How To Prevent Loose Skin During Weight Loss? 5 Sagging Skin Tips

Sagging skin is a problem so long you decide to fight it

how to prevent sagging skin during weight loss

How to prevent loose skin during weight loss is a common query for people on their weight loss journey. 

Picture this: 

Significant weight loss has always been your goal for some time. You finally figured things out and got into the correct workout routine. You have been eating healthy, and finally, you are starting to see the results. Yay, the fat is melting away!

But, as the weight melts away, a new horror story starts to present itself: saggy skin. And what you get is not your dream body after all the work.

You have worked hard to achieve your body goals and stayed motivated to lose weight. But soon you realize losing weight was not a good idea because it sags your skin. Again, you don’t want to start running up and down trying to tighten loose skin on the face and all other parts of your body.

The secret is, therefore, to prevent saggy skin as you lose weight.

Yes, preventing it is much easier than trying to solve it. That’s just one of the key psychology of weight loss. Prevent everything initially so that you don’t have to solve it later.

But how do you do it? One way is definite… choosing one among the best microcurrent devices. But there are more amazing methods. Read on to find out how to prevent saggy skin as you lose weight. 

How To Avoid Loose Skin When Losing Weight

Biohacker flaunts loose jeans but feels bad about loose skin

As you lose weight, you should also work to keep your skin tight. The more body fat you shed, the more excess skin is likely to appear. (1) Therefore, how much weight you are planning to lose will have a huge role to play. The secret is to incorporate the two into your weight loss routine.

And as you are on your weight loss journey, you want to ensure that all body parts remain to have tight skin.

Here is how to keep that skin tight during weight loss. 

Prevent Sagging Skin During Weight Loss #1: Go Slow on exercises

Biohacker expert posing slow yoga exercises

Yes, it would help if you lost weight at a healthy pace. This is the absolute best way to lose weight as you avoid loose skin. Unless you are trying to fit in your dream wedding gown, and even then, you should start early and go slow.

Check out the biohacking weight loss guide to understand how it works. 

So, how slow is slow in this case? Well, forget about losing 5-10 pounds per week. Yes, it sounds like a perfect idea, but it will likely leave you with tons of loose skin. Many experts note that 1 to 3 pounds per week is perfect. 

Losing weight slowly gives your skin the time to adjust. Skin stretches if you are carrying extra pounds of fat. And losing weight slowly but gradually allows the skin to adjust to its ever-shrinking size. Besides, your body cannot burn so many calories over a short period. If you are shedding weight rapidly, you are most likely losing water weight, and even worse, lean tissue. 

Prevent Sagging Skin During Weight Loss #2: Hydrate

Biohacker keeping hydrated to prevent sagging skin

We can never insist on how much drinking water is essential in your weight loss journey. You must have heard of water therapy for saggy skin. It is not rocket science. 

Drinking water can reverse saggy skin. 

Furthermore, your skin is getting loose because of lost elasticity. Staying well-hydrated is a top contributor to skin elasticity. It has been reported that people who stay hydrated during weight loss are less likely to suffer significant skin sagging.

Besides, water helps keep your skin plump. We recommend most of our readers use structured water for it. Unfortunately, most water is impure and you’ll have to use devices like somavedic to structure back your drinking water.

Eat a balanced Diet to Tighten your Skin as You Lose Weight. You must have already heard of diet programs such as ProLon, BistroMD, and Balance by BistroMD.

A healthy diet is vital for weight loss. Not just to create a calorie deficit. It will play an essential role in how tight your skin remains after weight loss. 

First, you should know that free radicals destroy the skin’s essential components, such as the elastin and collagen fibers. These components are essential in helping your skin spring back. You, therefore, want to have their production intact and high. To fight free radicals, ensure your weight loss diet is full of:

  • vitamin A, C, & E.

Recent research shows that vitamin C is excellent in promoting collagen and elastin production. Besides, a diet rich in vitamin A can help combat the effects of the sun on the skin. So yes, color your plate with veggies, fruits, and different produce. 

Prevent Sagging Skin During Weight Loss #3: Take Supplements to Tighten Skin

Biohacking supplements to tighten skin

One of the by-products of weight loss is loose skin. Everyone’s goal is to shed pounds, and they do not foresee loose skin. Many people focus on burning calories and completely overlook the possibilities of deficiencies they could be having. This is why we advise you to seek constant professional medical advice during your weight loss. 

Specific weight loss nutrients are magical in promoting skin elasticity. However, it isn’t easy to find some of these nutrients in a regular diet. One perfect example of such a nutrient is gelatin. Gelatin works wonders in improving skin elasticity. Besides, fish oil is excellent in improving skin elasticity in women. These are not nutrients you find in everyday foods. We, therefore, encourage you to talk to your doctor concerning these supplements. 

Furthermore, there is the collagen supplement. It is the key role player protein in the elasticity of your skin. Taking collagen supplements can keep your skin firm even after significant weight loss. Some studies are finding the relation between Bioptimizer Magnesium and losing weight.

Prevent Sagging Skin During Weight Loss #4: Go Strong on Strength Training

Biohacker practices strength training

Yes, cardio can get you to shed as much weight as you want. And many people opt for this. However, many of these people end up with loose skin they could have easily avoided. 

Your goal in weight loss is to shed excess fats. However, as you lose the fats, you need to replace them with lean muscle. Lean muscle fills up the space that could have resulted in loose skin. Therefore, ensure you incorporate lean muscle workouts into your routine. Power plate exercises have been great for developing lean muscles.  

Furthermore, weekly resistance training: 

  • helps build muscle mass
  • improve the appearance of saggy skin
  • lose fat while building toned muscle. 

Strength training for just 30 minutes per day can create a huge difference. So, the next time you think of skipping strength training, remember what you want to avoid, and have it done. 

The next time your trainer tells you to go strong or to go home, they really mean it.

Prevent Sagging Skin During Weight Loss #5: Protect Yourself from Sun Exposure

sunscreen on biohacker's shoulders fixes loose skin

We know working out at the parks sounds like a fun idea. Summer jogging is a much better idea. But have you thought about what sun exposure in such cases can do to your skin? 

Harsh UV rays destroy the skin’s collagen. Therefore, it is advisable to plan your jogs early in the morning or late in the day when the sun is less fierce. Besides, always ensure you have your sunscreen on. 

Tip: Go for sunscreens labeled ‘broad-spectrum”. This means it can protect you from both UVA and UVB rays, which are both destructive to your dermis. You might feel avoiding sunlight will keep you away from healthy sunlight too. In that case, you can create a similar experience with Joovv light therapy. All without the bad UV rays.

Another tip would be using BluBlox devices to at least protect saggy skin under the eyes.

Loose Skin on Different Body Parts During Weight Loss

Loose skin after weight loss is more popular on specific body parts. This is as you have already noticed in people who share their weight loss journey. Or maybe on yourself. 

Are you wondering how to prevent loose skin on specific body parts? We highlight that below. 

Avoid Sagging Skin Under Arms

Biohacker performs Yin Yoga to tighten skin around arms

After weight loss, many people end up with saggy skin on their upper arms. Many people consider cosmetic surgery to get rid of the loose skin on their arms. 

However, you can tighten the loose arm skin naturally. Regular swimming during weight loss is a good exercise for your arms. Swimming is perfect for toning your arms. However, to optimize the toning effect of swimming, focus on moving using your arms more than your legs. 

 Here are more exercises that can tighten your arm skins naturally:

  • daily press-ups,
  • yoga and pilates, 
  • Chair dips

The goal of these exercises is to tone your arms. 

Avoid Sagging Skin on Thighs

The inner thighs are another typical victim of loose skin from weight loss. However, your exercise routine can minimize the amount of excess skin. Many people lose weight before going for a thigh lift.

The hip adduction machine and the pulley machine at your gym are instrumental if you want to have and retain tighter skin on the inner thighs. Make good use of them. 

In addition, the best exercises to prevent sagging skin on the thighs include:

  • squats
  • front lunges
  • side lunges
  • lateral step-up

It is much better to avoid flabby inner thigh altogether with the above exercises, rather than waiting to go for cosmetic surgery. 

Remedies for Loose Skin on Stomach After Weight Loss

A biohacker air bikes to avoid loose skin

Many people who want to shed weight carry excess fats around the stomach. Therefore, the stomach is most likely to suffer loose skin after weight loss. You may acquire the desired smaller shape, but the stomach may end up looking flabby and unsightly. 

The best treatment for loose skin naturally is strength training. This way, you will most likely achieve toned abs instead of excess skin. 

Additional exercises to tone your tummy skin during weight loss include:

  • pelvic thrusts, 
  • lying leg raises, 
  • side bridges, 
  • legs up straight arm crunch, 
  • air bikes. 

And finally, we have microcurrents.

Microcurrent devices To Reduce Loose Skin After Weight Loss

The microcurrent devices’ results in body sculpting are surprising. Let’s be honest here; exercising could pass as the best way to naturally get in perfect shape. But, with exercise, it could easily take you ages to tighten and sculpt your skin. Microcurrent devices will get you steps closer to your skin tightening journey. It works well in tightening loose skin on the stomach. But even much better on tightening loose skin on the face.

If you are looking to tighten sagging skin on the face, your journey may benefit from microcurrent facial at home.

If you’re still skeptical and thinking if microcurrent is safe for you, you need to be a bit chilled. Because it’s completely safe. Don’t believe us? Read about some of the best microcurrent devices rocking up the skincare industry.

Final Thoughts

When losing weight, the result should be to achieve healthier bodies. But, you have to be happy with the results. You may work for months or even years to reach your goal. And yes, you will get the healthy weight you have desired for ages. However, many people still are unhappy with their bodies after weight loss. The extra skin will brutally remind you who you were before. This is the kind of torture you want to avoid post-weigh loss. 

It is easier to avoid or prevent than resolve after it happens. This is why we recommend you incorporate the ideas above in your weight loss journey. They are the best ways to avoid saggy skin. With these, you will achieve significant weight loss while retaining your tight skin. How else can you picture your perfect body goals?

To read more of these tips, continue reading us at Ageless Body Blog

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