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How Can I Make My Hands Look Younger Naturally? 7 Age Reversing Tips

Hacks For Keeping Your Hands Firm And Wrinkle-free

November 16, 2020 0 comments
reverse aging on hands

“How to make your hands look younger” is a top search subject on the internet. It shows you are not the only one looking to beat the devil of aging hands. But why is this a common problem?

Our hands, by the virtue of their role and position, show the first sign of aging. And why is this? Our hands do a lot of our daily tasks. Besides, our hands are usually exposed most of the time. This way, you will realize that hands age faster than the rest of the body.

Unfortunately, most formulas and anti aging biohacking processes focus on the face. So, what do you do to keep your hands looking younger for longer?

Keep reading to find out!

What Happens As My Hands Age and Understand How to Make Your Hands Look Younger

anti aging hands routine

As you age, thinning skin becomes a daily issue (1). Your hands are no exception. The situation may be a little worse because your hands do the big chunk of your chores, and they are regularly exposed to the sun and other elements.

Also, you probably wash your hands than any part of the body, right? Frequently washing your hands, especially with warm water, strips them of natural oils. This makes your hands drier and aged. Lack of natural oils leaves your hands cracked and vulnerable to the effects of aging.

How does skin thinning and dryness related to aging symptoms? Reduced volume in the skin means decreased elasticity. This means your skin will become wrinkly. You will also realize that age spots may appear on your hands as you age. If you have not started yet, this is the time you should be looking at how to make your hands look younger.

Signs of Aging Hands

how to make your hands look younger

How will you know you need to start getting serious on hand treatmentsSome of the telltale signs of aging hands include;

  • Wrinkly skin
  • Non-elasticity
  • Aging spots
  • Cracked and dry skin
  • Rough and scaly patches
  • Diminishing youthfulness appearance
  • Brittle nails
  • Visible veins
  • Loose skin

If you notice these symptoms on your hands, it is time to begin looking for the best anti aging hands treatment.

Can I reverse Aging Effects On My Skin?

The best of how to make your hands look younger is working earlier to avoid aging signs and symptoms. The old saying of cure is always better than healing finds good use in this instance.

However, if you are already seeing the signs of aging hands, there is absolutely no reason to panic. You can have your youthful-looking hands back thanks to anti aging supplements and implementing the combination of other methods.

There are many procedures that may help you reverse the aging effects on your skin. However, these procedures will not work overnight for you. The secret is, visiting your dermatologists and getting the way forward before getting into any aging reversal procedures.

How To Make Your Hands Look Younger

how to make your hands look younger and reverse your age signs

You probably have a lot of face treatments (2). But do you have anything for your hands? Honestly, a lot of people do not any treatment and procedures for younger-looking hands? This shows how much we focus on the face and neck and completely forget about our hands.

The first step towards achieving youthful hands is protecting your hands from any harmful agents. The sun is one of the reasons your hands age faster than they actually should. Those wild summer days are maybe doing a lot of harm to your hands. But you should not stop having fun; you can remedy the situation.

And not just the sun; you have enemies closer home. For instance, do you know how detergents and water can strip your hands from the essential natural oils? When you do the dishes and clean, your hands contact the detergents’ harsh chemicals. This leaves your hands pathetically dry. To make matters worse, the hands do not have so many sebaceous glands like the face. This means that if the natural oils are decreasing each day, your skin will keep drying.

You can stop this cycle of depriving the skin around your hands of its nutrients, oils, and the much-needed tender care. Of course, hands are not needed to make a first impression, but you would not want the face of a 20-old youth and the hands of a 60s adult.

How Do I Reverse Age My Hands?

How to make your hands look younger is not a complicated process as you may think. Those who start on the first strike of aging symptoms will have it easy to reverse the effects. But when you realize the aging signs late, there is no need to worry. A simple routine and a little more care for your skin and yourself will make a huge difference. Here are hacks and tips that can help you reverse the aging symptoms on your skin.

Handcare Routine

Don’t have a routine for just your face because your hands will sell you out. Have a hand care routine that would keep your hands looking younger.


exfoliating hands to make them look younger

Exfoliate your hands two times a week. Getting rid of the dead skin on your hands will give your skin a refreshing look every week. When you don’t exfoliate, the dead skin will accumulate. They can be so prominent and noticeable, and you sure do not want this.

Also, if you exfoliate, you help your skin take in other skincare products. It is not just about getting rid of the dead skin. If you plan on using skin care products such as moisturizers, serum, hand creams, and oils, it will all be in vanity if your skin has a thick layer of dead skin.

Apply an exfoliator on your dry hands, and gently massage it. Make it thorough while still being gentle on your skin.

Use A Serum

using a serum to make your hands look young and ageless

Applying serum on hands before going to bed can be helpful. But out there is a sea of serum options, and finding the right one for you could prove elusive. When shopping for serum, go for those with vitamin C and other ingredients such as resveratrol, green tea, and astaxanthin.

Serum infused with these ingredients will help repair your skin from oxidative damage caused by pollution and sun rays.

Would you like to know the best secret of what to use for your hands? Use EXACTLY the same anti aging routine that you practice for your face – step by step. It might look a little pricey, but at the end of the day, it will smart investment.

Deep Conditioning

deep conditioning to make your hands look wrinkle free

When skin becomes less elastic and dry, you will realize it gets rough. If you are looking for how to get soft skinconsider deep conditioning your hands once a week. It is advisable to do it right after exfoliation. Do this preferably before bedtime.

Apply a deep conditioner, preferably on your hands, and massage thoroughly. Then wrap the hands in plastic paper and add fuzzy socks to create a suitable temperature.

You can have the wraps on for an hour or even overnight.

Having them overnight guarantees you smooth, soft, and supple hands in the morning.

Apply Hand Creams

Hydration is one hidden yet so obvious trick of how to make your hands look younger.

We wash our hands often, but something we forget is to apply hand cream after. Remember to moisturize your hands after every hand wash by having your hand cream somewhere you will instantly see it. This way, your hands will always be moisturized.

Anti Aging Regimen

anti aging regimen for your hands to look young

You may try all activities and procedures to have younger-looking skin, but all will not make a difference if your internal systems are part of the care. You should know that all body parts and systems are connected.

For instance, if you smoke, it’s not only your lungs that are in trouble. It will show in your hands too. For younger-looking hands, quit smoking.

Also, if your diet is full of synthetic foods, all your efforts will be in vain. Ensure your diet is rich in essential minerals and vitamins. Take a lot of vegetables and fruits. The benefits will reflect on your skin.

In your routine, ensure you visit your dermatologist to get the best way forward. There hundreds of products online that claim to help with younger skin. The truth is, most of these contain harmful chemicals, and they hardly deliver any benefits. Do not start any procedure or using any product before your dermatologist’s go ahead.

Drinking More Water

drinking more water for youthful looking skin

As we have stated earlier, your body’s skin is thinner and drier than the rest of the body, thanks to the exposure and the lots of activities done by the hands.

Thin skin holds less water. This is why you have to be more particular about hydration. You can use all forms of moisturizing creams, but there is no better way to hydrate your entire body than drinking lots of water.

If you want to avoid that crepe paper looking appearance, the secret is taking lots and lots of water. Crepe paper skin is a nightmare every aging woman wants to battle. If you want to avoid it, take more than 8 cups of water every day.

Use Sunscreen

If sunscreen is only essential when you are on the beach, you are putting your skin at risk of many conditions, one of them being premature wrinkling. The hands are one of the body parts that are almost always exposed.

The UV rays can be harsh on your hands if you have them exposed.

And it’s not just the premature wrinkling. If you want to long forget about the dreadful age spots that are usually sell out people’s age, always have sunscreen on when you have your hands exposed.

How to make my hands look younger with lasers and red light therapy.

hand rejuvenation with laser resurfacing for young look and feel

If you want dramatic and fast results you need to do professional or at-home treatments and invest either in procedures or devices (3). 

Hand rejuvenation with laser resurfacing

If you would like to speed up your hands’ age reversing, you should definitely get laser treatment

Red light therapy to reverse your hands’ age

Red light therapy is one of the best miracle treatments. It might take longer than laser, and your results will be showing slowlier, but they will definitely stay a long time.

Read more about the best biohacking products here




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