Structured Water : You Might Be Drinking The Wrong Water For Years? (Don’t Miss Out)

Want To Go Full On Energy? Think structure! Drink Structure!

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H3O2 Water Structure

Okay! So some scientists call structured water a natural healer…

  • Something which has lots of minerals… 
  • Something which detoxifies our bodies more than the regular drinking water…

But then some scientists call it a plain scam… a pseudoscientific marketing gimmick.

It’s crazy how the two groups differ on this matter, like the north and south poles.

It should puzzle you up with the question— whom do you trust when human health is at stake?

Should you have structured water molecules, listening to the “commandments” of the first group?

Or should you continue drinking tap water, respecting the second?

Well, we wanted to settle the case once and for all.

Because you’ve been a part of our biohacking community, and we love it when you push yourself towards healthy living.

So let’s find out everything about structured water.

What is structured water?

what is structured water

Structured water is nothing but water in its natural spring state.

Well, if you pick water from nature— like those from the flowing rivers and glaciers melts, mountain streams and untouched sources— you’ll find them typically arranged in beautiful structures. (1)

It’s only a shame you can’t see them from naked eyes.

We need a microscope for it.

But in case you arrange one, you can see the crystal-like hexagonal structure in it.

It’s the reason why structured water is also termed magnetized or hexagonal water.

Think of it like water flowing over rocks— dancing around the curves and corners of the mountains— before reaching you as drinking water.

Now the endless twists and spins over the mountains and beneath the rocks structure water.

Sounds good so far? Great!

But here’s the dark side: structured water may change before reaching you.

Now, what do we mean by “may change.”

Well, water has to go through several stages on the way to us.

With many factors chipping in, chances are high the hexagonal water may turn into chaotic water.

What converts structured water into unstructured water?

what converts structured water into unstructured water

Chemicals, pollutants, and toxins rob the water of its structure and minerals too.

Other reasons like

  • mechanical filtering
  • abnormal estrogen levels in water
  • inefficient cleaning process
  • long industrial distribution pipelines

may result in tap water toxicity.

It’s like… the more we “handle” or “process” water for our good, the more we lose the benefits.

As you know, water has to go through plenty of influences and treatments before reaching our taps.

By then, it’s already too late and what we have is contaminated water, both chemically and vibrationally.

We call them non-structured or unstructured water.

Some like to call it “chaotic” water too.

Are structured water molecules different from regular drinking water & ice cubes?

are structured water molecules different from regular drinking water & ice cubes

There’s not much difference between structured water and ice cubes.

At a molecular level— structured water crystals are quite similar to ice crystals.

Water molecules in both join together in hexagonally structured single-layer sheets.

The slight differences are:

  • magnetized water has flexible sheets
  • these sheets independently move as they’re not glued with the protons

Now regarding the chemical formula, there has been a fair bit of debate.

You already know the chemical formula for regular water is H2O; there’s hardly any argument against two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

But things take a slight turn with structured water.

Many say the chemical formula is H3O2.

Some chemists don’t agree with it, and the water research is still on.

However, not far from now, it will come true. 

Then we can say structured water is entirely a different ballgame than regular drinking water.

We have another way to make you understand the difference between structured water and its traditional unstructured form.

Think of a piece of quartz and a quartz crystal— though they’re the same chemically, you can find a slight difference in their structure.

  • A piece of quartz is arranged in a random structure.
  • Quartz crystal is geometrically very symmetrical.

Here, a piece of quartz is equivalent to unstructured drinking water and quartz crystal is like structured water.

We hope this helps you understand the difference better.

What are the health benefits of hexagonal water?

what are the health benefits of hexagonal water

Well, it’s sad we don’t have enough data on hexagonal water’s health benefits.

But the good news is: it doesn’t mean we don’t have any data on it.

You would be pleased to know the research has been promising so far, though at the infant phase. (2)

We believe structured water helps in more than ten ways.

But we are confident that four benefits are definitely worth the hype.

Structured water benefits #1: It helps your cell recover quickly.

So cell recovery needs the net energy savings on a cellular level.

Co-incidentally, when you intake structured water molecules, they will save energy at the cellular level.

You’ll be surprised to know most of the water in our bodies is already structured.

But pollutants and contamination are affecting our drinking habits.

Now, what if you intake unstructured water instead of structured?

Well, then cells have to process them to make them useful.

It takes time and energy from your body— making it harder for cell recovery!

Structured water benefits #2: It detoxifies your body.

Usually, your body is a hub of harmful chemicals and dissonant frequencies.

With EMF and radiations all around, and 5G towers standing taller more than ever, your body is constantly exposed to diseases.

Structured water can help dissipate these chemicals and frequencies from your body.

Think of it like a healthy harmonic state where structured water flushes off all the toxins in the body.

Structured water benefits #3: It manages stress and metabolism.

structured water benefits #3 it manages stress and metabolism.

Sadly, as technology “seeps” into our bodies, cells find it a little hard to cope with the stress response.

Fortunately, structured water behaves as an energized water.

For your information, energized water is well-known to reduce stress at the cellular level.

You may find

  • increased organ activity
  • enhanced resilience.

But you’ve to trade off one thing for these benefits.

You may have to be a bit frequent guest into the bathroom, as structured water also betters your metabolism activity.

Structured water benefits #4: It’s the most bioavailable state of water.

Let’s say you put water into your body, and 50% of it gets out in the first pass metabolism without really getting used inside the system.

How good will that be for you?

You might go dehydrated soon.

But magnetized water is the most bioavailable form of water.

Think of it like.. when you have it, your body will use more water efficiently rather than passing most of them through the first-pass filter.

It’s the key to deep intracellular hydration and optimized mineral uptake.

Some other benefits

structured water benefits

  • the energy level will shoot up
  • you can concentrate better
  • you’ll have a healthy memory retaining power
  • you can shred extra body pounds
  • it helps you maintain weight
  • sleep comes better to you
  • your immune system is super beefed-up
  • you fend off digestive issues like constipation
  • longer life comes naturally to you
  • you can improve skin complexion
  • stabilize blood sugar level to normal

The science behind so many benefits is not that hard!

According to some research, vortexing (spinning) water develops a potential difference between structuring water and non-structuring molecules.

This difference allegedly carries energy.

And when you drink it, it’s purported to recharge and hydrate your body more than regular water.

Is structuring water better than erasing the pollution directly?

is spring water structured water

You may ask: why structure water?

Why can’t you simply erase pollution from it… like with distillation or reverse osmosis?

Well, here’s the answer to it!

  • The distillation process is not efficient. It does remove contaminants, no issue with that! But the real problem lies in when it trades off the vital minerals with boiling and evaporation. Now would you need such mineral-less water for your kids and family?
  • Reverse osmosis water is no different. It cuts off all the beneficial minerals from the water you drink. So there’s no point in drinking water when they’re off-chart of their highest potential.

The crux of the matter is: recycling water won’t necessarily restructure water the way you want!

Nature has its way of cleansing water that we know as evaporation, rainwater, and streamflow.

But it’s not feasible to wait for nature to do its act.

In such cases, you restructure water, just like in nature, through Somavedic devices.

Otherwise, you don’t create hexagonal water with “artificial cleansing processes.”

You only consume lots and lots of energetic pollution despite thinking you cleaned them.

Why do bodies need more structured water?

why do bodies need more structured water

Magnetized water in your body behaves more or less like a battery— the best analogy we can come up with.

Like… how do we charge batteries constantly? 

Likewise, hexagonal water needs charging.

The structured water loses charge in the body over time.

It would help if you replenished the charge again to keep yourself safe from diseases and toxicity.

How do you do it?


You put energized hexagonal water into your body.

No, energized structure water doesn’t replace the existing water in your body.

It simply acts as a charger to the existing non-energized structured water.

When they’re charged, your body regains sufficient energy to enhance cellular activity.

How to create structured water yourself? 

how to create structured water yourself

Well, no one structures water better than nature itself!

Evaporations… and rain falls… and river flows…

You get the gist. Right?

But you can’t wait for mother nature to structure the water and bestow it on your lap.

The most you need the magnetized water is N-O-W!

So you have to take the matter into your hand and think of restructuring water yourself.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be Einstein to structure water.

There are multiple ways to do it, including the use of a structuring device.

Five “Do it yourself” ways to create structured water.

  1. Make water go through Vortex devices like hyperbolic funnels. These funnels magnetize water and energize them enough for healing.
  2. Or expose water containers to specific energy sources like ultraviolet or infrared light and feel the energized version.
  3. You can also expose it to natural heat such as sunlight or artificial radiation devices like muscle heating pads. It gets you decent results.
  4. Many people store water in the gemstone water bottles to reap healing properties. You can try your hands on it as well.
  5. Some believe human touch also produces enough heat energy to structure water crystals. Sure, you can try this easiest method.

These methods are pretty simple.

But simple methods bring in a bit of disadvantage with them.

You’ll need a bit more maintenance when compared with professional water structuring devices.

Plus, they might not be as effective.

Somavedic method

somavedic method

Nothing comes close to structuring water better than Somavedic.

It has to be our favorite method because it’s the most professional method.

And guess what?

Yet, it comes the easiest way to vitalize water in our eyes.

Why do we say this?

Well, you got to look at the advantages:

  • by far the most user-friendly method
  • easiest to install
  • lasts long
  • needs very little to no maintenance
  • doesn’t need parts replacement unless it breaks

Somavedic = frequency therapy of the east + natural science of the west

Want to check the benefits of harmonized water with Somavedic?

Here you go:

  • increases the absorption of vitamin and minerals
  • detoxifies the pollutants
  • enhances all health programs
  • staves off dehydration fatigue
  • no more dry, itchy skin
  • discourages harmful radiations
  • beef up the immune system
  • improves cartilages and discs
  • beneficial for your pets as well (3)

You can take your structured water knowledge to the next level with the book “The Fourth Phase of Water.

The book also helps with structuring water in detail.

Dr. Pollack’s book is a masterpiece that drops the truth bomb regarding water as a whole.

Buy Somavedic Read Somavedic Reivew


Frequently asked questions.

The fact structured water is so debated is the very fact you should know more about it.

So this is our expert take on frequently asked questions:

How do you make Structured Water?

how do you make structured water

You can make structured water by adapting nature’s way of vortexing (creating whirlpools).

Nature usually swirls and spins water through mountains and rivers, making it structured.

Stir the water in your container for a few minutes to create a hexagonal shape (at the molecular level).

Do you see swirls in it?

You’re going right.

Another easy way to structure water at home and office is by placing a Somavedic device close to the water glass.

How long does structured water stay structured?

Structured water in your body loses structure quickly.

It is why you need to recharge non-energized structure water with external structure water like a battery.

Some tests show structured water can last for years if they pass through a structuring device & so long you don’t contaminate it.

Good for you to know the structuring water devices also last for five to ten years with years of warranty.

Is Spring Water Structured Water?

Spring water is the purest form of structured water.

Nature whirls and twists spring water to create a vortex effect.

This vortexing of spring water forms a layer of the hexagonal sheet, which has independent crystals unglued to the protons.

There’s a reason why spring water tastes so good.

It’s because it has a high amount of structured water molecules.

Is distilled water Structured water?


Distilled water is not structured water because distilled water doesn’t have the necessary minerals that structured water does (4).

The distillation process boils and evaporates most of the vital minerals.

Structured water, on the other hand, offers healing properties selflessly and pulls everything terrible for the body.

Though distilled water is good for drawing toxins out of the body, it’s not as effective as structured water.

You would want to read more on biohacks for health for the safest means of healing.







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