Biohacking hair for baldness | Laser cap therapy | 3 growth tip

Hair is the crown you’d never want to remove

Biohacking hair has undoubtedly raised many eyebrows in the last decade.

“Why should you care for dead hair?”

“Stop bothering yourself so much for something so natural.” 

“You can’t stop the tide of aging!”

“Your hair is as fragile as you!”

“Get a good dermatologist, man!”

But biohacking hair care tips make you indifferent to all the opinions. Whether they are natural means or safe and effective means like Kiierr Laser Cap, they have definitely made it to the list of tricks and tips.

It is all about taking full charge of the beautiful head fur at home without involving many experts and chemicals.

There are always two types of hairdos if you look around closely:

  1. Grey hair? “Wow! I’ve gained wisdom.”
  2. Grey hair? “No! I will gain wisdom on hair care and try my twenties -forties – thirties look again!”

We will cover the biohacking tips that will offer the wisdom to relive your younger self, considering you fall in the second category.

So let’s find how you can be a hair hacker for your hair health at the expense of just a bit of time and discipline.

What is biohacking hair?

A biohacker furls long, shiny, burgundy hair

Many consider the biohacking hair care system to turn grey hair into dark or as a secret magical formula for hair restoration in a few days.

But that’s not how do-at-home biology works!

Biohacking hair is more or less about optimizing your follicle and scalp’s health.

You simply add minimally invasive techniques to daily haircare suits.

Then the hack rejuvenates your hair follicle and improves scalp health.

Think of biohacking as sending the right energies to power up the cells in the hair follicles.

Charged up follicles => hair thickening => less hair fall => hair restoration => happy you!

Please know you’re not attending any medical school or training yourself for surgery and dermatology.

You’re not dealing with hair medicines either.

We are changing our approach to hair in a way we see permanent results.

But before we explore these bio-hacks, let’s find out what damages your hair!

What damages your hair?

A biohacker holds damaged hair in despair

  • The chemicals you ironically use to preserve its quality.
  • The Sun’s UVA and UVB rays damage the hair cuticle (split ends).
  • Extreme heat can discolor or add brittleness to the hair.
  • Misfired treatments or surgeries for hair straightening or curling.
  • Mismanaging styling products like flat irons, curling irons, and dryers.

Physiological reasons for hair loss

Chemicals and heat are not the only reasons for premature hair loss.

Several physiological conditions can contribute to baldness or early graying.

Here’s why your hair can ditch you:

Stress-related cortisol

Stress causing hair loss for biohacker

Our bodies release way more cortisol than they did it to our ancestors— thanks to social media.

The state of stimulation is quite real for each one of us.

Then severe problems such as anxiety, depression, and stress cause hair loss in men and receding hairline in women.

The constant quest of connecting people over the internet is suppressing hyaluronic acid and proteoglycan synthesis.

Think of these two chemicals as soldiers to hair follicles.

And also the farmers to your hair’s growth.

But losing these chemicals in the body trigger the fallouts. [1]

If you don’t follow best tips to prevent hair loss in men and women on time, it’ll be hard to dab the hair fall rate.

The imbalanced testosterone and thyroid hormones 

There’s enough developed science on thyroid and testosterone and their roles in metabolism.

However, imbalances in their systems also affect your hair health.

Usually, the base of hair follicles has receptors.

Interestingly, the thyroid hormones bind to these receptors for hair growth and color.

These hormones also control the stem cells, meaning they can regulate the growth of hair.

So the problem with thyroid glands can naturally affect growth factors. [2]

Studies call out for both thyroid issues, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, as hair fall out culprits.

The story is pretty similar to testosterone and its sibling dihydrotestosterone.

They’re present in the skin, follicles, and prostate.

But hair follicles are not very tolerant towards DHT.

As a result, you shed more hair.


inflammation in hair follicle

Inflammation destroys the hair follicles upon wounds. [3]

Then the body produces scar tissues in these areas of injuries.

Hair doesn’t grow once these tissues develop.

Many hair restoration physicians have been found linking inflammation and hair loss treatment.

It means people looking to have hair transplant procedures often have comorbid conditions as inflammation.

So you know stopping inflammation can be one of the treatment options for hair regrowth.

Hair treatment drugs

Bottles of hair supplements

An allopathic hair loss expert might hand over minoxidil as a hair regrowth drug for you.

It has been an efficient hair loss practice for a long time, although we’re not clear how it does.

That said, the drug behaves abnormally in rare cases where it induces inhibitory properties, leading to more hair loss. [4]

Another side effect is the greasy, itchy, and inflamed scalp.

So, either way, the medicines are not the perfect treatment for baldness.

Taking care of your hair (quick biohacking hair tips)

A happy biohacker uses tips to wash hair in shower

There are no shortcuts or chemical treatments to apply to your hair.

You won’t have them thick and healthy immediately.

One of the vital biohacking tips: biohacking your scalp and skin is way more critical than biohacking your hair.

Here’s how you take care of your hair:

  • get your hair and scalp washed
  • have them wet
  • squirt a little shampoo on them
  • give your scalp and hair a gentle rub (do go too harsh on your scalp, rub it softly)
  • rewash your head until all the shampoo bubbles disappear
  • dry towel your head gently
  • use the wide-hair comb and glide it smoothly over the length of the hair
  • don’t yank your hair with the comb
  • let your hair dry naturally rather than using dryers (they won’t say, but they hate machines)

Hair restoration without using drugs

Look! You might want to go for drugs in the quest for quick results.

But that’s not our medical advice.

Ask yourself: are you trying to suppress the symptoms? 

Not at all.

You’re trying to address the underlying causes of hair loss, so the problem doesn’t resurface.

It is the area where biohacking baldness differs from drug therapy.

Here are some quick biohacking tips:

#1 biohacking hair: Manage your stress

Biohacker sits on yoga asana to manage stress

We developed the fact above that stress is directly proportional to hair loss.

So it’s obvious you’d want to block cortisol from attacking your nervous system.

Plenty of science proves calming down your nervous system may calm your skin cells and enhance hair growth.

Tips to manage stress

Fix Stress And Hair Together    Load Up Magnesium For Hair Growth

Learn more about biohacking stress here>>

#2 biohacking hair: Balance your thyroid and sex hormones

It’s not easy to balance thyroid and sex hormones, but it’s not impossible either.

You might have to travel the extra mile to balance these hormones.

And milestone number 1 is having nutritious anti aging food.

Ensure your food doesn’t interfere with these hormones and offer healthy fats for better scalp and skin health.

Tips to manage thyroid hormones

A happy biohacker sleeps on grass

  • avoid stress
  • reduce caffeine intake
  • keep soy at arm’s length
  • intake more selenium
  • exercise frequently with Power Plate
  • rest 8-9 hours a day (if you have trouble sleeping, consider going through Chilipad or Ooler systems)
  • avoid alcohol

Vibration Therapy For Hair Growth    Sleep Like A Baby

#3 biohacking hair: Control inflammation

We have established how inflammation destroys hair follicles and stops hair growth.

So getting hands over inflammation will automatically prevent scalp cells from dying.

As with hormones, healthy food and nutrients are your best friend.

Hence you’d like to incorporate anti-inflammatory and antioxidant items in your diet.

You’re never letting inflammation dictate terms to hair.

Tips to manage thyroid hormones

Why biohacking skin and scalp will help support your hair.

a biohacking model waves shiny hair in the air

Your hair is dead! 

Absolutely dead.

It might not live on potions, but scalp and skin do.

And unfit scalp health would mean a big problem for your hair.

It means flaky head skin, dandruff, and inflammation.

The bed beneath the scalp has all the necessary cells and blood vessels for growth.

So you want to biohack your skin and scalp as a first step towards biohacking your hair. For all-round better results, you can use Somavedic devices to neutralize free radicals and remove emf radiations from your skin and home respectively.

Second, you can use general health hacks to get back in shape.

Help My Hair Back    Read Somavedic Review

How to become a hair hacker with biohacking hair technique

A hair hacker braids hair

Biohacking tips are incomplete without self-help low-level red light therapy and laser therapy.

No! It’s not those hair transplants mechanisms.

If you’re already mulling what it is, then imagine lots of laser diodes hitting your scalp, but at low power.

The therapy is a non-chemical, non-invasive stimulator process for patients looking for safer treatment.

People usually associate laser therapies with providing thermal effects to the skin.

Thermal effects regenerate collagen and elastin production.

But the low-intensity laser therapy is entirely different because of its power and wavelength.

You can experience the therapy with any device available in the market.

We prefer laser caps as our go-to biohack product for their ease of use.

The idea is to make cells in the scalp and skin healthier by distributing them low-level energy.

The wavelength barely makes around 650 micrometers, and power makes around five microwatts.

That’s too low.

So it can’t create the thermal effect and won’t burn the scalp either.

You might feel uncomfortable if left for long.

Again, that’s not the thermal effect but the heat of the device.

Remember, we are trying to get heat in the skin and not in the hair.

The goal of LLLT is not to give hair to the shiny bald head but thicken the hair shaft diameter.

Is laser therapy for hair safe?

A biohacker takes red-light therapy on hair

The power is so low you can’t damage skin or hair.

Or burn the skin or hair.

So it’s safe.

The laser caps also don’t have side effects.

Just a little downside where the cap releases an inhibitory effect when you wear it for a long-duration (like a month-long period, which is highly unlikely).

Of course, until you’re not sleeping with the caps on.

All in all, it’s a lovely way to not put chemicals in their heads, Or having to take pills or injections.

Laser therapy in-clinic vs. at-home device


kiierr laser cap for hair growth models, prices, & where do you buy it

The number of salons powers your scalp and skin with different wavelengths.

But the problem is you’ll have to visit them much often to observe any effect.

It’s a waste of time doing it once a month.

And they’re also not the best of the colleagues with your wallet.

The best advice for you is three sessions per week, and they should last more than 30 to 45 mins.

In such a case, home-use is handy.

It’s a super easy thing to do.

The market has many devices, but the pricing depends on the total diodes they have.

Our favorite laser caps can cost between 200 to 1000 dollars.

They’re just a one-off expense.

We like to call these caps the gold standard of laser therapy as they’re super easy to use.

And here’s the ultimate benefit!

Laser caps are studied adequately— not anecdotally, but scientifically in human-controlled environments.

Kiierr Laser Cap is our ultimate pick

Check out our favorite hair loss product which helps regrow thinning hair effectively

kiierr laser cap for hair growth models, prices, & where do you buy it

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Here are some quick answers you need to update with.

Why does hair loss happen?

Several reasons can contribute to hair loss, including lifestyle, diet, sleep cycle, and addictions. However, other severe reasons like blood pressure may go unnoticed. So it’s advisable to see a dermatologist to find the exact cause.

How to regrow thinning hair naturally?

While meditation, exercise, and a healthy diet help natural hair regrowth, devices like laser caps can give you early results.

How to treat hair loss at home?

Plug-in the laser cap with its battery unit and slip it on your head like a baseball cap. The device is travel-friendly. You can wear another cap over it to avoid eyeballs gloating your head.

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