EMF Protection For Home: How To Naturally Reduce Radiation At Home?

12 ways to shield from radiation

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EMF protection for a home to remove those dangerous radiations from your space!

We can not overrule that technology has made our lives a thousand times better, or maybe more.

But every coin comes with two sides; in the same way, technology has some wrong sides.

The bad thing about all the technological devices is the electromagnetic radiation they discharge.

And not just one or two, most of the devices that play a crucial role in our everyday lives, be it Cell phones or Wifi or our air conditioner, emit harmful Electromagnetic Field – EMF radiation.

The radiations are so widespread that it has become an inescapable part of our reality.

So, we can say that we are never 100% safe from them.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reveals that EMFs can be the potential cause behind the growing cancer cases in humans.

Therefore, we must understand it in detail and take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves from its sharp claws!

This blog will discuss the different ways we can shield ourselves from harmful emf radiation and the products that can help us achieve it.

So let’s get going!

Why is the best form of EMF protection free?

YES! You heard it right!

The best EMF protection is free, and we felt that this information is so crucial that we prioritized it before any other points.

You know you just can’t block all the emf radiation from the cell phone and still make it work. In the same way, you can’t block all the EMF radiation from your laptop and still use it.

All modern technology: Whether it functions on AC power or communicates wirelessly, it emits electromagnetic radiation. And with the passing time, the emf exposure is increasing because we are surrounded by it more and more.

But you must be thinking, why can’t we reduce the EMF emission from these devices?

The point is- The devices work by emitting radiation, and we can’t just increase or decrease its levels. So if you try to block all the EMF, the technology would not even work!

So if you want to use or enjoy such devices or live near people who do, then there is no escapade from this radiation because the emf exposure is always present near you.

The reason is- EMF is not the by-product, it is the product, and there are no safe levels of it.

And honestly, no EMF blockers or products are 100% effective. SO if any company claims that their product saves you from harmful radiation while still making space for the devices to work, they are simply lying to you.

Such technology has no existence!

Ways to protect yourself from EMF

EMF is complex, considering the substantial range of science and stuff you need to understand and the fact that it is intangible, so you cannot see, touch, feel or smell it.

Many companies and businesses produce and sell some of the best EMF protection products, but it gets difficult to understand the best ways to protect yourself against EMF.

As said before, you cannot expect 100% protection from any product against such radiation, and the only option to deal with it is to reduce EMF exposure.

Yes! Trust us; it is this simple!

All you got to do is follow two simple rules that will help you shield your body against such harmful electromagnetic fields; here they are:

  1. Reduced use of EMF-producing devices or gadgets.
  2. Distancing yourself from the devices that produce such harmful radiation.

You must be thinking that it’s pronounced and challenging to move with.

But trust us! These are some of the best ways you can take care of yourself without sacrificing the enjoyment of technology.

EMF protection for home #1: Reducing the usage of EMF emitting devices

Experts have suggested that you can protect yourself emf radiation to a large extent by limiting the usage of the devices that produce emf radiation.

Only when we use these devices for a long, long time without any breaks is when we give them the power to cause damage to our bodies.

So better to restrict or limit such devices to reduce the radiation around yourself.

However, it is easy to say and difficult to carry out in an era like this!

But worry not! We have some handpicked tips that can help you in this journey.

Keep reading to get to know!

EMF protection for home #2: Distancing yourself from the EMF producing devices

We agree that you can’t just completely abandon the usage of such modern devices and save yourself from the harmful effects.

But there’s another way to it!

Well, it’s simple! All you can do is increase the proximity between you and the radiation-emitting devices or technologies.

Proximity plays a vital role in EMF radiation. The closer you are to the radiating devices, the more it harms your body.

However, EMF radiation tends to loosen up its power and exponentially lessens in efficiency with distance.

Even the slightest of millimeters reduces the exposure levels to a considerable extent. Therefore, maintain a reasonable distance from the radiation-producing devices to protect yourself from them.

Ways to reduce the usage of EMF devices 

The basic rule to protect yourself from emf exposure is to reduce emf generating devices.

After all, if you minimize using such products, you’ll also minimize the time spent near them.

Sounds simple, right?

Yes, it does sound simple, but it is challenging to adhere to.

Because we are all dependent upon technology or, in some cases, addicted to it, modern technology is something we need on a day-to-day basis, as it somehow keeps us going.

So how do we keep ourselves away from it?

We have handpicked ways to reduce using such devices without sacrificing the fun element!

Here is how you can do it:

Switch off your wifi router at night

Almost all of us use a wireless router at home.

And it is a powerhouse of harmful and deadly radiation. Yes, you heard it right, the Wifi emits harmful microwave-like radiations which can pose severe threats to your health.

So here is one little move for you that can save you a little bit from this dread.

If you use Wifi, don’t keep it in a bedroom, but in a space or a room, you barely use.

And when you go to bed and you’re done with work, just turn it off; it will not only clean your space but will also protect you from unnecessary exposure to potentially dangerous radio frequency while you’re asleep.

And we say things; we just don’t mean to beat around the bush; it is always backed by something solid.

A lot of scientific studies have established a link between prolonged exposure to RF radiations and health conditions like (1)

  • Infertility.
  • Reduced brain activity.
  • Impairment in body and reproductive organs.
  • Cancer.

Research conducted by the University of Melbourne’s Department of Electronic Engineering claimed that EMF radiation could even disrupt your sleep schedule and affect your sleep quality, so you better turn it off before sleeping. (2)

While you cannot just hide away in a cave to protect yourself and your family, you can always:

  • Hardwire your connections by getting Ethernet cables, hubs and adapters. We agree that Wifi is convenient to deal with but use a direct Ethernet connection for your computer for the greater good. The reason is- you will be connected to the internet without being exposed to the emf radiation from Wifi. An easy win, right?
  • Get yourself a Wifi router guard. It is a case to place your router, and it works by blocking 90% of the radiation it releases.)

Trade-in that Bluetooth smartwatch 

Most of us own a smartwatch, and it gives a feeling of power to know about different data related to our body through that!

Wow! We are taking such great care of our health.

But what if we tell you that the smartwatch you are wearing is emitting radiation that too while being wholly stuck to your wrist.

Smartwatches are designed to track your activities and sync notifications.

These watches are connected to your cell phone through Bluetooth. Therefore, they become a potential source of electromagnetic field radiation.

So, it is advisable to switch to the traditional watches and if you’re pretty obsessed with their smartwatch, better turn it off when you go to bed.

But if your watch doesn’t turn off? What would you do?

Ahh! Just place it in the other room.

By limiting your smartwatch usage, you ensure that you don’t suffer from any harmful effects of EMF exposure.

Don’t Carry Your Phone Directly Against Your Body 

EMF radiations come from various sources like intelligent refrigerators and wifi routers, but we use devices more.

And cell phones are the devices that we use the most. Therefore it unarguably remains the most significant source of exposure.

According to research followed out by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, it was found that cell phones produce Class 2B carcinogens with harmful substances like chloroform and gasoline fumes.

So even the best of cell phone manufacturing brands advise users to keep it at least 10mm away from themselves.

Therefore, keep your phone at a feasible distance to lessen cellphone radiation.

In addition to that, we have other strategies that can protect you from unwanted radiation exposure, they are:

  • Avoid places where people are sitting in groups and using their phones, second-hand exposure is also exposure, and it is harmful.
  • Switch off your phone when it shows a low signal, or just wait for a better signal.
  • Always carry your phone in your purse or bag, don’t keep it in pockets or your clothes.
  • Avoid calling; better just text.
  • If you have longer calls, better use landlines.
  • Avoid using Bluetooth devices like headphones or speakers.

Get Rid Of Your Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens produce and generate a massive amount of EMF radiation.

So if you’re thinking of minimizing the use of radiation-emitting devices, keep the microwave at the top of your priority list.

Though your microwave’s interior part is designed in a way to keep most of the radiation trapped inside, you will still detect a high volt of radiation if you use an EMF meter.

If you consider the proximity of the microwave, the radiation can be 1000x more dangerous than your cell phone.

Research says that high exposure to EMF radiation can even damage the DNA in your body. (3)

Therefore, it would be better if you must get rid of your microwave or minimize its use. But the point is you can even cook food without the help of the microwave.

It might feel inconvenient, but it is a step worth taking to kick out those dangerous radio frequencies.

Air-Dry Your Hair 

We all love hairdryers! Don’t we?

When your hair is dripping, and you are getting late, they are a savior!

But do you know the hairdryers operate through radiation?

Yes! The hairdryers emit around 40 milligauss to 20,000 milligauss of EMF radiation while working, which is considered very high.

And to your surprise, the microwave ovens just emit 100-500 milligauss.

So, if you’re thinking of parting ways with your microwave, you better bury your hairdryer.

Consider Delaying Your Smart Home Upgrade 

With the rise of the internet arrived the rise of the smart home revolution.

From your refrigerator to your iron and security alarm, the smart home has managed to serve you everything on your phone and tablet by connecting the internet devices.

So the point to understand here is, are these intelligent homes worth it?

And the bigger question is, “Do we need them, or can we do without them”?

The simple answer is that we may not need many of them because they don’t add value to our lives, and if we don’t need them, we better just skip them.

Devices like intelligent meters function through Wifi or Bluetooth, so when you install them in your house, you are constantly exposed to radiation waves.

However, you cannot turn them off when not used, so better use the traditional ones.

So the point here is- With each device you add to your life, you are increasing your exposure to the harmful radioactive waves.

Therefore, keep only those super essential devices for you and bid the others goodbye!

Ways to maximize the distance between you and the EMF device 

It is a universal truth that you cannot stop modern devices and technologies from emitting EMF radiation while still using the technology.

But there is something about the radiation that most people don’t realize or know; the efficiency of radiation gets weak with distance and, most importantly, exponentially drops in power with distance.

Yes! You heard it right; it exponentially drops.

It all happens because of the law of inverse squares. It is complex mathematics, so it is a scientific fact that EMF weakens up with a distance.

Place A Barrier Between You And Your Laptop 

Because of their names, Laptops might lure you into using them keeping on your laps, but EMF experts suggest otherwise.

Laptops emit radio and ow frequency radiations, and when you keep them on your lap, it might threaten your well-being.

Computers and laptops, when connected to the Wifi, ooze out a significant amount of radiation both in your office and home.

So if you don’t protect yourself from such daily exposure, it might lead to several issues like infertility, cancer etc.

Research published in the Journal of Biomedical Physics, and Engineering from the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences claimed that even when your laptop isn’t connected to Wifi, it does generate electromagnetic fields that contribute to (4)

  • Decreasing sperm mobility in men.
  • Affecting egg release in women.
  • Miscarriages.
  • Ovarian and testicular cancer.

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid direct contact with a laptop and use a desk or table instead. Also, try switching to battery usage; this way, your laptop emits less radiation.

Place Your Router Far From You

Proximity plays a vital role in the case of radiation.

With distance, the risk also lessens up.

So, keeping your Wifi router at a subtle distance is a good idea if the high EMF exposures are bothering you.

Want to know the science behind this?

Here it is- EMF is calculated based on power density scattered over a surface area. The power density levels are pretty high near the router’s surface, and it starts to weaken as you move away from it.

So, distance is your best friend when it comes to avoiding radiation.

Even though routers emit a low-gigahertz frequency range of EMF radiation, experts consider it quite harmful for humans.

Also, the level of harm it can cause depends upon a variety of factors like:

  • Age.
  • Duration of the exposure.
  • Distance between the router.

Presently, there is no scientific research on what distance is considered the safest. However, we have formulated some suggestions that can act as a guide for you:

  • Experts advise keeping 30-40 feet distance, while others think a distance of 10 feet will go.
  • Use an EMF meter to decide which location will be best suited for your Wifi router. EMF meter is used for measuring the radiations level your router is emitting. The general readings considered safe for an average household are 3mW/m 2 to 6mW/m2.

Place Your Phone In The Centre Console Of Your Vehicle 

Many people keep their phones in their pockets even while traveling in their car.

But that isn’t something we would recommend because your phone should not contact your body.

So if you’re traveling in your car, just keep your phone in your car’s center console.

Doing this will help you out in two ways:

  • It will protect you from unnecessary radiation exposure. And if you’re traveling for a prolonged period, it can be a safe option.
  • When traveling in a car, your phone receives an excessive signal boost because of the enormous amount of metal present in the car, leading to higher radiation emissions.

Never Sleep With Your Phone 

Science says that cell phone radiation is non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation that affects your body tissue when sleeping.

This radiation not only disturbs your sleep but also affects your immune system.

Apart from that, the blue light from your cell phone decreases the melatonin levels in your body, making it a task for you to fall asleep.

The best and only solution to this is- You just keep your phone outside your bedroom, and you’re good to go. However, this can be a massive task for a lot of people.

So we have some simple yet effective solutions for this:

  • Place your phone on a table and not on your bed to limit exposure to emf while you’re sleeping. Just make sure that your phone is not near your head.
  • Go for battery-functioning alarm clocks.
  • If you can, switch off your phone during nighttime.
  • Avoid using any electronic devices 1-2 hours before bedtime.
  • Dump all the tracking apps.
  • Use a power bank or a portable charger instead of a wall socket charger for charging purposes.

Remember one thing: Your health comes first. And when you sleep with your cell phone every day for six to eight hours, it could mean a 25-35% radiation exposure.

To prevent this from happening, keep a distance from your cell phone.

Keep All Other Wireless Devices Out Of The Bedroom 

Many EMF experts have suggested maintaining a “no EMF device in the bedroom” rule to minimize the EMF exposure at night or, in better words, cut down the radiation level to zero.

If you can put the devices out of the room, unplug the appliances and switch them off.

If you’re fond of reading and you read on your phone, leave it out of the bedroom as well.

Just understand that any wireless technology depends on Bluetooth or Wifi or both; therefore, you must keep it away from yourself.

EMF protection for home: Using EMF meters 

Well, till this time, you might be aware of how EMF can kill the buzz of your life!

Therefore, it’s better to get an EMF meter for your home.

But wait! What is an EMF meter?

EMF meters help you choose the right location for placing down your router.

In addition to that, it helps with:

  • Identifying and calculating radiations and the places with the most concentration.
  • Detecting the fields created by the electrically charged objects when they move.

It is essential to diagnose any problems related to EMF exposure, electrical wiring, and the effectiveness of the electrical shielding.

EMF protection for home: Why choose EMF harmony for best EMF protection? 


We know that EMF products are not 100% effective, or you’ll still be exposed to a certain level of radiation after using them.

So should we not try to use them?

Well, the answer to this is- We may not be 100% safe from the radiation, but we can be 90-95% safe, and even that matters, right?

In the case of EMF radiation, even 1% safety matters. So when you come across an excellent product that suits your needs and is effective to a great extent, just go for it.

So if you’re looking for a device or a product that saves you from the deadly clutches of those radioactive waves, then EMF harmony is the knight in armor for you!

EMF harmony products are formulated keeping in mind the principles of quantum physics.

It has a feature of unique dual-level technology that offers an effective shield against the damaging effects of EMF.

The functionality of the product is divided into several levels mentioned below:

  1. The first level of action- Direct Technology: It works by neutralizing the negative energetic frequencies of the radiation to minimize the risk to human health.
  2. The second level- Adaptive Technology: It works by supporting the cells in your body by reducing the stress caused by radiation exposure and restoring your energy levels.

Various studies have shown the positive effects of EMF harmony technology using different measurement tools.

These tools depict the benefits based on various health parameters. 

The tests are carried out before and after exposure to EMF radiation plus with or without the EMF harmony devices.


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SOMAVEDIC for EMF Protection

Another super popular product is Somavedic. Why we did not list it first? Well, the reason is simple, its more expensive, while we LOVE IT.

You can find out about everything  you need to know about EMF protection device by reading Somavedic FAQs

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EMF protection for home: WHY EMF PROTECTION

For the last 25+ years, a bunch of scientific studies has recorded adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure on human health, some of which were:

  • Oxidative stress created by free radicals causes damage to your DNA.
  • Reduction in both the red and white blood cells and a contraction in the immune responses.
  • Problems in the blood-brain barrier, making way for unhealthy toxins.
  • Variations in the hormone levels, including reproductive and melatonin levels.
  • Increased vulnerability towards different types of cancer.
  • Adverse effects on the neurological system, thereby affecting your mental health.
  • Many other problems like headaches, insomnia etc.

But you don’t have to lose your calm on that anymore because EMF Harmony is there to take away all your miseries!

EMF Harmony offers a vast collection of EMF protection devices you can use for Cell Phones; Smart Watches, wireless devices, offices, homes and is designed with the advanced technology developed in Europe.

The best thing about EMF Harmony is it works for:

  • Wifi.
  • 5G
  • All other types of EMF.

It is made with the bio-energetic approach that harmonizes the electromagnetic radiation, thereby protecting your body.

So, say yes to good health by protecting yourself from EMF using EMF Harmony.

Final thoughts 

In simple terms, the best and the most effective EMF protection has to be EMF harmony.

The reason is that it functions to make your life easy and better.

And after all, we love the products and EMF-generating technology that relate to the solutions we seek and somehow make our living better.

And you can always rely on creating good habits for yourself rather than just depending on the EMF protection devices to do the job for you.

Create habits that help you distance yourself from the radiation-emitting devices. Make sure to minimize their usage and stay away from them whenever you can!

On an ending note, all we want to say is- Just be sure about the product you’re going to use. Research about it well and check whether it matches your requirements.


Here are some of the questions about EMF protection that people usually ask:

EMF protection for home FAQ #1: How do I block EMF in my house?

You can block the harmful emf radiation in the following ways:

  • Keep your wifi routers or boosters at least 20 feet away from your or anyone else’s desk.
  • Disable wireless or Bluetooth on your cell phones; only enable them when needed.
  • If you are using a space heater, better use a ceramic one.
  • Plug them away from you or your desk if you love using speakers.

EMF protection for home FAQ #2: What material can block EMF?

Materials that can provide emf shielding are:

  • Sheet metal.
  • Metal foam.
  • Metal screen.

The standard sheet metals that are used for shielding includes metals like like:

  • Copper.
  • Brass.
  • Nikel.
  • Steel.
  • Silver.
  • Tin.

EMF protection for home FAQ #3: Do we need EMF protection?

There is a possibility of an association of increasing EMF exposure with health risks like:

  • Breast or testicular cancer.
  • Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Infertility.
  • Cardiovascular ailments.
  • Possibilities of miscarriages.

Therefore it is crucial that you only entertain emf shielding technology to not radiate harmful emissions in the environment.

EMF protection for home FAQ #4: How do you block EMF from an outlet?

Here are some of how you can block that electromagnetic radiation from all those electronic devices:

  • Get yourself an EMF meter.
  • Switch off the circuit breaker in your room.
  • Use shielded extension chords in your room whenever possible.
  • Distance yourself from EMF radiating devices.
  • Don’t sleep near your phone.
  • Make limited use of Wifi.


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