Symptoms Of Negative Energy: Detect Negative Vibe At House

Detecting negative energy got easy!

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Symptoms of negative energy at home are the first signs or steps that help you understand the lousy energy residing in your place.

As you know, negative energy is such a sucker for happiness!

It turns your life dull and gloomy.

Nothing seems to work out, and you feel stuck.

Not just this, you start to feel:

  • That things are turning bad for no apparent reason.
  • Low.
  • Unhappy and fall sick frequently.

And it doesn’t end there.

There are so many other symptoms that point towards the presence of negative energy.

a biohacker's home free of negative energies

So, if you’re facing these, the chances are that you are stuck in the vicious cycle of bad energies.

But the point is- How do we find it out?

Well, don’t fret!

We have got you covered, and you are at the right place.

In this blog, we will talk about:

  • Signs and symptoms of negative energy.
  • How to identify or detect lousy energy?
  • What objects attract negative energy?

So, if your house is getting you bad vibes, it’s time you start finding the answers to it.

Let’s get going!

Signs you have negative energies at home 

Your home is your happy place or your place of comfort.

It is your go-to place where you must feel the best about yourself.

But what if it doesn’t?

We all try to get rid of the thoughts, saying it’s just a bad day!

But no matter how hard we try to ignore its presence, negative vibes don’t seem to hush away.

If you’re feeling something is off, the probability is there might be some sort of negative energy embedded at your place.

But how do we make sure it is because of negative energy?

Do your negative emotions reach their peak when you step into your house?

Let’s notice these signs and understand what causes negative energy in your house.

Symptoms of negative energy at home sign #1: It gets chaotic and cluttered

a clean house hall without negative energy

Vibrational frequency is a real thing.

Let’s know-how!

Just think about your body.

When you feel sad or angry, it reflects on your face and body.

Your face turns red, and your skin turns pale.

If you consume a lot of unhealthy food and don’t work out, not only does your body feel lethargic even your mood struggles to turn positive.

The same happens with our houses.

If things and objects are getting piled up or misplaced or broken frequently, it signals that something is wrong or harmful.

Sometimes we accumulate things intentionally, thinking that we’ll need them someday in the future.

And the funny part is- This someday never comes.

Instead, layers of dust accumulate on these objects since we are getting too loaded to clean them.

These objects can be your old clothes or table or empty bottles.

We transfer our energy into everything we use.

This energy remains in the object even if we stop using them.

So it depends on what kind of energy is stored in the objects, and the same thing goes for houses.

However, the opposite case can also happen.

If something in your house has a high vibration, replacing or dumping those objects can cause a change in the vibrational pattern.

It can cause interference in our physical, spiritual, and brain fitness.

One way to deal with it is to understand the objects with depth.

Symptoms of negative energy at home sign #2: Your home is full of foul odor

biohacker holds foul smelling object

Tired of that stinky damp smell?

Can’t even find why that particular area of your house smells so bad?

It may be because of some negative energy lingering around.

The foul smell can also be linked to clutter and contaminated areas.

However, negative energy can cause odor without clutter.

Negative or stagnant energy often releases a musty and rotten smell which you can’t tolerate.

However, negative energy doesn’t have to find dirt to stink.

 Negative, stuck energy often gives off a damp smell that no one wants to hang around.

And we must get rid of it quickly.

The best way to do it is to open the windows and doors and ensure the movement of some fresh air and sunlight.

But if that’s not enough, you can take the help of:

  • Burning sage.
  • Scented candles.
  • Air sprays.

Symptoms of negative energy at home sign #3: Regular arguments and fights

a clean circular rug to stave off negative energies

This situation is more of a vicious cycle.

Negative energy causes arguments, and arguments cause negative energy.

In the presence of negative energy, you feel frustrated and annoyed.

Frustration and negative thoughts lead to arguments, and if you feel that you become more argumentative when you step into your own home, it’s a symbol of negative energy.

But no matter what the argument’s cause, such tensions shouldn’t be a regular affair.

And the best to tackle is to sit and sort things out.

Symptoms of negative energy at home sign #4: Your sleep cycle is disrupted

a biohacker vacuums her sofa to keep positive energies flowing at home

Your sleep cycle tells a lot about the negative energy lingering around you.

It is the time when your body gets to relax and rejuvenate.

Just like meditation, sleep slows down your mind and puts your body to rest.

But what if your sleep gets constantly disturbed by nightmares, and the fear makes you an insomniac?


  • Your sleep time brings you jitters.
  • You don’t feel rested well.

You’re probably surrounded by negative energy.

Just like your workspace need to be organized to facilitate the flow of work. 

Similarly, your resting place should be curated in a way to keep bad energies at a distance.

Your bedroom must resonate cozy and positive vibes so that you get comfortable and your body gets to rest. If all doesn’t work, you can switch to technologies like BrainTap and SleepPhones to fix your cycle from within.

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Symptoms of negative energy at home sign #5: You are facing financial issues

a puzzled biohacker looks at her empty wallet

When we mentioned clutter, we also talked about particular objects that remove good energies and vibrations.

These good energies, when removed, create a vacuum.

This vacuum, if filled up with bad energies, can lead to a lot of financial issues.

Negative energy blocks your abundance, and you can’t expect to prosper or succeed.

You start facing setbacks regularly, and no matter how hard you try, things just don’t work out for you.

Also, you don’t get hold of good opportunities.

It feels like you never face that right place, right time moment.

All of these are signs of underlying negativity.

Financial problems are the indirect reason for bad energy at home.

Money is a very important thing for us, and without it, life can be stressful and chaotic. So cleaning the clutter is one of the ways to biohacking stress

Even if you’re a positive person, facing constant rejection and negativity can feel like a battle.

Symptoms of negative energy at home sign #6: Positive energy and thoughts are a rare case for you

a stilettos-wearing biohacker mops the floor to remove negative energies

Is positivity becoming an unattainable goal for you?

If it’s a yes, then it may be one of the cynical signs of these negative vibrations.

The presence of bleak energies can make it difficult for you to think positively.

Your mind gets too occupied with pessimistic thoughts.

This chaos not only affects you but also the people around you.

If your home emits terrible vibes, your body absorbs that energy, and your brain finds it difficult to see the good in anything.

You tend to:

  • Criticize yourself and others more often.
  • Point out the flaws.
  • You constantly blame others and yourself for any or every mess.
  • And you keep judging others.

These can have a very dismissive impact on your life as well as the people connected to you.

And you must address the issue so that your relationships don’t struggle.

Symptoms of negative energy at home sign #7: Feeling exhausted all the time

exhausted biohacker consumes negative energy & lays on sofa

We, humans, are wired in a manner that we feel the vibrations.

Our intuitions are powerful, and we can easily sense if something is wrong.

Ever had a moment when you stepped into a place or a room and felt a dread?

It’s the dismissive vibrations doing their job!

If the negative vibrations are pretty built up and strong, you’ll feel it right on your face.

It can be because of the cluster or mess or some other reason.

Exposing yourself to such energies can be exhausting.

Your body is a storehouse of energies, and it absorbs them.

So, if you feel tired and moody as soon as you get into your home, chances are there is some negativity nagging around.

Try cleaning your house and removing particular objects which can be a potential cause of such energies.

Also, after cleaning you can try using biohacking tools that can harmonize your home. Somavedic is one of these devices that can truly harmonize your day and night and make you feel less exhausted.

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Symptoms of negative energy at home sign #8: A lot of miscommunications happen

negative energy causing miscommunication between biohackers on tin and thread telephone

Your home feels like home when there is positivity surrounding you.

If turmoil and conflicts hit between everyone in your house, undoubtedly negative energy prevails there.

Miscommunications can happen in any home.

But if such minor issues are handled with arguments and anger, it creates a hostile atmosphere.

To deal with miscommunications, one must find out the root of them.

If it has become a persistent thing, chances are your social life also gets affected by it.

Just like we ignore people with low energy, we avoid houses with low energy.

If your friends feel unwelcomed, they would avoid meeting or even talking with you because it is a sign of negative energy in a person.

Symptoms of negative energy at home sign #9: You don’t feel relaxed

biohacker facepalms in stress in home full of negative energy

Relaxing is an essential aspect of our day-to-day life.

Studies suggest that relaxing can even increase your productivity. (1)

If you’re not feeling relaxed because you have tons of pile-up work, it may signify negative energy.

When there is negativity around, household chores keep piling up.

This overload also means that you don’t get time to nurture yourself.

Which can hurt your well-being.

Studies suggest that chronic tiredness can lead to health problems like:

  • Headache. (2)
  • Stomach ache.
  • Backpain. (3)

To sum it up, relaxing is essential.

And if you feel that the clutter and mess in your house are responsible for not letting you relax?

We have a hack for you!

Just think about your home.

You have places properly designated for objects and activities, right?

Your kitchen is where you cook, and your bathroom is where you freshen up.

So the idea here is- Designate a relaxing spot for yourself.

Now you’ll say we all have it already!

Yes, we all have bedrooms, but the point here is- Keep your bedroom clean and clutter-free so that when you go there to relax, your eyes don’t roll over the cluttered objects or dirt.

Symptoms of negative energy at home sign #10: Lack of motivation

a biohacker feels demotivated while working from home

Feeling unmotivated is something each one of us faces at times.

But if it’s a regular affair, it becomes an object of concern.

Your homes are where you follow your passion and hobbies.

What if it just becomes the opposite?

You don’t feel like working when you are at your home.

It can be one of the symptoms of negative energy at your home.

Your lack of will to do anything, be it household work or studies or your office work, can point towards the presence of harmful or low energy.

There may be instances where you don’t even feel like moving, but you have to work on your office projects because the deadlines are sitting on your head.

This feeling of not wanting to do anything can further lead to issues like hating your job or even trying to quit.

But does it take you anywhere?

The answer is No.

You go downhill by not doing what you are supposed to do.

The only way to get out of it is by trying to change your thought process and clearing out the clutter:

  • In your surroundings.
  • In your head.

Also, make a spot, rather a feng-shui spot, that can help you feel inspired.

Symptoms of negative energy at home sign #11: Stagnant interior

A biohacker feels happy in non-stagnant interior

Will you prefer a house with no windows, no balconies or maybe no doors?

Of course not, right?

And why so?

Because it feels claustrophobic and you need air and sunlight.

Ventilation is vital for your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

However, there are some other reasons why good ventilation is necessary.

Everyone and everything emits energy, be it positive and negative.

Open spaces allow the passage of fresh air and energies.

And you must have sufficient doors and windows to make that happen.

Symptoms of negative energy at home sign #12: Furniture

biohacker looks mopping furniture in an otherwise home full of negative energies

Furniture is there in every one of our homes.


And as we know, every object emits, absorbs, and retains energies.

So the furniture of your house also does the same.

Over time, it turns dirty, dull, and tired.

This dirt can also hint towards negativity residing on them.

Regular cleaning and maintenance can help you bring the newness back.

Rearranging furniture and changing the interior of your house can also help in raising positive and new energy.

Symptoms of negative energy at home sign #13: Restless pets or kids

a restless dog affected by negative energy embraces master

We learn to accept, adjust and adapt to the world and its things as we grow up.

And being that way, we lose our intuition.

But that’s not the case with children and pets.

Pets and children rely on their intuition a lot.

And more often than not, they are more susceptible to negative energy.

So one of the signs of negative energy in the house is when your kids and your pets don’t feel safe.

They can start to get uncomfortable without any reason.

Your kids might get afraid of sleeping alone suddenly, or your dog might barking seeing empty spaces. Looking at its severity, we have dedicated BrainTap Reviews and SleepPhones reviews to improve your kids’ and pets’ sleep cycle (even when they sleep alone). 

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Symptoms of negative energy at home sign #14: Getting ill frequently

an ill biohacker drinks herbal supplement to stave off negative energy

If the atmosphere of your house is dull and you don’t feel relaxed, or at peace, you are bound to get sick.

Getting sick occasionally is a normal thing.

We all do, right?

But if this has become a frequent ritual, it becomes a matter of concern.

The energies of your house can make you feel physically and emotionally sick.

Also, if your house is dusty, it can still make you sick.

Negative energies can harm your health, and you must keep a check on these things.

Work on your home’s ventilation, make sure ample light and air are coming.

Also, cleanse your house so that the dirt and clutter are removed.

Symptoms of negative energy at home sign #15: Sensing a presence

a shocked biohacker in the negative energy affected area

Think of a situation when you know you are home alone, but suddenly you start to feel a presence.

We are getting the chills while writing this, but if you see some shadows sneaking in your peripheral, it can be a higher power presence.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone.

We all have experienced a spooky episode like this at least once in our lifetime.

And it indeed points towards negative energy lurking in your house.

Some objects or places are cursed with bad energy or evil eye.

And someone coming in contact with it can be exposed to its evil energy.

So if you consistently sense some presence and you’re feeling uncomfortable, chances are there is some sort of negative energy residing in your house.

Symptoms of negative energy at home sign #16: Everything seems gloomy and dull

A dull dining room caused by negative energies

When you are surrounded by negativity, your emotions also take a negative turn.

You feel dull, angered, sad and confused.

When you enter a room that is gloomy and too stuffy, you feel unpleasant and claustrophobic.

Why so? Because we all like natural light and open spaces.

Not only this having a negative outlook on everything can also lead to gloom and loneliness.

It makes us comfortable mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Also, little light and air is a clear symbol of negative energy.

Symptoms of negative energy at home sign #17: Mood swings

a biohacker holds different mood mask caused by negative energies

Having a hard time holding on to the amazing things like:

  • Healthy relationships.
  • New friendships.
  • Exciting jobs.

It can be an act of your mood swings too.

Facing sudden and unexplained mood swings without a history of having it before?

It can have something to do with the energies in your home.

Also, facing fluctuations in your vibrations, you are pretty prone and can be easily affected by the negative energy in your house.

And your mood swings will compel you to drive away from the good things and opportunities by overthinking about them.

You might not live up to the deadlines or pick up a fight with your partner or ruin a great friendship just because of your bad mood.

And the cycle goes on.

Symptoms of negative energy at home sign #18: Having constant bad luck

a distressed biohacker sits in the rain

If you feel like a dark cloud of bad luck follows you everywhere, just take a moment and reassess your energy.

Having constant bad luck or off luck is a symbol of underlying negative energy.

Sometimes you feel like that after interacting with negative folks.

But if you are persistently feeling that way, chances are pessimistic vibes surround you.

Symptoms of negative energy at home sign #19: Broken things

biohacker holds broken cups indicate signs of negative vibes at home

We all pile up broken things hoping we will get them repaired.

But we mostly forget about that, and the objects are shifted to the corner of a drawer or cupboard.

We either get a new one or learn to live without it.

But do you know broken things can cause negativity?

It is because they are not in use, but the energies are still intact in them.

So if you are not using them or getting them repaired, it’s better to dump them off.

And if you can get it mended, turn it in a working condition.

How to detect negative energy at home?

a curious biohacker looking to get rid of negative energy at home

Your house is just an extension of you.

If you feel happy, relaxed, and safe from the outside world, it will become a sanctuary for you and your family.

On the contrary, if it doesn’t feel safe, it becomes more of a warzone.

We already know what the signs of negative energy are.

But detecting negative energy is probably an essential skill that needs to be learned.

So let’s discuss a few ways to find out negative energy at home.

Identification method #1: Look into that particular room/area

negative areas in house

Pay close attention to how your house feels and looks.

Each nook and corner of your house must resonate with peace and warmth.

If there are specific areas that feel dull and uncomfortable or if most arguments break out in a particular room.

This place carries terrible energy, which you need to fix.

Identification method #2: Your house is infested with bugs and insects

a bug enjoys pestering biohackers and adding negativity at home

One undeniable sign of negative energy is the unexpected and instant infestation of bugs and insects.

Imagine having a house free of insects or roaches.

And suddenly, you see them roaming around in your house in bunches out of nowhere.

You’ll freak out, right?

This infestation can be an issue of black magic used against you.

And you must get your house cleaned immediately.

Identification method #3: Everything is going wrong all at once

Are you noticing a series of events going unexpectedly wrong?

Sometimes, things go wrong with us, but if the pattern continues every time, it is a cause of concern.

This turn of events is also an indication that the energies around you are blocking your abundance.

Identification method #4:Feeling confused and drained

negative energy leaves a biohacker in a confused state

Energies cling to us.

But the worst thing about negative energy is, it sticks to positive energy.

And we know how dangerous it is.

So. if you’re feeling:

  • Tired.
  • Dull.
  • Uninspired.
  • Confused.
  • Sad
  • Frustrated

Chances are lousy energy is roaming around you.

Identification method #5: Try a glass of water technique

glass of water to remove negative energy at home

If you are experiencing any of these cases, it is high time you start doing something about it.

However, if you’re still unsure, you can try the glass of water technique.

It is an easy yet effective method to see if your house is infested with harmful energies.

All you need is:

  • A clean, transparent glass.
  • Sea salt. (optional)
  • Water.

And the process is:

  • Fill up the glass of water; just make sure it doesn’t spill.
  • Add some salt and dissolve it.
  • Place the glass in a corner, where no one can see it.
  • Don’t touch or look at it for the next 24 hours.
  • When the 24 hours are over, have a look at it.
  • If the water looks the same, it means the room is free of any bad energy.
  • However, if you see bubbles or strange colors or things in the water, something is wrong with the place.

Objects that can cause negative energy in your house 

a biohacker drops paper in waste bin to get rid of negative energy

We all have a lot of objects and stuff in our houses.

And sometimes, we get too lazy or emotional in removing them, even if they are of no use.

But do you know some objects attract and beam negative energy?

Since they are placed near other objects, they interfere with their positive energy as well.

Below are some of the objects which are known to disbalance the energies of your house:

Objects gifted by people who don’t like us

We often have to receive gifts from people who don’t like us or whom we don’t like.

These gifts are not given whole-heartedly.

That’s why it is advisable not to keep these objects or gifts with yourself.

Also, don’t keep the objects gifted by someone with whom your relationship ended on a sour note.

You can either donate them or just remove them from your house.

Broken objects

Many times, broken crockeries, glasses, and dishes are stacked in the corner of our cupboards.

We tend to forget about them completely, and they are kept in our houses uselessly.

But do you know, these broken objects attract sadness, negativity, and melancholy?

They also affect the positive energies surrounding us.

Also, broken mirrors attract bad luck.

Body parts of dead animals

We know you love to give the interior of your room a sturdy look.

And the dead body parts of animals appeal to you a lot.

But we can say with surety that these dead species bring a lot of bad vibes.

These bad vibes even interrupt the positive energies of your house.

Dead, dried, and thorny plants

Plants are a great source of positivity.

But dried and thorny plants attract negativity.

Better replace these pots and get yourself a new one.


Here are some of the questions people generally ask.

How does your body react to negative energy?

Negative emotions can lead to a lot of stress which in turn affects your health.

Stress can cause:

  • Hormone imbalances.
  • Impairment of the immune system.
  • Destroy the brain chemicals.

Not only this but negative emotions also leads to anger and sadness, which not expressed adequately can lead to:

  • Heart problems.
  • Digestive system dysfunction.

What are the traits of a negative person?

Here are some of the traits of negative people:

  • Worry is their diet. They survive worrying.
  • Dominating others is their first love.
  • They live in the default position.
  • Keeping secrets.
  • Pessimist thought process.
  • Bad news hits them a lot.
  • Complaining about trivial things.

How do I stop negative energy from others?

Here are a few ways you can eradicate negative energy from your life:

  1. Take a note of where you spend your time.
  2. Keep an attitude.
  3. Be sturdy with your thoughts and refocus.
  4. Keep yourself busy and productive.
  5. Look for positive people.

How do you get rid of negativity?

Here are a few ways you can let go of negativity:

  • Clear the clutter
  • Talk positively about yourself and others
  • Let go of the grudges
  • Change the interior of your house
  • Let go of negative people

Read how to remove negative energies from home in detail.

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