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Somavedic medic green ultra carries the day as the best EMF radiation protector.

It has game-changing features. And this is why it attracts biohackers looking for DIY biohacking tricks.

With network and technology, radiation hits us left, right and center. It often starts as nothing. You brush it off.  You continue exposing yourself to different forms of radiation. And as time goes, your body and mind would be unable to take in any more. You start falling sick. Fatigued and burnt out. And in extreme cases, organ complications start appearing from nowhere. 

We act like we don’t understand where these complications came from. Yes, we know it very well.  We had the chance to protect our bodies from environmental hazards. But we didn’t. We chose the quick way out. And, it ended up becoming much more painful and complicated. 

Enter Somavedic Medic Green Ultra. 

somavedic medic green ultra placed besides a glass of water for structuring

And why is everybody suddenly talking about this Somavedic Green Medic Ultra device? What does it have to offer? And why now?

Well, we have constantly been exposed to EMF radiation. And lots of external negative energy…

However, the rapid rollout and expansion of 5G is a nightmare. Do not get shocked when things keep going south. 

And that’s why you need to arm yourself with this special somavedic version— The Medic Green Ultra…

What is Somavedic Medic Green Ultra: Product Description

Somavedic Medic Green Ultra (1) is one of the great frequency therapy devices in the Somavedic family. You can check out its family tree in Somavedic review. It is known for its ability to harmonize spaces and increase positive energy. 

The outside is a green glass body with a slight yellowish tint. The interior is composed of uranium.  The uranium boosts the EMF radiation neutralization. 

Let’s talk about its feature in detail. 

Somavedic Medic Green Ultra Outstanding Features

somavedic medic ultra green clears off the environment

Features behind the workability of the Somavedic Green Medic Ultra device:

  • Green/ yellowish glass-body: This feature is essential in neutralizing the harsh effects of EMF radiation. Furthermore, the hand-blown crystal glass emits a soft green glow.  This glow increases the neutralizing ability of the device(2). 
  • Precious and semi-precious stones: natural crystals and gems in this device are top conduits of natural healing energy. The uranium in it is referred to as a balancing stone. This is because of its ability to balance misaligned energies in an environment. 
  • Dimensions: ‎5.5 x 5.5 x 3.1 inches; 3.1 Pounds. If you are looking for a mobile device, choose this device. This would be ideal if you would love to neutralize the EMF radiation in different locations. It is super-light, and therefore, easily portable.

How Somavedic Medic Green Ultra Works

somavedic medic green ultra stone releases controlled energy field in the environment

It is one of the best ways to neutralize negative energies at home and surroundings. And the health benefits it brings to the table are enticing. It is safe to say that it will take your health to a whole higher level. 

But how exactly does it do it? What is the science behind Somavedic Green Medic Ultra? 

First things, the glass body releases a soft glow.  This glow emits a steady stream of positive energy. Also, the gemstones within the device release positive energy to the environment around it. And, this energy can radiate up to 100 ft into all directions. 

What Health Benefits Does Somavedic Medic Green Ultra Offer?

a biohacker holds somavedic medic green ultra to harmonize water

What does Somavedic Green Medic Ultra bring to the table? We know that it emits a steady stream of positive energy.  But how can that benefit your health? 

Here are the health benefits of the medic green ultra Somavedic device:

  • improves sleep, 
  • helps de-stress, 
  • increases concentration and energy levels, 
  • reduces headaches, 
  • enhances quicker physical recovery, 
  • protects you at a cellular level,
  • helps manage anxiety, anxious feelings, and anxiety attacks. 

What Areas Need Somavedic Medic Green Ultra? 

somavedic medic green ultra covers large hall area

First, since it covers infinitely large distances, it becomes the perfect EMF neutralization device for large properties. 

Secondly, this is just a must-have for properties near cell phone towers. With all the emf exposure on properties close to cell phone towers, you will definitely need the protection. 

We recommend the Somavedic Green Medic Ultra for:

  • larger properties, 
  • massage and cosmetic salons, 
  • yoga studios, 
  • schools, 
  • clinics and hospitals ( yes, you need neutralization from all the harmful radiation there)
  • shopping malls, 
  • a single-story house

Reasons to Love Somavedic Medic Green Ultra

somavedic medic green ultra harmonizes a water glass and a water bottle

The Somavedic Green Medic Ultra is a bestseller. And, this status is not just among the Somavedic technology devices. It is also doing so well in the EMF protection devices. And you would want to know why it keeps winning people’s hearts. 

Here are the reasons we swear by this device. 

Space Harmonizer

You have quite a few electronics in your house. Therefore, you are exposed to ubiquitous electromagnetic radiation and free radicals. And, the situation is made even much worse by:

  • cellphone towers, 
  • smart meters, 
  • Wi-Fi routers,
  • wireless electronic devices, 
  • computers. 

And we spend so much time in the same room with some of these devices. With these, health problems start to manifest. It may start as the inability to fall asleep and inability to stay asleep. Or, constant mild headaches. These are things we often brush off as being too minor until they get out of hand. 

Having a Somavedic medic green ultra will help you neutralize a free radicals(3) environment.

Of course, there are other natural ways to avoid radiation from cell phones. But Somevedic medic ultra is on another level. It is because mixes the science of the west and nature of the east perfectly to minimize emf effects.

Elimination of Influences

a biohacker wakes up fresh after somavedic medic ultra green therapy

Not long ago, all we were worried about was 3G and 4G. But, now, we have 5G, which is more intense. This is a reason to worry even more. Instead of going for exorbitant whole house filters, you may want to go for the Somavedic Green Ultra. 

It will help filter and eliminate the negative influences of such radiations. And how do you know you are protected from the negative influences? You can watch out for signs such as :

  • better and deep sleep, 
  • low-stress levels, 
  • more energy levels, 

However, you can always go to a bio-resonance center and have it checked. 

Structures Water


Are you searching for an ideal device to structure drinking water? Consider going for the Somavedic Green Medic Ultra. It is an ideal device for a regular family.

The pros:

Drinking structured water is much better for your body. Having a jug of water close to the device for a few moments. This will help rearrange the water molecules into structured water. And, it offers slightly more than health benefits. Structured water tastes crispier. 

Weighing on the Two Sides Somavedic Medic Green Ultra

somavedic medic green ultra placed on sofa hands to purify the room energy

Anyone who has used this device will tell its impact. Even after a few weeks of use. It can protect you from:

  • influences,
  • negative energies,
  • and free radicals.

It just takes your health to a whole new level.

But does it have its downsides? And despite the downsides, is it still worth it. 

We weigh the pros and cons of the device below. 

Pros of Medic Green Ultra 

  • Emits soft green light and no blue light. This helps you sleep better,
  • neutralizes adverse effects from a cellular level, 
  • ideal for more significant properties, 
  • structures water, 
  • consumes minimal electricity
  • friendly to indoor plants, 
  • can be used at virtually any place, 

Cost: the Somavedic Green Medic Ultra costs $850. This is a super great deal, especially if you weigh its benefits and compare it with other EMF proofing and frequency therapy devices. 


  • You are likely to experience adaptation discomfort. It is normal. The changes at a cellular level are likely to make you a little uncomfortable initially.

Final Thoughts

That was our honest weighing on the most talked about in Somavedic medic models. And it is clear why it keeps being on top of the chart. Carefully crafted to protect you from the cellular level. 

Looking for EMF protection for home for a regular family or larger property? This device will win your heart all over and over. And, it is one of those things you look at and think…”I wish I invested in it earlier…” 

Go for it; your health would reward you right back. 

Read Somavedic FAQs to ensure you’re making the right buying decision.




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