week by doing exercises at home during MY 3.






The Power Plate MY5 presents a stunning combination of science and elegance.

It delivers exceptional whole-body benefits in as little as 20 or 30 minutes each day,

Additionally, it has a larger plate surface, pre-programmed quick-start buttons, and remote control. 

As a result, all of it contributes to its flexibility.




(We are partners with Power Plate, so your order will be processed at the official site) 



Featuring a touch screen display, the Power Plate MY7 is the pinnacle of whole-body vibration technology.

It also has over 1,000 exercise videos to lead you through customized whole-body vibration training.

Additionally, MY7 incorporates Power Plate’s pro-MOTION dynamic cables.




(We are partners with Power Plate, so your order will be processed at the official site) 




Powered by its highly effective vibration technology, the Power Plate Pro5 enables you to work out better.

Simply put, PRO5 makes it easy for you to reach your goals at your own pace.


In short, your training options are infinite with the Power Plate MY7.




(We are partners with Power Plate, so your order will be processed at the official site) 




Power Plate Pro7 does support users through every stage of the Power Plate program.

Also, Pro7 has embedded pro-MOTION cable modules with variable resistance bands.




(We are partners with Power Plate, so your order will be processed at the official site) 




With the Pro5HP column less design, you can swing around the plate surface.

You can also integrate other equipment like a squat rack, golf clubs, and kettlebells.

With this level of flexibility, athletes can practice a wide variety of static, kinetic, and plyometric activities.

Finally, the Power Plate Pro5HP comes with a travel case. 

The bag makes it easy for athletes on the MOVE to transport or store.





The Power Plate Pro7 HC expands rehabilitation and restoration options. 

It comes with a pre-programmed heart rate monitor, biofeedback, and programming capabilities.

Therefore, if you are a 

  • physician, and
  • treat neurological diseases

The Power Plate Pro7 HC is a fantastic addition to your practice.


Power Plate Reviews: How Do Whole-body Vibration Machines Work?

A whole-body vibration machine vibrates as you stand, sit, or lie.

Your muscles tense and relax more than once each second. 

Thanks to the vibration machine sent to our body.

Subsequently, it activates the ‘stress reflex,’ a muscular contraction that occurs rapidly.

Typically, individuals stand on the platform with their knees bent around 30 degrees.

After that, the platform vibrates at a mind-boggling 30 times a second.

Power Plate Reviews: What Are The Types Of Targeted Vibration Machines?

Any guesses? There are four kinds of targeted vibration machines.



The Power Plate Mini is a quiet, ultra-compact, and portable handheld massager. 

You can literally take it with you anywhere you go! 

In fact, this compact size massager can integrate easily into your busy lifestyle. 






The name says it all!

The Pulse is a best-in-class premium therapeutic percussion tool that’s powerful and is almost soundproof.

But what makes it versatile?

Specifically, the six different kinds of attachments and four frequency settings!






The Power Plate Roller is the cutest of all! 

Besides helping to relax muscles, it also helps to release fascia and boost blood circulation.

So why not do it?

Take foam rolling to a new level with a portable vibrating machine!



With Power Plate DualSphere, you can get an effective concentrated massage.

It features an exclusive texture design and contoured shape. 

Furthermore, it seems perfect for rejuvenating sore muscles. 

Additionally, it releases fascia and increases blood flow. 

You can use it to reach hard-to-reach areas like your feet, neck, and back.

Power Plate Reviews: How Do Targeted Vibration Machines Work?

Power Plate pioneered the development of smaller fitness tools for more specific use.

The targeted machine enables the user to place it against an elbow, beneath a knee, or neck.

Conversely, the curved surface of the device helps hold it in position. 

The intensity levels send enough vibration to the wounded or weary body area when turning the machine on. 

For instance, 

If you have a

  • long day at work and
  • a sore neck,

You can use Power Plate Pulse or Mini+.

These gun-shaped vibration machines send vibrations to the neck or elbow and release the tension.

Want the best biohacking tools to hack your life?

Power Plate Reviews: How To Pick The Right Power Plate?

If you’re considering buying a vibrating plate, here are some key things to consider.

How Thick Is Your Wallet?

All fingers are not the same.

Likewise, each vibration machine has unique features which translate into varying costs. 

Before buying a vibration machine, make sure you know what type of machine you want. 

And how much are you willing to spend?

How Much Ability Do You Need?

Do you need lots of speed settings, or are you content with a few?

Then you need to consider the features you want with your vibration machine.

What Plate Size Are You Looking For?

This is probably the most critical question you should ask yourself. 

Make sure the plate is large enough so you can do whatever you want.

Are You Looking For Soundproof Machines?

Rather than getting into technicalities here, we’ll just say ‘keep in the good noise.’

You don’t only need a plate that’s big enough for the job. 

But also quite enough to not irritate you.

How Much Do You Weigh?

No two objects have the same mass, same weight. 

Before investing in any machine, read the specifications on the site to know how much weight it can handle.

All machines from Power Plate have maximum lifting weights.

However, heavier people will require more horsepower to move.

What Types Of Vibration Do You Need?

This is where life can vibrate!

There are two forms of vibration machines available for everyday use: 

  • Whole-body vibration, and
  • Targeted vibration.

While whole-body vibration works on the entire body, targeted vibration targets specific parts.

Believe us, they both are worth your time and money.

At What Frequency Do You Want To Work?

Let’s begin with a simple explanation.

And then you can decide what frequency you want. 

Lower frequencies provide a gentler workout, while higher frequencies offer a more intense one.

Do You Want Bars And Hand Straps?

There is no right or wrong way to use hand straps or bars. 

Hand straps transmit vibrations to your upper body, which can serve as an additional dimension to your workout. 

You may like them because of their reassurance and safety. 

Or you may dislike them because of their bulkiness.

Do You Need Additional Accessories?

It is human nature to want to accessorize! 

But remember that less is more. 

When buying a vibration machine, avoid heavy or unnecessary accessories. 

They will not do any good but only add to the weight.

Check The Build Quality And Warranty

A vibration plate’s build quality is rather excellent when all the other features are checked like

  • Reasonable price, 
  • Specification list, and 
  • A legitimate warranty.

Keep an eye out for any advisories. 

Also, make sure you understand what sort of vibration a vibrating plate emits before purchasing.

Power Plate Reviews: Is The Power Plate Machine Safe?

When we scoured the internet, we found over a million Power Plate users. 

They have been exercising on these machines for the last two decades.

This broad usage without adverse effects over a long period confirms the safety of the Power Plate machine. 

Each human organ vibrates, which is referred to as natural vibration. 

The Power Plate’s vibration frequency is adjusted between 25 and 50 Hz. 

Power plate minimizes bodily issues caused by resonance vibration. 

Moreover, its structure is designed with human safety in mind.

However, if you

  • are pregnant, 
  • have suffered seizures, or
  • have a pacemaker, 

We recommend consulting your physician!

Power Plate Reviews: Can Vibration Machines Replace Regular Workout?

As absurd as it may seem, sitting, standing, or lying on a vibrating platform can be as beneficial as doing 100 push ups.

Moreover, research shows that vibration technology accelerates health and fitness benefits.

Fifteen minutes of vibration treatment three times a week may help with:

  • Weight loss,
  • Improved blood flow,
  • Muscle soreness,
  • Strength building, and
  • Cortisol reduction

If you want to lose weight and enhance your fitness level—

Take a nutritious diet and incorporate vibration machines into your everyday routine.

If you pick whole-body vibration, keep in mind that you should also engage in cardio and strength training exercises. (5)

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Power Plate Reviews: Why Power Plate For You If You’re An Athlete?

Are you acquainted with the pleasant sensation that follows a good workout?

No, not the endorphins!

We’re talking about that walking-like-a-cowboy sore feeling.

Not your favorite?

Delayed onset muscle soreness is more than a state of discomfort.

It increases the risk of injury. 

It makes training regimes and everyday chores more difficult.

Here Power Plate comes to play!

Using a Power Plate, you can avoid and control DOMS.

The Power Plate also improves blood flow, flexibility, and muscular pain.

Additionally, the columnless form of Power Plates enables a complete 360-degree range of motion across the plate surface.

Athletes may execute a wide variety of static, dynamic, and plyometric activities with this flexibility.

The intuitive remote control enables athletes or coaches to alter settings without interfering with the activity rapidly.

The travel-friendly Power Plates make them suitable for professional athletes who are constantly on the go.




Power Plate Reviews: Our Favorite Picks In Power Plate Machines

Trust us; it was hard to make a choice.

We tried all of them, and we loved all of them!

However, we have shortlisted the three most potent Power Plate machines for your liking.

Power Plate Move

Power Plate is more than a fitness machine. 

It is a companion which is the perfect balance of form and function.

It is perfect for light commercial fitness establishments with space restrictions.

PERFECT — an overused adjective here!

However, it is PERFECT!

Allow us to explain!

MOVE’s foundation was engineered from the ground up to maximize space efficiency without sacrificing performance.

It weighs only 82 pounds, making it easily movable from room to room.

Despite being lightweight, it can hold 300 pounds and be easily moved around.

Need we say more?

MOVE is cost-efficient, simple, and initiative.

MOVE Power Plate is built with high-quality harmonic vibration to deliver unmatched performance and results.

With six changeable frequency settings, the MOVE is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

The platform oscillates between 25 and 50 times per second, engaging muscles in a regulated and regular manner.

As a result, you will burn fat, burn calories, lose weight, and become more flexible.

It may complement any movement, whether basic or complicated.


  • Eases back pain,
  • Improves strength and stability, and
  • Enhances bone density


  • It is costly.
  • Also, it is heavier than a PERSONAL Power Plate.




(We are partners with Power Plate, so your order will be processed at the official site) 


Power Plate Personal

Consider the PERSONAL Power Plate if you lack the space or money to buy a full-sized Power Plate machine.

There is no column or screen on this model. 

Instead, it has just the vibration platform, which is ideal for storage and travel.

The PERSONAL Power Plate includes a travel case, allowing you to take it wherever life takes you.

Additionally, the PERSONAL Power Plate is ideal for individuals looking to improve their balance abilities.

Without the column, you have greater freedom to experiment with exercises. 

With a platform size of 27.5 x 18.7 inches, there is ample room for use without requiring too much space.

It’s tiny and lightweight, making it ideal for storing under a bed or in a closet. 

The PERSONAL Power Plate is only 40.4 pounds in weight but has a load capacity of 264 pounds.

Look no further!

Enjoy the world’s most compact vibration technology with the PERSONAL Power Plate.


  • Improve balance, posture, and stability
  • Tone the muscles
  • Improve joint mobility
  • Increase circulation
  • Improve heart health


  • It lacks adjusting intensity settings, and
  • Not for the newbies


Targeted Vibration Products

Targeted vibration products are an excellent choice if you want small size equipment to loosen up tight muscles. 

They are great small therapeutic massage guns that you can carry around with you.

Power Plate’s targeted vibration biohacking devices are one of several smaller therapeutic massage weapons rounds. 

They are, however, intelligently designed, with a range of intensity options ranging from mild to powerful.

It may not deliver the same therapeutic pummeling as a whole-body vibration machine.

However, the maximum setting packs quite a punch.

They are stationary with no danger of dislodging.

Thanks to its uncomplicated design, 

All in all, 

They’re an excellent small bundle for alleviating pains and loosening up tight muscles at home or on the road.

The longer battery life keeps them working even if you’re going to be off-grid for an extended period.


  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Best in class machines for comfort and durability


  • They lack the identical output as whole-body vibration machines.

Power Plate Reviews: Power Plate Move Vs. Personal Power Plate


power plate move vs personal power plate infographics

It’s tough to compare apples to apples!

Both Power Plate MOVE and PERSONAL are gold-standard machines.

They make reaching your goals easier. 

They help you shed weight twice as much fat you will lose in six months with a regular workout.

Let’s look at the factors that differentiate PERSONAL from MOVE and vice versa.

Basic Design

MOVE perfectly combines size and function. 

It has six variable frequency modes and comes with remote control.

In contrast, PERSONAL is both compact and column-free. 

It is capable of delivering drastic body changes despite its small size.


Both MOVE and PERSONAL are column-free.

Machine Weight

MOVE weighs 87lbs. 

In comparison, PERSONAL is light and compact.

It weighs only 36lbs.

Weight Limit

The MOVE has greater weight capacity than PERSONAL. 

While PERSONAL can take up to 264lbs, PERSONAL can take up to 300lbs.

Platform Size Dimension

MOVE plate has an extra dimension than PERSONAL and measures 30*24 in size. 

In comparison, the PERSONAL plate measures 28*19.

Time Options

While you are on MOVE, you can work out continuously for up to 9 minutes of 30 or 60-seconds.

On the contrary, PERSONAL provides a timeframe of 30 or 60 seconds.

Frequency Options

While MOVE has a set frequency of 30, 35, and 40 Hz, PERSONAL has only one frequency option, i.e., 35 Hz.


MOVE and PERSONAL both have low or high amplitude options.


The MOVE comes with three years of hardware and a one-year electronics and labor warranty.

Unlike MOVE, PERSONAL has one year of hardware, electronics, and labor warranty.






Power Plate Reviews: Bottom Line

So, let’s get to the conclusion of our power plate review finally:

Does Power Vibration Plate Live Up To Its Hype?

Yes, yes!

Now that we’ve got the CoComelon nursery rhyme running through your head,

Let us tell you:

Vibrations have been shown to improve your mood! 

*Much like the CoComelon rhyme improves kids’ mood.

The vibration from the Power Plate releases dopamine and serotonin!

Isn’t it a love machine?

Furthermore, this might result in a more tranquil, relaxed temperament.

Not to mention how amazing it feels!

Are you unsure which one to choose?

If you’re strapped for budget and space, the PERSONAL Power Plate is the ideal solution!

If you own a bungalow, we recommend the MOVE Power Plate seven days a week.

Moreover, if you are a lazy beagle, targeted vibration guns are the ones to get!

Packed with all the delicacy you want in a vibration machine—all at an affordable price—these vibration machines tick all the right boxes!

What more can you ask for?

Choosing a model, working out, and seeing results in a beam is a win-win situation.

Loved what you read?

If yes, read our biohacking blogs here! 

We are sure you will love them too.




Power Plate Reviews: FAQs

power plate for weight loss

We’ve answered some of the most popular questions for you:

Does Power Plate Work For Weight Loss?

Yes, absolutely, it works for biohacking weight loss!

According to studies, the vibration plate helps lose an average of 11% body weight in the first six months.

Moreover, it helps to shed another 10.5% weight in the following year.

On the contrary, 

You could shed up to 7% of body weight and 6.9% after a year with diet and conventional exercise.

Do Vibration Plates Cause Brain Damage?

Vibration training devices guarantee rapid outcomes in a short time. 

According to some studies, the machine provides a more effective workout than standing on firm ground. 

It improves flexibility, relieves pain, develops muscle, and fights osteoporosis. 

However, these plates pose certain risks like brain damage when used poorly or with some medical issues.

Does The Vibration Plate Reduce Cellulite?

Vibration treatment does not directly target cellulite. 

However, the Power Plate machine helps improve and remodel the collagen fibers in the leg and buttocks area.

The deep tissue massage targets the fluid that accumulates in your subcutaneous tissue. 

Thus, Power Plate also enhances the look of your skin and reverses your age

Can Everyone Use The Power Plate?

Before using a Power Plate, we strongly recommend that you consult your physician or specialist. (6,7)

Do not exercise until you have received medical clearance.


  • if you are active,
  • have been approved for exercise, and
  • engage in weight-bearing activities such as weight training or running,

you are a potential candidate for Power Plate training.

However, each individual should be evaluated by a competent medical practitioner.

As with any exercise, immediately stop working out on the Power Plate if you feel dizzy or sick.

Power Plate hates making you sick.

Consult a physician or expert before resuming your training.

How Many Calories Do You Burn In 10 Minutes On The Vibration Plate?

You may burn up to 190 calories in a ten-minute whole-body vibration intense workout.