Biohacking Weight Loss to create optimal body & irresistible looks

Your metabolism, diet, workout, emotions, rest, environment

Biohacking weight loss integrates physiology, nutrition, exercises, and lifestyle modification to get you into the desired and optimal state of psychological and physical health. In this article, we will give you the best weight loss hacks to achieve the best body shape you desire.

woman measures her waist line with measuring tap

Losing your weight and getting into the perfect body can be a huge problem. It is even tougher to get the ideal routines that will keep you burning calories and fats throughout the day. Biohacking weight loss gives you a great chance to fasten your metabolism and manage your weight using adequate and straightforward sleep, diet, and exercise routines.

Your Metabolism

Metabolism is a biological process that influences your body’s primary energy needs. It is also the process that converts what you have eaten into energy. It combines food and liquids to oxygen to run your body.

The individual metabolism rate burns the calories of each person and, therefore, influences one’s overall body weight. While it is easy to make the connection between weight and metabolism, the influence and mechanics of weight are much more complicated and are influenced by genetic makeup, hormonal controls, sleep, lifestyle, and other factors (1).

Cryotherapy and Cold Showers Benefits

Cold Showers.

One of the great ways to burn fat is old fashioned cold shower. This is because when your body is exposed to cold temperatures, it produces more brown fat. This fat has more mitochondria and, therefore, more metabolically active. While a full-body shower can be a tough task for a beginner biohacker, it has been seen that regular 30 seconds to a minute cold splash after a warm or hot bath is just as effective, but a cold dip has better results.


a man smiling during the cryotherapy session

Cryotherapy is also a great way to burn calories. You might ask, what is cryotherapy? Bio cryotherapy is a biohacking weight loss technique that uses nitrogen to cool the body. Cryotherapy reduces inflammation, helps in sports recovery, and is a great way to improve on your sleep by increasing REM.

Biohackers have reported to burning anything between 400 to 800 calories per cryotherapy session. Consequently, it is one of the new biohacking weight loss medical treatments that promise radical health improvements. Actually, it has been in use in Japan since the 1970s in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

While there are cryotherapy DIY methods, you should do it under the watch and guidance of a licensed practitioner, as any slight errors might result in fatalities.

Temperature related biohacks have been super useful in weight loss and supplement other weight loss routines you might be on or have been advised by a certified practitioner.

Biohacking Weight Loss with Diet

biohacking weight loss with nutrition and right diet

The Biohacking diet is the first step in biohacking weight loss.  A balanced and healthy eating, as well as a carefully watched and planned lifestyle, are the most vital components of biohacking your weight.

You should ensure that you eat more vegetables, cut back on the carbs and sugar, and slash appetite for processed foods. In fact, it is time you fill up your fridge with more organic foods. It is also helpful if you eat more at home than at restaurants as you have control over what you are eating (2).

Shorten Eating Window to Switch for Intermittent Fasting

benefits of intermittent diet chart and green broccoli on the plate

This is another great biohack that has actually been proven and backed by research running into hundreds.

  • Intermittent fasting is a temporary restriction of food to reduce weight or improve health.
  • Under intermittent fasting, you basically eat all your calories in one eight hour window a day or, for the 5:2 diets, you normally eat for five days, and drop to 500 calories for two alternate within the week.
  • Skipping food in this controlled way results in processes that enhance “cellular cleaning.”
  • This is a cellular process where the body recycles old cells by eating them. This improves your immune system, metabolism, and gives you a longer life. You will not only lose weight but multiply your experience while at it.

Water Intake – How Much Water You Need to Drink and How?

water infused with lemon, apple, and mint leafs

Hydration is vital for many factors that play a role in weight loss. Water plays a huge role in digestion, muscle function, satiety, and even calorie burning.

  • Water is a naturally occurring appetite suppressant, and when taken before eating, it takes up some space; thus, the stomach fills quickly.
  • If you take it not less than 30 minutes before a meal, it reduces body weight and body fat within 8 weeks. This is because water increases calorie burning in the body as well as the body’s resting energy expenditure. This means that when you take more water, the body burns more calories when you’re resting.
  • Coldwater is especially more useful in burning calories as the body burns calories and tries to heat this water for digestion.
  • Water is a calorie-free drink, which makes it an excellent alternative for other beverages that result in a high-calorie accumulation in your body.
  • Calorie liquids such as soda, juice, or sweetened coffee and tea should be switched with water for effective weight loss.
  • Water is also an essential component of exercises and workouts.
  • It reduces fatigue and muscle cramps as well as protecting the body against dehydration when working out. This ensures other body parts are working well when you are exercising.

Two Glasses of Lemon Water in The Morning

lemon slices in the water and mint leafs

While Indians have taken warm lemon water for centuries to detoxify the liver, it is in recent times considered a great way to speed up metabolism.

Preferably, warm lemon water is ideal, but there is no problem with taking it ice-cold. It is also crucial that you drink it 30 minutes before breakfast or immediately when you wake up. You should take two glasses in the morning and glass right before bed.

Two Liters of Water During the Day (or More)

Some people require more water intake than others due to factors such as age, body size, and activity level.

However, most doctors recommend daily consumption of two liters of water each day. There is the best way to do it:

  • As said above, two glasses of warm water with lemon in the morning.
  • You should drink at least one glass thirty minutes before your meal.
  • One glass in forty-five minutes to one hour after your meal.
  • Keeping a glass or bottle of water near your bed.

Drinking extra water when you’re exercising or during physical activities.

Other hacks include eating fruits and vegetables with high water content such as melons, cucumbers, and tomatoes. You can also add more soups in your food. Water is an essential and useful component of biohacking weight loss and is actually readily available to most people, so why not reach out for one?

Water with Apple Vinegar Before Meals (At Least Twice)

apple cider vinegar in glass decanter and apples on the table

A great way to biohack your weight loss is by drinking apple cider vinegar before meals.

Often described as a cure-all health elixir, the apple cider vinegar tonic with water has been used as a traditional remedy to fight tumors and improve cardiovascular functions. As a biohack remedy, it has been proven to be a super-efficient way of watching your weight.

A daily drink of 1 tablespoon of vinegar in 500 ml of water is effective in reducing body fat, weight, and waist size within 12 weeks.

The drink, preferably taken before meals (30 min before), boosts weight loss by burning fats, reducing fat storage, and satiety – the stomach’s fullness before a meal.

As a result, it increases the time it takes for the stomach to empty. The drink is also great at decreasing your appetite and improving metabolism.

It helps the body achieve ketosis, which makes the body burn fat for fuels instead of glucose in the absence of carbs resulting in increased cellular energy.

Therefore, it not only aids you in weight loss but also improves mitochondrial health resulting in improved immunity and a healthy body.

Coffee (with Cardamon and Butter)

fresh brewed coffee with butter inside and coffee beans next to it

Butter coffee is a great way to lose weight.

You simply switch up your breakfast menu with a healthy drink that gives you every bit of caffeine, but with more health benefits. These benefits include long-lasting satiety, mental clarity, and of course weight loss.

You should, therefore, start by adding a teaspoon of butter to your coffee and work your way up to 2 tablespoons.

However, you can adjust the butter as per your liking. Of course, butter coffee burns away all the extra fat in your body, but the results get better when you add cardamom to the drink.

Cardamom is an effective metabolism stimulant that helps the body burn fat more efficiently. It also reduces the body’s water retention capacity resulting in more healthy skin and healthier cells.

Include Spicy Foods

hot red and yellow peppers

Spicy foods are also a great way to lose weight. When added to a daily diet, hot spicy foods boost both metabolism and increases the body’s fat-burning capacity.

This results in quicker calorie burning by the body. Select spices, especially hot pepper chilies, release a compound called “capsaicin” that promotes the stimulation of brown fat by the body, which is great for metabolism. It is also important to note that hot spicy foods make you sweat more and for longer (which is sort of the same thing that happens when you are exercising). Even though this is a slim connection, it is a connection nonetheless.

Workouts for Biohacking Weight Loss

people working out outside doing different physical activities

Definitely, most people think exercises are a great way to reduce your weight. But as a biohacker, you need to optimize both your diet and workout routines for effective bodyweight loss (3). A combination of the right diet and working out will get you to your desired weight faster and conveniently.

Build Muscles to Speed Up Metabolism.

men with muscles and woman holding weight in her left hand


Lots of people (especially women) indeed tend to avoid lifting weights. It is a mistake because it is one of the best ways to lose weight and tone your body.

A misconception exists that lifting heavy weights will turn you into a bodybuilder while the goal is to lose weight. That is not the case.

Heavy lifting increases the body’s muscle mass, which in turn results in increased body metabolism. This increased body metabolic rate ensures that you are burning just as many calories when at rest as when you are doing light workouts.

It is also a scientific fact that accumulated fat is transformed into muscles when you work out. To avoid a poorly toned body, you should embark on weight lifting to tone these muscles and have a better-looking body.

Daily Cardio to Burn Calories.

women running on treadmills at the gym

A great way to ensure you lose and then do not regain lost weight is sticking to simple cardio workouts routines.

Daily routines can be attractive, but you need to stick to a regular schedule for about five or six days a week to be effective. Also, it is advisable to stick to slower and sustainable working out routines as these let you exercise for longer than vigorous and faster routines.

You should ensure that you have a bit of rest in between workouts as the body also burns far more calories at rest after the workout is complete.

Stretch, Yoga, Pilates, and Ballet for Perfectly Toned Looks

women practicing yoga and ballet next to ballet barre

Biohackers have taken to yoga, pilates, and ballets as new biohacking paths to flexible, toned bodies. 50-minute yoga and pilates sessions can burn quite a few calories. Alternatively, advanced classes and sessions burn between twice more.

Besides, these exercises are also a great way of relieving stress and back pain.

Morning Walks

woman walks her dog in the morning at the park

Morning walks are great ways to refresh and awaken your body for all types of tasks throughout the day. Notably, those who take a brisk 15-20 minute walk each morning perform optimally better than those that do not.

You can not only use this time to ruminate over the day you are about to have but also use it as a method of exercise. Morning walk, just as the day starts and the air is fresh, has similar health and cardiovascular benefits as a morning run.

Biohacking Stress First for Biohacking Weight Loss Second.

women next to the ocean relaxing and doing yoga


Stress is a significant detriment to productive health as well as a healthy weight (4). It can also lead to obesity, among other weight-related problems. A good way to combat this is through meditation and breathing.


blond woman in lavender clothes meditating in the garden

When you meditate, your brain is learning how to concentrate on certain feelings and thoughts. Consequently, you start to react better to these feelings instead of blindly reacting to them.

This helps cultivate a healthy eating habit. It also lets you eat intuitively and mindfully. This control over your eating pattern will help in reducing both emotional and binge eating. Studies establish that meditation reduces cortisol and C-reactive protein levels. Higher and increased cortisol levels have been connected to obesity and poor weight health.


woman in yoga pose doing breathing exercise

An excellent way to speed up your metabolism is by breathing deeply. This is not merely the relationship between breathing and metabolism. It results in an increase in oxygen intake and delivery to the cells optimizing cellular metabolism.

The resulting healthy intake of oxygen also improves your cell immunity leaving you healthier. Therefore, you should try to take a deep breath and hold it for at least 45 seconds twice a day, ten times a session. You should ensure you do this while standing to ensure the smooth flow of air throughout your body.

Biohacking Weight Loss with Quality Sleep

woman sleeping in the morning

Keeping a healthy sleeping pattern is imperative to biohack your weight and get a nice tuned and healthy body (5). You should sleep at least seven to nine hours each night and regularly to develop a healthy body.

Furthermore, you should observe effective sleep rituals like reduced screen time before bed, strict eating, and 10 t0 20 minutes of meditation before bed. A healthy sleep pattern also makes you more effective at the workplace and in completing physical tasks.

Biohackers with healthy sleep patterns also have lower risks of getting obese than those with unhealthy habits.

Environmental Improvements.

view of beautiful nature - green grass and blue sky

The environment you live in can also be a hindrance to the perfect weight you are after. It is advisable to embark on a biohack weight loss routine. Besides, you should first ensure that you are in a healthy and non-contaminated environment. Several studies agree that exposure to certain endocrine-disrupting chemicals, including pesticides, antimicrobials disrupt hormonal balance resulting in developmental abnormalities (6). Additionally, watch out for harmful chemicals in skincare products.


person sitting on the grass with computer and a cup of coffee

Rewilding is a biohacking concept where you try to fight against the domestication of humanity. Instead, you should try to get ahold and aligned with Mother Nature. The biohacker achieves this by spending more time outdoors than indoors, eating more organic foods, drinking better water, and getting more sunlight.

Bio weight loss is a great way to improve your health as well as work on your weight. However, it is equally vital that you watch what you eat and drink. Since many biohacking weight loss methods have a bit of scientific backing, it is also crucial that you consult with your doctor on techniques suitable for your body.

Biohacking is something that doctors and health experts the world over have praised as a forward and positively impactful weight loss trend. Therefore, with proper practices, it could go a long way in ensuring healthy lifestyles for you. Biohacking diet and lifestyle adjustments play a more prominent role in weight management than biohacking as a concept. Biohackers should ensure that they keep to the right diet and exercise and only use biohacking as a supplement.

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