How To Repair Nervous System Naturally (EVERY Remedy Is Easy)

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You would give anything to know how to repair a damaged nervous system naturally. We would too. That is definitely not up for a debate. A damaged nervous system is one thing you would not even dare wish on your worst enemy. The condition is crippling, and your body is left helpless.

While it is not rocket science to know how to repair a damaged nervous system naturally, you would need someone experienced to point you to suitable remedies. Fret not because this post bears the good news of naturally getting you back to a healthy nervous system.

Buckle up and sit pretty as we show you how to keep your nervous system healthy.

How to Repair Nervous System Naturally – Defining Nervous System First

Why do you feel pain when you are pricked? Or better still, what makes you feel the heat when you get too close to the fireplace? You guess right, the nervous system. Biohackers pays super close attention to nerves, because every minute body function is related to it.

Simply put, the nervous system is the messenger and message pathway of your body. (1) The pathways are the nerves cells that are spread across every part of the body. And yes, the nails, too have nerves.

Housed in the spinal cord, or should we say the spinal cord column is the landlord of the nervous system? And like every one of us, the nervous system has its boss: the brain. Yes, the brain calls the shots for the where, when, how, what, why, and who of the nervous system.

Structurally, the nervous system comprises two main parts: the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system.

Central Nervous System

The central nervous system (CNS) is broadly divided into the brain and the spinal cord. The term ‘central’ denotes its critical role in gathering information from every part of the body and coordinating the activities of each organ. It is street knowledge that the brain is the most complex organ in the body. Equally complex is the spinal cord. In a nutshell, the CNS is an essential system of the body (no offense to the other systems).

The Peripheral Nervous System

The peripheral nervous system is the roundup, so to speak, of all the other outer parts of the nervous system, excluding the spinal cord and the brain. It is then divided into the somatic nervous system and autonomic nervous system.

The somatic nervous system carries impulses from the CNS to skeletal muscles. The autonomic nervous system transfers impulses from CNS to smooth body muscles and involuntary organs.


Nerves form the bulk of the peripheral nervous system and serve as a pathway for impulses. Think of nerves as the axons (cables) that link up every part of the nervous system to the rest of the body.

How To Diagnose Nervous System

Do you remember the phrase that goes in the lines of “This is better left to the professionals? Well, diagnosing damage in the nervous system is one of those things. Only a certified medical expert can diagnose damage in the nervous system. Don’t sulk at this; it is for your good.

Telltale Symptoms Of Damaged Nervous System

A problem with the nervous system announces itself in several ways. These are the common symptoms that tell you something is wrong with your nervous system:

  • Pain (excruciating at times),
  • Numbness at the feet and burning sensations in palms,
  • Memory loss,
  • Poor concentration,
  • Muscle weakness,
  • Short breath,
  • Excessive sweating,

Treatment Options For Nervous System

Just like the many causes of nervous system damage, the same goes for treatment options. One remedy may work effectively for one patient and be a total failure on another. The bottom line is finding a remedy that matches your body.

But natural remedies for damaged nervous systems cut across body types and the type of damage. Besides, these home-ready remedies do not come with the burden of side effects.

Remedies – How to Repair Nervous System Naturally

Like the rest of the body, the nervous system requires a little tender care and touch. And what better way to nurse your injured nervous system than tapping into natural, readily available remedies?

Herbs top the list of natural remedies for your nervous network. Coming in a close second is lifestyle changes, and the top three list is closed by dietary adjustments. Nothing is cast on stone here; you can interchange the list to suit your preferences. If dietary changes work for you best, then go for it. The good news is, you will not be breaking your bank to get any of these remedies.

Herbal Remedies For Damaged Nervous System 

Herbs have been a constant since the day of archaic medical practices. The Middle Ages are notorious for advancing the use of herbs as a form of medicine. The pioneers of this practice were the ‘wise women’ who knew the exact kind of herb to use for which condition. Even with the giant leaps that modern medicine has made, herbs remain appropriate remedies for many conditions.

One area where herbs have a near-monopolistic dominance is repairing the nervous system. The dominance is not for the mere sake of it; they are effective. So, do not be shocked if your physician throws in a few herbs for your chronic nervous system pain.

Valerian and Meadowsweet herbs are the general herbal prescription for a problematic nervous system. But if your nervous problem has anything to do with multiple sclerosis, then a dose of cordyceps or lobelia comes highly recommended.

For nervous system problems stemming from certain types of epilepsy, hyssop or black cohosh should do the magic trick for your nerves. Autumn crocus is equally effective for nerve pain but should only be compressed on the concerned area and not ingested in any form.

Camphor is not a stranger to pain and swelling. It so follows that you can use it to treat the nervous system. Conditions such as sciatica and neuralgia will find much-needed relief in Feverfew infusion.

Last but not least, the mild sedative properties of chamomile can help your mind relax. The herb is effective against insomnia, hysteria, and other forms of sleep problems. You add two teaspoons of chamomile to a cup of warm water. Leave it covered for five minutes. Natural honey could be good for flavor. Take a maximum of three cups a day.

How to Repair Nervous System Naturally – Lifestyle Changes First

Modern life can keep you busy chasing your career or academic goals and forget all about your body. Relax; you are not building the world alone. Take a step back and audit your lifestyle. For the sake of your nervous system, these lifestyles changes could solve the puzzle of your nerves’ pain.

Go Barefoot

Ditch the shoe and hit the ground barefoot. Walk on the sand, moist soil, or soft grass and plug your body into the earth’s energy. You will heal psychologically, and your overall health will significantly improve. The earth electron entering your body help stimulate the mind to produce happy hormones.

Get a Little More of the Sunshine

A little more time in the sunshine means more vitamin D. A 2013 pharmacological study established a link between high prevalence for nervous system diseases like multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia to vitamin D deficiencies. (2)

Bask in the morning for ten to fifteen minutes. You can also improve your vitamin D levels with tuna, cereals, eggs, salmon, and milk.

Train deep breathing

Practicing deep breathing is good for your weak immune system. On top of helping you relax, breathing deeply reduces stress. Lying in a comfortable spot, hold your abdomen and draw air deeply through your nose. Hold for three seconds before letting the air out through your mouth. Repeat this for a maximum of ten minutes per session and three times a day.

If you find it too time consuming and can’t fit concentrated deep breathing in your schedule, consider other simple means as immune boosting supplements.

How to Repair Nervous System Naturally – Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

It could be a lazy walk, a jog, a run, or whatever your physical capability can allow. Any exercise, rigorous or not, is good for your nervous system, psychological health, cognitive functions, optimal blood pressure, and a remedy for chronic fatigue syndrome. Also, have enough rest between your active sessions.

Meditation and Yoga

Research shows that yoga poses, proper breathing, and meditation are beneficial to the peripheral nervous system health. Additionally, yoga is good for your mood, mental well-being, strengthening immunity, and reducing cortisol levels.

Sometimes, you also need help of technologies like BrainTap and SleepPhones to get into deeper meditative state before going to sleep. They’re not the ultimate replacement of meditation, but they do make your meditation experience much simpler.

Add an Epson Salt Bath to Your To-Do List

Supplements like Epson salt is rich in magnesium, which increases the levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a happy hormone that relaxes the body and reduces stress. The other way to meet up your magnesium need is taking Bioptimizers magnesium breakthrough.

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For the bath, put warm structured water in a basin and add a cup of Epsom salt. Leave the salt to soak for twenty minutes. Enjoy your relaxing bath once or twice a week, and tension will be none of your worries. You can use Somavedic devices to make your personal structured water at home.

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Dietary Remedies For Damaged Nervous System 

This is a cliché, but one worth repeating a million times: you are always what you eat. According to Neeraj Kumar, MD, the CNS relies heavily on appropriate nutrients obtainable from your diet. Thus, the condition of your digestive tract could be sabotaging your general health.

Therefore, whatever is in your plate or glass may have a bearing on your ailing nervous system. Here are a few dietary recommendations that would help repair your nerve cells and bolster your immune system.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

A weak nervous system can benefit immensely from omega-3 fatty acids. In particular, the central nervous system needs omega-3 fatty acids to develop and function properly. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) are lubricants that help the neurons with efficient transmissions.

Get your portion of omega-3 fatty acids from canola oil, flaxseeds, sardine spinach, cauliflower, chia seeds, salmon, and walnuts.

Green Tea

L-theanine, an amino acid, is plenty in green tea. Once in the body, L-theanine stimulates the production of more serotonin and dopamine. These are mood-elevating hormones, and they are good for the nervous system. Furthermore, they enhance concentration, thinking ability, and reduce stress.

Magnesium-Rich Foods

Magnesium is a super mineral that helps neurotransmitters to do their job perfectly. It helps body muscles relax, fight stress, and greatly enhance mood. Magnesium-rich foods are spinach, walnuts, bananas, dark chocolate, apricots, lentils, brown rice, lettuce, and almonds.

And you already know— if you can’t get enough of magnesium-rich food, which obviously you won’t because of the terrible soil type… you can have full spectrum magnesium breakthrough supplements.

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Sea Vegetables

Seaweed and a lot of other sea vegetables are rich in minerals. The brain needs minerals to stay clear and function optimally. The minerals also help with oxygen absorption in the brain. Throw in a serve of seaweed often, and your nerves will thank you for it.

Vitamin B12

Of all the B vitamins, B12 stands tall because it helps with brain development and keeps diseases at bay. Adequate vitamin B12 in the body will prevent depression, cardiovascular disease, and brain degeneration among the elderly. Seafood and meat are recommended sources of B12.

For those who cannot naturally absorb vitamin B12, taking shots once a month is advisable.

Potassium and Calcium

A healthy brain and the spinal cord would require an adequate supply of calcium and potassium. Luckily, you do not need to spend much or look far to get these two essential minerals in your diet. Potassium is plenty in bananas and potatoes. Calcium will be bountiful in dairy products and leafy greens.

Healthy Fats

Dietary fats are crucial to neurotransmission processes and synaptic plasticity. Lipids, specifically, are central to the accurate functional and structural coordination of the neurons.

How to Repair Nervous System Naturally – Quick Tips For A Healthy Nerves

  • Use Somadevic to monitor your blood pressure and to improve your psychological well-being; (read Somavedic reviews here)
  • Keep off tobacco products;
  • Drink plenty of fresh structured water and other fluids that are not overly sweetened;
  • Avoid head injuries/accidents by all means;
  • Finish your shower with cold water to relax your nervous system. However, avoid your head;
  • Get plenty of rest. Quality sleep should be a priority to help reduce anxiety, biohack stress, and fatigue.
  • Non-prescribed drugs are a no-go if you are working on improved health;
  • Be creative and learn every day to keep your focus sharp and boost your concentration;
  • Go slow on alcoholic and caffeinated drinks. If possible, cut them off completely;
  • Tame consumption of artificial sugar. Natural honey is good;
  • Try traditional western diets. Their High carbs and fat contents are effective against chronic inflammation and good for overall health;
  • Emphasize healthy eating patterns and a balanced diet. You will control your weight, blood sugar, and lower cardiovascular disease risk. Overeating can lead to an increase in blood sugar;
  • A cold shower is not such a bad idea once in a while, or is it?
  • Stay away from things that bring anxiety as they adversely affect peripheral neuropathy.
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