How To Remove Negative Energy From Home: 28 Simple Tricks

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How to remove negative energy from home?

To be honest, we all seek answers to these questions at some point in our life. And since we have turned the heat on as biohacking experts, we surely need these answers quickly.

When things keep getting topsy-turvy and nothing seems to work out, we start to feel that something is fishy.

Not just this, our house doesn’t feel pleasant anymore.

A biohacker's room free of negative energies

Feeling down and tired as soon as you hit home?

Or does your anxiety and anger reach your peak when you get home? And tons of other negative energy symptoms bothering you?

It may be due to the existence of negative energy in your space.

But once you are sure about it, you need to dig right into fixing it.

And we know you are here to learn about the solutions, right?

Well, you’re at the right place!

This blog will talk about a whopping 27 ways to remove negative energy from your house.

Ready to dive in?

Let’s start!

Set new intentions to remove negative energy from your home

a biohacker sets positive intent on sofa and sips drink happily

Your intention for your home is what kind of vibrations you expect out of it. Now we’re sure no body expects negative or geopathic stress for their homes intentionally. 

But recall the simple mantra- What you think, you become unintentionally.

Studies suggest that positive thinking can help you achieve positive results. (1)

The same goes for your house.

So, before you jump into any other work, first set an intention for your house.

What do you want your space to feel and look like?

Have a clear thought about it.

When you have it, just say it out loud.

For example- If you want to cleanse negative energy, say that you intend to clean negativity, and you’re focused on that.

Say it out loud so that you can hear it from every corner of your home.

Try burning dried herbs to remove negative energy at home

White, Blue, Dragons Blood, Cedar, Yerba, Palo sage stick to remove negative energy at home

How do you like the smell of herbs?

Soothing and refreshing, right?

But do you know, apart from refreshing your mood, herbs are also helpful in cleansing negative energies? (2)

Yes, you read it right!

Certain fragrant herbs like:

  • Cedar helps in decluttering.
  • Yerba Santa invokes loving vibes.
  • Rosemary is great for a fresh start and significant life transition.
  • Mugwort for enhanced and better dreams.
  • Resins for cleansing and purification.
  • Juniper for a calm and serene atmosphere.
  • Palo Santo for prosperity.
  • Sandalwood for aromatherapy and grounding.
  • Incense for deep purification.

Can be burned to remove negative energy.

You need to place the dried herb of your choice in a container.

Make sure the container is fire safe.

Light the herb until you see a flame.

Spread the fragrant smoke evenly and thoroughly in every corner of your home.

Burn some sage to get rid of negative energy from home

a biohacker holds the burning sage to remove the negative energy from home

Burning a sage is a very famous popular Native American technique of removing negative energies.

It’s a simple process.

Carefully burn a sage and smudge your entire space with its smoke.

Always start with the front main door and move in a clockwise direction.

Be clear about your intentions and make sure the smoke fills every corner of your house.

Strategically place your crystals to stave off negative energy from home

crystal placed on table to get rid of negative energy at home

Have you ever thought of keeping crystals in your home?

It can be a great option if you haven’t thought about it yet!

Crystals not only enhance the aesthetics of your house but also help to clear negative energy.

Different types of crystals hold distinct energies.

Some of the crystals like:

  • Black Tourmaline.
  • Rose quartz

Can be a perfect choice for fending off negativity.

These crystals replace negative emotions with positive thoughts. (3)

For best results, place these crystals near electronic devices to balance out the energy.

Also, it is crucial to cleanse your crystals from time to time.

The reason is- Crystals attract energies and retain them.

Remove negative energy from home by using Somavedic product

Biohacker holds somavedic gold to mitigate negative energy from home

Crystals can be good choices, but they don’t bring the best results every time… Because 

1) they’re not certified products.

2) you can’t measure their effects.

On the other hand, Somavedic devices, with years of research, give much better results to mitigate negative energies. If you didn’t know, they also clear off emf radiations at your home.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Making you feel calm.
  • Better focus and concentration.
  • Freedom from headaches.
  • Energy boost (take Bioptimizers magnesium for tripling the Somavedic effect)
  • Removing negative emotions.

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To know more about it, read our Somavedic review. Sure, it won’t disappoint you.

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Make noise while walking through your space

a sofa against wall decor

Is music your partner in crime?

If yes, then I have something great to tell you!

Sound waves help to banish negative energy in your house and in your mood. (4)

Even if it is the sound of you walking or clapping, auditory sensations help in bringing positive energy.

Walkthrough your entire house singing or humming a song or playing loud music.

Just enough to not disturb your neighbors, though :p

Remove negative energy from home with salt

two salt lamps placed near home pots to remove negative energies

As we know, salt has to sterilize properties.

Though it burns a lot, it cures your wound.

And not just wounds; it can sterilize almost everything.

But do you know salt crystals can also cure negative or stagnant energy?

Yes, you are reading it right!

Here is how:

  • Prepare a solution by dissolving some sea salt in water.
  • Transfer the mixture to a bottle and spritz it in the air in every room.
  • You can also draw a thin line of sea salt in the door front or around the circumference of your house.
  • Or use Himalayan salt lamps.

Give the whole place a fresh fruity scent

Minced lemons on table to remove the effect of negative energies at home

We all love lemons, right?

Not just lemons, all citrus fruits.

These pretty things smell so refreshing and invigorate your mood.

Even studies say that citrus fruits help you overcome the depressive state. (5)

Not just your mood, the smell of lemon and oranges can breathe life into the otherwise dull areas of your house.

You can use it in these ways:

  • Get yourself some citrus-scented organic essential oil spray and spritz it in the living space and all over your home.
  • Boil some lemon or orange peels in water and let the steam scent scatter all over your space.
  • Cut lemon slices and put them around the corners of your home.

Fill your space with the smell of plants

potted lavender plant to get rid of negative energy at home

Thinking of adorning your home with great smells?

Scents bring new energy.

And not just lemon; there are so many plants that can give your space that aroma boost.

Experts have found that plants like:

  • Lilies.
  • Sage.
  • Lavender
  • Aloe Vera
  • Ivy

can help you get rid of negative vibrations. (6)

You can also use orange essential oil or any other oils of your choice.

Just mix them with structured water and sprinkle.

And you’re good to go!

Harness the power of imagination

a clean house hall after the negative energies have been removed

Your mind is where you live most of the time.

You think good; you feel good.

Imagine positive things with positive intentions.

Think about a glowing golden light inside your heart.

Inhale deeply and imagine it is expanding and getting out of your body.

Now spread this light all over your home to clear out harmful air.

Remove negative energy from home by Clearing out your clutter


Imagine coming home all exhausted from a party, and your room looks like a dumping yard!

You’ll be confused about where to start.

Not because you don’t know what’s the right place for everything.

But because the clutter looks chaotic to you.

And that’s what clutter does to your mind- It blocks your thinking process.

Ever felt that oh-so-good moment after cleaning the space?

Yes, same:)

And this does not just mean cleaning the dirt and keeping your place clean.

You also need to remove older unwanted items.

Old items have energies embedded in them.

And they may physically, mentally, or spiritually block your blessings.

Begin house cleansing with doors and windows

biohacker cleans doors and windows to release negative energy from home

The windows and main door of your house are most prone to negativity.

These are where the outside energy enters your house.

It is better to keep them clean and purified.

All you need are some simple ingredients like:

  • Lemon juice
  • Bucket of water.
  • White vinegar.
  • Sea salt.

Mix them up and clean the doors, doorknobs, window panes, and frames.

Practice meditation & yoga

a biohacker practices yog asana to clear off the negative energies from home

Meditation does to your brain what rest does to your body.

It helps your brain with better concentration and awareness and improves your cognitive functions. (7)

When you carry negative energy, it creates a ripple effect in your house.

Spiritual and meditation practice helps you remove such vibrations.

Similarly, practicing yoga helps to clean out negative thoughts.

You exhale downright depressing vibes and inhale positive and new vibes.

Detach yourself from the energy that is not yours

two biohackers practice detachment to remove negative energies around them

Your office colleagues are throwing a party, but you don’t want to join.

What would you do?

Would you avoid it, or would you go?

We are trying to make this: Try having healthy boundaries and steer clear of negative energy.

It is okay to say ‘no’ to something that does not align with your energy.

Take a bath

a biohacking lady enjoys bath in bath tub to free herself from negative energies at home

What does it mean to you when someone says take a bath?

Cleansing your body, right?

And yes, it’s a great way to sanitize the negative energy around you and refine your spirit.

You can also spray orange essential oil or any other oils like:

  • Eucalyptus.
  • Cedarwood.
  • Lavender

In your bathwater, along with some Epsom and sea salt to cleanse and calm your mind and body.

Spend time in nature

a biohacker embraces nature with open arms to get relieved from negative energies

Nature is one of the most potent and free-of-cost energy clearing agents.

Fresh air and high oxygen levels improve your mental well-being. (8)

Get some fresh breeze and eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Remove negative energy from home by removing mirrors in your bedroom

a biohackers' nicely decorated room without mirror

According to Feng Shui’s thinking, mirrors have a doubling effect.

It doubles the energy of your space.

If you are lonely, it doubles the loneliness, and if you are happy and positive, it doubles your joy and brings more positive energy.

So, when you go to bed with evil thoughts piled up during the day, the mirror in your bedroom amplifies your emotions.

Sure you can’t go on removing bedroom essentials just like that. So if you can’t, you can at least cover them up during nighttime.

Remove plants and objects with sharp edges

Plants with sharp edges like:

  • Cactus
  • Agave

Also, create negative energy in your space.

Not only plants but even sharp objects also create negative emotions.

Especially when you place them near the entrance of your home, bedroom or living area.

Replace these plants with the ones having round leaves.

Also, keep sharp objects like knives, blades, and objects with as many sharp angles inside the cabinets.

These objects are known to bring negative energy.

Remove negative energy from home by repairing or removing broken things

a perfectly looking room in a home without negative energies

Do you know broken things attract negative energy?

Every object attracts and retains energy and makes you feel negative.

And when you keep broken or malfunctioning objects in your home, it sets a tone of what you expect with your own life.

If you cannot repair an object, better dispose of it as it has negative energies stuck in it.

Instead, look for well-functioning objects and take care of them.

And see the difference it makes to our mood.

Let in some fresh air

Want positive vibes in seconds?

Just blow open the windows and doors of your house and let the fresh air sweep in.

Letting the fresh air in is the first step to moving harmful air out of your house.

Fresh air moves out existing energies and brings new and fresh energies into your home.

Stagnant and filthy energy can be suffocating, get some fresh air and have positive vibes moving.

Cleanse antiques that can cause negative energy

Antiques and curio objects are appealing to the aesthetics of your house.

But these objects carry their history of energy.

And if they possess negative energy, it might be a troubling situation for you.

To ensure these objects don’t have any heavy energy stuck from the previous owners, clear and purify them nicely before placing them in your house.

So you can enjoy them without hurting yourself.

Remove negative energy from home by reshuffling the furniture

biohacking couples re-arrange their sofa to mitigate negative energies at home

We often become tired of seeing the same things again and again.

Can you eat the same food every day?

No, right!

We need a change to feel good!

The same goes with your home.

Change or rearrange the furniture in your house or bring something new.

The simple rearrangement will alter how it looks and give your home a newness without spending a penny.

Go for the yellow color

a yellow decor room tone down negative energies at home

Something is appealing with the color yellow.

Don’t you feel that?

It represents sunshine and brightness.

Yellow keeps negative energy away and brings a bright and friendly tone.

Not just this, but it also helps your space appear more prominent than usual.

Go for yellow walls, and you’ll see the change it brings to your mood and emotions.

Get your house the magic of neutral colors

a neutral color hallway to get rid of negative energies at home

Dark and rich colors look beautiful and daunting.

But when you’re already trying to rid yourself of negativity, this shoots an opposite effect on your life.

Your house needs to look bright and lively, and dark colors snatch the soothing element.

Choose colors that are light and neutral so that your home doesn’t look dull and gloomy.

Also, dark colors make your space appear small.

Try Florida water

florida water bottle to remove negative energy

Florida water is considered holy and is used in Peru and many other South African countries.

The water is said to possess energetic and spiritual powers.

So, if you’re thinking of purifying your space- Florida water can be a great choice.

Put the holy water in a spray bottle and spray it in the air in the room you want to cleanse.

You can also use this water to neutralize your crystals.


burned candles on table with porcelain and pot artifacts to remove negative energy

Want to remove negative energy easily?

All you need is four candles.

Dim the lights and spread the candles around the room.

Light the candles one after the other.

Start from the main door and put the candle on the left.

Move-in a clockwise direction around the whole house.

After you are done, just leave them on until they blow up on their own.

Ring a bell to restore good energy

bells to avoid negative energies at home

Ringing bells is an essential practice in many cultures.

The vibrations created by the sound of bells remove negative energy.

The louder the sound of the bell, the better the healing effect.

So, the next time you enter a room that feels heavy, try ringing a bell.

Do it three times in every corner of your room to ward off negativity.

You can also opt for chimes.

Hang it in your living space or on the front door, so whenever someone enters your home, the energy alters itself.

Try the Feng-shui clearing ritual

smudge sticks with sandalwood powders to remove negative energies at home

The Feng-Shui ritual is a traditional and thousand-year-old house cleansing ritual.

It works like a magic wand and clears your home making space for new energies to sweep in.

All you need is some simple ingredients:

  • A smudge stick (can be incense or sage)
  • Sandalwood.
  • A clear intention or affirmation.
  • Any kind of salt.

The process:

  • First, you need to cleanse your home and let go of objects that carry old and stagnant energies.
  • Unlock all doors and windows to let the fresh breeze flow in.
  • Play some calm and soothing music.
  • Keep focusing on your intentions and what you want your house to feel like.
  • Burn some sandalwood and smudge yourself from head to toe with the smoke. The smoke will purify and snatch negative energy.
  • Now it’s time to smudge the house. Keep humming your intentions as you start with the front door and move in a clockwise direction. The smoke gets heavier on the places with more negativity.
  • If you have multiple floors, start from the bottom and go upstairs.
  • Once you’re done with the whole house, return to the starting point and smudge yourself again while reciting the intention.
  • Use salt crystals and put them in every corner of the house to absorb the negative energies. Replace the salt occasionally.

Note: Friday is the best time to clear, so you can carry out this ritual every week.


Here are some of the questions people generally ask:

How do you let go of negative energy?

a clean wardrobe is a sign of positive energy at home

You can remove negative energy in the following ways:

  • Leave your grudges behind.
  • Clear your clutter.
  • Cut down tolerations.
  • Stop being overly critical of others and yourself.
  • Steer clear of toxic relationships.

How do I clear up or dissolve negative energy in my room?

You can dissolve or remove negative energy in a variety of ways mentioned below:

  • Get some good air.
  • Burn herbs.
  • Rearrange.
  • Grow some plants.
  • Set an intention for your house.
  • Smile often.

How can I remove negativity from my body and mind?

a biohacker enjoys book reading and coffee in a home free of negative energies

You can remove negativity from your mind and body in the following ways:

  • Go for some yoga and meditation
  • Take a walk in the park
  • Take a tech break
  • Have a good bath
  • Stretch
  • Read a good book
  • Rest well
  • Follow brain fitness tips
  • Think good thoughts

If you feel nothing works for you, you can switch to biohacking tools like BrainTap and SleepPhones to reach deep meditative state and remove negative waves from your brain.

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How can I attract positive energy?

Here are some ways you can clear negative energy and bring positive vibrations:

  • Think positive thoughts and ask yourself if you are doing it enough.
  • Stop degrading yourself.
  • Pay attention to the positive things.
  • Be grateful.
  • Cherish the good moments.
  • Absorb positive content.

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