Chilipad troubleshooting: Problem & Error Fixes If It Doesn’t Work

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chilipad problems and errors if it doesn't work

Chilipad troubleshooting is a complete guide to all your biohacking sleep system-related queries!

We know you are here looking for solutions to the tons of questions Chilipad is throwing at you!

And worry not, you have landed at the right place because we will address every little detail and confusion you might have regarding the product.

So without delay, let’s hop onto it.

Problems you might face with Chilipad

We are well aware of how good Chilipad for bed is!

We even have a separate article for you over that- Chilipad review

But occasionally, you may experience some problems while using it; let’s deal with that here.


Why is my pad not working but my unit is fine?

If the Cube is working correctly, but the pad isn’t heating or cooling, it can be because of:

  • A poor connection or
  • Blockage.

To solve this problem, disconnect the tube from the Cube by pressing the release button on the base. Also, scan all the O-rings and make sure none are damaged or missing.

The next step is to roll the Cube on the side and make sure the cube connector is facing the ceiling and, using your body weight push the pad connector into the Cube so that the power cord is plugged correctly and the connection is solid.


What’s the procedure for returning or repairing the Cube?

If you want to repair: To get your Cube repaired, contact the Customer service team. They will try to troubleshoot your problems or will you some suggestions. If that doesn’t help, they will ask you to fill out a repair authorization form.

Also, if you want to return: The return procedure depends upon where you got your Cube from. If you have purchased the product from the Chilisleep website, you have to fill out a return authorization form, and if you got it from some authorized dealer, you have to contact them.


Why does your Chilipad feel damp, is there a problem with Chilipad?

The dampness you feel on your pad is most likely an effect of condensation.

When a surface is cooler than the surrounding temperature with high moisture content, it leads to condensation.

When the temperature reaches the saturation point, moisture forms around the silicone tubes, so when the temperature difference between the unit and the surroundings goes beyond 20 degrees, condensation takes over.

And how do we get rid of it?

To solve this issue you need to increase the temperature of the control unit by a few degrees and make sure your room’s temperature is at par with the climate.

If your pad already feels damp, turn the control unit and set the temperature at 85 degrees, and let it work for an hour or so. It will dry the pad.

How to know if condensation is the felon? Please turn on the Hi setting in the unit and let it run for one hour.

If the pad still gets damp, call Chilisleep customer support.


What to do if it shows an error code in the display panel?

If it shows an error code in the display panel, better turn it off and unplug the unit.

Please wait 15 seconds, plug the unit and turn it on again.

After turning it on, reset your sleep temperature settings and if the problem continues, note the error code and contact customer service.

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What are the red dots on the right of the display screens?

These dots mean the load on the unit. For example, one dot represents light working, meaning the heating and cooling are carried out lightly. Likewise, four dots mean a heavy load on the system, and the unit is working at its highest power.

The system works to circulate the water to reach the desired temperature, and mainly it functions on one or two dots.

But a lack of ventilation around the unit can increase the system’s load, so make sure there is enough ventilation around it.


Is Chilipad noisy or there is a problem with your device?

Calling it noisy would be an overstatement because all Chilipad makes is white whirring noise.

The reason is because of the fan working behind the unit.

Also, the whirring sound it makes is quite soothing and doesn’t bother your sleep unless you are a light sleeper.

But, if you feel that the unit is making more excessive noise than necessary, contact customer service.


How to clean the water tank to avoid sedimentation to creating problems with Chilipad?

Hydrogen peroxide is the answer to it. Add it each time you fill the water.

The recommended quantity is one tablespoon full.

Put the powder in the water and close the lid till it stops fizzing.


Can the damaged parts be replaced?

Yes, you can easily replace damaged parts like Pads, control units, connection tubing and remotes,

All you have to do is contact the Company or visit their accessories section.


Which factors are responsible for increasing the temperature of the pad?

Several factors are responsible for increasing the temperature of the pad-like:

  • The body heat of the consumer.
  • The temperature of the room.
  • The type of blankets and sheets used.
  • Having more than one tubing wing. (Go for only one extension unit)
  • Position of the control unit. (The control unit must have 24″ inches of space on all four sides and on the top to facilitate easy airflow.)

These radiations can pose a risk to your sleep and overall health.


Does the system come with a mobile app? I can’t find it

No, Cube doesn’t have a mobile app.

It does come with remote control, which you can use to control the temperature.


How often do you need to refill the water tank? 

The frequency of refilling the water tank depends upon several factors like:

  • The rate of evaporation.
  • The temperature of the environment.

Generally, you have to fill the water reservoir every 2-3 weeks or clean the control unit.


Here are some of the questions people generally ask:

Chilipad troubleshooting FAQ #1: Why is my Chilipad not getting cold?

This might be a result of a bad connection or blockage.

Try turning the control unit off and unplug it. Let it rest for some time and switch it on again.

However, if the problem persists, contact customer service.


Chilipad troubleshooting FAQ #2: How do you reset a Chilipad cube?

To reboot your Chilipad, hold the power button for fifteen straight seconds.

The machine will be turned off when you do that.

So when you turn it on again, it will be reset at 68 degrees F.


Chilipad troubleshooting FAQ #3: Is Chilipad washable?

You can wash the mattress pads in a front load washing machine.

Make sure you secure the tail before putting them in the washing machine.

Please give them a gentle cycle in cold water and air dry.


Chilipad troubleshooting FAQ #4: At what temperature should I set my Chilipad?

The comfortable room temperature is 60-67 degrees F for most people.

But for a start, you must go with 75 degrees; if you wake up too cold or warm, adjust the temperature accordingly.


Chilipad troubleshooting FAQ #5: How do I drain the water from my Chilipad?

If you wish to drain the water from the Chilipad, remove the 8 feet long tubes from the control unit.

Take the control unit to the sink or bin and insert the drain key to open the lid.

The water will start to flow out.

Chilipad troubleshooting FAQ #6: How often should I clean my Chilipad?

It mostly depends on the usage, but the recommended frequency is 1 to 3 months.

Pour the solution into the cube and make sure it is connected to the pads so that when you turn it on, the solution cleans the tubes inside the pad.

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