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BIOHACKING –Live. Love. (Bio)Hack.

The definitive biohacking health guide to getting you started right!


In simple words, biohacking is the approach for optimizing your health, look, happiness, and performance by implementing a particular set of repetitive actions.

This includes the integration of psychology, food, supplements, workouts, and lifestyle changes to achieve the ultimate enhancement of quality of life, health, and work performance.

In reality, biohacking is nothing new, but the systemized approach to better and more thoughtful living.

It can involve expensive products, technology, devices, supplements or be just simple changes in your day-to-day life. Everyone should decide what is right for her (him). Biohacking involves tons of self-experiment to create a faster route for better, healthier, life.

The process involves measuring, constantly tracking, and improving. What can work for one person might need a modification for others.

What Is Biohacking? 

“Biohacking is described as ‘do-it-yourself’ biology. It entails making modest, gradual adjustments to dietary habits using science, self-experimentation, and biology. It is the practice of optimizing one’s health through optimizing nutrition, sleep patterns, exercise, self-improvement, and lifestyle.”

—Dave Asprey

Biohacking is a broad term and thus has different definitions.

While the DIY community world loves the one mentioned above, we will stick to the one we love:

“It’s hacking your body and environment.”

It’s the art of getting healthier, happier and being at your peak performance.

What Are The Benefits Of Biohacking?

The benefits are limitless.

However, the results come from being informed and cautious about what works best for your body.

Here are the top eight benefits you are sure to experience.

Control Your Own Biology

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have complete control over your body?


It is one of the goals of biohacking.

Moreover, you can do it using several methods.

These methods can be intermittent fasting and other forms of cognitive modifications that help you maintain balance.

Upgrade and Optimize Human  Body

Are you not aging the way you wished for?

If yes, biohacking stunts might work for you.

Biohacking has the potential to upgrade and boost performance.

Also, it helps those struggling with aging and in search of a cure.

It allows you to live your healthiest life possible without worrying about the body and related issues.

A Better Understanding of One’s Self

The most significant advantage of doing anything DIY at home is discovering yourself.

You will find what your body and soul require to be happy and healthy.

But how?

Through meditation and daily self-evaluation,

On the other hand, throughout your biohacking adventure,

  • You will uncover new qualities about yourself and
  • Areas of interest that you were not aware of.

Once you’ve identified your actual self, achieving your goals will be darn easy.

Therefore, put in the effort and know that you are capable!

Improves Mood

Biohacking enhances your mood in several ways.

By hacking your thoughts, body, and emotions, some techniques can lift your mood instantly.

Also, improving your mood could help you lead a more fulfilling life.

More Focus and Boosted Productivity

By incorporating hacks into your diet like:

  • Bulletproof coffee in the morning,
  • Lots of water during the day,
  • A good night’s sleep at night, and
  • A workout routine

You can boost your energy levels.

And, therefore, your productivity.

It will also give you the right mindset and keep you focused.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Name two chemicals that contribute to the “feel good” sensation?

Don’t know?

Let us help you.

They are Dopamine and Serotonin!

These chemicals help to alleviate stress.

Therefore, the goal is to discover methods for stimulating these hormone levels.

Whether by medicine, food, exercise, or meditation.

And also to practice them daily.

Optimal Health

When do you have optimal health?

When your:

  • Physiological
  • Mental
  • Social
  • Intellectual, and
  • Cognitive health conditions

are all in harmony; you have optimal health.

But bear in mind that achieving optimal health is a never-ending journey.

Hence, it is always necessary to work on it—to belong where you want to belong.

Overall Well Being

There is no reason—why you should not employ biohacking in general?

All things you do with DIY techniques intend to improve your quality of life.

It may be used to increase:

  • Cognitive Function,
  • Strength And
  • The Sense And Spirit

Plus, there are no adverse consequences if correctly performed.

How To Lose Weight, Build Weight

Is it becoming more challenging to maintain a healthy body weight as you age?

If this is the case,

There is excellent news for you.

You can regulate your weight.

And enhance your body’s natural functioning.

But how?

By taking healthy steps towards biohacking.

When it comes to weight loss and gain—

It is used to enhance the body’s metabolism.

Taking a step back will help you if you’re upset with your weight.

Evaluate what habits and environmental variables need to be modified.

To help your hormones in getting back—to a healthy weight mode.

Look Younger, All About Anti Aging

The wheel of age continues to revolve.

And there is nothing you can do to stop it.

But your hands are not tied entirely.

Biohacking for anti-aging can work wonders.

But how should the miracle of youth happen?

  • Take Proper Meals,
  • Lower Sugar Intake
  • Abstain From Junk Food,
  • Get Adequate Rest, and
  • Let Go Of Your Unhealthy Habits

Leafy and green vegetables!

They are at the top of the list of foods to consume to stay youthful.

  • Carbohydrates,
  • Lean Proteins,
  • Whole Grains, and
  • Various Spices and Herbs

All contribute to the list of anti-aging foods.

So don’t look any further.

Enhance Focus, Increase Energy

We all are depleted!

We all are seeking ways to feel more energetic and attentive.

While getting,

  • Adequate sleep,
  • Eating a nutrient-dense diet,
  • Keeping a healthy weight, and
  • Engaging in self-care

Are the most critical elements in feeling your best.

And biohacking gives more energy and improves cognitive function.

According to scientific research, it boosts alertness and energy.

Improve Brain Functions

If you’re anything like the rest of us:

  • Overworked,
  • Malnourished,
  • Depressed, or
  • Just Stressed

You’ve undoubtedly seen a decline in your cognitive functioning.


If you’re in your forties, fifties, or sixties,

You might be wondering

Is there any method to ward off frightening conditions like

  • Dementia and
  • Alzheimer’s

We’d like to recommend DIY hacking your brain.

It increases:

  • Brain Health,
  • Boosts Mood,
  • Develops Cognitive Capacity,
  • Tightens Executive Function, and
  • Protects Against Degenerative Brain Diseases

So turn the tables if you are convinced!

Teach How To Live Longer And Have A Life Full Of Happiness

There’s an awful reason why happiness is often elusive.

Our brains just aren’t designed that way.

Instead, our brains have learned to survive, to defend ourselves, to keep us happy.

Sure, we all have moments of happiness, but at the same time, we are troubled with unpleasant emotions.

We are simply plain trapped in the “blahs.”

How do we discover greater joy in our life?

Like anything else, it takes work to create enduring contentment.

In a way, we have to reestablish our benchmark.

It won’t happen immediately, but with basic techniques, you can do it every day.

And learn the secret of being content.

What Are The Different Types Of Biohacking?

Biohacking comes in many forms.

But here are three of the most common types:

  • DIY Biology
  • Nutrigenomics
  • Grinder

DIY Biology

DIY biology is a subset of biohacking.

It is prevalent among scientists.

The category assists the inexperienced in doing comprehensive tests on oneself.

In this case,

Many biohackers place themselves in a regulated experimental setting!


Anticipates obtaining the promised benefits.


In Nutrigenomics, we study the effects of diet on genetic engineering.

It is predicated on one popular concept.

Your body’s overall gene expression is mapped and adjusted.

As a result, it is defined as the science of nutritionally altering your body’s activities.

Furthermore, Nutrigenomics examines how specific nutrients make you:

  • Feel,
  • Think, and
  • Conduct

Nutrigenomics is also connected to other subfields of biohacking.


  • Improved Sleep Patterns,
  • Exercise,
  • Attention Hacking,
  • Altering Environmental Triggers, and
  • Stress Management

It is based on the idea that our own bodies constantly change.


Grinders are particularly interested in a subset of biohacking.

All human body components are considered hackable.

In general, grinders aspire to be something like cybernetic organisms.

The grinder works through various methods, including:

  • Devices,
  • Implants, and
  • Chemical Injections.

We believe (as a technical mindset assumes things) that body alteration is intriguing.

It has the potential to enhance one’s health or performance.

Why Should You Biohack?

You may be wondering,

What motivates people to engage with biohacking?

The charm of biohacking is that:

You can evolve into the absolute best of yourself.

The worth is cumulative, not linear.

This means,

You gain something from it daily.

How Different Is Biohacking From Traditional Medicine?

Specific forms of biohacking transcend conventional medicine entirely, while others bleed into it.

Time-honored practices are the fundamentals:

  • Meditation, and
  • Intermittent fasting,

So what distinguishes it from traditional medicine?

Biohacking is not a distinct genre of activity.

But the attitude with which the activities are conducted.

The concept is that we do not have to accept our bodies’ flaws.

We can design our way around them using various high- and low-tech remedies.

We can begin transforming our lives immediately.

However, contemporary medicine as a whole is a hack.

How Can You Perform Biohacking?

Here’s our attempt at mapping in which you can perform biohacking:

Gut Punch Your Posture

Most of us spend our days:

  • Sitting In Our Cars,
  • Sitting At Desks, and
  • Rinse and repeat.

We spend an unbelievable amount of our lives seated.

All of this sitting is detrimental to our health and maybe as harmful as smoking.

It results in muscular stiffness and robs us of our athletic ability.

At some point,

It results in damage and persistent discomfort.

There is a simple solution to this!

Stand a little more!

More than that, how frequently we stand matters.

And this must be done consistently.

To achieve the most remarkable effects.

This will become a habit with time.

And you will maintain a healthy posture throughout the day.

Eat The Right Nutrition

Have you ever considered the possibility that:

Might we be overfed and still be malnourished?

Again, it comes down to what we consume, not how much.

By consuming a nutritious diet,

We may keep an unfaltering level of energy throughout the day.

It results in feeling better, more alert, and more energized.

A balanced, healthy diet stipulates our bodies with the essential ingredients.

They are required to work well, stay strong and balanced.

Proper nutrition and a balanced diet may not be a panacea.

However, committing to a healthy diet is a worthy endeavor.

Rewild Yourself With Nature

We often forget that human beings evolved in the wild.


How often do you go wild?

If the answer is “not enough,” rewilding should be your next biohack.

Rewilding is sometimes referred to as:

Reconnecting with nature.

It allows you to connect with the natural world.

And absorb its potent energy.

When we spend time in nature,

Our bodies conduct as electrical currents,

It allows the naturally occurring electrical charges to flow through us.

Try walking barefoot for a while on a

  • Ride to the mailbox, or
  • Strolling on the beach

When the temperature cools, thin-sole shoes might assist in keeping your feet closer to the ground.

Eat Living, Wild Foods

In contrast to plants,

Human biology has developed to consume other kinds of life.

Our bodies require organic tissue to get nutrition.

Humans, like the majority of animals, consume life for fuel:

  • Broccoli that has been severed from its stem,
  • Chicken legs removed from their bodies,
  • Mushrooms picked from the ground, or
  • Recently slain gazelle or a lump of kelp

We require these wild foods to sustain.

Get outside and scavenge for these meals on your own.

Drink Unprocessed Spring Water

Our drinking habits are just as important as our eating habits.

However, most of us are unaware that:

Drinking water is processed similarly to the processed food we have learned to avoid.

The majority of the water has had minerals extracted and chemicals added.

Rather than that, spot a natural spring and go there.

If not,

Bottled water is preferable to tap water.

Breathe Air From Nature

While we spent our childhoods

  • Frolicking across fields,
  • Bouncing at the playground, and
  • Speeding along on our bikes,

Many of us spent most of our adult lives indoors.


Those hours spent outside served a purpose greater than

Simply exhausting our boundless young energy.

As it turns out,

Science demonstrates that some fresh air is indeed beneficial.

In recent times,

Humans inhale far more volatile substances.

Going through a park or your garden may help you feel more at ease


Content when you inhale the smell of grass-fed butter.

If you find yourself pent up with a large group of people at work or even in your own house, it is time to step outside.

Expose Yourself To Sunlight

Do you know what our original dietary supplement is?

It’s sunlight.

Scientific research has found that:

Over 500 million years ago,

Our evolutionary forefathers produced vitamin D through sun exposure.

This vitamin functions similarly to a hormone.

It assists us in maintaining healthy blood pressure and calcium levels.

Daily vitamin D requirements can be met with as little as 6-15 minutes of sun exposure.

Spend some time outside during your next lunch hour!

And get some vitamin D.

This can significantly

  • Enhance your mood,
  • Hormonal function, and
  • Sleep quality.

Start exposing your skin to the sun’s warm rays.

Go Outside

We’ve been urged to step outside and do one thing since we were small.

Get some clean air.

However, now many of us overlook the value of spending time outside.

Even youngsters are spending less time outside than they used to.

If you, your family member, or close friends are looking for reasons to spend time outside, then here are some of them.

Being outside and inhaling fresh air help

  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Lower blood sugar
  • Reduces the chances of heart attack
  • Heart disease lowering pollution,

Resulting in improved overall heart health.

Hear Music, Change Your Brain

Lower-pitched consistent sound wave helps brain waves flow uniformly!

Did you know that?

Audio entertainment may be used therapeutically to:

  • Maintain blood pressure,
  • Reduce anxiety, and
  • Unwavering focus

Binaural beats have recently made headlines for their wave-like pattern.

Clinical trials show that they can induce a feeling of calm throughout the day.

Consider incorporating binaural beats into your regular routines.

Listen to them during meditation or before rest.

Hack Flow

Hack flow is the meditative state of self-awareness in which we think and operate effectively.

In other words,

You know those moments when you’re kicking asses, and nothing is stopping you?

That is the flow.

If you’re having difficulty completing anything, give yourself a little more time.

Take a break and do something entirely different.

Show Gratitude

Our culture devalues gratitude the most though we shouldn’t.

Gratitude is an appreciation for what is essential and meaningful.

It is a general feeling of thankfulness and gratitude.

You might think of thankfulness as a reaction to giving something.

However, appreciation does not have to be shiny objects.

You can keep a gratitude journal to practice gratitude.

The purpose of a gratitude journal is to build an attitude of appreciation.

If you want to reward yourself, take a gratitude walk.

It will allow you to default your thought process to a positive one.

Does Biohacking Work?

This is the most perplexing topic plaguing this field.

It works—when you focus on your diet, movement, and feel good.

It improves your mood and lowers your risk of illness.

Biohacking weight reduction is even feasible when you fuel your body with

  • Anti-inflammatory foods,
  • Improved sleep patterns, and
  • Stand and exercise during the day.

That being said,

Grinding or DIY techniques may not work or be safe (mainly performed by an untrained expert).

Is Biohacking Safe?

This depends on the type of biohacking activity you’re referring to!

There is nothing wrong with wishing to biohack oneself to perform at one’s best.

However, the engineering problem is with grinders’ compulsive conduct around hardcore biohacking.

It can quickly spiral into dangerous territory or catalyze an eating disorder.

It is critical in these instances to seek expert medical guidance initially.

They might even be harmful to specific individuals, such as youngsters or pregnant women.

Other than that, it is safe to biohack your brain and body holistically.

Take out a diary and record down:

How do particular foods make you feel?


Do you gravitate toward certain foods when you’re sad?

If you discover that,

Do something that makes you a superstar; adhere to that routine.

However, it is a journey, not a science!

And there is no one-size-fits-all biohacking product.

A-Z Of Biohacking

The A-Z of biohacking supports a deep understanding of human biology.

It introduces changes in your life, directing your body into making more significant positive changes.

The idea of hacking your life is to identify your biology and understand what works for you.

Look at the definitions below to understand them better!

What Are Biohacking Products?


Biohacking products are designed to make quick changes to your lifestyle and health. They may aid in weight loss, promote better sleep, or just boost your mood.”

However, you do not need products geared exclusively at “biohacking” to “hack” your biology.

Numerous specialists have developed

  • Diets,
  • Meditation Techniques,
  • Infrared Light Approaches

To aid in the restoration of your body’s normal functioning.

What Are Biohacking Supplements

Biohacking supplements are time-tested methods for enhancing your general health and well-being. They are the tiny lifestyle changes you make to improve your body to achieve impregnable physical and psychological health.”

It is the science behind vitamins and nutrition.

Whether you want to:

  • Improve Your Memory And Concentrate,
  • Get A Better Night’s Sleep,
  • Prevent Allergies,
  • Improve Your Cardiovascular Health,
  • Lose Weight, or
  • Develop Muscle And Strength

Biohacking supplements help!

Fortunately, these items need not be purchased from a store.

You can gain and perform everything from the comfort of your own house.

For instance,

Natural weight-reducing aids entail

  • Eating Well,
  • Resting sufficiently,
  • Avoiding Stress, and
  • Drinking Enough Water

Check out Biohacking Supplements>

What Are Biohacking Tools

“Biohacking tools are devices that you can use to delay the aging process. Among them are beauty kits, face massaging equipment, skincare tools, and more.

A growing list of biohacking devices flushes out impurities from your skin and makes it more youthful.

For example:

Gua sha can be used to treat a variety of health problems.

It aids in the relief of

  • Chronic pain,
  • Cramps,
  • Back and neck pain, and
  • Body inflammation.

Biohacking tools like this can even help with

  • Anxiety,
  • Fatigue, and
  • Insomnia,

when done correctly.


What Is Anti Aging Biohacking

“Anti-aging biohacking is a scientific technique for reversing or halting the aging process.

It keeps your skin glowing, your body energized, and your appearance fresh.

Not only may anti-aging biohacking produce instant benefits, but it can also keep you young for an extended time.”

You can engage in reverse skin aging and significantly slow down or even halt the process.

While anti-aging biohacking is not new, what you may not realize is that it works like magic to maintain youthful vitality in your skin and body.

Probably you’ve disregarded it earlier due to lack of success with previous techniques.

However, that is going to change.

Therefore, flip the table and fall in love with reversing aging.

What Is Biohacking Skin

“Biohacking skin is a nutritional strategy that combines diet and dietary supplements such as caffeine, carotenoids, collagen, glutathione, polyphenols, and vitamin C with cryotherapy, micro-needling, and stem cell therapy.”

Biohacking skin improves inner beauty by:

  • Promoting Healthy Skin Function and
  • Structure

through complementary and synergistic methods.

It bolsters the skin’s inherent defenses against the numerous elements contributing to skin aging.

As a result,

It promotes the youthfulness and brightness of the skin.

Begin sculpting your face using natural techniques and foods now!

And get face-tuned IRL.

What Is Biohacking Hair

“Biohacking hair is essentially about improving the health of your follicles and scalp.

Simply include less intrusive procedures into your everyday hair care regimen.

The hack then rejuvenates your hair follicles and enhances the condition of your scalp.

Consider biohacking as the act of delivering the appropriate energy to the cells in the hair follicles.”

Hair science is not nearly as complex as many people believe.

Biohacking hair does not want you to spend on expensive products.

However, the general rule of biohacking is

No one solution works for all hair types.

There’s no magic formula that can help you obtain healthy hair in a matter of time.

You must go the long route, but it will be worth every step.

Proper maintenance may be as easy as treating your scalp with respect and treating it as if it were a delicate diamond.

What Are Health Hacks

“Health hacks are simple modifications we can make to our everyday routines to improve our appearance, feel better, live longer, and generally exude health. These are simple to implement, adhere to, and maintain.”

While we are all aware that ‘Health is Wealth,’ most people do not adopt healthy behaviors.

You do not have to alter your lifestyle to get healthier drastically.

Significant lifestyle changes are one of the biggest challenges to deal with.

Numerous small health hacks, such as:

  • Using the stairs instead of the escalator,
  • Substituting cinnamon for sugar in tea,
  • Pick green tea over coffee or regular tea and
  • Taking cold showers

can help shed weight over time.

These simple and efficient techniques are scientifically validated.

By beginning small, you may lay the groundwork for a healthy you.

What Is Biohacking Sleep

“Biohacking sleep results in a restful night’s sleep. By using biohacking sleep products, you may help regulate hormones, resulting in a restful night’s sleep. Our brain cells are mended while we sleep; memories are formed, poisons are flushed out, and the body is generally re-energized.”

We highlight the need to get not only enough sleep but also good sleep.

There is never an equation for a healthy and holistic existence that does not include sleep as a significant component.

There is just one step to biohacking sleep: Sleep for a good 7-9 hours!

Of course, we all know that is not always achievable.

Keeping devices away from the bed might assist you in getting a good night’s sleep.

If you want biohacking to treat insomnia,

A homemade essential oils sleep aid may be the answer.

Maintaining a healthy sleep pattern is a simple approach to rebuilding the brain.

What Is Biohacking Stress

Biohacking stress is nothing more than reprogramming our minds with positive beliefs. Because what we nourish our brains with is equally as critical as what we nourish our bodies with. The ultimate brain hack is meditation.”

We’ve seen how work-related stress has a detrimental effect on productivity.

And we must confess that,

A hectic lifestyle has resulted in fragmented and poor attention.

Assume you are amazed by the film ‘Limitless’ and have always desired Bradley Cooper’s mental capacity.

In that case,

It’s time to experiment with safe and well-studied stress relievers.

What Is Biohacking Weight

“Biohacking weight loss is a safe and natural way to lose weight without gaining more than the body can handle. It is a change that will help you achieve your desired and ideal level of physical and psychological health.”

Biohacking weight loss is an excellent opportunity to boost your metabolism and manage weight with proper sleep, food, and exercise routines.

Intermittent fasting is gaining popularity!

It helps lose weight, maintain glucose levels and improve insulin resistance ability.

It may also help avoid chronic illnesses such as diabetes.

The wonderful thing about fasting is that you can do it in a variety of ways.

Some people choose alternate day fasting.

Some people choose to fast for 5-6 days in one go.

It all depends on how your body can handle it.

There is also time-restricted eating, in which you consume food only within a specific window of the day.

While intermittent fasting may take some time to adjust to, it may be a viable alternative depending on your health objectives.

What Is Biohacking Brain

“Biohacking the brain debunks widespread beliefs about recommended practices for general health and provides practical routines and treatments that assist the brain in improving.”

It teaches you to maximize your brain’s functionality through,

  • Nutrition,
  • Exercise,
  • Meditation, and
  • Sleep

One of the most effective ways is to provide your brain with the necessary nutrients and antioxidants.

Naturally, there are fundamentals such as:

  • Staying hydrated, and
  • Introducing olive oil in a diet

meets the brain’s basic nutritional requirements.

Exercise aids in this process by boosting blood flow to the brain and serving as a natural antidepressant.

Only ten minutes of meditation each day has been shown to alter the brain structure sufficiently to:

  • Reduce anxiety,
  • Promote brain health, and
  • Enhance cognitive functioning.

It is most certainly worthwhile to spend time in the lotus pose.

At times, life throws obstacles in your path, which may affect your brain health.

However, you remain the master of your own bodies and own life.

Biohacking brain is the way to go!


What Is Biohacking Your Body?

Your body is a complete sentence in itself. So, it’s basically biohacking your body and its biology using science, self-experimentation, and a technical mindset. It helps you get complete control of the inside and outside environment.

Is Biohacking Illegal?

If you think it’s illegal to

  • Think about your body,
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Lower the chances of diseases and
  • Lead a healthy and happy living.

Then biohacking is illegal.

Otherwise, it’s as legal as breathing air!

What Are The Best Biohacks?

We’ve taken care of the legwork for you and created a list of the top 10 biohacks for you to test.

  • Study Nutrigenomics
  • Boost Your Sleep Cycle
  • Limit your exposure to blue light.
  • Reconnect with nature
  • Conquer Your Nervous System
  • Avoid Histamine-Rich Foods
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Take a gratitude walk
  • Invest in supplements
  • Listen to music

Where Do I Start With Biohacking?

Biohacking is no longer booked for wealthy people.

An average person who understands it can also perform specific techniques to lead a better living with the right food and sleep.

Though it might be difficult for some to begin with, it’s darn easy once you get the hang of it.

The most straightforward approach to narrow things down is first to choose your objective.

Once you’ve decided on this, you can begin by looking at everyday hacks and stick to one that works for you.

Why Is Biohacking Important?

Diet and exercise alone are no longer enough to maintain a healthy life.

In the fast-paced world, our surroundings and way of living have shifted dramatically.

When humans lose touch with their surroundings, health issues develop.

Depression, allergies, chronic pain and tiredness, anxiety, and neurodegeneration are all increasing in prevalence.

Clinical trials prove biohacking deals with all of that!

Need we say more?