Geopathic Stress: Defintion, Symptoms, Effect, & How To Get Rid Of It?

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Geopathic detection for good vibes

Geopathic stress is the testimony that mother earth can add more stress to your life.

Ideally, you shouldn’t really afford “more stress” at the moment when you’re already struggling with relationship and job stress.

But death is saddening because the stress from the planet’s womb just won’t stop!

So you either wait for the earth energies to drain you of the emotional reservoir… or

You remove bad vibrations with certain biohacking tips and devices like Somavedic

Well, regardless of whether you believe in geopathic stress or not— we want you to continue reading the tidbits of earth energies.

Who knows you might catch up to the information which may fix your life for good?

What is geopathic stress?

what is geopathic stress

You may think geopathic stress has something to do with cortisol or serotonin in your body— as with other stresses.

But, it’s all about energies rising up from the earth.

So basically, many believe the earth releases energies.

These energies are usually invisible to our eyes, but not bad necessarily.

In fact,

  • some are very good for human health (positive energies)
  • and some have no effect (neutral energies)

But we’re not covering the positive or neutral ones today.

The real problem begins when man-made and natural resources distort these energies.

That’s right!

If you have

  • geological fault lines
  • mineral deposits
  • pipes
  • sewers
  • tunnels
  • underground water
  • underground streams
  • utility lines

beneath your house or office— chances are high you’re receiving distorted earth’s vibrational energy.

Distorted Energy = Bad Vibrations = Negative Energies = Geopathic Stress

You may not feel it directly, but these bad or negative energies can result in ill health or put your immune system at stake.

Some experts even link these energies with road rage to cancer.

Weak electromagnetic fields created by tunnels add to bad vibes

weak electromagnetic fields created by tunnels add to bad vibes

In case you’re wondering what these energy distortions are…

Well, they’re nothing but a disturbance in the Earth’s electromagnetic field. (1)


  • underground cavities,
  • mineral concentrations,
  • pipes,
  • underground stream
  • tunnels, or
  • subterranean running water

release weak electromagnetic fields in the environment.

Then these weak fields at your place meet with the earth’s electromagnetic field.

Unfortunately, weak fields win the battle over the earth’s field!

This creates a stagnant field at your home, giving birth to the geopathic stress!

Is it real?

geopathic stress is it real

Call it real or pseudoscience— it’s a shocker that most people haven’t heard of geopathic stress. (2)

The ideas of bad vibes and their impact on health are not new.

Well, whether we know if it’s for real or not, we all have surely used the concept of “bad vibes” in our lives.

You must have heard people talking of bad energies in their houses and offices.

And some even point to “bad vibing” humans.

It’s because geopathic stress shares its origin with similar practices like Dowsing and Feng Shui— which are almost a thousand years old practices.

So we are kind of historically programmed to use the term “bad vibes.”

But overall, it has been a tough road to prove or disprove the existence of geopathic stress.

Some studies show low-frequency electromagnetism does detriment health while others completely refute it.

Now you may ask if its existence is doubtful, how do you know if geopathic stress affects you?

Well, in that case, expert “geopaths” notice a few signs and tell whether you’re its victim.

Geopathic stress symptoms

signs of geopathic stress at home

Not only you— but geopathic stress may get cruel with your lovely pets, plants, and even the non-living building structures.

So it’s vital you don’t let these energies get stagnant or accumulated at one place.

It’s believed the geopathic stress affects you when you work or live in the geopathic stress zones themselves.

And you’re most affected when you sleep directly over the distorted energy.

However, you’re safe if you cross over the stress zone daily for work or play!

For example, geopathic stress won’t affect you much if you commute above a series of tunnels or pipes everyday.

Only because you’re living in the zone for a long time.

So the main symptoms of negative energies boil down to how long you spend time over the stress zone!

Check out these telltale signs to recognize geopathic chaos at your home.

Geopathic stress symptoms

effects of geopathic stress on humans (ill health)

Geopathic stress symptoms on humans are as below:

  • series of unexplained illnesses
  • illness or bad health since you shifted to the new place
  • chances of cancerous tumors
  • impaired immune system
  • regular symptoms of flu,
  • frequent stomach aches,
  • constant ear-aches
  • dozen of sleep symptoms
  • troubled sleep/insomnia,
  • heart palpitations,
  • bed wetting,
  • babies wail constantly,
  • constant twist and turn on bed,
  • restless sleep for children,
  • broken sleep cycle,
  • disrupted sleep,waking up through the night,
  • waking up tired
  • hormonal issues such as
  • thyroid
  • Infertility
  • high chances of miscarriages
  • sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is common
  • showing up of mental and behavioral disorders as
  • addiction, anxieties,
  • depression, obsessions,
  • panic attacks
  • severe cases of degenerative and neurological diseases
  • decreased physical performance
  • fatigue,
  • run down,
  • exhaustion
  • restlessness,
  • low energy level,
  • poor concentration
  • change in weight
  • loss of hunger
  • post viral fatigue
  • sick building syndrome
  • sudden phobia and allergies from foods
  • chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • inflammation
  • headaches
  • migraines
  • joint pain
  • hard resistance to medical treatment
  • cognitive and learning disabilities
  • electrical sensitivities
  • the positive feeling when you’re away from home or office (geopathic zones)

Geopathic stress symptoms in plants and animals health

problems with plant and animal health

Human body may not take geopathic stress sportingly.

But there are animals who like to grow under these stresses.

Take a look at these animals: bees, snakes, wasps, cats!

They love being under such stress.

So it’s a bit harsh to call geopathic stress bad every time.

Check these signs in animals and plants to tell if your area has geopathic stress.

  • Is there a garden area that never thrives, or dies early regardless of the efforts you put?
  • Has your place been home to bees, wasps, termites, ants, snails, slugs, snakes, owls, spiders in the present or the past? (they all love geopathic stress)
  • Does your cat like to sleep in a particular area? (another geopathic lover)
  • Do dogs, horses, cows, sheep, or pigs avoid any area? (they don’t like geopathic stress zones)
  • How healthy do trees and plants look? Are they twisted or do they have cancer-like knots in the bask? Check out for bare lawn patches and gaps in the hedges too. If it’s a geopathic zone, you may also find infertile fruit trees.
  • And last but not least: look for ivy, oaks, cactus, willow, fungi, nightshades, and ferns. They grow the best in geopathic zones.

Geopathic stress symptoms on buildings & structure

signs in building & structure

  • Do you see cracks in plaster boards and bricks? Are concrete foundations also full of cracks?
  • Is there a consistent electrical and mechanical breakdown in your house or society? (light bulbs fuse or blow out regularly)
  • Are accident black spots visible in the interior and exterior of the building?
  • Does someone put graffiti and vandalize public properties?
  • Is the compound prone to theft and burglary?
  • Can you hear the odd buzzing on the phone?
  • Does clutter accumulate in your house or yard?
  • Do areas of your room stink and feel moist, damp, and cold?
  • Does the building quality deteriorate quickly? (any wall coating doesn’t stay for long)
  • What’s the status of things at your home? Do they break or get dropped time and now?
  • Are spiders making your living a hell?

How do you detect geopathic stress lines and earth energies at home?

Once you have known all the signs of geopathic stress, it’s crucial you act upon them.

We have seen most people relocate their homes or workplaces.

But of course, it’s not a viable solution for everyone.

To relocate every time can get a bit tedious, especially if you’ve given up life’s savings to buy a particular property.

It’s better to detect geopathic stress lines in such cases rather than to have yourself relocated.

Generally, geopathic practitioners use geomancy to figure out electromagnetic pollution and electromagnetic stress.

It’s an old divinatory practice of foretelling the imbalance between your house and workplace.

Should there be an imbalance, geomancy also provides important remedies and actions to get over the problem.

Experts will use Dowsing wands to locate the effects of geopathic stress in your place

What are they exactly looking for in the geopathic stress audit?

Well, take a glance at it yourself:

  • Geological Fault Lines
  • Negative Psychic Impressions (man-made)
  • Mobile Personal Lines (man-made)
  • Negative Nexus Points (Schumann resonance)
  • Negative Ley Lines
  • Hartmann and Curry grids
  • Negative Geomagnetic Lines  

So dowsing technique identifies and locates negative geopathic stress at your place and office.

Once you’ve detected these lines, you have two options.


  • you look for hand-made cure suggested by the experts,
  • or you listen to our ideas easy ideas to neutralize electromagnetic pollution

Assuming you want to listen to our tips, we can’t wait to spill the beans.

So let’s check out the tips to get over geopathic stress

Tips to get over geopathic stress

how do you detect geopathic stress lines and earth energies at home

Some geopathic professionals use the combination of hardwood, copper, and wire to reduce stress.

We’re not sure if the process really works for them, especially when there are effective biohacking products in the market.

But nevertheless, we would like to believe them.

Anyway, different stress lines need different remedies.

So we won’t be surprised if such combinations work for some professionals.

But we have got you covered with other simple yet scientific tips.

Take a look:

Manage with your friend for a day or two in case of sick building syndrome

We know it’s not a permanent solution.

But it can help you big time if you’ve no solution in hindsight.

Buying some time away from your place will first let you know if your house is the cause of geopathic symptoms.

If you see yourself improving, you can make something out of it.

Maybe household hazard is getting pokey?

And if moving to your friend’s doesn’t solve the problem, there you have the answer— it’s something else that’s affecting your health.

Look if you’re suffering from sick building syndrome (getting infected from the building).

If there’s a repeated pattern all over the house and workplace, chances are it’s something else rather than geopathic stress.

Don’t wait to tell your personal doctor to make a deep dive into your symptoms.

Inspect and neutralize household hazards

inspect and neutralize household hazards

In case you find the symptoms are rising up from your home, look around carefully!

You want to check if there are things that could stimulate unexplained symptoms.

Here’s the list of things you should ask:

  • Is the air quality good?
  • Do molds show up at home?
  • How humid is your place?
  • What’s the status of pests? Do they litter a lot?
  • Are you surrounded by secondhand smoke?
  • Have you stored cleaning products properly?
  • Can you sense carbon monoxide?

You can fix your symptoms if you can fix these issues.

Check out for other stress sources

check out for other stress sources

While geopathic stress can contribute to your stress, there’s a possibility other mental health problems are contributing to your symptoms steadily.

You can keep your mood in check.

Ask yourself:

  • Does your mood go from on to off and off to on in no time?
  • Is there a rapid shift in your mindset with no explanation?
  • Is stress spilled all over your relationship?
  • Have you observed life changes in recent times?
  • Do you feel less excited about the things that once excited you the most?
  • Are you unsatisfied with your life?
  • Is there a mental burnout linked to your relationship or job?
  • Can you not shrug off any big worry recently?

Answering these questions can really help control your symptoms.

Don’t shy away from talking with professionals

If geopathic symptoms are hitting you time and again, you’d like to keep track of their time.

  • notice how long the headache stays
  • note down the mood changes
  • see if fatigue is taxing you physically and emotionally
  • track the time when they appear
  • write down the time they last
  • track the time they go
  • notice the days you feel most stressed

The idea is to show your notes to the healthcare provider.

It’s always best to go to the experts to have your problems diagnosed.

They see bigger pictures than you.

Use a Somavedic device

use a somavedic device

Consider Somavedic as Tony Stark of negating bad vibes among all the best biohacking tools in the market.

Why do we say this?

Well, it’s a specialized device that’s customized to mitigate negative energies at your place, office, parking lot, and any area that feels has a bad vibe.

Why do we recommend it?

  • super easy to install
  • extremely easy to use
  • lasts 5-10 years or even more
  • comes with long-term warranty
  • removes all the bad energies

What does it do?

somavedic reviews what are the precautions you need to take for somavedic therapy

read somavedic review


After reading this review you will know exactly which Somavedic device would you need.

Kill Off The Geopathic Stress!


What are the results of clearing geopathic stresses?

what are the results of clearing geopathic stresses

Once you get rid of negative lines, you can certainly sense symptoms going milder quickly!

If you blend Somavedic + health tips in your daily chore, there’s little to no argument that there won’t be any persistent issues.

We have seen people saying their house felt clearer and less tensed post geopathic remedies.

Here’s what you might feel after getting your site free of stresses:

  • sleep will come better to you
  • you’ll be less uncomfortable in your room
  • the home will feel peaceful, cleaner, lighter, and serene
  • your mental and emotional health will be at peace
  • there won’t be much of a physical discomfort
  • you’ll feel motivated in life
  • the feeling of being stuck won’t last long

Frequently asked questions

You might want to look at the regularly asked questions on GS.

How do you get rid of Geopathic Stress?

how do you get rid of geopathic stress

You can get rid of geopathic stress by identifying and locating negative lines at your place.

Call a geopathic professional to find respective geopathic lines at your location and seek for the customized remedies.

Should you want long-term solution, try Somavedic device to cut off any harmful stress stemming at home.

If you don’t want to spend thousands to resolve geopathic chaos, you can plant an oak tree close to your location.

Experts think cork oak is a great barrier to geopathic non-sense!

Finally, if you can’t wait for an oak tree to grow, there’s a little you can do as placing cork tiles in the affected zone.

What is Geopathic stress paint?

Geopathic stress paint is a strong solvent that’s brushed on the walls as any other paint.

The idea is to stop negative energies from accumulating in your place.

All you have to do is get the walls of your house or office painted with geopathic paint and wait for anti-geopathic material to deflect away from the bad vibes.

What are Geopathic lines?

Geopathic lines are the electromagnetic fields created by mineral deposits, underground streams, tunnels, pipes, fault lines, cavities, to name a few.

Although geopathic lines are not visible to the naked eyes, you can detect these natural radiations emanated from the earth with Dowsing techniques.

Earth’s natural energy + weak electromagnetic fields = geopathic lines.

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