Ooler Review 2022: What Is It, Benefits, Price, Results, & Shipping

Smart people use A/C & heaters. 

Legends use Ooler!

Ooler review might be the most critical review in the history of humanity. 😀

Want to know why?

How often do you try different methods to improve your sleep?

You change

  • mattresses after mattresses,
  • bedsheets after bedsheets,
  • pillows after pillows,
  • and the worst of all: your locations.

But things… just… don’t… change for your sleep cycle!

You learn new tips every day.

And abandon them too.

You use sleep trackers but see no fair use.

How would you? Trackers demand sleep for anything to be tracked.

Sadly, what ‘bird’ sleep is for you? :/

The vicious loop goes on and on!

Well, not to forget those “bringing-changes-from-within” enthusiasts.

They get a daily dose of motivation to bring internal changes and have a mind-blowing deep sleep.

But what happens next? They ultimately fail too!

Gosh! If only we ‘thought’ and habits ‘changed’ magically.

The crux of the subject is: no matter how hard you try, the fundamental problem with sleep quality stays.

But, Oops!

Ooler system doesn’t like what we said just now.

And it has tons of reasons to dislike our claim.

Why? Because it’s possible to solve all your sleep problems with it.


You have the versatility of going cool to hot and hot to cool in a few seconds.


Summers won’t drench in night sweats if you’re a hot sleeper.


You can have a warm bed if chilly nights freeze you.


Your body can rest at the desired temperature

If THIS doesn’t drive you to get an Ooler system for your room… if THIS doesn’t compel you to spend a few dollars for restful sleep… nothing will!

So ready to check why we’ve gone full drool-er over Ooler? Go ahead, read the best biohacking review on the internet.

What is the Ooler advanced sleep system?

what is the ooler advanced sleep system

Imagine you and your partner are hot sleepers.

And heat in your room is the additional guest.

It must feel like fireballs uniting at a place.

Wouldn’t it?

As if they’ve united with each other to make the sleeping surface a bed of molten lava.

What would you do to get over it, traditionally?

Air conditioning, right?

But sorry to burst your bubble: it’s a primitive approach.

You must have felt it’s tough to manage consistent temperature even with A/C.

Now what the cooler-generation (we like to call them the Ooler generation) does is:

‘they sleep cool by cooling their mattress pad itself.’

These mattresses have precise temperature control units attached to them.

It means… rather than cooling the entire place; you simply cool the mattress you’re going to sprawl on.

Sounds like a great idea.

Isn’t it?

That’s thermo-regulation for you.

Exclusively brought to you by Chilisleep.

Yes, the same brand that manufactures and sells the Chilipad sleep system.

If you’ve heard of or used Chilipad in the past— consider Ooler as its newest and advanced variant for it.

Though Chilipad was almost close to the perfect mattress pad, it did have a bit of chinks in its armor.

Probably the reason why the makers have tried to get over the slight imperfection with the latest Ooler system.

You can say: both the Ooler mattress pad and Chilipad regulate bed temperature in the exact same way.

Ooler = Chilipad – Chilipad cons + additional features

So it surely invites extra cost for your needs, but it is worth the additional money you spend.

We’ll cover how they differ later in the section, but first, check out these benefits.

Trust us! You’ll be stunned.

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What are the benefits of the Ooler deep sleep system?

what are the benefits of the ooler deep sleep system

There’s hardly any argument that you need the right mattress temperature to have a good night’s rest.

Well, in fact, it’s one of the most significant factors for sound-full sleep.

Sure, you have all the power in the world to install an AC unit, buy an electric blanket, or increase the fan speed.

But Ooler is way more than simply managing your core temperature.

Want to know how?

Check out these benefits:

Ooler review benefit #1: Performance of water-based system >> air-based cooling system.

We all have been using an air cooling system.

They’re good, but not the best.

It came out as a surprise that cooling and heating with a water-based Ooler system had better Performance than the air cooling system.

How is it beneficial to you? 

Well, think of it as the temperature between your body and the Ooler mattress pad remains constant.

So if it’s 13 degrees at any moment in time, it’s likely to stay the same unless you power off.

Usually, air conditioning is likely to be affected by things like ambient room temperature.

Ooler review benefit #2: Saves the holes in your pocket and ozone layer at the same time.

You know how it is with A/Cs…

They take a hell of a time to reach the desired target temperature.

And they’re programmed to bring down the entire environment of the room.

So it’s no rocket science; they’ll consume more power and energy.

Moreover, when you switch them off, the room turns into a hot nebula again.

This crazy reiteration of energy consumption over and over again puts holes in your pocket— and in the ozone layers as well (if you know what we mean). :/

Fortunately, the Ooler mattress pad helps saving energy and cost in two ways:

  • First, it’s designed in a way it consumes less power.
  • Second, it maintains sleep temperature for a longer time.

Ooler review benefit #3: The control unit is a decent replacement for fans too.

ooler review benefit #3 the control unit is a decent replacement for fans too.

It’s rather a mockery to compare Ooler with fans.

An electric fan only catches up the air in the room and circulates around.

There’s no active cooling happening at any stage.

Ooler mattresses, on the other hand, create independently controlled climate zones for you.

Ooler review benefit #4: You and your partner are in a win-win situation.

The middle of the night is the toughest part of your sleep cycle.

No, it’s not about the nightmares!

It’s about the partner’s sleep preference.

Both of you have different temperature needs at night.

Maybe you suffer from night sweats and hot flashes, and your partner likes a toasty bed.

Either way, you’re never at a win-win with a typical mattress pad.

However, like the original Chilipad sleep system, Ooler also comes in a dual sleep configuration.

What does it mean to your partner and you?

It means… a dual size mattress will have independent temperature control.

So both of you can control both sides of the bed.

And guess what? One doesn’t interfere with the other.


Ooler review benefit #5: 55 to 115 degrees— Ooler covers them all.

It will be a bit of an understatement if we keep praising Ooler as a cooling bedding system.

Because it just heats the bed as efficiently as it cools.

It’s basically a comfort for every sleeper.

You can regulate any temperature between 55 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit, though we’re not sure who sleeps so hot.


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What’s the difference between Ooler & Chilipad?

what's the difference between ooler & chilipad

While Chilipad has its own audience, the Ooler system is simply the evolution of Chilipad.

You can say it’s one generation ahead of the old system (while Chilipad is still amazing!).

You have to look it yourself here:

Ooler review difference #1: Control your Ooler sleep system with the mobile app.

Well, we did call Chilipad the intelligent mattress.

But it missed the high talking point: no mobile control.

Now Chilisleep has gotten over the feedback with an app-enabled Ooler system.

It’s the most obvious difference between the Ooler and Chilipad.

You can operate your Ooler control unit on both iOS and Android.

This is one of the good reasons to get a Chilipad upgrade.

Ooler review difference #2: Pair your Ooler control unit with Bluetooth.

You had to step into your room to start the Chilipad mattress pad.

But with the Ooler app— you can turn on the system without even entering your bedroom.

All you have to do is— pair up the mobile app with the Ooler cube.

It’s a great addition to the Ooler sleep system.

You can set your mattress to the desired temperature before you go to bed.

And when you reach the room, everything is already set for you.

Ooler review difference #3: Create an optimized sleep schedule.

ooler review difference #3 create an optimized sleep schedule.

So you have the power to create a personalized temperature schedule with Ooler.

It is supposed to be the most significant difference between Ooler and the Chilipad.

What does it mean for your sleep?

Well, think of it as sleeping at a different temperature at different hours.

For some hours, you like the mattress being a bit cold.

And for others— you love crawling in a warm cozy bed.

Or like.. you sleep at 35 degrees Fahrenheit at night and want to wake up a bit warm, you can use the warm awake facility in it.

It’s more or less like setting a timer, along with different sleeping degrees.

The feature actively works on the “WE” version as well.

So, you and your partner can upscale/downscale your temperature with programmable sleep schedules on the same mattress in the same minute.

Ooler review difference #4: Enjoy an ambient noise control system.

ooler review difference #4 enjoy an ambient noise control system.

A lot of users complained of Chilipad for making a whirring noise.

While the noise was not too loud— it surely got into the heads of light sleepers.

But Chilisleep does a great job listening to the original reviews of the past users.

They have introduced three fan speeds to settle the Ooler vs. Chilipad debate: Silent, Normal, and Boost. 

  • The silent mode doesn’t go completely silent, but it is undoubtedly compared to the standard Chilipad.
  • Boost mode is like beast mode; it cools or heats your mattress in a matter of a few minutes. But the fans can get louder here.
  • Normal mode: It’s like the standard Chilipad mode that takes about 30 minutes to reach the exact temperature you need.

Frankly, while our experts were giving hands to it, the boost mode never bothered them.

In fact, the noise quickly converted into white noise— the ones that never bother you.

Don’t get confused if you hear words as

  • silent mode,
  • low white noise mode,
  • high white noise mode.

Some like to refer to these modes that way.

Ooler review difference #5: Flaunt the non-hospital design.

We remember while using and reviewing Chilipad— we were a bit disappointed with its design.

Of course, it was fantastic, at least, in terms of utility.

But the Chilipad cube looked like hospital equipment.

Now that was not a disadvantage, but it didn’t match with the home’s aesthetics.

Ooler, on the other hand:

  • has a sleek design and feels like a sassy gadget.
  • is slightly shorter in height (makes a great fit under-bed)

If you’re using Ooler, you wouldn’t even know if it’s there in the room.

You can say, Chilisleep has taken care of concealed furniture this time.

Ooler has the edge over Chilipad for three reasons:

  • Flexibility to be placed anywhere, even under the bed.
  • Aesthetically pleasing to everyone. You don’t have to hide it from guests.
  • Better option against other products in the market.


use code OOLER15 (15% off a full OOLER sleep system)


What will your experience with it be like?

what will your experience with it be like

We warn you!

The experience remains, more or less, pretty similar for everyone…


You may feel a little odd than what we’re going to mention here.

They can be due to these factors:

  • body temperature
  • room temperature
  • how you use the blanket (it’s like a refrigerators’ door over mattress pad)

So let’s check out if you’ll end waking up in the puddle of your sweat… 

or your night’s sleep will be the best ever…

First night— finding your comfort zone

Since it’s the first night, you might struggle with the temperature setting.

The device is not too hard to use, but the key lies in finding the optimal temperature.

Don’t be disappointed if you fail to.

You can still play around manually and discover the wide temperature range of your Ooler unit.

Now, you might want to set your temperature depending on the weather.

What is the weather like? Is it too cold? Or is the summer hovering your head?

If it’s winter, try to max out the temperature at 115 degrees and see how hot it’s.

Please note: you got to put an insulating blanket/comforter to prevent heat transfer in the air.

If you don’t, think of it like an A/C with the doors and windows open.

What you might feel:

  • Extremely cozy in less than 30 minutes.
  • Super-hot if you sleep for prolonged hours.
  • Not everyone enjoys this temperature.

It’s best used when your body wants heat to recover from viral infections.

If it’s summer, set the temperature to the lowest degree, that is 45 degrees.

Since it’s the first night, we’re testing what suits your body.

What the cold experience might feel like:

  • slip into a deep sleep.
  • wake up shivering at the night
  • fall asleep faster again
  • may need an alarm clock to wake up

Basically, the first night will sum up if your Ooler sleep systems work well or not.

Second night— going by Ooler instruction.

second night— going by ooler instruction

You can easily skip the first night if you listen to the Ooler instruction.

But we recommend you to find your comfort zone.

The idea is to explore everything about the product.

And more importantly, check if the product works fine at extreme temperatures.

If it doesn’t, you have a choice to reach Chilisleep out and shoot a query.

Moreover, Ooler instruction doesn’t work on everyone every time.

On a personal level, our experts set their temperature at the instructed degrees the second day.

You would like to try it if you couldn’t find your zone on the first day.

Set it at 69 degrees this time.

You can consider moving +-10 degrees to figure out your zone.

If everything goes right, your sleep quality will be much better than last night.

The third night— you’re an expert already.

So after failing the first night miserably and a bit improved the next day, the third night will be when you’ll call yourself an Ooler expert already.

You might as well teach people in your neighborhood if they get it. 😉

Hopefully, you’ll find your zone around the instructed range by Ooler.


CODE OOLER15 (15% off a full OOLER sleep system)


How to set the temperature on your Ooler sleep system?

From what we know:

  • Firstly, you have to know suitable body temperature to find that comforting, restful point.
  • Then you have to cater to that sleeping environment on the bed.

As you read already, finding your temperature is easier than finding an ideal temperature on the Ooler sleep system.

That’s right!

Creating a sleeping environment can be a bit challenging and time taking.

You may ram into confusion with the temperature display on the control unit (or Ooler app).

Basically, it’s the water temperature in the Ooler unit— not the hydronic mattress pad.

So please don’t be confused by the temperature display.

Now, as soon as you lay big on the Ooler mattress, the heat transfer occurs between the Ooler Pad and you.

  • The thin circulation tubes strung throughout the mattress pad will get in equilibrium with the room temperature.
  • And the control unit will modulate temperature as you give instructions on the unit.

You may have to keep patience if it’s extreme weather already.

Tips to a fantastic sleeping experience with Ooler

You may want to follow these tips to make your Ooler sleeping experience rather a seamless one than frustrating.

Switch on your Ooler a little early

Don’t procrastinate to turn up the Ooler device.

Though the “boost mode” can get you cool or hot in a few minutes, we recommend you to use standard mode, which takes about 30 minutes to work.

Turning on your Ooler machine a little while before hitting the bed can give the system enough time to push around water.

Nah! Nah! You may have reasons not to switch on Chilipad.

But Ooler gives you access to itself even when you’re away from the device.

So no more excuse. 😉

Don’t underestimate the comforter.

To make the Ooler sleep system work, you got to put yourself under the debris of a thick blanket or comforter.

You’re ideally insulating pad heat (cooling or heating) from leaving out the system.

Chilisleep comes up with a Chili blanket comforter for insulating needs.

They’re weighted blankets that help Ooler work efficiently.

Boost setting for extreme climates

If your location either cooks or freezes you, boost settings could be the best option.

You might feel a slight discomfort with the noise.

But it’s pretty faint if you compare it with the Chilipad.

Boost setting works against extreme temperatures.

Put the Ooler unit on a thick carpet.

We have checked it ourselves.

Ooler gives a peaceful and relaxing sound, but some people refuse to settle with anything less than complete silence.

If you happen to fall into such a radical light sleeping category, even Ooler might not help you.

You can put the control unit on a thick carpet to absorb the noise from the machine.

The carpet also ensures the noise of the machine is less deflected in your area. 



USE CODE OOLER15 (15% off a full OOLER sleep system)


How much does the Ooler sleep system cost?

how much does the ooler sleep system cost

Uh! Finally, we’re talking business.

We wouldn’t say Ooler is the cheapest product in the market.

But it does make sense to spend money upfront if you want to save some in the long run.

You will want to follow these steps if you’ve planned to buy them.

Step 1: Determine what you want— Me Or We

The first step involves determining your requirement.

Ooler sleep system comes in two variants:

  • Me: Just for you
  • We: Made for two

If you’re a solo sleeper, the “ME” version is a perfect fit for you.

And it’s cheaper as well.

But if you and your partner have different sleeping habits, spice up your relationship with the “WE” version.

Step 2: Select the size you want

Both “Me” and “We” come in three-bed sizes each.

So in total, you’ve to select from 6 sizes.

Wow! Rarely you wouldn’t find the size of your match.

Here are the sizes with a price:

ME: Made for you

  • Half-Queen: 749$
  • Half-King: 849$
  • Half-Cal King: 849$

WE: Made for two

  • Queen: 1499$
  • King: 1599$
  • Cal King: 1599$

Step 3: Pick an add-on (optional) and order

Chili blanket is an additional buy that delivers sweat-free comfort.

It pretty much works like an insulator.

The blanket has a little weight to it so that it doesn’t move while you’re asleep.

To have it worked, connect it to the control unit as you did with the Ooler unit.

You guessed it right; the blanket has water channels in it as well.

So you can also regulate its temperature between 55-115°F (13-46°C).

Cost: 246.75$


USE CODE OOLER15 (15% off a full OOLER sleep system)


Should you buy the Ooler?

should you buy the ooler

Well, absolutely if the night temperature bothers your sleep.

In fact, you’ll sleep 1.5X faster on Ooler than on an average air conditioning room.

You’ll realize you’re heating your house less in the Winter because Ooler does most of the job for you, even for the heater.

We aren’t getting into the complex math, but you’ll notice its ability to save on electricity bills.

If you ask one strong reason to buy an Ooler cube— we’d say its versatility to go from one extreme temperature to another!

You can resist buying an Ooler if:

  • Temperature is not a concern for you.
  • You have a regular sleep cycle.
  • You quickly fall asleep on your mattress.

Anyway, we believe no one goes to Ooler.

Ooler comes to them when the time and circumstances are right.

What are Ooler system’s pros and cons?

unpacking the ooler— what you get inside

We love writing pros and cons in every review because they heavily affect your buying decision.

Hoping this section helps you again:


  • Consistent temperature: Whether you’re at 55 or 115— Ooler is a consistent performer. It manages the night temperature for your bed quite efficiently.
  • Sleep quality: You can literally feel yourself sleeping early and waking up fresh! Now, who wouldn’t want that?
  • Schedule temperature: Ooler is like the best pet you’ll ever have! Instruct it to turn hot at 11 pm, and it will listen to you. Its schedule feature listens to you throughout the night.
  • Multiple fan speed settings: The power of cooling is also in your hand. You can pick among three choices to also control the noise.
  • No place for alarm: Ooler mattress can automatically turn warm with a warm-awake feature in the morning. You’re not getting late for your routine anymore.
  • EMF-less: Though you’re using the app and connecting it with Bluetooth, the good part is Ooler doesn’t release any EMF or radiofrequency.
  • Slim and concealed design: Ooler is like a small, slim, pretty cat sitting beneath your bed.
  • UV cleaning system: Your maintenance headache is manageable.
  • Alexa integratable: What more does an intelligent device want? Integration with Alexa should personalize your Ooler experience even more. 


  • A tad slow: It’s a bit slow if you’re making a significant temperature change.
  • Silent mode: You may or may not find it completely silent.
  • No dedicated remote: It’s one of the biggest headaches. You’ll have to manage all the Ooler chores through an intelligent app.
  • Expensive: It can literally burn holes in your pocket, at least when you’re buying for two sleepers. But again, great things don’t come cheap. 

Suggestion for Ooler from end

Well, the Ooler app is super brilliant— it works great if you’re looking to change temperatures wirelessly.

But even the best of the makers have holes in their armor.

It came out as a surprise to us because it doesn’t have a remote.

Now that’s not a massive problem if you’re regulating hydronic pad & Ooler cubes with the app.

But if you go wide awake in the middle of the night, your eyes have to go through the blue light rays.

They’re super annoying and harmful, especially at such hours.

We’d suggest Chilisleep either introduce the remote as well.

Or they should have the app changed into a completely red color, so it’s not pokey to the eyes.

Unpacking the Ooler— what you get inside?

unpacking the ooler— what you get inside

You’ll first receive the order in a concealed package.

Love how Ooler wraps it up.

Opening it up is a challenge in itself, but they do it for security purposes.

When you unpack it, you’ll find:

  • a mattress pad
  • control units (one unit for ME)
  • power cord/cable
  • draining pool
  • a drawstring bag to store Ooler

The Ooler Control Unit

  • It weighs around 8.5 pounds or 4 kg without water.
  • Of course, it’s more when you fill in the distilled water.
  • It has a solid, sleek, & classy built-up to hide from the guests.
  • The height is somewhere around six inches. So you can easily fit it under the beds.
  • Cubes have three buttons: power, temperature up, and temperature down.
  • Its large LED display helps reading the temperature status and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • You can also see the warning unit in the display (when the water level is low).
  • There are two water outlets to regulate the temperature between the Pad and the unit.
  • You can pour not more than 900 ml of distilled water. It’s not mandatory to use distilled water, but you should for its longevity.

The Ooler Mattress Pad

  • It’s made up of stretchy top fabric.
  • Chilisleep has ensured waterproofing by coating the bottom with the waterproof polyester material.
  • Don’t be surprised with the geometric stitching patterns on the Pad— they look beautiful.
  • The Pad has an elastic strap to hold it to the existing mattress.
  • It’s not a thick pad, so you shouldn’t use it as the sole sleeping mattress for yourself.
  • The tube of the network runs throughout, and foaming prevents you from detecting one.
  • It’s a machine washable material.
  • A seven-foot hose attaches the Pad with the control unit.

UV cleaning feature

We forgot to mention the unique feature with Ooler.

So Ooler has a built-in UV light cleaning system.

It’s like the little cube has the power to neutralize the bacteria building up in the pipes and the holding tank.

How does it do?

Well, it activates the UV light inside the tube.

This staves off the bacteria from multiplying.

So Ooler is already a safer and user-friendly device in the market.

The system will take at least an hour to get cleaned.




USE CODE OOLER15 (15% off a full OOLER sleep system)


How to maintain & clean the water system & the mattress pad?

how to maintain & clean the water system & the mattress pad

We’re dividing the maintenance portion into three sections:

How do you keep the OOLER Control Unit clean?

Though we mentioned how Ooler cleans the unit periodically with UV lights, you must take extra care of it.

Consider having a deep clean if for the “extra care” we’re asking.

You can do this with the Chilipad System Cleaner

  1. Empty the water in the control unit. Make use of the drain key!
  2. Put in the water again, but add Chilipad cleaner this time.
  3. Please make sure your control unit is attached with the pads.
  4. Turn on the control unit for an hour at “Hi” mode.
  5. Repeat the first step.
  6. Refill fresh distilled water, and you’re good to go.

How do you drain the water from the OOLER sleep system?

  • Unplug the 6-foot tubes from the Ooler control cubes.
  • Carry the Ooler unit over the sink or a bin.
  • Now insert the drain key in the unit.
  • The water will flow out of the system.

How do you wash the Ooler sleep system hydronic Pad?

  • Use a front-loading washing machine (make sure it’s without the agitator).
  • Tie up the elastic tubes with the rubber band, so it doesn’t get messed while being washed.
  • Turn on the delicate cycle.
  • Pour cold water into the machine.
  • Once you’re done, dry the pads on the same delicate cycle.
  • Please don’t give up any heat.
  • Also, avoid all kinds of bleaches, ironing, and dry cleaning.

IMPORTANT: Ensure the Pad is dry before using it again.

Ooler review : frequently asked questions.

ooler review frequently asked questions

Here’s the list of frequently asked queries on Ooler

It’s a must-read before buying one for yourself:

Ooler review question #1: Do I have to use it with the app? 

The decision entirely depends on you.

You can either go for the smartphone app or work around it manually.

Here’s how the Ooler app benefits you:

  1. Get close to the perfect temperature right from your phone
  2. Schedule Ooler as the night proceeds.
  3. Wake up with the Warm Awake facility (an alternative to alarm)

Ooler review question #2: How do I wash the Ooler Cool Mesh Mattress Topper?

Washing Ooler cool mesh is way easier than you think.

  • Put it in the front-load washing machine.
  • Tie up the elastic straps with the rubber band.
  • Pour cold water.
  • Run it on the delicate cycle.
  • Dry it on the same cycle.

Ooler review question #3: Can the OOLER help me burn fat while sleeping?

It’s best not to try and find out the correlation between Ooler and fat burning.

But you can’t discard the science either sleep quality plays a massive role in burning fat. (1)

Ooler review question #4: Will the OOLER boost my testosterone levels?

ooler review question #4 will the ooler boost my testosterone levels

Again, we would recommend not to correlate Ooler directly with the enhancement in testosterone levels.

But as you know, when you’re sleeping well and have a decent REM sleep (restorative sleep), chances are you’ll have healthy testosterone levels. (2)

Not only that! Better sleep quality can help with growth hormone levels as well. (3)

Ooler review question #5: What is your shipping and return policy?

Ooler delivers your order for free.

It’s fast and standard shipping which also excels in return services.

Fast shipping service tries to deliver you within one business day.

Ooler review question #6: Do I also clean the control unit?

Yes, clean the unit at least once per month to prolong the life of Ooler.

Add a packet of Chilipad cleansing solution and let do the job inside the tube and the mesh.

We highly recommend adding the cleaning packet to your cart while you’re buying Ooler.


USE CODE OOLER15 (15% off a full OOLER sleep system)


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