How Can I Reduce Radiation From My Phone? 11 Ways To Block Them

Cell phones can be safe and good friends, only if you want them!

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How to avoid radiation from cell phones

Type “how to avoid radiation from cell phones” on Google and you’ll find the homely-experts passing on their two-bits.

“Don’t keep the cell phone in your trousers’ pocket,” the anti-mobile people keep repeating this phase like rote-champ parrots.

Wait! You got to hear this. This one is our favorite!

“Stop overusing the smartphone, or the cancerous deathbed shall engulf you in its lap.”

You see? The anti-mobile campaigners never really cease to amaze.

These people want to “warn you about the non-existent dangers related to the exposure to cell phones” despite 82% of the world using cell phones.

Focus on the word non-existent (at least that’s what we thought it was— a hoax). 😉

The “virtue signaling” to not use the “mobile signaling” always got on our nerves.

But since we promote biohacks for health, we decided to get into the nuts and bolts of

  • Mobile phone…
  • Radiation exposure…
  • Cell tower…
  • Radiofrequency (rf energy)…
  • Electromagnetic radiation…
  • Radiofrequency, electromagnetic fields health risks…
  • And everything related to the cell phone calls…

Maybe our research was more about proving them wrong than figuring out the truth.

We even tried our best to remain biased in finding the correlation between emf radiations and health effects.

But this is what we found…

Cell radiations caused 4+ major health issues

cell radiations caused 4+ major health issues

We were not ready for the truth bombs, but the truth was ready to manifest itself in front of us.

So our research found:

  • Cell phones emit harmful RF energies.
  • Our body absorbs over 50% of the RF energy when we keep mobile phone nearby
  • Phones and headset exposures lead to many health problems, but four problems are most prevalent.

They are:

You may be cooking your future kids.

If you haven’t been a parent to a child or are planning to have one, cell phones are narrowing your chances for being one (or at least put a lot of complications forward). (1)

As much as we hate this bomb— the truth is— prolonged exposure to electromagnetic field and radio frequencies (RF) affects:

  • fertility (your natural capacity to conceive a child)
  • devastated sperm count (fewer cells = higher uncertainty in conceiving)
  • sperm motility (ability to swim forward towards ovum)
  • sperm concentration (sperm density ranging less than 15 million per milliliter is considered low)

Your brain cells need more coffins.

your brain cells need more coffins.

One of the ways cell phone radiation affects you is by Neurotoxic effects. (2)

It’s pretty bothering as exposure to wireless devices such as cordless phone and headset:

  • reduces the overall brain cells
  • kills brain cells in the memory
  • decreases the brain health
  • decreases the brain cells of learning centers in the brain
  • alters the brain activity

If you don’t pay attention, even biohacking brain tips will find it hard to fix your brain fitness.

You’re compromising with cognitive health.

Your cognitive health is most likely to suffer from the death of the brain cells.

We were shocked to find the wireless signal can affect cognition and impair your memory-retaining capabilities. (3)

If things go worse from there, you’ll also hurt:

  • learning capacity
  • attention span
  • reaction to different events

Your hearing capacity might go down.

your hearing capacity might go down.

The thing closest to the mobile phone is your ear.

Needless to say, it’s one of the worst victims of cell phone radiation.

  • You can expect a high-frequency hearing loss if you’re using the phone relentlessly or keeping it close by your ears.
  • Moreover, exposure to cell phones damages the inner portion of your ear.

Wait for the worst to come.

We found there’s a significant risk of developing tumors on the auditory nerve. (4)

So there you go, the “stories” about radiation exposure and its relation with health problems are absolutely true!

We were a bit surprised to acknowledge it late, but as they say, “better late than never.”

10 tips to avoid exposure to cell phone radiation

10 tips to avoid exposure to cell phone radiation

Now being your regular biohack guide, we also believe the onus lies on us to help you avoid the risk of cell phone radiations.

So we also researched some effective tips to keep you free of emf dangers.

Ready to find them out? Let’s go:

How to avoid radiation from cell phones Tip #1 Be a textovert

You’re already safer than your “call addict” friend if you’re a textovert (who loves text messages).

Well, here’s the science behind it.

How being a textrovert helps?

As you increase the distance between your cell phone and yourself, the radiation exposure goes down exponentially.

Most companies, including Apple, advise maintaining at least a distance of 5mm to 15 mm between your head and the cell phone.

What changes do texts bring?

You can mitigate 55 to 98 of the radiation if you’re a frequent texter than a caller.

Try incorporating this super-simple hack in your life.

How to avoid radiation from cell phones Tip #2 Avoid calls in low-network zones

how to avoid radiation from cell phones tip #2 avoid calls in low-network zones

Calling in a high-network area is still better than calling in a low network area.

You might wonder what makes the high-network area a better choice; after all, high network areas have to have more emf signals. Right? Wrong!

How avoiding calls in the low-network area helps?

Our phones have antennae.

These sleek rods are designed to work harder in low-network areas, so you get the desired signal.

So while your phone puts additional effort into catching the signal for you, they secretly release a lot more radiation.

What changes after avoiding calls in low-network zones?

You know how low-network zones have plenty of call drops.

Instead of engaging in repeated call drops in either your office or home, try limiting the calls altogether.

You won’t believe it, but it saves you from 20 to 50% of the radiation exposure.

How to avoid radiation from cell phones Tip #3 Switch on the airplane mode while gaming

how to avoid radiation from cell phones tip #3 switch on the airplane mode while gaming

This tip is handy for the parents who want to protect their kids from mobile radiation but can’t stop them from gaming all day all night long.

If you’re bothered, the stubborn kids won’t leave your devices and radiation will affect their health, try switching to airplane mode.

How does airplane mode help?

Cell phone radiation affects kids faster than an average adult.

Handing your phone to them with the airplane mode should keep the excessive radiations at bay from your kids.

You can’t remove radiation from the picture altogether, but if you follow it long enough, you can surely keep your kids away from the rf energy.

What changes after switching to airplane mode?

You can cut 15 to 60% of cell phone radiation for yourself and your kids.

The idea is to avoid cellular signals when you’re already engaged in playing games.

Please consider keeping on the flight mode for the time you play.

How to avoid radiation from cell phones Tip #4 Say goodbye to the phone while you sleep

say goodbye to the phone while you sleep

Mobile phones and sleep are the “best” enemies.

There’s enough study to support that cell phones affect the sleep cycle and circadian rhythm.

But it’s not the only thing we’re bothered about.

Keeping phones close to yourself while sleeping can disturb your biological repair process too.

How does saying goodbye to your phone help sleep?

So your body feels the weakest while you’re asleep— not in terms of physical toughness, but the overall immune defense.

And if you didn’t know, you need the defense system working because that’s when most biological repair processes happen (at night).

Also, that’s when you’re most susceptible to the health problems warranted by cell phone radiation and EMF.

Sleeping away from cell phones keeps you away from unnecessary restlessness & preserves the biological repairing process.

What changes after saying goodbye to phones?

You cut radiation exposure by 25 to 40 percent.

The longer you maintain the discipline, the better. If you fail to do it, there other better ways to enhance sleep cycle. Read Braintap reviews and SleepPhone reviews to have quality sleep.

How to avoid radiation from cell phones Tip #5 Don’t keep it in your pocket or bra

how to avoid radiation from cell phones tip #5 don't keep it in your pocket or bra

It might come out as a surprise to you, but cell manufacturing companies do state everything about using the phones safely.

Of course, no one reads it.

But we’re going to read that for you.

Avoid phones from contacting your body for a long time.

For that, you’ve to avoid keeping it in your trousers’ pocket or your bra.

Either way, the radiation’s heat is cooking your kids. 😉

How does keeping the phone in purses help?

Phones are not intended to keep close to your body, mainly not be carried against your head or body all the time.


Storing them in purses and clutches helps avoid direct contact.

It, indeed, preserves your fertility.

What changes after moving the phone away from the body?

One of the studies suggests over 25 to 30 men have infertility.

No, not because they had a genetic defect, but only because radiation exposure really got them bad.

So you want to safeguard yourself from getting into the infertility bracket.

How to avoid radiation from cell phones Tip #6 Use speaker or wired headset more often

use speaker or wired headset more often

The wired headset has a magical ability to disappear when someone calls.

You never find headsets— sadly— even if they’re right in front of you. 😀

But you can indeed find them if a call must be made from your end.

Using headsets or at least a speakerphone automatically reduces the proximity between your phone and the head.

It decreases the amount of radiation your head will absorb while being on the call.

How do speakers and wired headsets help?

Most of the phone releases near field radiation when you’re holding them against your body (including head and ear).

Near field, radiation is concerning as it possesses RF energy, which is dangerous for your health.

Wired headsets ensure you’re maintaining enough distance from near field radiations.

What changes after using speakers and wired headsets?

You reduce the amount of near-field radiation with speakers and headsets by 55 to 98%.

How to avoid radiation from cell phones Tip #7 Limit using phones in cars and trains

Traveling can get extremely difficult without a smartphone.

But not only there’s a massive correlation between phones and accidents, but also the increased RF effect on your body.

How does avoiding phones in cars and trains help?

Using your phones in cars and trains can amplify the effect of cell phone radiation.

As you know, most vehicles are made up of metal structures.

These metallic bodies can concentrate RF/cell phone radiation around your body (if you keep close).

Further, the moving vehicles go in and out of the network.

And as we mentioned, these devices are designed to work harder when they’re out of network.

As a result, you’re always exposed to high radiation in a moving vehicle.

What changes after avoiding phones in cars and trains help?

It’s more or less avoiding the phones in the low-network area.

So you’re mitigating around 20 to 50% of energies plus the amplified effect.

How to avoid radiation from cell phones Tip #8 Shorter calls >> Long phone calls

shorter calls long phone calls

It’s not rocket science or complicated calculus.

Just simple math.

Shorter calls keep you more healthy than longer phone calls.

How do shorter calls help?

The less you talk –> The less your head absorbs radiation –> The better your health.

So consider limiting your phone call duration as it’s the key to mitigating wireless signals.

What changes after having shorter calls?

Shorter calls can reduce your radiation consumption by 20%.

Some long phone callers of call centers and sales units use anti-radiation phone cases to meet their safety standards.

How to avoid radiation from cell phones Tip #9 Use desk phone over the cordless phone

use desk phone over the cordless phone

If you thought landline and cordless phones radiated the same harmful energy against our bodies, we’re sorry to correct you.

Desk phones release minimum radiation.

Yes, that’s what makes desk phones the first choice for many corporations rather than handy mobile devices.

How does replacing wireless phones with desk phones help?

As far as our research goes, landline or desk phones don’t release any RF radiation.

It might not be a popular choice among your kids, but don’t stop considering it for yourself even when someone rings you up on the phone.

Make sure you’re reaching back through the landline.

What changes with more use of desk phones?

Desk phones are one of the best ways to reduce radiation exposure by almost 100%.

Of course, it’s impossible to work without wireless phones but try as much to speak longer on wired phones.

How to avoid radiation from cell phones Tip #10 Use both the ears for calls alternatively

Although we ask you to avoid mobile phones from keeping them close to your ears, it’s not entirely possible to avoid them.

In case there is an emergency, try switching the device from one ear to the other.

How does switching ears help?

You’re basically dividing time between two ears (or two sides of the head).

If you hold it long enough on one side, the prolonged effect will harm one side of the head severely.

So you want to be switching between the hands and the head.

It ensures both the sides of the head get balanced cell tower exposure rather than an uneven distribution on one part.

What changes with switching the ears?

You’re not reducing but distributing the effect of radiations by 50% on both sides of your head.

How to avoid radiation from cell phones Bonus Tip #11 Use a Somavedic device to neutralize cell phone radiation

somavedic reviews what are the pros and cons of somavedic products

It’s not always possible to neutralize cell radiations if you live in a big family and collaborate with a large workforce.

Even if you’re tight with all the mentioned tips, you can’t escape the havoc of 5G radiations.

We’re wrapped around it.

In such cases, you want a Somavedic device to take care of your health.

How does the Somavedic device help?

somavedic reviews benefit #1 reduces the harmful effect of mobile phone radiation.

It does everything that you need to get over the impact of harmful radiation.

You place the device in your home or at the office and expect it to

  • mitigate EMF radiation (4G/5G, WiFi, phones)
  • control geopathic stress
  • structure water molecules (harmonization)
  • manage Curry and Hartmann lines
  • reduce oxidative stress / free radicals

What changes with the Somavedic device?

The entire environment around you changes with Somavedic.

Even if you fail with keeping up with the ten tips, this unique combination of frequency therapy and natural science will help you feel and live better.

read somavedic review       Remove Cell Radiations Now

The final argument

Hope these tips sweep away all your worries in a jiffy!

Not to discount a life with lower cell radiation exposure also reduce stress and prevents early aging (5).

Continue reading our anti-aging biohack blogs to know more about this.

Frequently asked questions.

Here are some expertise catered answers to the frequently asked questions regarding cell radiations.

What material can block cell phone radiation?

what material can block cell phone radiation

The material that can block cell phone electromagnetic radiations is conductive. Tin cases are known to block the signal transmission entirely. You must have also heard of phone shields people use to block the phone radiation. They’re equally good in blocking cell radiations.

They’re mainly made up of aluminum, copper, nickel, silver, zinc, ferrite having different dimensions.

How far away should you keep your cell phone at night?

You should keep your cell phone at least 3 feet away from yourself at night to prevent radio frequency exposure.

Consider switching off your phone before hitting the bed.

If you live by the phone’s alarm clock, switch on your flight mode.

How far away from the cell phone is safe?

If you go through the manufacturing manuals, they all advise keeping your cell phone at least 5 millimeters away, i.e., to prevent body or brain contact.

Apple recommends keeping phones at least 5 to 15 millimeters. That’s almost half an inch from your body.

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