Hapbee Reviews: What are new biohacking wearables & do they benefit?

A biohacking tool for “Deeper Sleep. More Energy. Better Focus.”

We’ll tell you how to feel whenever you want with thee Hapbee reviews. Imagine going to sleep after a long, tiring day, and your mind fights with your body.

Your mind is wondering about the presentation the next day, and your body wants to rest. You want to feel sleepy right now, and what you feel is focused on tomorrow’s office attire.

And you wish you could just close your eyes and go into a deep sleep at the touch of a button.

Wouldn’t you want that? We would!

And guess what? Choose how you want to feel at the touch of a button just got real!

That’s what Hapbee claims — “The Revolutionary Bio stream Wearable That Lets You Choose How You Want To Feel.”

What is the Hapbee wearable?

Hapbee is a bio-stream wearable — a device that you can wear around your forehead or neck or keep under your pillow to optimize when and how you feel something.

Hapbee also has a smart pillow with the same effects as the Hapbee wearable, but the latter is more popular among the masses.

So, with Hapbee, you can track your health metrics and improve them by changing how you feel at a particular time.

It’s like listening to your favorite music with your headphones. You choose the track on your mobile, and it plays the exact song into your ears.

So with Hapbee, you choose your desired feeling (“blend”) on the Hapbee app, and the wearable bio-streams the exact feeling in your mind and body.

Surprised? We, too, were amazed to read this on their website and then questioned ourselves — “Is it even possible to bio-stream feelings into your mind? And what the heck is bio-streaming?

Then we searched for answers on their website itself. Google didn’t know about it either!

Here’s what we searched for and the answers we got.

What does Hapbee really do?

Hapbee lets you live on your terms.


When you want to stay focused, it lets you do so by playing a blend in your Hapbee device that activates your mind’s receptors and trains it to focus.

It allows your mind to stay calm when you are feeling angry or anxious about something and want yourself to relax.

It keeps you away from social drugs like cocaine and alcohol when you just want to feel happy and forget your worries for a while. When you don’t want to depend on these drugs, you just don’t!

Hapbee also gives you sound sleep without other sleep aids.

And it makes your morning grogginess disappear when you want to wake up early. Simply put, it puts you in the right mood to leave your clingy bed!

Again, how does hapbee do all these?

So, according to their website, Hapbee bio-streams the magnetic signatures of certain ingredients (like melatonin, CBD, caffeine) into your mind through the wearable device. Then, when the device comes in contact with your body, it activates the effects of those ingredients, and you feel what you want.

And just when you remove the device, the effects vanish as if nothing happened. No side-effects. No other feelings. You get back to your original state. But the more you use the device, the more your mind and body get trained to its effects.

Most people don’t experience immediate results with Hapbee, so they must try multiple sessions if they want to see it work properly.

So, what is bio-streaming?

Bio-streaming lets you stream physical sensations. It emulates (imitates) the effects of common compounds like caffeine and melatonin digitally and stimulates their impacts on your biometrics.”

It means bio-streaming is copying the effects of these substances — that they have on your mind and body — and invoking them in you via a digital medium like the Hapbee’s ulFRE® (ultra-low Radio Frequency Energy) frequencies.

So, Hapbee copies the effects of sleeping pills/caffeine/melatonin and infuses them into your daily well-being. And with daily well-being, Hapbee specifically prioritizes your Sleep, Performance, and Mood.

What are the benefits of Hapbee?

Hapbee gives you the liberty to live your life on your own terms with the power to choose your feelings for a particular time.

The wearable device focuses on three major parts of our daily well-being — Sleep, Performance, and Mood. So let’s see its benefits from all three perspectives.

Sleep Benefits

  • deeper and restorative sleep
  • reduced falling asleep struggles
  • relaxed mental state
  • ample rest before falling asleep
  • quick and refreshing power naps

Performance Benefits

  • boosted energy, focus, and creativity
  • light mind
  • relaxed throughout the task while feeling the energy you need
  • reduced drowsiness and mental fatigue
  • increased alertness
  • improved creative strength

Mood Benefits

  • high morning energy and freshness
  • stress-free traveling
  • chilled out senses
  • more happy hours
  • improved fun and social life

Other benefits of Hapbee

  • gives you more than 18 hours of control over your emotions
  • is flexible to wear — around your forehead or neck and can be kept under the pillow
  • won’t let lights disturb you while sleeping or when not in use — you can switch them off
  • can squeeze itself to fit your head or neck
  • no side effects
  • uses safe ultra-low energy frequency signatures
  • minimizes your exposure to RFs with Bluetooth low energy
  • doesn’t feel heavy on your forehead or neck
  • won’t get damaged in water

What are the features of Hapbee?

So before you learn to use Hapbee, let’s introduce its features to help you get the most out of your sessions.

Hapbee reviews feature #1: Hapbee companion app

The Hapbee companion app is available on both the App Store and Playstore for iOS and Android phones, respectively.

You can use the Hapbee app to control your wearable device.

It has various functions to help you decide and activate your preferred feelings.

The next set of features in this section are functions of the Hapbee app, which you can enjoy via the Hapbee device.

Hapbee reviews feature #2: Hapbee signals

Every compound we discussed in this review — caffeine, melatonin, or CBD — has a unique magnetic signature or frequency.

Hapbee records this unique frequency in the form of a signal. Then based on your choice, Hapbee emits these signals into your body, whose receptors welcome them and let you feel the impact you want.

You can choose from 8 signals in the Hapbee companion app.

Hapbee signal #1: ALERT

ALERT is for you if you are one of those fitness freaks who need a bit of enthusiasm to leave their cozy beds in the morning.

It gives you the digital caffeine shot you need to boost your morning energy.

Hapbee signal #2: FOCUS

When your mind wanders everywhere except at your current task at hand, you need FOCUS to bring it back on track.

FOCUS regains your concentration on the task and maintains the flow you need to complete it.

Hapbee signal #3: BOOST

Get a boost of energy when lazy afternoons and tiring environments seem to fade you away.

BOOST gives you the necessary burst of coffee you need without having to deal with its side effects at night.

Hapbee signal #4: RELAX

Be it the tension in your muscles or a long meeting during the day; RELAX will help you ease on the spot.

No need to wait to arrive home or for a night’s sleep to melt your tension.

Hapbee signal #5: CALM

When you need peace and are getting none because your mind always has some other plans, put on CALM to ease yourself into meditation.

Don’t let the outer world snatch your peace of mind when it is right there inside your head. Bring it out with CALM.

Hapbee signal #6: HAPPY

You don’t have to be the friend who cancels all the plans at the last moment. HAPPY makes you happy and gives you the cheerful boost you need to rock the weekend.

Next time when you feel like canceling, get a shot of HAPPY right into your body.

Hapbee signal #7: BEDTIME

Go to your bed with a clear head — no to-do lists, no presentations, and no looking back at the day! BEDTIME prepares you for a deep sleep even before you lie down.

Stop all your tossing and turning with a dose of BEDTIME.

Hapbee signal #8: DEEP SLEEP

If you often get up from sleep in the middle of the night or have trouble getting sound sleep, DEEP SLEEP is for you. It gives you restorative sleep throughout the night.

Now you don’t have to ask for a few more minutes of sleep in the morning.

Hapbee reviews feature #3: Hapbee blends

“If Hapbee Were Headphones, Blends Would Be The Songs”

So just like you play a track on your mobile phone to listen to your favorite music, you can play a blend (a feeling) in your companion app to feel how you want to feel.

The wearable will emit the ingredients (virtual caffeine or melatonin) of the blend, and your body’s receptors will activate their effect on your mind and body.

You can choose from more than 25 blends divided into three categories — Sleep, Performance, and Physical well-being. Let’s check out a few blends in each category.

#1: Sleep

  1. Wind Down
  2. Bedtime
  3. Deep Sleep
  4. Long Flight
  5. Power Nap

#2: Performance

  1. Master Your Attention
  2. Email Mastery
  3. Morning Coffee
  4. Deep Work
  5. Creative Boost

#3: Physical well-being

  1. Afternoon Slump
  2. Strain Relief
  3. Time To Lounge
  4. Wake Up

You can select the blend based on what you want to do right now and what feeling will help you achieve it.

So if you have to work after lunch and fight the strong urge to sleep, play Afternoon Slump and get back to work. Or, if you are done for the day, discharge yourself for a while with Time To Lounge.

Hapbee reviews feature #4: Hapbee community

Hapbee allows you to connect with fellow users and build your own community — Hapbee Hive.

You can share your routines, ask for help, or just e-meet your friends with Hapbee Hive

Hapbee reviews feature #5: Hapbee routines

Hapbee routines are a great way to train your body for Hapbee while developing a schedule for your daily life.

You can either follow Hapbee’s pre-designed Pro Routines or build your own with preferred signals and blends.

Hapbee reviews feature #6: Hapbee guides

If you don’t have any idea about a healthy lifestyle, Hapbee has informative guides for you to follow.

So you can just select the guidance you need for better sleep, performance, physical well-being, and mental well-being.

Hapbee reviews feature #7: Hapbee rewards

While you use Hapbee, you can track your progress with the sessions and improvement in your lifestyle.

Once you have completed 3 hours on the device, you’ll get a link to refer Hapbee to your friends or family with a discount worth $100 for the first five people. So, if you’ve enjoyed and truly felt the benefits of Hapbee, recommend it to your friends immediately and save them a few bucks!

What happens during a Hapbee session?

Hapbee’s default session limit is one hour per session. But you can change it at your convenience from 15 minutes to 4 hours. However, we’d recommend taking a trial session of at least one hour to experience the best results.

So get ready for your first session!

All you need to do is switch on your Hapbee wearable, connect it with your Hapbee wearable and choose your desired blend.

So if you want to work on a project that needs a fresh perspective and the energy boost to focus on, choose the “Creative Boost” blend from the “Performance” category.

Wear the Hapbee device around your forehead or neck and play the blend. It will produce the effects of caffeine and a calming compound that will let your creative juices flow effortlessly.

Give in to the session entirely, and the blend will keep doing its work. After an hour, if you are done with your task, remove the device and turn it off. The effect will be gone, but you’ll see the results in front of you.

The main benefit of this session will be your productivity and undisturbed attention to the task you were doing. Not to mention the quality you produce will be admirable as well!

How to use Hapbee?

It’s as simple as playing music!

Hapbee reviews step #1: Prepare yourself

Before you use Hapbee:

  • take a deep breath,
  • drink a lot of water, and
  • choose a place.

Hapbee reviews step #2: Charge your device and connect it to the companion app

Plug your Hapbee device into any USB port with the cable provided in the Hapbee box. Then, download the Hapbee app on your mobile phone while it charges.

Turn the device around, and you’ll find a QR code along with a number at the bottom of the device. You can either scan the QR with your companion app or use the number to connect your app via Bluetooth.

So, open the app and tap on “Get A Device.”

Now tap on the “+” icon and the menu icon to find your Hapbee device.

Select the device to connect. Once connected and charged, you can wear the device around your forehead or neck.

Hapbee reviews step #3: Turn the device on

Press and hold the button on the back of the device until you see the lights ON on the device and feel a buzzing sensation on your skin. It’s an indication that the device is ON. You will feel the same buzzing sensation when you switch the device OFF.

Hapbee reviews step #4: Choose your preferred signal or blend

Once the device is turned ON, you can select your preferred signal or blend. We’d recommend starting your first one-hour session with the help of your friend or a family member. Let them choose the signal/blend for you to avoid the placebo effect tampering with the results.

Ask your friend or family member to tap the play button after they select a signal or blend for you.

Now sit back and enjoy your first session. After the session, if you can identify the recording correctly, it means Hapbee worked for you.

According to Hapbee experts, some people take 3-4 minutes to show the results, while others need time to adjust to the frequencies and their effects. So they recommend a minimum of three 30-minute sessions to train your body for Hapbee and then check the results.

Follow these steps to test Hapbee yourself.

  1. Play signal 1 for 30 mins.
  2. Take a 5 mins break.
  3. Play signal 2 for 30 mins.
  4. Take a 5 mins break.
  5. Ask your friend to play any of the signals 1 and 2 or no signal.
  6. Identify the signal (if you feel it).

How does Hapbee work — The science behind Hapbee

Magnetism is the underlying concept behind Hapbee. The technology uses electromagnetic fields to interact with our body and render the effects of compounds like caffeine, melatonin, adenosine, CBD, etc.

Hapbee imitates the magnetic signatures of the compounds with ultra-low radio frequency energy (ulFRE®). With the help of these signatures, Hapbee generates specific sensations in your body — based on your choice.

What are the cons of Hapbee?

The pitfalls of Hapbee will not make you turn the product down, but they are worth mentioning.

  • Hapbee can be a bit heavy on your pocket, especially with its monthly subscription plan.
  • You may find it awkward to wear it on your forehead.
  • It takes time to feel changes in your cognitive state.

How soon will you notice the results after using Hapbee?

You might take 3-4 minutes to at least 20 hours to get acquainted with the device.

Some people are sensitive to magnetic frequencies and quick to experience the effects.

But others might need time to train their body for the frequencies, so they take more time to show the effects.

When to buy Hapbee

Buy Hapbee when:

  • you depend on sleep aids, caffeine, or supplements to balance your daily lifestyle,
  • you want to improve your productivity, focus, and mental health,
  • spending a few hundred dollars on your sleep, performance, and mood doesn’t bother you, and
  • you often find yourself struggling with emotions and unwanted feelings.

When not to buy Hapbee

You may not consider buying Hapbee when:

  • you have an active lifestyle, a healthy sleep cycle, and a sharp mind,
  • you are a calm, relaxed, and happy soul,
  • spending money on your sleep, performance, and mood seems a bit unreasonable to you, and
  • wearing something around your forehead or neck makes you uncomfortable.

What is inside a Hapbee package?

Hapbee has three options for you.

Hapbee package #1: Hapbee Wearable

It is a flexible and oval-shaped device you can wear around your neck or forehead or even keep under your pillow.

Color: Black

Size: Available in two sizes

  • Hapbee: 23 1/2″ circumference
  • Hapbee XL: 25″ circumference


  • Hapbee: $299.00 + [$19/month OR $228 1-year membership (after a 30-day All-Access Membership trial)]
  • Hapbee XL: $319.00 + [$19/month OR $228 1-year membership (after a 30-day All-Access Membership trial)]

Box contents:

  • Hapbee device
  • Charging cable (USB-C)
  • Travel bag
  • Display stand


  • Risk-free, 365-day money-back guarantee
  • Free All-Access Membership for 30 days with 2 blends in the base plan after 30 days
  • Free Android and iOS app
  • Free shipping (US and CA)

Hapbee package #2: Smart Pillow

It is a fully-integrated pillow and works the same way as Hapbee Wearable. It’s Hapbee’s recent launch and is primarily manufactured for sleep and relief.

Color: Gray

Price: $199 + [$12/month membership (after a 30-day All-Access Membership trial)]


  • Risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free All-Access Membership for 30 days with 2 blends in the base plan after 30 days
  • Free Android and iOS app
  • Free shipping (US and CA)

How to use:

  • Keep it under your pillow for sleep signals and blends, and use your phone to select the tracks.
  • Strain relief and relaxation blends work well when you keep the pillow under your limb and behind your back or neck while traveling or sitting on a chair.

Hapbee package #3: Sleep & Recovery Set

It is a combo pack of Hapbee Wearable (Neckband) and Hapbee Pillow Sleeve, specially manufactured for sleep and recovery.

Price: $339 + [$12/month membership (after a 30-day All-Access Membership trial)]


  • Risk-free, 365-day money-back guarantee
  • Free All-Access Membership for 30 days with 2 blends in the base plan after 30 days
  • Free Android and iOS app
  • Free shipping (US and CA)

How to use:

  • Put the Neckband in the Pillow Sleeve and use the combo the same way you’d use the Hapbee Smart Pillow.

What are customers saying about Hapbee?

We have the live hapbee reviews for you. Well, customers who have experienced the effects of Hapbee within 20 hours of their sessions have expressed their gratitude. So let’s see what they have to say about their experience.

Jeremy fell in love with Hapbee!

Kari specifically likes the Deep Sleep track.

Carriero loves Hapbee while driving.

Victor recommends Hapbee to emotionally unstable souls.

Patrick has already improved his sleep with Hapbee.

Where does Hapbee ship?

Hapbee ships to most countries worldwide, including the US, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Estonia, Belgium, Australia, Austria, and more. You can check your country here.

If you don’t find your country’s name in the list, you can reach them at help@hapbee.com to check if they can do something.

Besides, shipping is free across 48 U states and in Canada and usually takes 1 business day.

Is any discount available on Hapbee products?

Hapbee has partnered with GovX to offer a 25% Military and First Responders discount for:

  • Current & former US military
  • Military spouses & dependents
  • First responders, including law enforcement, fire, and EMS
  • Federal, state, and local government employees
  • Teachers (K-12 and University teachers/staff)

You can apply for the discount here.

What are the return and refund policy of Hapbee?

Hapbee offers a 1-year money-back guarantee for its Wearable and Sleep & Recovery Set.

But if you don’t enjoy the experience (less likely to happen!), you have to initiate your return process within 1 year of buying it. Make sure the product is not damaged, dirty, or stained and is in its original packaging when you return it. Otherwise, you won’t get a refund.

Return Process:

  1. Email your name on order, order date, order number, and reason for return at help@hapbee.com.
  2. Put the subject line as “Returns.”
  3. Once Hapbee receives your email, they’ll share a Prepaid Return Label with you (returns are free within the USA and Canada and cost $20 if they are international).
  4. If your package has to be shipped internationally, they will deduct the return shipping cost from your refund amount.
  5. Pack your device with all its accessories in the original packaging box and put it in another box to ship.
  6. Print the Prepaid Return Label, fix it to the outer box and drop it at your nearest shipping location.
  7. Complete the process within 7 days of receiving the Prepaid Return Label, and it will take Hapbee around 14 business days to process your refund after receiving your package.

If, instead of returning, you want to exchange your Hapbee device due to a faulty piece of hardware or software, you can follow the same process. They will send a replacement free of charge once you complete the process.


We have answered some questions you might have about Hapbee.

Hapbee reviews Q#1: How do you pair a Hapbee?

You pair a Hapbee device in 5 steps:

  1. Charge your Hapbee device.
  2. Download the Hapbee app on your iOS or Android phone.
  3. Scan the QR code on the back of Hapbee with your app or enter the number printed alongside the QR code in your app.
  4. Once the app detects your Hapbee device, tap on the device name.
  5. You have successfully paired your Hapbee with the app. Enjoy your sessions!

Hapbee reviews Q#2: For how long do the products last?

Well, hapbee signals usually wear off after 15-30 minutes on average after switching off the session.

Hapbee reviews Q#3: How to use new blends in Hapbee after an update?

To use new blends in Hapbee after an update, follow these steps:

  1. First, delete and reinstall your Hapbee app and connect it with your Hapbee device.
  2. Please check your app version to be 0.100.21.
  3. Go to the Device Details page.
  4. Select update/restore firmware from the device settings, and your app update will begin.
  5. Make sure you don’t press the power button on your Hpbee device or leave the update page on your app.
  6. The process might take 10 minutes to complete, so sit back and relax until the light on your Hapbee device turns ON again.
  7. After the update is installed, the app will show a confirmation screen with a progress bar. Wait for it to complete.
  8. After 2 minutes, when the download is finished, wait for the device lights to turn on again, and then click on continue and reconnect your app to the device.
  9. Check the updated version of the app to be 1.0.1.
  10. Enjoy your latest blends today!

Hapbee reviews Q#4: Is Hapbee Also For Healthy and Happy People too?

Yes, Hapbee is also for healthy and happy people who face no sleep struggles, mental issues, or physical anxiety. And it’s not only for people trying to avoid caffeine, alcohol, or CBD.

Consider Hapbee as the cherry on the top of your active lifestyle as it gives you more energy, better performance, and more sleep.

So everything is enhanced when you use Hapbee. You are a level higher than you usually are.

Hapbee reviews Q#5: Is there a way to use Hapbee without a subscription at all?

A way to use Hapbee without a subscription is to use it with all your might within the first 30 days of your purchase (of the device).

The subscription is for operating the device with the help of the Hapbee companion app. So when you purchase the device, you get 30-day free access to all the blends and signals.

After that, you have to pay $19 per month to use the Hapbee Neckband and $12 per month for Hapbee Smart Pillow and Sleep & Recovery Set.

Hapbee reviews Q#6: Does the device’s direct contact with skin or its position on the body influence the strength of the effect?

No, the device’s direct contact with the body or its placement doesn’t influence the strength of its effect. Instead, it depends on how much time your body takes to adjust to Hapbee signals.