Blublox Reviews 2022: What Is It, Benefits, Results, Price, & Shipping

Handle your eyes with care

BluBlox reviews! Phew, we have been waiting to cover it for long.

Did you know you’re one step closer to being Captain America if you’re planning to buy BluBlox glasses!


Well, these glasses are pretty much like the Marvel legend’s shields.

They save you from everything that is directed to your eyes.

Be it

  • harmful blue and green light, or
  • artificial lights

these computer glasses… are… just… your… saviors.

But it’s not easy to become Captain America overnight. 😉

You should know about the powers and privileges you’re going to earn with blue light filtering glasses, so you and your family use them properly!

For that— we want you to go through the most honest review on BluBlox— the latest blue light glasses hype in the market.

So are you ready?

What are BluBlox blue light glasses?


If we have to think of an analogy, BluBlox sleep glass comes to us as “Google ” of blue blockers!

Yes, kind of the best product in its niche.

Now we aren’t saying this without trying other products in the market.

Just when blue light blocking glasses were catching up the traction, we jumped into two or three cheap products.

It only took us a week to throw them away!


They did everything but work.

They claimed

  • better sleep
  • reduced eyes strain
  • refreshed mornings
  • fresh mental state
  • and whatnot

Wow! The epitome of hollow promises.

They all came out as big lies.

We didn’t feel a thing with these unauthentic self-proclaimed “biohacking” products in the market.

But just when we were getting bitter about blue light glasses, we thought of giving them a final try!

To be frank, the idea of another mockery on our bank balances wasn’t compelling.

But BluBlox made sure they lived by what they claimed.



  • its special lenses ensured blue and green light didn’t affect our eyes
  • it was great to use in dark
  • and it gave us a safety net against artificial blue light (laptops and mobile phones)

Don’t worry!

We’ll get into the details of why you want to block out blue light at night!

But first, you need to check the mind-boggling benefits of using BluBlox!


What are the benefits of BluBlox?

Mobile, tablet, and laptop radiating blue light


  • phone,
  • tablets, and
  • computers

might be the best friends with you, but every friendship comes up with a price tag.

Don’t trust us?

Well, these devices, no matter how well-built they’re, radiate blue light.

Sadly the most expensive price tag in our eyes!


  • light bulbs
  • and sunshine

release the frequencies of blue light.

So it’s very crucial your eyes be the bad hosts to these rays and not let them rob “the sight.”


  • you may potentially damage the retina
  • you may have digital eye strain
  • and you may have vision impairment

It is where BluBlox comes in handy!

They fight pretty much all the symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

The best part about them?

Well, they’re not prescription glasses.

You need not have a medical prescription to consider them.

Even if you haven’t seen the doctor, you should wear these blue-light-blocking glasses.

Because we know the odds of not using the computer screens is very low.

In fact, there’s hardly anyone who’s exempted from using screens!

But why are we emphasizing so much on a pair of glasses with blue-light-blocking technology?

Well, you got to check the benefits of BluBlox yourself.

Or, check out BlueBlox Glasses here >>>

BluBlox reviews benefit #1: Reduces your eyes discomfort, quite easily

An eye at easy state after using BluBlox glasses

Our testing team was worried if BluBlox would stick to the promises it made.

Since they use digital devices relentlessly, it will be a bit of an understatement to say they face eyes strain ONLY.

Who knows— a much deeper problem as computer vision syndrome was about to surface?

Anyway, when they switched to these glasses, they could immediately feel changes. (1)

  • They could focus better
  • Their eyes strain reduced significantly
  • Their eyes felt a lot less tired
  • And their productivity shot up

So this time, they didn’t have to take breaks from the screen to manage their eye strain.

They would simply hang the best blue light glasses against their eyes, and voila— they could do all the work without rubbing off their eyes.

Cool! Isn’t it?

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BluBlox reviews benefit #2: Sleep comes easy to you

After using a computer screen for hours, there’s hardly any argument against bad sleep.

We mean… terrible sleep is a natural byproduct of radical screen use.

In fact, most research papers and journals link blue light exposure with deprived sleep quality. 

Now we’re not saying you’re going to have it for sure!

But there’s a visible pattern in blue light that negatively affects sleep patterns.

You wouldn’t believe it; one of our team members exposed to high energy frequency blue light had

  • a bit of alertness every time he went to sleep
  • low melatonin sleep hormones in his body every night

But switching to BluBlox made sure he slept well every time he hit the bed! (2)

Usually, doctors recommend you avoid blue light one or two hours before sleeping.

Thanks to BluBlox, you don’t need to take care of this checklist!

You are free to consume digital screens as much you want before going tall on the bed!

So it’s like you have the best melon of your life without seeds.



  • reduces the blue and green light impact
  • allows you to use the device even a minute before sleeping
  • helps you sleep without screen anxiety
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BluBlox reviews benefit #3: Prevents blindness from age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

An eye affected by macular degeneration

You’re literally hammering your hand if you’re an aged person and consume artificial blue light.

Well, they are so harmful in some cases that they may trigger vision degeneration.

If you didn’t know what degeneration is…

Well, it’s AMD.

AMD is a step closer to being blind.

We have known people scrolling their devices mindlessly until their eyes hurt and lose temporary visibility.

Now you don’t want to get into serious trouble. Do you?

So you can always look to keep blue light at bay! (3)

Fortunately, BluBlox high-quality lenses do their best to prevent blue light from getting into your eyes and triggering an unwarranted situation.

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What are the types of blue-light-blocking glasses?

We kind of believe BluBlox has nailed this segment.

It seems like they want to reach every age group because the lines between the generations have blurred.

And everyone has come to the screening party together!

It’s why BluBlox comes in four different types.

We bumped into all four types, and this is what we think about them.

BluBlox reviews type #1: Advanced Blulite Lenses

Advanced blulite lenses for daylight

Well, advanced Blulite lenses are the best blue light products in the market.

Maybe even the best computer glasses in our eyes.

Why— because each glass is Australian lab-made & tested!

Something the other cheap glasses miss in the market!

When to wear it 

You need to wear these blue-light-blocking glasses during the daytime— especially when you’re most exposed to artificial light!

Benefits of Blulite

  • filters down blue light (400nm to 495nm range)
  • eliminates glare
  • reduces digital eye strain
  • manages headaches
  • controls stress levels
  • refreshes eyes
  • relaxes the mind.


  • finest looking
  • fashionable frames
  • classic look
  • advanced lens technology BluBlox
  • transparent glasses

Available in

  • non-prescription,
  • prescription,
  • reading magnification options


112$ to 240$

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BluBlox reviews type #2: SummerGLO Glasses


SummerGLO is another marvel hero that filters itchy light into soothing light.

The only difference is— it’s daytime “yellow-tinted glasses” rather than being transparent like Blulite.

If you prefer shaded lenses over transparent glasses, SummerGLO could be your favorite choice.

After all, the yellow glow makes most of the light deflect out of your eyes.

When to wear it 

Wear it when you want yellow glasses to filter a large portion of the blue in the light out!

Please make sure the light conditions are made adequate to use this.

Benefits of SummerGLO

  • reduces anxiety
  • gets a grip over depression
  • manages migraines
  • helps with seasonal affective disorder
  • uses mood-boosting color therapy
  • uplifts overall well-being
  • blocks 100% of blue light (falling in 400nm to 450nm)


  • does everything Blulite Computer glasses do
  • spec it up as a gaming glass if needed


  • available in all the stylish frames
  • health + fashion + style models
  • classic look models available
  • advanced lens technology BluBlox

Available in

  • non-prescription,
  • prescription,
  • reading magnification options


112$ to 200$

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BluBlox reviews type #3: Sleep+ blue and green light model


Sleep+ BluBlox models have to be all-around performers!

While we were busy reviewing blue light glasses, Sleep+ came up with another feather under their caps.

“Green Light blocking glasses.”

Well, we assume BluBlox wants to tell us the “plus sign” in Sleep+ is nothing but its ability to stave off blue + the additional green lights!

So, well done on that front, BluBlox!

When to wear it 

You can make it out of the name: sleep glasses!

That’s right!

You have to wear it for 2-3 hours right before going to bed.

That’s when you can expect the most optimal results in just one session.

Benefits of Sleep+

  • eliminates 100% of blue and green light (falling in 400 to 550 nm range)
  • optimizes sleep
  • fall asleep faster
  • recovers disrupted hormones
  • balances sleep hormones (melatonin)
  • helps recover the jet lag
  • great for focus and recovery


  • made for the world’s certified medical professional
  • specially designed for athletes for lovely, calm sleeping


  • available in different styles
  • health + fashion + custom-styled products
  • advanced lens technology BluBlox

Available in

  • non-prescription,
  • prescription,
  • reading magnification options


112$ to 200$

shop sleep+


BluBlox reviews type #4: Kids wear


It is where BluBlox finds us drooling over it, like never before.

BluBlox understands these lights interact differently on your tiny-miny than they do on you.

If you didn’t know, your kids’ eyes are 100% more sensitive than yours.

So if you’re worried they spend too much time on their computer screens…

And if you’re worried they don’t listen to you…

Fret not! BluBlox has got your kids covered with their customized blue light blocking glasses.

That’s right!

And they’re more effective than you can think.

When to wear it

As with an adult, Kids wear comes in three categories

  • Blulite
  • SummerGLO
  • Sleep+ lenses

Please note the sizes and colors are customized kids per se!

So make your kids use them for the purpose you would use them for yourself.

Sounds like a win-win for everyone? Great!

Benefits of Kids glasses

  • manages eye fatigue
  • focus on studies
  • healthy sleep cycle
  • balanced circadian rhythm
  • more sleep = high energy = more play
  • enhances learning abilities
  • great for focus and recovery


  • fashion meets function for your special little ones
  • available in different shades room


  • available in different styles
  • health + fashion + style models
  • advanced lens technology BluBlox

Available in

  • non-prescription,
  • prescription,
  • reading magnification options


Flat 95.86$ for all the models

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What are the tips for choosing blue light glass?

a biohacker choosing perfect blublox glasses for her

BluBlox wants to cover as many people with a potpourri of choices; we understand that completely.

But lots of options can overwhelm you!

It took us some beating to select the right blue-light-blocking glasses as well.

We spent a few days understanding what’s the best blue light glasses for testing.

Don’t worry; we are passing these tips to you.

  • Go for Blulite glasses if you want to begin with a basic version. They’re great for blocking blue lights in the daytime, especially when you’re up against artificial blue light.
  • If you suffer from severe light sensitivity issues, SummerGLO yellow-tinted lenses should be your first choice. Again, you can use them in the daytime.
  • Besides that, if sleep doesn’t come easy and you want to use digital screens before sleeping, Sleep+ cuts out as the premium sleep glasses. They have the most effective results, with high-quality orange or red lenses. We certainly believe they’re the best light management glasses!

So placing glasses in terms of effectiveness.

Orange and red lenses are high-quality lenses followed by yellow lenses.

And then finally, yellow glasses followed by transparent glasses.

Sleep + >> SummerGLO >> Blulite

Find your glasses


What are the different styles and frames?

Three stylish blublox frames

It’s impressive how BluBlox blends health with style.

Had it not been confirmed, they wouldn’t have a total of 22 different frame styles.

It means… you’re never running out of choices.

And you don’t have an excuse to miss it either. 😉

Here’s the list of frames you can choose from:

  • Wayfarer Computer Glasses
  • Tortoise Shell Glasses
  • Echo Glasses
  • Clarke Glasses
  • Parker Glasses
  • Melissa Glasses
  • Denver Glasses
  • Raye Glasses
  • Chester Glasses
  • Smith Glasses
  • Magnum Glasses
  • Galaxy Glasses
  • Hudson Glasses
  • Crystal Glasses
  • Miki Glasses
  • Mac Glasses
  • Arrow Glasses
  • Nick Glasses
  • Zane Glasses
  • Cali Glasses
  • Maverick Glasses
  • Onyx Glasses

Not only this!

If you’re unsatisfied with BluBlox options, you can send your frames and let them put the advanced blue light blocking glasses for you.

What will you experience using the blue light glasses?

Well, it really depends on how well you use blue-light-blocking glasses!

It’s not about simply putting glasses on your face.

It’s more of knowing the art of wearing them at the perfect time and on perfect occasions.

For example,

  • You can’t wear a pair of computer glasses after sunset. It’s meaningless because they’re designed for day use. So you won’t experience good sleep quality as Blulite glasses are not meant for that.
  • Similarly, don’t just go about wearing green and blue light when the sun is out. You need blue light in the daytime (they’re not necessarily bad every time).

Here’re the other things that you’ll experience with Sleep+

  • The first thing you’ll notice is— redness everywhere.
  • This red and orange view cuts everything that falls in the blue and green light spectrum.
  • The orangish fire-like colors neutralize the blue lights at nighttime.

What did we notice with Sleep+ blue light blocking glasses?

  • we were damn sleepy after wearing them for an hour
  • and our minds felt extremely relaxed
  • we had an amazing night’s sleep!

What didn’t we like?

  • All the Netflix shows felt like red-gangster neo-noirs. :/ – but for biohacking sleep, you should not watch TV two hours prior to sleep anyways
  • Watching TV got difficult (courtesy screen red) – again, you need to choose either good sleep or TV
  • Took us quite a few days to get the hang of the “reddy-reddy experience.”

What are the pros and cons of BluBlox blue blockers?

what are the pros and cons of blublox blue blockers

It’s very crucial you know the pros and cons of BluBlox before you make any buying decision.

Let’s check these out:

BluBlox reviews: Pros

  • You don’t have to worry about its scientific backing! It’s one of the best biohacking tools to keep light frequencies at bay!
  • Three BluBlox ranges can cover everyone in your family: from elders to kids, from house-handlers to computer geeks.
  • Everything is made up in Australia and not the Chinese factories. So you aren’t ordering cheap products. Only the ones rated five stars.
  • Other brands block too much or too little blue light. You don’t want that! BluBlox ensures there’s a balance blocking for you.
  • There are no ugly safety glasses. It only has to offer trendy and fashionable frames.
  • Blublox has nothing to hide as it shares the lens report quite loudly. You can check it under all the products.
  • Prescribed or not— you can have your hands and eyes on these glasses.
  • It’s nicely categorized into computer glasses, reading glasses, and sleeping glasses. The categories make a huge difference when you compare them with other glasses.

BluBlox reviews: Cons

  • BluBlox is a bit pricey brand to have! Now any company that boasts lenses reports and science has to come out expensive. We don’t really blame BluBlox for that! Great things never come cheap! 
  • Some customer reviews suggest they received bent glasses! Now, this has to be a one-odd packaging defect. We won’t say it’s a con. We received our package in excellent condition.
  • One caveat where you’re likely to fall is BluBlox customer services. Inappropriate responses can get you frustrated. However, the products are so good; you’d hardly need them to be serviced.
buy your glasses now!


What is the price of blue-light-blocking glasses?

BluBlox might sound a bit expensive if you’re budget-constrained.

Sadly, there’s no other way to say it.

You’ll basically spend anything between $90 to $240 as they’re a premium-priced product.

The good part: You only have to spend $90 to $150 for non-prescribed glasses.

We recommend a few things:

  • Forget prices if you’re looking for A-rated products.
  • Not to compare them with cheap pairs on Amazon.

Why do we think they’re worth the price?

  1. Not mass-produced in Chinese or overseas factories.
  2. Made under a world-class optics laboratory.
  3. Passed by a certified medical professional.
  4. Uses custom-made technology.
  5. Targets exact frequencies of blue light.
  6. Highly recommended by the experts in the field.
  7. Optimal glasses— doesn’t block too little or too much of the wrong lights.
  8. Clever use of color tint
  9. Uses high graded materials for great fit and comfort.
  10. Blends in high-quality acetate to improve sturdiness and balance.

So you can say your BluBlox blue blockers are

  • flexible
  • durable
  • lasts long
  • increases your return on investment
  • and decreases the waste you produce with cheaper trash.

How do BluBlox exchanges and returns work?

A satisfied biohacker exchanges blublox

When we were buying BluBlox pairs for testing, we were unsure if we’d like them.

So it was obvious we wanted to return the glasses after the reviews (even though we loved them so much that ended up keeping them).

We checked into the exchanges and return policies.

And to our surprise, BluBlox was way too considerate of its users.

If you didn’t like the glasses in 30 days, they would take back your order! Seriously?

How sweet of them! Isn’t it?

Here’s how it works:

#1 You can return or exchange a full-priced item within 30 days. It also includes the discounts you get from YouTube, Podcast, and affiliates.

#2 If you have bought an item “on sale,” you will only get a store credit return. It means… you have to buy something else from BluBlox.

#3 You can’t return or exchange the blue and green light glasses if they’re

  • prescribed glasses
  • reading glasses
  • custom glasses
shop blueblox


What are shipping and international delivery charges?

Blublox delivering glasses internationally

Again, BluBlox doesn’t fail to amaze us.

They deliver to almost every country on the planet.

And they claim they have sent the best blue and green light blocking glasses on every continent.

So whether you stay in the US or Russia, or India or Japan— chances are great, you’ll get your order for free.

BluBlox reviews shipping #1: International shipping

  • Most of the international shipping is FREE if your order value exceeds 117 USD.
  • BluBlox will only charge you a nominal shipping fee if you come into “remote zones” marked by DHL, BluBlox delivery partners.
  • If you don’t live in Australia and want a DHL express delivery service, BluBlox puts your parcel on the faster delivery route.
  • The express services cost somewhere around 12 additional dollars per parcel.
  • Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay duties and taxes over your total cost.

It can be a little pain in the heart!

BluBlox reviews shipping #2: Australian shipping

  • Free shipping in Australia if your order value goes past 50 AUD.
  • All the Australian orders are shipped via Standard Australia Post.
  • Should you need BluBlox sooner in Australia, you have to pay an additional AUD 9.99 to the express Australia Post.

BluBlox reviews shipping #3: the UK and Europe shipping

  • If you stay in the UK or another part of Europe, you’ll have to pay shipping fees on all the orders.
  • Again, you can reap the benefits of express services if you can’t wait to have blue light-blocking glasses.

How to find the right prescription blue light-blocking glasses for your style?

Yes, we understand BluBlox special lenses are great for your health.

But this is the area where BluBlox wholly owns us: personal style.

We initially thought it would trade off the “style factor” for “medication” like other glasses.

But they don’t stop making you look great.

Health + Great Style = BluBlox

You can pick best blue light glasses based on:

  • the color of your clothes you usually wear
  • what your eye color is
  • what your hair color is
  • which frame complements your features
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How can you select the correct size frame?

Blueblox guiding glasses selection for different face sizes

Online shopping can turn into the biggest nightmare in a few minutes.

  • You either don’t get perfect sizes.
  • Or don’t get the refunds or exchanges.
  • Plus, you don’t know much about the suitable piece on your face shape.

Fortunately, BluBlox solves this problem for you.

If you don’t want to take the longer route, you can use the Virtual Try-On feature.

It’s a short and intelligent route where you can try frames on your camera device.

  • Go to the bottom corner of the website.
  • Click on the small blue icon.

Don’t get disheartened if the blue light blocking glasses don’t fit you correctly after such selecting hassles.

  • You can check with the local optometrist as fitting won’t be rocket science for them. They will easily adjust it for you.
  • You may have to spend a nominal fee or might even get it done for free.

And if you’re still not satisfied, well, then you have the exchange policy.

You can exchange your blue light blocking glasses as many times you want.

Many customer reviews have rated it as the best exchange service in the industry.

What’s our favorite pick?

We looked around the BluBlox catalog.

It wasn’t easy to pick among so many stylish frames.

But we somehow made this list out of the BluBlox range:

  • If you have got a small face size, go for Echo or Denver.
  • In case you have a medium face size, Tortoise Shell or Parker should suit you the most.
  • And if you have a large face size, Maverick or Smith may complement your looks perfectly.

What are customers saying?

A happy biohacker flaunts blublox glasses

We were impressed by the BluBlox, hands down!

But that wasn’t enough for us.

So we thought of finding something wrong about them.

And the product comes out as rather impressive— beating our expectations easily.

We did the digging from our end and checked customer reviews online.

They were rated

  • 3.8 to 5 stars on Amazon.
  • 4.6 on Trustpilot

But again, we would recommend you to go through every review you can!

Nothing gives a better insight than the original feedback by the original users.

What are the negatives we found?

Well, there’s no counter-argument to BluBlox high-quality lenses.

We loved it!

But we think they put all their qualities in lenses and not in frames.

You can say they’ve spent the most in blue-light-blocking glasses rather than the frames.

Not that frames were terrible.

But the lenses were so good that they made frames look a bit ordinary. However, they are timeless, so you don’t have to worry about trends and new models. 

What are the other ways to block blue light?

Biohacker uses candles and turns off lights to block blue light at home

Of course, BluBlox lenses are our recommended blue-light-blocking glasses.

But you don’t necessarily need to have them every time with you.

If you don’t have the glasses and want to reduce the frequencies of blue, other household ways can make a huge difference.

Take a look at them:

  • Turn off the LEDs of all the electronic devices at your place
  • Turn down the light switches
  • Try using candles post-sunset
  • Avoid too much screen time after sunset
  • Switch on the night mode on your iPhone and laptop during the daytime and make the screen red.

What else should you consider?

Our stance on BluBlox is clear— they’re super effective blue light-blocking glasses.

But they’re not a magical elixir.

You shouldn’t expect them to solve your problems right away.

Instead, try to improve your lifestyle along with these blue blockers.

It’s an excellent way to max out their benefits.

Optimize your

You have to blend all these things to make blue light-blocking glasses a success.

Conclusive argument— what do we think of it?

Orange shades from BluBlox

BluBlox lenses are neither secret sorceries nor magic wands!

They’re simple sleep glasses designed for simple humans.

Why do we think you should have them in your glasses arsenals?

  • They come out as some of the best biohacking sleep products (4).
  • Not only blue, but they have expertise in blocking the green lights too.
  • They’re all-out-generation glasses.
  • They don’t block too much or too little as they’re keen balancers.
buy blueblox now!


Frequently asked questions.

We thought of solving some of the frequently asked questions related to BluBlox, so you know where you stand regarding them.

BluBlox reviews question #1: Are BluBlox glasses worth it?

BluBlox glasses are worth every penny because they’re the top biohacking products to block the blue lights.

They come in three variants:

  • Blulite (blocks blue light range between 400nm to 495nm range)
  • SummerGLO (blocks blue light range between 400nm to 450nm range)
  • Sleep + (blocks blue light range between 400nm to 450nm range)

BluBlox also blocks green light frequencies, giving you every bang of the buck.

Ever since we started wearing it, we have been sleeping well and waking up fresh. 

BluBlox reviews question #2: Where are BluBlox glasses made?

BluBlox glasses are made in Australia, unlike other brands that mass manufacture their glasses in cheap Chinese and overseas factories.

Each frame and lens are designed, custom-made, and tested in Australia.

Meaning they’re top-quality eye wears in the glasses market.

BluBlox reviews question #3: Do blue light glasses work?

BluBlox glasses preventing retina from harmful lights

Not all blue light glasses work the same.

Glasses market has genuine and duplicate products.

While genuine products like blue light glasses filter out harmful blue light, duplicate eye wears have no meaningful effect on your eyes and sleep cycle.

Blue wavelength is usually a stress-causing wavelength. So it would help if you had trusted blue-blocking filters to manage your SAD, depression, anxiety, and circadian rhythm.

BluBlox reviews question #4: Do computer glasses work?

Yes, computer glasses work hard to relieve digital eye strain by staving off the blue radiations from getting into your eyes.

One of the studies suggests computer glasses increase 58% melatonin hormone in users.

buy the best glasses now!