Anti Aging Supplements: The Natural and Hassle-free Way to Look Young

You have probably heard about anti aging supplements, and maybe the time has come to give them a try. Tell you what you will not regret. We would love to live for 100 years or even longer to hold and love our grandchildren and their children. But what biohacking supplements hold that secret to reverse aging?

We did our digging and cutting through all the live-long noise, and now have the coveted list of scientifically proven anti aging supplements that can give you the key to age in reverse. Keep reading and find the best blend that will make you not only look but also feel younger into your 100.


Aging begins at the skin, and if you can stop it there, you can look young forever. And what a better supplement that comes to mind other than collagen. It is for that it has earned the tag for one of the best anti aging supplements. Its central role in skin structure leaves it with a lot of power to determine the rate of aging.

In one study (1) on the effects of collagen on skin, 72 women took 2.5g of collagen each day for 12 weeks, and the results were proof that there are anti aging properties in this fantastic enhancer. They all noticed significant improvements in their skin elasticity and hydration.

In yet another study (2) set with the same parameters, but for a larger population sample, 114 women saw a reduced risk of eye wrinkles and an increase of collagen in their skins.

Therefore, with a lot of studies and scholarly sources backing up the role of collagen in reverse aging for anti aging biohacking, you now have the ticket to looking younger by keeping your skin radiant and flawless. You cannot miss out on such a chance to never age. Begin your collagen journey today.

Vitamin D

If anything has the best anti-inflammatory properties, then vitamin D would top in that list. And not just that, the health benefits of this subtle supplement go beyond what a lot of us can imagine. First, it plays a leading role in the absorption of both magnesium and calcium. We are talking about better bones and nerve health. Vitamin D also bolsters immunity and protects your body from chronic conditions. Your body needs all that to fight the effects of aging. It is an easy decision to make, and your health and youthful looks will be evident to everyone you meet.


zincThe last time you took zinc was when you had a sore throat. But if you thought that is all about what this magic mineral can do, then you will not believe what is coming next. Zinc enhances your metabolism by streamlining digestion. It also boosts your immunity and guards your aging body against attacks from common and rare diseases. Not really a big thing, but worth a mention, zinc also helps with tasting abilities. All these point to what you need to fight the cycle of aging. Get it today and shake off those signs of aging naturally and without working too hard for it.



Who said it has to be dull when reversing the aging clock? You can spice it all the way on your plate and enjoy the fruits of good looks and glowing skin. If that is something you would want in your anti aging supplement cocktail, look no further than crocin. A mainstay spice in Spanish and Indian cuisines, Crocin does more than making your dishes delicious. It has been found to have anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, and anti-cancer properties. What places it in the list of the best anti aging supplements is its power to block aging, UV light effects on the skin, and mental-related conditions.

Add crocin now to your foods and smile to an ageless you. It never gets better in your anti aging journey than having to eat finger-licking meals and opening your door to youthful looks and vigor.

Fish Oil

Omega-3 is not only good for infants but also us all and, more specifically, those who are showing signs of aging. And where else to get those magical fatty acids than from fish oil? Fish oil joins the hall of fame of anti aging supplements in boosting immunity, metabolism, good vision, joint, and cardiovascular health. It is known to boost your memory and mood. And we cannot forget to mention its countless benefits on your nails, skin, and hair; all prerequisites for an ageless body. So, the next time you are preparing a meal, ensure you have a generous serve of fish oil, and sit back as your body goes back to a striking youthful look.


We cannot sat enough about the importance of sleep to your health and also aging in reverse. Sleep helps your body rest, heal, and rebuild its energy to face yet another day. Magnesium is helpful to those with sleep problems. It is also very critical in the regulation of blood insulin and stable blood pressure. If you are looking to restore your depleted stock of energy and other essentials to your body and health, magnesium is the way to go. It is easy to add to your diet; add the recommend amount into your cold water and drink it an hour or so to your bedtime.


Astragalus has found favor in Chinese traditional medicine for more than a millennium. Something has to be good about it to be resilient for all those years. It is believed to be an adaptogen, thanks to its stress-relieving capabilities. It also has been found to rejuvenate body cells and elongate telomeres. Add that to its power to boosting immunity, its antiviral characteristics, and you have a bulletproof shield against aging. All these properties qualify it into the scientifically proven list of the best anti aging supplements. Whether you are a fan of Chinese medicine or not, you would give anything to age in reverse, and Astragalus delivers more than just a youthful appearance.


Glucosamine naturally occurs in healthy cartilages. Like all-natural body produced essentials, it is possible to have inadequate levels of glucosamine. Therefore, taking it orally will improve its levels considerably. Having it in optimum amounts is directly linked to relieving arthritis pain, joint lubrication, less swelling, and stiffness in joints and muscles. You can make it part of your daily health package by taking 1,500g each day and enjoy the fruits of a healthy and natural path to looking young.

Vitamin C

There is no doubt that Vitamin C is one of the best anti aging supplements and should have been in your age reversing regimen a long time ago. It offers the best protection again UV-light photodamage. You already know what exposure to harmful sun rays can do to your skin, but you can now blunt those effects by incorporating vitamin C into your diet. Besides, it is very critical to the production of collagen. Therefore, it fights oxidative stress at the level of the cells. Get your dose of vitamin C today, and your reward will be a youthful complexion.


Antioxidants are must-have inclusions in your diet for invincible health and staying in perfect shape. Polyphenols are antioxidants, but they are not cut from the same cloth as the rest. They are plenty in bright-colored foods. Talk of red cabbage, coffee, cocoa, and blueberries, and that is where you find polyphenols.

There is a body of evidence linking polyphenols to reducing brain cell aging and barring radical cells’ activity. They rid your mind of mental stress and boost your memory. One good thing is that you got a variety of options to pick your source, so you have no business putting up with a bushel of red cabbage in your every meal. In fact, it is advisable to explore as many bright-colored foods as possible and get a wide variety of these antioxidants.

Red Reishi

Adding mushrooms to your diet is one way to go for perfect health and wellbeing. But not just every mushroom comes with the advantage of anti aging. Red Reish, in other quarters referred to as the mushroom of immortality, has its origin and popularity from Chinese Traditional Medicine. Its link to mortality is not just a way to hype it, but it indeed has properties that can cut back the aging effects. Besides, it also packs many benefits that boost your skin health and reduces the probability of hypertension. Make it one of your anti aging supplements and reap all these benefits that come with youthful appearance promise even at your 90s.