Morning Routine for Weight Loss- Add 12 Habits To Your Lifestyle To Shed

The Morning Checklist For Ideal Shape And Weight

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biohacking weight loss with best morning rituals

What is your morning routine for weight loss? Whatever means you are using, losing some weight sometimes seems like something impossible. Many people adopt a tough workout lifestyle and insane diet programs like Prolon. They are important! But you need the motivation & routine to keep kicking your goals.

This article reviews some of the best morning routines for biohacking weight loss. Keep reading to find out.

Waking Up Right is Vital Part of Morning Routine for Weight Loss

morning routine for weight loss

What do you do the moment you get out of bed each morning?

Take your phone and check the latest trends on Instagram and Facebook? These are some of the habits you need to quit doing first thing in the morning. What you do in the morning has an impact on turning your day all around.

Because weight loss is more of a psychological problem than physiological. We know it’s an unpopular opinion, but you become what you think. So the first thing you have to do is wake up and think positive. Here are some things you need to do in the first hours of your waking up:

Have Enough Sleep

have enough sleep

Make sure you get the mandatory 7-9 hours of sleep every night (1). Go to bed earlier or set your alarm a little later to squeeze in some extra hours of sleep. One advantage of waking up a little later is shedding some pounds. Fewer hours of sleep triggers hunger and cravings of high-carb diets and sugars, which inhibit weight loss. To cut down naturally on cravings for sugars, carbs, and calories, ensure you sleep for a full 8 hours every night.

Stretch in Bed

stretch in bed

When you wake up, take some time to stretch in bed. Stretching in bed is one way to make your body more responsive to exercises. Suppose your body is not flexible and able to take in motion; the chances of getting injured when exercising are increasing. Stretching makes you more resistant and able to handle all the activities of the day.

Thinking Good Thoughts

thinking good thoughts

Try focusing on brain fitness and good thoughts. It’s nothing but mindfulness. Mindfulness involves focusing on the present situations being aware of your thoughts and feelings. Take at least 5 minutes in the morning and sit calmly. Focus on all the good things around you and all the other lot of good things you want in the future. Mindfulness and positive thinking can reduce the risk of diseases such as obesity.

Weighing Yourself

weighing yourself

Every morning, step on the weighing scale and weigh yourself. This is an excellent way to increase self-control and get motivation to lose 10 pounds. Many people weigh themselves at least a month and get surprised when they find out they have added some pounds. When you weigh yourself daily, you will know at exactly what point you start losing control and adding extra pounds.

If you would love to keep your calorie intake and self-discipline in control, adopt this practice in your morning routine for weight loss.

Work Out Often for Morning Routine for Weight Loss

You already know it never comes easy losing some weight without exercise here and there. You can incorporate the exercises in your morning routine for weight loss for a better and quicker transformation. Whatever biohacking products you are using could go a long way with these habits;


workout often for morning routine

Your cardio exercises are excellent when it comes to shedding weight. Cardio exercises in the morning burn out more fat. Other than burning fats, it helps you start your day at a high tempo. You will stay active, alert, and energetic all day. You may even have some energy to exercise later in the evening if you decide to incorporate it into your schedule. Also, exercises in the morning eliminate toxins that built-up during the night.



Weights help your metabolism rate stay up for longer. A higher metabolism rate means that you can convert more calories to energy within a short time. This is what everybody wants to shed some weight desires: an increased rate of metabolism.

Creating the Mood

Being in a good mood all day plays an important role in both your physical and mental wellbeing. If you see losing weight as going physical, try creating a proper ambiance for your mental wellbeing too. Here are excellent ways to create a good mood;



Meditation is instrumental in helping you become more aware of your thoughts. When you meditate, you become in control of all your emotions, including those related to foods, addiction, and cravings. If you have trouble with emotional and binge eating, meditating every morning could help you gain the control you need.

Cheerful Audio

cheerful music

Cheerful music in the morning is a sure mood setter. It can help make your mood free, energetic, and alert. This cheerful and happy mood is something you need to go through the day.

The other way is to switch to AM audio sessions by BrainTap. It’s nothing but guided meditation that operates at healthy frequency for brain. You can the day through feeling less stressed, and more healthy!

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Imagining Your Day and How You Want It to Be

imagining your day and how you want it to be

Take some minutes in the morning and picture your day’s schedule and all the activities you have to do. Take some time and imagine how smoothly you want it to pass.

Imagining a smooth and cheerful day ahead will give you the energy and zeal to forge ahead.

Breakfast for Morning Routine for Weight Loss

Breakfast is undoubtedly an essential meal for the day. A lot of people skip breakfast as they rush to get to work. If you do this, you could be unknowingly affecting your body’s proper functioning during the day. Having a proper breakfast will determine whether you will stay full until lunchtime or whether you will be craving and eating unhealthy and sugary stuff in the mid-morning.

Here are some suggestions for breakfast you should incorporate into your morning routine for weight loss.

Have a High Protein Breakfast

a high protein breakfast

Eating a high-protein breakfast helps minimize the cravings that will result in the intake of unhealthy snacks. Also, a high-protein breakfast is excellent for the weight loss journey. Proteins reduce the levels of ghrelin, which is commonly referred to as the ‘hunger hormone.’ With decreased levels of ghrelin, you will feel full for longer.

Either you are on intermittent fasting or not, protein is the key to getting in your dream shape.

If hungry cardio is part of your routine, do it on an empty stomach. Make sure your magnesium diet plays a second fiddle to protein diet, because magnesium is as important for shedding weight. If you can’t keep up with its intake count, you can always look to supplement alternatives like Bioptimizers Magnesium.

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Have High-Quality Coffee

high-quality coffee

Coffee is another sure way to start your day when you are looking to shed some weight. A cup of coffee burns lots of fat and accelerates the rate of metabolism. Also, coffee makes you more alert and keeps you on your toes all day long. Boost your energy and concentration by including a cup of coffee in your breakfast.

Getting Ready For The Day

How you get ready for the day has an important role in the rest of your day. You want to make the day productive, right from the moment you wake up. Here are some tips to make your morning routine effective towards shedding weight.

Create A to Do List

create a to do list

It is always good to have a to-do list and highlight by what time you want an activity done (2). This way, you will keep in the schedule and avoid the last-minute rush. The pressure of completing a task can end up stressing you up. The last state you would wish for while shedding weight is stress.

Besides having your mental state in proper condition, a to-do list will ensure you stick to a schedule and do all the health and weight loss activities you need to do. When it is time to head to the gym or that yoga class, you will not be tempted to stay back and finish a job you should have finished a few hours before.

Taking A contrast Shower

contrast shower

Taking contrast showers, or otherwise referred to as hydrotherapy, is one of the easiest ways to boost blood flow. Hot water makes the blood vessels to open while cold water makes them constrict. This rhythmic flow of blood stimulates the circulatory system.

Also, soaking in hot water burns some calories. When you soak in hot water, your body muscles relax, which in turn slows down your heartbeat and breathing rate. A reduced heartbeat and breathing rate reduce the amount of cortisol in the system, which increases the burning of calories.

You can also take bath from structured water. Structured water is a healthier form of water that affects how you sleep and lose weight. Unfortunately, you don’t get them in your shower. Other way to have it is by placing Somavedic device close to the bucket and have it structured overnight.

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Do Dry Brush Massage

do dry brush massage

If you thought dry brush massages are just good for exfoliation, you need to know more about it. The dry brush massages are good for cell regeneration and blood circulation too. Cell regeneration and blood circulation are excellent for the internal detoxification of the body. So basically dry brushing and lymphatic massage work great for weight loss journey.

Take Weight Loss Supplements And Tap Into Technology

weight loss supplements

Sometimes, people take up horrendous routines and life changes to lose weight, but they add some pounds. That’s a nightmare you do not want to go through. You want to see the fruits of your hard work.

If the exercises and the new diet do not seem to work, consider taking some weight loss supplements. No, weight loss supplements (3) will not work overnight. It would help if you led a healthy lifestyle. The supplements will only accelerate the weight loss journey and make it more successful.

So, how exactly do weight loss supplements work? There is no specific way. It will come down the supplement you go for. However, look for supplements that:

  • Suppress your appetite and cravings
  • Accelerate the metabolism rate
  • Make you feel full for longer
  • Burns calories and fats

Some of the most effective and popular biohacking supplements for weight loss include Green tea extract, chitosan, African mango seed extract, chromium Picolinate, Glucomannan, Maitake mushroom extract, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, and bitter orange.

What you ought to know is that all these supplements do come with side effects. Some will be mild, and some may be severe. This is why you need to speak to your doctor before taking any supplements. Yes, many of these supplements are sold over the counter, but you do not want to take any risks. The situation can easily spin out of your control, especially if you have an underlying condition. Always get your doctor’s go-ahead.

Incorporate The Red Light Therapy

the red light therapy

Red light therapy is a recent technology followed by highly effective devices like Joovv to decrease weight. It is one biohacking device you should consider using in your morning routine for weight loss. The light from the device penetrates the deeper part of your tissues and opens up the fat cells. It then liquefies the fatty cells. This liquefied fat is then easily converted to energy by the cells. Using this device will surely make your bodyweight decrease in no time.

However, do not expect a miracle if you keep taking junk. The changes will only be visible if you are not trying to battle excess fats, and if you are consuming a healthy diet. Another way red light therapy fixes your weight is by inducing more sleep. As you know better sleep = healthy body.

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Take Flax Seed

flax seeds

Flax Seed is famously known for its ability to reduce the belly fat. It is rich in proteins. Therefore, when you take a teaspoon alongside with dietary fiber, you will suppress your appetite. If you have a problem fighting the urge to eat all day long, taking flax seeds in the morning will help. You will suppress your appetite and avoid high-calorie foods and sugars. The flax seeds themselves are low in sugar and calories. 2-4 tablespoons of flax seeds per day will be work good for you.

Follow Diet Programs Consistently

Whether you’ve opted for Prolon diet or BistroMD diet program, the key to losing weight is to follow their morning plans with heart. If you’re not consistent, you’re already nulling down all other weight loss efforts. Same goes with your customized plan. If you’ve vetted for intermittent fasting for weight loss, please ensure your morning routine is followed.

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