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We dedicate this post to the braintap headset FAQ.  

Do you know why? It is because a braintap headset promises to take your brain fitness to the next level. And, it promises that the functioning of your brain will never be the same. 

Which is true. Okay, great. But, of course, it leaves us with so many questions. 

But the big question is, how exactly does it do this? 

Reading braintap headset reviews online may not answer some of your questions. We, therefore, answer all the queries you have on the braintap headset below. (1)

Braintap Headset Frequently Asked Questions

a biohacker wears braintap headset tightly across the skull temples

And if there is anything many people would love to benefit from right now is peace of mind. Calmness. Less stress and tranquility. Yeah, life can get tricky, and enjoying such benefits would be the ultimate magic. 

And lucky enough for us, braintap headsets do more than we could ever ask for. It is one of the best biohacking techniques you could ever invest in. Sounds vague? Yes, we know. And that’s why we break down the details to ensure you understand everything. 

Continue reading to braintap headsets FAQ. 

Faq #1: What is Braintap technology? 

The braintap headset is the leading technology in the brain fitness health niche. Many health and wellness practitioners advocate for the effectiveness of the headset.  

The braintap headset delivers gentle pulses of light through earphones and within a visor. 

The light then synchronizes with two types of sound- isochronic tones and binaural beats. These sounds produce profound relaxation effects. 

According to research, both synchronized tones and flickering lights result in deep relaxation of the mind. However, when these light and sound patterns are combined, the relaxation and rejuvenation will be on a whole new level. 

Achieving relaxation and rejuvenation over a short period is almost impossible. However, braintap does that almost instantly. 

FAQ # 2: What is Brainwave Entrainment? 

a biohacker stretches their arms in peace at the top of the cloudy mountain after braintap session

Entrainment can be described as the synchronization of organisms into an external rhythm. However, in this case, the organism getting entrained is the brain. This is done through the simulation of rhythms of particular brain wave frequencies. These specific waves are associated with:

  • heightened states of consciousness, 
  • deep states of relaxation. 

Therefore, brainwave entrainment is the activity of reaching deep states of relaxation through a guided visualization. And, this is through the formation of mental images. Visualization is the foundation of imagination. And, it is through it that human beings can:

  • innovate, 
  • create, 
  • dream. 

Yes, it is through visualization that many creatives compose. Therefore, with braintap entrainment, you can move from the tunnel of fear or stress into a free space of tranquility, peace and calmness.

FAQ # 3: What are Brainwave Frequencies?

If you want to overcome the effects of stress, you have to get over the fight-or-flight mode. You then have to shift into relaxation mode. However, you cannot get into relaxation mode if you are generating high beta brainwave activity. You, therefore, have to dive into:

  • the alpha or the intuitive mind, 
  • the theta or the inventive mind. 

Theta is the optimum state of creativity. In fact, there are beliefs that it is only in theta mode where you can make a quantum leap in consciousness. However, it is tough to maintain the theta mode. And, this is where frequency from the BrainTap headset comes in. It helps keep your brain engaged. The braintap headsets generate the brainwave frequencies to help you produce more alpha and theta waves and fewer beta waves.

Faq #4: What are the four major Brainwave Frequencies? 

There are four primary Brainwave frequencies:

  • Beta 13-30 Hz, 
  • Alpha 8-13 Hz,
  • Theta 4-8 Hz,
  • Delta 1-4 Hz. 

Beta 13-30 Hz

biohacker athlete sprints on the running track after braintap bails them out of beta waves

This is the state of being alert or wide awake. And, it is the state where you spend almost the entirety of your waking life. It is also described as the reactionary mind. This is because all your frustrations, fears and negative emotions are processed here. 

 And how does the brainTap headset influence the beta mode? It helps your mind to get out of beta mode. It is where the stress and frustrations are dominant.  

Alpha 8-13 Hz

group of biohackers laugh over creative braintap jokes

The Alpha frequency is associated with:

  • creativity, 
  • imagination, 
  • flow and flow thinking, 
  • tranquility, 
  • daydreaming, 
  • inward awareness, 

  And most importantly, the alpha state is also known as the super-learning state. You have your answer now if you ever wonder what the alpha state feels like. 

Theta 4-8 Hz

a biohacker gets into theta inventive state with braintap

The Theta state is like a breakthrough state. It lets you reinvent your life and your surroundings. For this reason, it is also called the inventive state of mind. 

 It stays in between the sleep and the meditative state. In this state, your creativity shoots to impressive levels. Also, you can learn and draw inspiration very quickly in the Theta state. The braintap headsets help you visualize and eventually achieve your goals while in the Theta state. 

Delta 1-4 Hz

This is the state of deep and dreamless sleep. It is the state of the unconscious mind. Braintap technology prevents you from falling into this unconscious state of mind. This is the reason the light and sound patterns of the braintap headsets are inconsistent. They keep changing all through the process. 

FAQ# 5:What are the advantages of Using the braintap headsets? 

a biohacker lays on pillow for braintap visual session

In this era, people spend huge chunks of money to enhance their physical appearance. The mental wellness ends up fading to the background. Tell us, why would you have the perfect body but clamor in your mind? There is no reason at all. That is a messed-up life. 

 And that is why you need to explore the braintap benefits. Here are the top specific benefits of one of the best biohacking tools you could ever invest in:

  • Achieve profound relaxation. The braintap technology helps in the manufacturing of tension and stress-relieving neurotransmitters such as endorphins. 
  • Change of unwanted habits and behaviors. These could include those associated with over-eating and smoking. 
  • Boost focus and creativity levels by balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain. 
  • Increase blood flow to the brain. This boosts concentration and thinking clarity. 
  • Enhances performance and motivation. 
  • Alleviates negative mind chatter, 
  • Eliminates jet lag. 
  • Improve sleep patterns and lucid dreaming, 
  • Boosts physical energy. 

FAQ#6: How Safe are Braintap Headsets? 

Absolutely safe. The only concerns arise in people with:

  • epilepsy, 
  • brain injury, 
  • seizure disorders, 
  • photosensitivity. 

And, the problems arise from the flashing light from the braintap headset. Therefore, if you have any of these problems, you need to seek medical advice before proceeding. 

FAQ# 7: Who are the Suitable candidates for braintap Headset benefits? 

Everyone. As long as you are not sensitive to flashing lights, you can enjoy the benefits of braintap technology. 

Furthermore, you can adjust the intensity of the braintap headset. Therefore, if you have minor light sensitivity, you can adjust to a proper setting. 

However, those diagnosed with low light sensitivity seizures should not use the flashlights on the visor.  

Faq #8: What is a Braintap Technology Process in the background? 

First, you will have the BrainTap Headset visor over your closed eyes. Then, you will have headphones on your ears. The braintap headset delivers gentle light and sound frequencies. 

 Your eyes will enjoy a beautiful slow light show. And, you will simultaneously listen to specially created music. This combination enhances the alpha/theta experience. 

It is common to experience colorful geometric patterns. You may also lose track of the lights. Also, the light and sound pulse rate will shift from the wide-awake beta state to a drowsy and dreamy theta state. With this shift, your brainwave activity will follow the pulse rate of the Neuro-Sensory Algorithms. With this, your mind will be conditioned to maintain healthy sleep patterns. And, you get into a deeply relaxed state, or towards achieving changes you desired. 

Faq #9: What is Frequency Following Response? 

Frequency following response (FFR) is the result achieved through synchronized light and sound. In other words, it is how the brain syncs with tones, beats and lights. Usually, your brain follows frequencies. With this, you experience less inner clamor and improved focus and concentration. 

After several weeks of regular use, many people achieve a sense of balance and inner calmness. Most users report feeling more alert, focused and serene. 

Faq #10: What are binaural beats? 

The brain follows embedded tones to achieve a natural relaxation response. Usually, achieving extraordinary levels of performance takes ages of practice. And, this can be achieved shortly after using the braintap headset. 

Binaural beats trick the mind into hearing a phantom frequency that is non-existent. For instance, if you play a 220 Hz into the left ear and 226.5 Hz carrier tone into the right ear, your brain will pick those up as different tones. It is a solid beat difference of 6.5 Hz. This is the desired brain frequency as it is associated with profound and meditative stress. 

Furthermore, binaural beats are a proven self-development brain fitness tool that’s been researched for decades.

Faq #11: What are Isochronic Tones?

These are the newest additions in the brainwave entrainment technology. They are tones created manually with the same intensity of pulses of sound. They are, however, separated by an interval of silence. (2)

Depending on the desired brain frequency, the tones are turned on and off very fast. Luckily, it is effortless for the brain to follow the isochronic tones due to their discrete nature. 

What do Isochronic tones do? They are good for:

  • Increasing attention span, 
  • Promoting healthy sleep, 
  • Improving memory, 
  • Alleviating stress and anxiety, 
  • Supporting meditation practice, 
  • Enhancing the mood

FAQ#11: Why Do The Braintap Earphones Have lights?

braintap earphones with small LED lights inside the ear plug

The lights on the earphones are set to specific brain wave frequencies that help create a strong feeling of serenity and balance. The earphones produce gentle frequency pulses that stimulate the ear meridians. The pulses are so gentle they are not visible to the human eye. They, however, work to harmonize, soothe, and calm the mind. 

FAQ # 12: How Critical are Music and Tones? 

The best brainwave entrainment consists of both the visual and auditory aspects. Music and environmental sounds have been used for a long time to achieve an altered consciousness. These could include aspects from natives such as chants, drums, and even rain or wind sounds. All these have the power to form mental images. 

This is why relaxing on the beach gives a powerful relaxation response. It is because you can see the beautiful waters as you listen to the soothing wave sounds. 

These sound effects create an intense alpha brainwave activity naturally. But, you cannot enjoy these fantastic benefits of nature daily. It is what life has turned into. Therefore, taking advantage of the brainwave entrainment would serve as a proper response. 

Faq #13: Why do braintap Headsets Use LED lights instead of Incandescent Lights? 

braintap headset placed on wooden table near the beach

Light-emitting diodes(LED) convert small amounts of electrical energy into light. And, you can switch the LED much faster. In the process, they can produce crisp strobe-like pulses, which are more effective in stimulating the frequency following response needed to guide the users through brainwave states.

Blue LEDs are used for braintap. The blue LEDs are suitable especially for their pure, calming and cool effect. Research also found out that people with closed eyes preferred blue lights over other lights. 

Faq #14: How Will I Know I Have Achieved the Theta or Alpha Brain States? 

The experience is different for everybody. Therefore, the feelings and sensations you have may not be anything close to what your friend experiences. Besides, your experience will most likely vary from session to session. 

 Some of the things you are most likely to experience during the alpha and theta states include:

  • lightness, 
  • heaviness, 
  • tingling sensation, 
  • a fluttering of eyelids, 
  • dreaminess, 
  • body jerks or twitches, 
  • Feelings of drifting in and out of consciousness.

These are some signs that you are getting into a brain state of either alpha or theta. 

FAQ #15: Are Audio Sessions Effective Without a braintap headset? 

Visualization and controlled imagery are scientifically proven techniques for:

  • behavior modification, 
  • stress control,
  • self-improvement. 

They are an added asset to the brainwave entrainment. There is a wide assortment of relaxation techniques such as:

  • autogenic(self-produced) training, 
  • meditation, 
  • progressive relaxation, 
  • biofeedback. 

The braintap headset immerses you in the experience and lets you thoroughly soak in it. 

FAQ 16: Sometimes I hear Two Voices From the braintap headset…why is it so? 

First, we would love you to know that when you hear two voices, everything is alright. It is not an error. This is a system technique called “Dual voice processing.” This audio was intentionally recorded that way. And, the objective is to create a whole holographic experience in your brain. 

The second voice moves from the right to the left and back again. Its role is to stimulate the right and left hemispheres. At first, the voice may come out as a little disconcerting. But that should not worry you because your brain will adapt pretty first.

 And, the good news is that you don’t have to listen to the voices consciously. Yours will be to relax and let the process happen. 

Note: Sessions with two voices are labeled as “DV,” while those with a single voice are marked as “SV.” 

FAQ # 16: Can Everyone Use a BrainTap Headset? 

a biohacker chills with camera in the mountains post healthy braintap session

Yes, everyone can use the Braintap headset to achieve the theta or alpha Brainwave states. And, anyone can benefit from the numerous benefits of the braintap technology. 

However, they are recommended to people with a healthy brain. If you suffer from any severe mental disorders, you should not use the braintap headset. Also, remember that flashlights trigger a seizure. Therefore, if you have seizure disorders of any kind, consult your doctor first. They may let you use the braintap headset with the visor lights off. 

Faq #17: Can I Drive After Using a Braintap headset? 

It is safe to drive after using the braintap headset. After using the braintap headset, you will have the desired mental clarity. You will feel more relaxed as if your entire being has been recharged. This makes it even safer for you to drive around. 

 However, in some situations, you may feel groggy after your brainwave sessions. In such cases, an energy drink and water should get you on the move. 

Disclaimer: Never listen to braintap technology WHILE driving. 

Faq #18: Can Children Use a Braintap headset? 

an adolescent biohacker uses braintap set

 Yes. The child needs to sit calmly for 10-20 minutes. And, even more enticing, there are a variety of sessions designed for the benefit of the children, teens and young adults. 

Children as young as five years old are using it before bed. And, the results are superb. 

Teens and young adults can benefit from the “Accelerated Learning Series.” 

FAQ# 19: How Long Will it Take For Me To Notice Results?

Over 90% of users report feeling more refreshed and relaxed after the first sessions. 

However, the results vary from one individual to another. And despite this, you will most likely feel more energized and motivated after the first or second session. 

Dr. Porter recommends listening to the entire series of audios for the best results. For instance, those under the “Habits of Naturally Thin People” series will notice changes after the first sessions. And this may include behavioral changes such as:

  • more desire for water, 
  • physical exercises, 
  • pleasant attitudes towards healthy eating habits.  

And, many golfers report feeling more confident and relaxed after the first session of Mental Coaching for Golfers by Dr. Porter. 

Faq #20: Can I Use Braintap Technology in My business? 

The BrainTap system is for your personal use only. You cannot use it for business or for purposes of making profits, or in a commercial setting. If you are a health professional, you can purchase a location license to use the business system. 

With this, you can use it in a commercial setting and on your clients. 

All content used in the BrainTap Technology system is protected under International Copyright Law and is owned by Dr. Patrick Porter or the respective content provider. And this is why you cannot use it for profit-making unless you acquire a location license. 

Faq #21: Why Can’t I Find a Braintap Application on App or Play store? 

Ensure you type braintap as one word. DEvices will often separate the word to brain and tap. And if this happens, you will not find the application. Therefore, always ensure you correct it back to one word, “braintap,” to find the application. 

Secondly, the second issue could be because of using older devices. For instance, if you are using an iPhone 4, you will have to upgrade to the latest updates before searching in the store. 

Faq #22: What is the Guarantee of the braintap headset system? 

If you don’t like how the braintap headset system works, you can return it. However, the return policy allows you to return it within the first 14 days. The 14 days start counting on the day you receive it. Therefore, as soon as you receive it, ensure you fully experience the brainwave entrainment process to ensure all is well. 

 Ensure you contact the support to get a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number. Otherwise, the device would not be accepted back. If you purchased it from a distributor, you need to contact them for a return policy. 

FAQ # 23 What Comes with the braintap headset?

You will receive:

  • BrainTap headset (LED-equipped earphones and attached LED-equipped visor),
  • standard USB charger, 
  • audio cord, 
  • user manual, 
  • carrying case, 
  • Founder’s Choice program found on the BrainTap Pro App.

Faq #24: What are the Requirements for a brainwave Entrainment Process? 

The requirements are:

  •  An audio file encoded with Neuro-Sensory Sensory Algorithms or AudioStrobe, 
  • an iPod or iPad or iPhone or Android device for listening via the BrainTap Pro app

Faq #25: What I am Afraid of Losing Control? 

Modern life conditions us to be in complete control of life. However, control can quickly transform into fear, stress and anxiety. You will be in more control when in the theta/alpha state. 

 You will fine-tune your thoughts, feelings and emotions at a significantly more profound level. Armed with a braintap headset, you will achieve the kind of control you will want. 

Final Thoughts 

BrainTap headset system continues to take over brain fitness. Human ability requires a lot of practice to achieve desired wellness levels and produce relaxed states. However, with braintap, you do not have to wait for years and years of practice to achieve the alpha and theta brainwaves. 

 And with that, a lot of people are left in awe of how powerful the device is. We, however, believe that we have answered all questions you had on the device. And, we hope these were helpful, whether you already have the brainset headset or are still planning on buying it. 

And with that, you are set to achieve the highest level of brain fitness you have ever had. We guarantee you your brain will love this biohacking brain journey. 


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