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Bedroom Essentials- 20 Necessary Items You Need At Room For Sleep

The Coveted List of Bedroom Essentials You Need Now

October 19, 2020 0 comments
biohacking sleep with top bedroom essentials

Bedroom essentials do just more than making your space organized. Do you struggle to get your body to relax and fall asleep during the night (1)? It could be because your bedroom lacks some essentials that are necessary for a goodnight’s sleep.

Many people overlook the bedroom essentials and start looking for something mental that could be causing them sleepless nights. Yes, it is right mental activities, and unrest could cause you sleepless nights. But how comfortable is your bedroom? Is it comfortable enough to have you have a good night’s sleep?

There is a list of bedroom essentials that would help in biohacking sleep better. Getting these items will send you to sleep and keep you asleep for as long as required.

Keep reading to find out these bedroom essentials and biohacking products that could open the gate to better, healthy, and quality sleep.

Bedroom Fundamentals – The Bed & Bedding

The comfort of your bedroom starts with the mattress and bedding. Here are must-have essential for the ultimate night’s sleep;

A Comfortable Bed

a comfortable bed

Find a bed that stands on the floor. A bed that lies low on the floor collects more dust. The dust makes your sleeping environment stuffy. Also, ensure the bed has a wooden headboard. The headboard covered in fabric collects more dust.

Also, get a bed with some storage below. Storage will help you organize your items and keep away items that do not need to be in sight while trying to catch sleep.

A Comfortable, Cozy Pillow

a comfortable cozy pillow

If you think that having the thickest pillow will have you sleep better, you may be mistaken.

Actually, people who use flatter pillows sleep better than those who use thicker ones. Also, a pillow that molds around your head and neck would help you sleep better.

However, there is nothing as a specific best pillow. First, it depends on what kind of sleeper you are.

  • If you sleep on the sides, a firm pillow with lots of lofts will be comfortable for you. This will help your head and spine stay aligned when you sleep.
  • If you sleep on your back, a softer and thinner pillow will work well for you. The idea is to have your head in the right position and not too forward. Having the head higher will cause discomfort, neck and back pain.
  • For a stomach sleeper, not using a pillow will as well work for you. However, if you decide you want some extra cushioning, go for something extremely bouncy and soft. The idea is to ensure your stay straight all night.

Memory Foam Mattress

memory foam mattress

The right mattress is the most critical bedroom essential you will ever get. Finding the right density of mattress makes the difference between tossing all night and sleeping soundly.

If you feel tired every morning, it is a sign that you need to replace your mattress.

There is no universal good mattress. What you choose should depend on several factors, such as your weight and your sleeping style. You can also choose mattress depending on the sleeping temperature you prefer.

For example, if you like to sleep cold and your spouse like to sleep hot, you can go with smart mattress systems like Chilipad and Ooler. But yes, never forget to read mattress guides before settling for the best fit. If you don’t feel confident about smart mattress system, you can look for natural ways to keep cool while sleeping.



Your bed sheets should be soft, smooth, and breathable. This way, you are guaranteed a good night’s sleep.

However, what you choose also depends on you. If you get sweaty at night, get materials that will help wick away sweat. Good materials for the sweaty nights are natural materials such as cotton and bamboo.

It is not just about choosing the sheets; washing them and keeping them clean is another trick to biohacking sleep. Clean sheets are a sure way to sleep soundly.

Bedroom Furniture And Art

Yes, the bedroom is a place for minimalist furniture and some art pieces. Just make sure you do not overdo anything.



Many people think that a bedroom chair could be one of the unnecessary clutter that needs to be taken out. It turns out a chair can be useful sleep aid in your bedroom. It could be a good spot dress up or apply make-up. You can also use it while putting your shoes and socks on.

Many people also use the bedroom chair to put clothes that are not so dirty and need to be re-worn. Having them all over the place can make the bedroom a messy place.

Bedside Table

bedside table

According to Feng Shui, you need to have your bed away from the wall. You then need to put two bedside tables on either side of your bed. They are good at placing your bedroom lamp. You can also put your other accessories, such as your book, alarm, and novel, on the bedside tables.

When choosing the bedside tables, consider going for two similar tables. It creates the needed coordination in the bedroom. However, if you find two different side tables you love, they will work well. Just ensure that they are around the same size.

The pattern will help you sleep better and also store items well.


art bedroom

The art you can put in your bedroom includes plaques, sculptures, wall art, and paintings. Using the Feng Shui principles to put art is believed to attract the Chi energy. The wall hangings work well when placed on the wall over your bedroom, all the wall across.

If you are wondering which colors work well, go for art with soothing tones and colors. For photography, pieces of landscape and pictures of landscape work well.

Bedroom Essentials – Floor and Vertical Space organizers

Comfy Rug

comfy rug

A bedroom without a rug often feels cold and uninviting (2). Choose a warm rug to make the bedroom feel more comfortable. Besides making the room more comfortable and inviting, a cozy carpet will muffle the sounds of footsteps. When choosing a rug, choose one that adds some color to the room.

Also, try finding something that adds some pattern to your rooms. If the pattern is geometric, it is sure to add some vibrancy to a monochromatic room. However, it is more important to choose an eco-material rug that will not collect dust. When a rug gathers dust, space will become stuffy, and you will have problems sleeping comfortably.

Drawer Organizers

drawer organizers

If you want to catch some quick sleep, try organizing the area you sleep in. A messy bedroom will have you stressed out, looking around. A super-organized space is one way of biohacking stress and anxiety

Organizing socks and underwear can be pretty challenging. This is why you will find them thrown all over the drawers. Getting drawer organizers can help you organize organizers your room better than you thought before.



Hangers help you organize your closet better. If you are struggling to get your closet in order, get hangers. Hangers help you keep all clutter that may distract you from sleeping at night.


dresser and mirror

A dresser makes the bedroom a more appealing place to be. Other than the alluring purpose, a dresser provides storage space for your items. This way, you are sure to keep your bedroom more clean and organized.

However, when getting a dresser, ensure you get one of the right sizes. You do not want it covering a lot of the floor space.


A lot of us think a mirror in a bedroom is essential for helping us dress up. A mirror makes space look bigger. It is usually more comfortable to sleep in a spacious space than a cluttered and congested room. However, when you get a mirror, ensure it does not face the bed. A mirror bounces the energy in the room, therefore depleting the tranquility you need to sleep.

Follow the Feng Shui Principles to arrange your room and locate your mirror for better sleep.

Lighting and Soundproof Bedroom Essentials

The Right Lighting

the right lighting

Your Bedroom is one place where you use when it is totally dark, fully bright, and at times in between the two extremes. Therefore, you require creativity and variety with the lighting. The set up should be in such a way that you can flick a switch for different activities and moods.

The lighting should be layered depending on the activities you do in your bedroom. Start off with ambient lighting that allows you to do general activities like cleaning, making your bed, and organizing your closet.  If you can get natural light in through windows and skylights; go for it. In case that is not possible, make a good choice of artificial lighting.

Task lighting is also another thing you should think about. If you read or work from your bedroom, table lamps or sconces would make a good pick.

For a bedroom with pieces of art, you will need accent lighting. Since it is not as bright as the general lighting, it focuses on such pieces and the space around them. Another light that can help you fall asleep faster is red light.

Red light therapy for sleep has gotten a lot of social traction because you don’t need to travel extra miles to fetch your sleep. Simply place the red light therapy device in the corner, and let it cook some melatonin for you.

Soundproof Windows

If you live

  • by a street, you know how the car engines outside will not let you sleep
  • on a silent island, you may not understand this struggle, but it is likely to keep you awake all night long.
  • If you have trouble sleeping due to the noise, a soundproof window will help you out. It will block all the noise and let you have the serenity needed for a good night’s sleep.

You can also take use of technical essentials to block all the noise around. BrainTap also introduced highly researched guided meditation headset. These headsets work at optimal sleep frequency, cancel all the noise, and make you sleep faster.

Good Curtains

good curtains

When street lights sip into your room as you try to sleep, chances are you will have problems falling asleep (3). Your sleep room should be dark so that the body releases melatonin, which will drive you into sleep quickly. This is why you need to find blackout curtains.

Go for curtains that supplement your comfy rug to keep the things in the room more vibrant.

Blackout Drapes

The lights from moving cars and streetlights are distractors when it comes to catching a good night’s sleep. Exposure to light during bedtime would result in low production of melatonin. Low melatonin translates to more alertness.

When it’s bedtime, you want to be drowsy and less alert. Get blackout drapes and ensure your room has the needed darkness for sleep.

Aromatic and Air Bedroom Essentials 

Air Purifier


There is a rise of pollutants both indoors and outdoors. Now, if you thought the air indoors is pure, you are mistaken. Air purifiers are good for refreshing stale air and cutting down on the amount of the pollutants. Air pollutants and chemicals can cause respiratory infections such as asthma attacks and difficulty in breathing. Also, air purifiers excellently neutralize unpleasant odor.

An air purifier is ideally placed between 6 to 10 feet from the head of the bed.


Dry air in the bedroom often irritates the eyes, mouth, nose, and throat. A humidifier adds air o the bedroom to prevent the dryness that can result in irritation. Also, humid air is good for the common cold and flu. These are problems that common during winter. Get a humidifier, and bid dryness and irritation a goodbye.



If you dismissed candles as décor for those romantic nights, you are missing out. A candle is a mood setter and one of the good ways to reduce stress. First, a candle can help you remember and focus on positive memories and relax your mind. There are certain candle scents you can use to trigger positive memories and relaxation.

Also, you can use your candles to sleep better. Try replacing electronics with candle lights before bed and see how much the quality of your sleep improves. Turn off your regular bulb and use a candle. You will feel relaxed and will have a good night’s sleep.

Oil Diffuser

An oil diffuser is an essential addition to your bedroom. First, an oil diffuser can help you eliminate odor in your house. Also, an oil diffuser can help you fight sleep deprivation. There are many therapeutic oils you can use in your oil diffuser to help you sleep better.

One reason you are not sleeping well is stress and anxiety. Using calming oils in your diffusers, such as lavender, chamomile, and marjoram can help you relax and calm you down. A relaxed mind and body supporters a good night’s sleep.

Other than the oils, the trickling sound produced by the diffuser is calming to some people. If you love some gentle noise to ease you into sleep, there are diffusers designed with this additional feature.


What Elements To Avoid in the Bedroom

Now that you know all the bedroom essentials, you are probably wondering what you need to keep out of the bedroom (4). There are loads of stuff that people keep in the bedroom that could increase negative energy and interfere with sleep.

Here such items that you should consider getting out of your bedroom;


book shelf with plants

Yes, plants do absorb a lot of harmful gases and give a burst of fresh air. This is because they produce oxygen during the photosynthesis process. However, you do know that when it’s dark, photosynthesis can longer occur. Plants emit carbon dioxide at night.

The saturation of carbon dioxide in the air could cause oxygen saturation in the blood, causing sleeping difficulties.

Book Shelf

Keep your books and your bookshelves out of your bedroom. If you are a booklover, you may be tempted to have many books on your bedside table. Have at least 3 books on your side tables. Keep the rest out.

Too many books may collect dust making the room stuffy. Secondly, too many books will keep your mind engaged and interested when getting to sleep.

Mirror Facing Bed

mirror facing bed

If you have a mirror in your bedroom and you struggle to fall asleep, Feng Shui points a finger to the mirror. Get rid of the mirror because it is bouncing off positive energy and keeping you restless.


It is a bad idea to have a TV set in your bedroom. You will for sure sleep late trying to catch your favorite night shows.

Even worse, the blue light from TV interrupts healthy sleep cycles. If you still can’t resist watching tv, don’t feel shy of adding blue block glasses as important essentials. They block all the harmful blue lights that disturb your circadian rhythm.

Bedroom Essentials – Feng Shui

feng shui your bedroom

You can tap into the power of mindfulness in your bedroom through Feng Shui. The practice helps you make a connection with what is around you by converging the inner and outside worlds. For the bedroom, it demands you place the bed at a commanding position that allows you a focal view of the rest of the room.

Additionally, the entryways should not be blocked in any way. They serve as the gateways for positive energy and exactly what you need in your bedroom.

Another aspect of Feng Shui that could turn your bedroom into a dream space for comfort and peace is the choice of colors. Your choices should be anchored onto natural colors that bring a sense of calmness and a connection to the earth such as shades of yellow, brown, and orange. In a nutshell, Feng Shui gives your bedroom a positive vibration by making a connection with everything around.

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