Biohacking Brain – Your Mental Peace Is Your Best Friend

Go for it!

Biohacking brain tips are now more essential than ever before. 

Not that cognitive function was not essential before. But, now that a virus is threatening to erase the human race, people’s minds in all corners of the earth suffer an enormous toll. The pandemic has come with lots of grief, health concerns, fear, economic downgrades, lack of social interaction and freedom, and increased stress and depression levels. 

Even if the situation gets in control, the brain volume and functionality may take ages to recover. 

But that does not mean that you can sit back helpless. You can get in control of your mind, reverse the damage, and improve its functionality. And what we are talking about is biohacking your brain. 

Want to biohack your brain? Keep reading to find the best tips to get your mind to its best. 

What is Biohacking Brain?

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Biohacking is when you use science, technology, and lifestyle changes to improve your life’s quality. It may be as straightforward as general lifestyle activities, to complex practices such as having chips inserted under your skin (1). 

The goal of biohacking is to improve your life quality, and in this case, it is to improve your brain functionality. Biohacking your mind may reverse the already done damages and keep you ahead of any mental problems that may hit you. 

Biohacking Brain Benefits

Brain biohacking is all about self-improvement. If you take this journey, biohacking your brain can result in:

  • Improved mood
  • Elevated cognitive abilities
  • Boosted executive functioning
  • Wading of degenerative brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia

It is never too late or too early to start biohacking your brain. 

Tips to Biohack Brain

Brain health is deteriorating on a global level. We discuss some of the tactics to maximize your brain fitness. Expect tips from everyday and simple lifestyle changes to prescriptions. Shall we get started on the best ways to maximize our brain functioning? 

Biohacking Brain Tip 1: Diet

Healthy food to biohack brain

The best thing you can do to achieve brain health is to watch what you eat. For proper brain functioning, you need to supply your brain with essential nutrients and antioxidants. 

First things first, drinking lots of water to keep you hydrated is vital for the proper functioning of all body organs, including the brain. The brain is made of over 75% water, and it has no means to store the water. The supply is replenished depending on your body’s hydration to keep the functionality of the mind optimal. 

An even better tip: Trying to drink unprocessed spring water. 

Secondly, eating lots of plant-based nutrients helps the body fulfill the basic nutritional needs of your brain. 

But those are just the basics. To optimize your brain function, your diet needs to contain lots of:

  • Omega-3S for a stronger memory
  • Vitamin E
  • Carotenoids
  • Carbohydrates

Research shows that a high concentration of Omega-3 and carotenoids in the brain boost cognitive functions. Also, most Alzheimer’s patients were found to be deficient in these two nutrients. 

Furthermore, the brain needs 2mg of lutein and zeaxanthin per day. And, people only get 10% of this per day. Taking supplements to feel the void can help. 

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting involves going without food for 14 to 16 hours and having your eating window between 6 and 10 hours. It is a great initiative to promote autophagy(cell-eating) in the cells. This allows the body to recycle damaged cells. 

 Also, intermittent fasting switches blood sugars to fats for fuel. This process enhances:

  • Learning
  • Memory
  • Executive function

Intermittent fasting also reduces cognitive inflammation and oxidative stress while stimulating the brain’s capability to create new connections.

Many biohackers undergo intermittent fasting twice or thrice a week, and they note that the act helps them focus better and improves their productivity. 

Biohacking Brain Tip 2: Sleep

A biohacker enjoys sound sleep for better efficiency

It is nothing uncommon to hear people ‘brag’ about how they are sleeping less and less. Well, it may sound like some boss move, but the truth is that less sleep is deteriorating both your body and brain’s health. 

You already know that sleep is one of the most superior biohacks for health. 

First, sleep rejuvenates your brain function and productivity. If you are looking to boost your work productivity, get enough deep sleep. 

Your brain relies on sleep to eliminate metabolic waste called beta-amyloid. Accumulation of beta-amyloid is typical in people who have Alzheimer’s. Get enough sleep to help your body get rid of this metabolic waste. 

Red Light Therapy

Can’t sleep well? It could be because of exposure to blue light and increased mobile radiation. Getting red light glasses to reduce mobile phone radiation can help you catch sleep faster and stay asleep all night long. 

If you spend so much time indoors, you miss out on the light that could be transformative to your brain health. The sun gives us free vitamin D and also helps improve our physical and emotional functioning. 

You can purchase biohacking tools such as red light bulbs and lights for your bedroom. A blue light screen protector for your electronic devices is also a good biohacking tool, especially when it comes to reinforcing your sleep. 

Biohacking Brain Tip 3: Music to Enhance Brain Function

A biohacker listens meditative music to elevate mood and focus

Did you know that music has so many therapeutic benefits? Music is suitable for:

  • Improving concentration
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing anxiety

Binaural beats are excellent for relaxing your brain during the day and stimulating sleep at night. This type of audio blends two frequencies to create a lower frequency, creating brain waves similar to those created when you are deeply asleep.  

Binaural beats are recommended before bed and during meditation. 

Students have been shown to improve their performance in exams due to the Mozart effect of classical music. If you are looking to focus intensely, and increase your problem ability, consider incorporating classical music in the activity. 

Biohacking Brain Tip 4: Regular Exercises

An biohacker jogs on the road to start an enthusiastic day

Some exercises can help change your mental wellbeing and calm the brain. First, exercise maximizes blood flow to the brain. Increased blood flow to the brain translates to the rapid regeneration of new brain cells. 

The human body has over 400 miles of blood vessels. For blood to get to every corner of the body( including your brain), the heart needs to be strong and well stimulated. Your arteries and veins need to be well opened too to aid in easy blood flow. And the best way to stimulate your blood vessels and heart to pump blood to the brain and other body organs is to exercise. 

 Furthermore, exercise can stimulate your cognitive sharpness and increase brain volume in areas necessary for memory and learning.

What Exercises Are Good for Brain Stimulation 

All sorts of exercises are beneficial for the brain. However, aerobics such as walking or running on the treadmill at least four times per week for six months has been shown to maintain brain volume compared to those whose exercises comprise stretches.

A mix of all exercises will do you good, but be sure to go harder on aerobics. 

Biohacking Brain Tip 5: Gratitude to Biohack Mindset

How you perceive life has a significant impact on your moods and general fulfillment. 

If you are always grateful for everything that comes your way, you may benefit from your mindset in the long term. Being positive and focusing on the light moments of every situation will boost your mental ability performance. 

Some of the best biohacks to help practice your gratitude include:

  • Keeping a gratitude journal
  • Taking a gratitude walk
  • Incorporating gratitude rituals in your daily activities, such as meditation
  • Write weekly letters of gratitude

Every thought you have plays a role in your cognitive function. Focus on positive thoughts will stimulate the release of neurotransmitters and hormones that activate the brain for an increased cognitive function, happier lifestyle, and improved decision-making. 

Studies show that optimists live an average of an impressive 11-15% longer. 

Biohacking Brain Tip 6: Taking Supplements 

A biohacker expert offers supplement to biohack brain

Supplements such as nootropics are considered one of the easiest to use biohacking products. They may help you improve cognitive wellbeings such as creativity, drive and memory. 

Careful, though, some of these smart drugs may have side effects, and you may not be able to purchase them over the counter. You may need a medical prescription. 

Some of the standard and most effective brain supplements include:

  • Modafinil/ armodafinil
  • Nicotine
  • Coffee and L-theanine
  • Omega-3 supplements

Talk about your doctor for medical advice, don’t take any risk to achieve increased brain functionality. 

Final Thoughts 

Biohacked brain radiating powerful aura

Everyone is looking for better brain function. Sometimes, life throws hurdles at you, and this may affect your brain health. But, still, you are the boss of your life. You can get to the driver’s seat and biohack your brain. The biohacking tips above will improve your mindset and brain’s performance. 

Carry on, incorporate the above tips to boost your brainpower; your most crucial body asset will sure thank you right back!