BIOHACKING –Live. Love. (Bio)Hack.

The definitive biohacking health guide to getting you started right!


What is biohacking

In simple words, biohacking is the approach for optimizing your health, look, happiness, and performance by implementing a particular set of repetitive actions.

This includes the integration of psychology, food, supplements, workouts, and lifestyle changes to achieve the ultimate enhancement of quality of life, health, and work performance.

In reality, biohacking is nothing new, but the systemized approach to better and more thoughtful living.

It can involve expensive products, technology, devices, supplements or be just simple changes in your day to day life. Everyone should decide what is right for her (him). Biohacking involves tons of self- experiment to create a faster route for better, healthier, life.

The process involves measuring, constantly tracking, and improving. What can work for one person might need a modification for others.

What biohackers do?

Biohackers generally can be divided into two groups of people

  • Those who want to live longer
  • Those who want to perform better today in any area of their lives – brain power, physical performance