SomaVedic Reviews :  Enjoy Uninterrupted Sleep With EMF Neutralizer

Eliminate all the negative energies from your body

SomaVedic reviews is by far our most exciting review. Partly because you’ll love the way it’s designed. Also, it’s one of the best biohacking tools you’ll try.  

Aesthetically speaking, it’s one of the most beautifully designed devices you will ever come across. Don’t trust us? Pick it once. Just once!

And you’ll feel as if the magical crystal ball has fallen into your palms, waiting to radiate invisible power in your home and dining area. 

But as much as it champions aesthetically, its real magic lies in the ability to eliminate negative influences. The influences affect your cellular structure in the human body. 

Now you’re wondering what these negative influences are? Well, step closer to your 5G internet device! What you can’t see is the electrosmog shooting down your health steadily, minute after minute. The new model of the 2021 year Somavedic Sky eliminates the influences of 5G.

somavedic reviews 2021 of new model sky

That’s why we are in love with Somavedic devices!

Mitigating these unhealthy influences without anyone of you having to take all the troubles is their favorite pastime.

This makes us believe you can’t wait to read everything about Somavedic. So let’s go ahead without further ado:

Table of Contents

The body of review: What is Somavedic? 

the body of review what is somavedic

The unwanted influences of EMF radiation were getting severe when 5G was a rolling-out all-time high (1)! Won’t lie; we were worried about its impact too. There were no answers to the harmful waves we consumed at-homes and offices.

Suddenly, Somavedic comes out as an antidote to all the 5G radiations. Or say the natural neutralizer of these waves.

You can call it an EMF mitigation device that combines frequency therapy with natural science. We initially thought it to be just another EMF scam over 5G issues. But when we went through its profile, we were stunned! Why? Because it worked.

We found it muted the effect of:

  • EMF radiation (4G/5G, WiFi, phones)
  • Geopathic stress, water crosses
  • Curry and Hartmann lines
  • Oxidative stress / Free radicals


Somavedic reviews: what are its positive health benefits on the body?

We initially thought the company was a self-proclaimed champion of frequency therapy. But we later found their products were third-party lab tested. Of course, these tests were like a litmus test that proved the steel of Somavedic devices.

Here’s what they claim when it comes to health benefits:

Somavedic reviews benefit #1: Reduces the harmful effect of mobile phone radiation.

somavedic reviews benefit #1 reduces the harmful effect of mobile phone radiation.

Our body’s innate immune system helps heal connective tissues, regenerating cells, and fending off the invading microbes. Imagine your body loses these capabilities— all of a sudden— unexpectedly.

Now you may wonder what makes you lose these defense potentials? Well, there are many reasons why your immune health may slip today itself. Your cell phone’s radiation is one of the key contributors to degrading immune health.

Fortunately, the tests found out that the Somavedic Medic device attenuates unwanted effects of mobile devices. (2)

Now you may ask why we have to control these mobile radiations. Are they harmful? Well, yes! You’re frying your cells with mobile phones. 

Imagine you’re being put on a thermal stove. EMF radiations from mobile devices induce a thermal effect in your body. Thus they warm you more than usual. It can eventually lead to tumors or headaches.

Somavedic reviews benefit #2: Healthy for cardiovascular proceedings & nervous system

It’s fascinating how the presence of a Somavedic device in anyone’s radar is enough to enhance cardiovascular activities and their nervous system functionality. 

Think of it this way: you’re the one who manufactures Somavedic devices. Such is the health benefits of these devices that you’ll reap the reward even if it’s in your vicinity.

Apart from independent users and pre-clinical trials, the Somavedic producers close to Somavedic devices also observed healthy changes. (3)

  1. People with high BP observed low BP.
  2. Respondents with low BP found their blood pressure rising to normal.
  3. The positive effect on the nervous system improved psychological/mental well-being.
  4. Length and quality of sleep had significantly improved.

Somavedic reviews benefit #3: Better heart rate variability, circulation, and internal body balance

somavedic reviews benefit #3 better heart rate variability, circulation, and internal body balance

Let’s say your heart beats 60 times/minute. Most of us would assume our hearts beat once every second. But that’s not how the heart works. The time between two successive beats can be 0.9 seconds or 1.10 seconds, depending on your activity.

This varying time lapse between two successive beats is called heart rate variability. You need this variance as little as possible. Again, Somavedic Medic devices have demonstrated a significant improvement in heart rate variability for 8 in 10 people. The benefits of improved heart rate variability?

  • Your heartbeats are more rhythmic.
  • Heart circulation has positive effects.
  • The body achieves internal balance (homeostasis)

The research also demonstrates the longer you use the Somavedic Medic device, the higher the positive effect. (4)

Somavedic reviews benefit #4: Giving relief from inflammation

You’re suffering from inflammation if the red blood cells quickly sediment in the test tube. Well, that’s how laboratories measure whether you’ve inflammation or not. 

So the process is like… they collect your blood samples in the test tube and check how quickly the RBC settles. This helps them determine if you feel rested and fit.

Interestingly, the patients who showed impaired red blood cell sedimentation showed significant improvement after Somavedic Medic device therapy. You can say the respondents felt a lot more inflammation-free and rested. (5)

Some other health benefits

  • Improved circadian rhythm and sleep cycle
  • Neutralized free radicals
  • The clarity in focus and mental concentration
  • Enough energy to battle the tiring day
  • Calm feeling
  • Freedom from regular headaches


Somavedic reviews: does the SomaVedic Medic device help with viruses?

somavedic reviews does the somavedic medic device help with viruses

Not if you’re trying to find a direct link. But at-home Somavedic treatment improves immune power. So if you’re looking to have healthier cells fighting viruses and bacteria, Somavedic Medic devices could be a natural alternative to traditional drugs.

Even Bioresonance devices have been meant to measure its direct effect on the immune system. And also for virus-fighting capabilities.

Somavedic reviews: what makes Somavedic unique?

somavedic reviews what makes somavedic unique

The Somavedic devices aren’t meant to be opened. But in case someone does, they’ll find a heart in it. Somavedic likes to call it Somavedic heart. Its specialty?

It’s made up of semi-precious and precious stones and expensive metals such as platinum, palladium, gold, & silver. But that’s not what makes Somavedic devices unique. It’s actually the principle that leads to the birth of Somavedic therapy!

“Unique principle: Eastern approach to wellness + Western approach to frequency therapy technology.”

Another flyer we loved about Somavedic devices is their quality. You wouldn’t believe in your ears each Somavedic crystal glass is inspected by Somavedic founder – Ivan Rybjansky. Plus, they are 100% handmade.



How does the Somavedic medic device work?

somavedic reviews how does the somavedic medic device work

As you know, Somavedic is a blend of eastern medicine and frequency therapy device; its idea is to release mineral energies from precious stones and frequency-specific microcurrent. What does it mean for you?

Such energy release from the device harmonizes the EMF environment. Since Somavedic devices’ hearts have precious stones and minerals, you can expect your body’s energy fields to coincide with these minerals’ frequency. Here’s the step-wise operation:


You start the Somavedic device and place it on the table.

Step 2:

The minerals in the Somavedic heart create a frequency that your body loves.

Step 3:

You let these frequencies resonate with the energy field of your body.

Step 4:

The device doesn’t really block the EMF. Instead, it creates a stress zone around your body where these EMF and Geopathic stress won’t be able to harm you on a cellular level.


Your body creates a coherent field that prevents you from the unwanted negative impacts of wi-fi and EMF.

Do Somavedic devices need electricity?

No! You don’t need to plug it in the electric board to operate. The precious stones and minerals supported each other within the device release energies without you having to pass the electricity through it. Besides, it closely works at 60% efficiency without electricity.

What is inside the device?

LEDs: The self-diagnostic LEDs inside the Somavedic tell whether the device is broken from inside. You’ll observe a dark spot at the top of the Somavedic when it’s broken.

Tube: The tube is placed inside the device. It contains real precious stones and minerals and Czech republic corpus hand glass. You can’t see through the device. 

So if you’re drooling to have a glance at these precious metals and stone, sorry! They’re sealed inside. These stones can be the mixtures of ruby, cobalt, uranium oxide, and of course, the very beloved gold.

Somavedic reviews: what are the three critical studies related to Somavedic therapy?

You may call Somavedic a pseudoscience to begin with if it doesn’t treat, cure, or prevent what it claims. Thankfully, these three studies prove Somavedic solves different types of health problems:

Somavedic reviews Study #1: Medic green ultra model harmonizes water

The minerals and precious stones in Somavedic Medic Green Ultra Model release frequencies that harmonize water. The harmonized water is right for your health. 

You simply have to place the water glass close to Somavedic & there you’re, drinking harmonized healthy water. For your information, Switzerland conducted successful tests on it.

Somavedic reviews Study #2: Device fields improve blood flow

somavedic reviews what are the three critical studies related to somavedic therapyAnother study on red blood cells under the microscope was pathbreaking for Somavedic device. The blood samples were exposed to the Somavedic effect for 90 minutes and were observed before and after. 

Moreover, the pictures clearly showed that the mixed-matched red blood cells were harmonized, which ultimately led to better blood flow. You would have a similar effect on your body with drinking structured water.

Somavedic reviews Study #3: The device helps with improved HRV

The bleeding-edge information came when Germany, Austria, and Slovenia studied Somavedic devices.

  • 80% of respondents in Germany tests showed to have better HRV.
  • Austria figured that these devices did wonders in mitigating electrosmog’s impact.
  • And the third and final Slovenia study decoded the correlation between the reduction in the effect of cell phones while in the presence of Somavedic.

Somavedic reviews: Comparing 7 Somavedic models +1 New Model 2021

Well, there don’t exist seven different Somavedic variants just because you needed options to pick. The real reason why we have these many variants is that each model serves different benefits. Basically, you’re buying the one most suited for your needs. Here’s the pack of the seven different Somavedic models to pick from:

Somavedic reviews New Model 2021: Sky

Somavedic Sky can be of great help on your life path. The result of Somavedic Sky’s effects is greater calm, balance, harmony, better concentration, more intense body regeneration, and better sleep.

When do you want it: When you’re looking to mitigate the effects of 5G, viruses,
bacteria, parasites, molds

somavedic sky

Price: 725$

Mitigation Environment
  • 3G
  • 4G
  • 5G
  • Geopathic zones
  • viruses
  • bacteria
  • parasites
  • molds
  • Airplane
  • Bio-resonance
  • City apartment
  • Clinic
  • Family home
  • Hospital
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Office
  • School



Somavedic reviews Model #1: Amber 

Probably, the most potent Somavedic model. If you measure it in terms of magnitude, it’s 4X stronger than Medic Green Ultra.

When do you want it: When you’re looking to mitigate the effects of EMF/5G

somavedic amber

Price: 2,420$

Mitigation Environment
  • 3G
  • 4G
  • 5G
  • EMF
  • Free radicals
  • Geopathic zones
  • City apartment
  • Clinic
  • Family home
  • Hospital
  • Office
  • School




Somavedic reviews Model #2: Atlantik

More of an aqua model, Atlantik is ideal for “drinking” water flows. It treats the structure, memory, properties, and energetic potential of water. Users have experienced an improvement in their insufficient fluid intake.

somavedic atlantik

Well, you can expect a healthy body.

When do you want it: When you want to avoid sore throat from burdens in water.

Price: 365$




Somavedic reviews Model #3: Medic

Somavedic calls Medic the universal crystal ball of all. Should you need to harmonize your space more intensively, Medic is what you’re looking for. With a sky bluish gradient look, the crystal is exceptionally pleasing to the eyes.

When do you want it: When you want to handle significant stresses in cities.

somavedic medicPrice: 605$

Mitigation Environment
  • 3G
  • 4G
  • 5G
  • EMF
  • Free radicals
  • Geopathic zones
  • Airplane
  • Bio-resonance
  • City apartment
  • Clinic
  • Family home
  • Home Office
  • Hospital
  • School
  • Large properties




Somavedic reviews Model #4: Medic Cobalt

Medic cobalt is a proven and robust foundation from the already mentioned Medic model, with the difference being the color and the additional stones in the Somavedic heart. 

If you’re looking to positively influence the focus, concentration, and psyche, Medic cobalt is a severe fit. The studies prove the Medic cobalt alleviates depressive states and attenuates mild psychological disorders.

somavedic medic green ultra

When do you want it: For all the people looking to bolster up their self-awareness, this model is for you.

Price: 725$

Mitigation Environment
  • 3G
  • 4G
  • EMF
  • Free radicals
  • Geopathic zones
  • City apartment
  • Clinic
  • Family home
  • Hospital


Somavedic reviews Model #5: Medic Green Ultra

This Somavedic model is an absolute beast of a seller. In fact, the best-selling variant for Somavedic. 

It’s one of our favorite picks because it’s too ideal to be harmonizing your space + water at the same time! One arrow, two scalps! The glass body is made up of yellow glass. It’s great for neutralizing the ill effects of EMFs.

When do you want it: When you want to structure water burden and clear off your space with EMF radiations.

somavedic medic cobaltPrice: 850$

Mitigation Environment
  • 3G
  • 4G
  • 5G
  • EMF
  • Free radicals
  • Geopathic zones
  • Airplane
  • City apartment
  • Clinic
  • Family home
  • Home Office
  • Hospital
  • School
  • Yoga studio



Somavedic reviews Model #6: Medic RUBY red

A fantastic fit for women, the RUBY red model’s idea is to promote spiritual growth, encourage kindness, and open hearts apart from the standard benefits the Medic models give. 

It’s like maxing out the benefits of Medic foundation. Many women have reported immediate positive influence.

Other benefits of Medic Ruby Red:

  • Puts the heart in balance by triggering heart chakra activity
  • Invokes positive dreams and clear visual images
  • Motivates pineal gland activity
  • The protective effect of this stone helps you work diligently during arguments and clashes.
  • Ruby is also a dynamic stone to support emotional life.
  • Minerals’ energy stimulates enthusiasm and desires in the heart.
  • Helps in socializing with humans and enhances sexual activities
  • The ruby energy also overpowers exhaustion and lethargy.
  • Increases strength and energy while decreasing hyperactivity.

somavedic medic ruby red

When do you want it: When you’re looking to grow spiritually.

Price: 725$

Mitigation Environment
  • 3G
  • 4G
  • EMF
  • Free radicals
  • Geopathic zones
  • Bio-resonance
  • City apartment
  • Clinic
  • Family house


Somavedic reviews Model #7: Traveler

Traveler variant is like a pocket-size dynamite. The smaller variant is derived from the most potent Somavedic model and should mitigate negative energies in offices, smaller rooms, and cars.

Other features:

  • Developed for in-car usage
  • Neutralizes the effects of electromagnetic radiation, GPS, Bluetooth your body
  • Voids the faraday cage effect within the car’s chassis
  • Removes free radicals in your body
  • Gives a refreshing effect while driving
  • Regenerates cells and detoxifies your body
  • Harmonizes everything in the living space

somavedic traveler

When do you want it: Healthy for smaller spaces.

Price: 487$

Mitigation Environment
  • 3G
  • 4G
  • Free radicals
  • Car
  • Hotel room
  • Small apartment


Somavedic reviews Model #8: Somavedic Gold 

Somavedic Gold is a show-stopper of the list. Hands down! It’s a unique, premium model customized for individual customers. You wouldn’t believe in your eyes, it’s made up of 24-carat pure gold. And the vibration spectrum is programmed and strengthened so that it classifies and structures information stored in the human quantum field.

For your further information, the Somavedic Medic gold edition neutralizes EMF radiation’s effect and the free radicals caused by it. 

somavedic gold

The company also claims it to negate the impact of geopathic and psychosomatic zones on a human body. The charismatic gold crystal also influences the structure, memory, characteristics, energy, and Redox potential of water.

When do you want it: When you want to activate self-healing processes in the body and the mind.

Price: 5,600$



How long should you use Somavedic therapy?

If you don’t have severe health problems, you should have your energy field cleansed by 3 to 6 months with consistent use. Since it doesn’t have any downtime, and the max you have to do is place it on the nearest table, there’s no way you’re making excuses to miss it.

Moreover, 5 mins of Somavedic therapy for a quarter or two of a year should be enough to set you to solve many health problems. Please note Somavedic devices don’t heal severe health conditions. So don’t be fooled by the negative marketing gimmicks.


Pros and cons of Somavedic products

somavedic reviews what are the pros and cons of somavedic products

It is where you make buying decisions. It’s like a long story short! We have covered all the goods and the bad of Somavedic devices, and we expect this should really help you make informed decisions.


  • Its bestselling device at $850 is a better-balanced fit than either super-expensive devices or super-cheap, inferior in quality devices.
  • We experienced positive influences in plants’ growth at our homes and offices. Even other users have confirmed the same.
  • Our reviewers observed a better sleep cycle and high REM sleep quality. Other famous Biohackers, as Todd Shipman, gives their testimony too.
  • You have your money back if it doesn’t impress you.
  • Somavedic is handcrafted. Now, what’s so good about it? There’s a less environmental threat with a lack of machines and no bulk production.
  • Despite being built by hands, the price is relatively low.
  • Worldwide shipping makes it available to everyone who trusts the biohacking processes.
  • There’s plenty of science involved to prove it helps heart rate variability.
  • It produces huge energy fields, or call it a robust protective radius. So even if you’re sitting in a 2800+ sq feet home, the frequencies from the stone will detox you. Don’t forget to collect the lease from neighbors. They’re reaping positive influences too.
  • We bought it during Black Friday, the ultimate day for value discounts. If you’re sure to have numerous offers as free shipping and low rates, hold your oxygen till big festivities.
  • Aesthetically, it’s the most visually appealing device in our eyes.
  • No problem while you’re traveling. It can function without electricity at 60% efficiency and give you the much-needed health benefits when you’re not at home or office.
  • It structures and harmonizes drinking water for exclusive health benefits.

More pros

somavedic reviews what are the precautions you need to take for somavedic therapy

  • We checked the Somavedic buying list and discovered 99% of the people never returned the product. It was easy for us to deduce the product was being effective for people. Had it been otherwise, the return percentage would have been much higher.
  • One of our reviewers confirmed improvement in Oura sleep score with deep and REM sleep quality.
  • Most of us went sleeping long uninterrupted with improvement in circadian rhythm.
  • As tricky as it may sound, we found it solving the world’s greatest mysteries, including bacteria, mold, and Viruses from the system.
  • Famous biohackers have reported a positive Somavedic effect on their sleep cycle. Luke Store went on to say he slept 11 hours in a trot.
  • European and Japanese populations are testing its meat in large numbers.
  • There’s nothing you have to do to use or install a Somavedic device. Other EMF mitigating devices are a pain in the neck. You have to put in many efforts like shielding your home in chicken wire and plenty of hassles. We’re sure you’re not doing it. So aren’t we! But you simply have to plug in the Somavedic device, and you’re good to go. In case you don’t plug it in, it’s fine! You’re still getting its 60% capacity.
  • Somavedic devices are not only good for humans but also pets and plants in your house. It is literally a one-size-fits-all device for all the living creatures in the world. Did we just say, aliens?



  • There’s no quantifiable way to determine the level of EMF protection each product offers. So you don’t know the level of protection you’ll really get from different models. 
  • HRV studies were done only on ten dozens people. So the sample size for testing was relatively small. It’s still to be tested on big data groups. However, we know many users claiming to have a positive experience.
  • Some Somavedic products release blue light. It can make it harder for you to sleep if it’s placed in the same room. (but if you wear a sleep mask, you will be perfectly fine). Maybe medic ultra is the only Somavedic product without junk light. You would have felt a lot calmer if it didn’t emit junk light. It’s beyond our understanding the company, which emphasizes so much on minimizing the effect of EMF, emits annoying blue light itself.

What are the precautions you need to take for Somavedic therapy?

Our team used Somavedic therapy for a good three months. Not everybody is created equal. We all felt different influences—be it positive or negative. Here’s what we found out:

  • Some of us experienced flu-like detoxifying effects.
  • The others felt drunk for 60-70 minutes after Somavedic therapy.
  • Headaches were typical for our reviewers, too, especially the ones living in EMP-polluted fields. However, we believe that it was part of the detoxification process. 

Final verdict: should you buy it?

somavedic reviews final verdict should you buy it

There’s no doubt our teams felt a lot better with Somavedic, especially with Green Medic Ultra’s effect. 

Sure, you’ll have questions like if it is protective, and if yes, how much is it? Is it really quantifiable and worth spending hundreds of dollars? Well, it’s challenging to have any words on quantifiable data!

But we recommend Somavedic makers introduce protective readings or something similar in that line. Still, it doesn’t change the fact of what we felt post-Somavedic therapy. 

Our positive experiences related to deep and REM sleep give us a tell-tale sign of using Somavedic more than ever. 850$ does sound too much initially, but would you go for it if it gives 30-45 minutes extra sleep for the rest of your life? We definitely would.

The only one-off thing about it was blue light emission, but we’re sure Somavedic will come with the solution. With hassle-free return policies, there’s no harm in trying it for a couple of months and feel its effect.



Frequently asked questions.

Know more on Somavedic devices with these frequently asked questions

What is the ideal place for Somavedic?

Place it in the middle of the house if you live in a flat and ground floor, in case it’s a single-story building. Also, please note it’s not recommended to place it under the bed or anywhere close to the bed (within a one-meter radius).

Shall I leave Somavedic turned on all the time?

If you’re really looking to maximize its effect, there’s no harm in turning it on all the time (of course, only if it’s possible for you). No! You won’t get a huge electricity bill. The current consumption is meager, less than 1 kWh per month.

What happens with the Somavedic device after five years of use?

All the Somavedic devices come with a five years manufacturing guarantee. You can get have replaced if they fail in functionality within five years. The good news is: most of the LEDs survive by five years. As well as, and if it’s the case, Somavedic will work 100 percent even after the guarantee period.