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12 Best Magnesium Supplement For Sleep In 2022 & Their Pros & Cons

A long tiring day deserves some caressing...

December 6, 2021 0 comments
best magnesium supplement for sleep

We all have been looking for sleep aids amidst the competitive world, social media, and restlessness as their by-products. But somehow we have found you the best magnesium supplement for sleep.

Yes, you are in the right place. And, just to let you know, you are not alone. A lot of people have been looking for solutions to sleep faster.

When was the last night you slept like a baby? Now that you are here, our guess would be you sleep like a baby every day! You find it challenging to fall asleep, just like a baby. And when you luckily fall asleep, any slight noise wakes you up. When you fall asleep again, you will be up every other 15 minutes. And that’s your routine

(Maybe it’s time to ditch the sleep like a baby phrase? No? But that’s not the reason we are here today)

What if we told you magnesium supplements could help you sleep like a log? 

If you have had problems with sleep, you must know how powerful magnesium supplements are. And the problems can be anything from:

  • taking too long to fall asleep or a long sleep latency period, 
  • inability to fall asleep at all at night, 
  • frequently waking up through the night, 
  • inability to shift into a deep sleep. 

And these can affect both your physical and mental health. 

You don’t want that. Therefore, the best move you should take is to jump onto this perfect biohacking sleep trick: taking magnesium supplements. 

But then, the big question comes up…which is the best magnesium supplement for sleep? 

Yes, there are a lot of magnesium biohacking supplements for sleep on the market. And it can be a task to choose the most effective.  (1)

No need to worry, though. Let’s go!

Best Magnesium Supplements for Sleep 

Let’s get this right first; many people seek all different remedies for sleep. And top on the list would be taking sleeping pills. Yes, they will work and all. But you will quickly get addicted to them. You sure do not want that.

 And that’s why magnesium supplements remain the best biohacking products to help you sleep better. And that’s why nutritionists advise you to frequently eat magnesium-rich foods such as almonds and spinach. Note these foods are also stress-relieving foods.

But then again, the supply of these foods is not enough. And that’s why many of us end up with a magnesium deficiency. The only resort, therefore, to promote sleep and relaxation is to take magnesium supplements. Technically, not “only.”

We do have other non-supplement solutions like SleepPhone, BrainTap, Chilipad, and Ooler. But they’re darn effective. But they don’t fulfill the necessary intake of Magnesium.

Therefore, what are the best magnesium supplements for sleep? 

 Find out below. 

Best magnesium supplement for sleep #1: Bioptimizers Magnesium (Our favorite)

You have looked at the benefits of supplements containing magnesium oxide. 

And, they look good. 

Then, you looked at those with magnesium malate and what they have to offer. 

Sounds promising. 

And then those with magnesium sulfate, magnesium chloride, and magnesium citrate. 

They all promise to solve your sleep problems. And give you more health benefits. 

So, what should you choose? 

We know it is very easy to get stuck here. 

But how about choosing a supplement that consists of all these magnesium compounds? It is a case of why choose when you can have it all. 

We are talking of magnesium bioptimizers. 

Why Magnesium Bioptimizers? 

Again, you get to enjoy the benefits of all the magnesium supplements we have discussed above. 

Come on; it doesn’t make sense to buy all the supplements above. If anything, you may end up with a magnesium overdose or toxicity. Yes, too much of it comes with some side effects. 

Therefore, the best solution remains to choose magnesium optimizers, whose chemical composition has been carefully analyzed to ensure maximum benefits. 

Magnesium Bioptimizers health benefits 

The health benefits of Magnesium Bioptimzers include:

Cons of Magnesium Bioptizers

  • The capsules may not be gentle on the stomach, 
  • Some capsules arrive Broken, which makes it challenging to keep up with the dosage. 


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Best magnesium supplement for sleep #2: BioSchwartz

BioSchwartz Magnesium supplement bottle for sleep

The main ingredient in this magnesium supplement is magnesium bisglycinate. This is a blend of magnesium and two glycine amino acids. Sometimes, it is also called magnesium glycinate. 

What is this best known for? 

First, it is super easy for the body to absorb it. 

Also, it is super gentle on your entire digestive tract and the stomach. 

BioSchwartz has been designed to help promote restful sleep. Taking a nightly dose of this supplement will promote your sleep quality. 

PROS of BioSchwartz

  • gentle on the digestion system, 
  • Highly bioavailable
  • the powerful promoter of restful sleep. 

Cons of BioSchwartz

  • Some users have complaints of nausea.

Benefits of BioSchwartz

The top magnesium glycinate present in BioSchwartz health benefits that would help you sleep better include:

  • relieves anxiety (read the full list of anxiety supplements)
  • may help reduce chronic pain 
  • relieves symptoms of premenstrual syndrome(PMS) 
  • stimulates exercise performance,
  • Helps in the maintenance of regular heart rate 


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Best magnesium supplement for sleep #3: Seven Minerals Oil Spray  

Seven minerals magnesium spray bottle for stress, anxiety, and sleep

Number two on the list of the best magnesium supplements for sleep is seven minerals oil spray. It delivers magnesium to you in a spray form. 

 Seven minerals oil spray’s main ingredient is Magnesium chloride, a blend of magnesium and chlorine. A lot of times, it is directly extracted from seawater or brine. 

It is common because it has a high bioavailability. Magnesium chloride is often recommended to people just looking to boost their magnesium intake. 

Did you know that the famous magnesium oil used for sleep is a mixture of magnesium chloride and water? 

Seven mineral oil spray improves relaxation and calmness. And, this is what you require in the evening before drifting into sleep. 

It is also known to be a good remedy for migraines. 


  • Powerful in sleep optimization
  • Since it is in spray form, your body doesn’t need to further process it,
  • easily available
  • helps improve digestion which in the long run supports better sleep 
  • good for bone health too
  • reduces stress and anxiety


  • It is not as easy to get absorbed into the bloodstream. 

Benefits of Seven Oil Magnesium Spray

Here is how magnesium chloride will impact your sleep, either directly or indirectly:

  • reduces stress levels, 
  • boosts athletic performance, 
  • improves bowel motility. 


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Best magnesium supplement for sleep #4: Superior Lab

Superior labs magnesium Citrate bottle for sleep

The main ingredient in Superior Lab is magnesium citrate. This supplemental magnesium compound is a combination of magnesium oxide and citric acid. 

Magnesium citrate helps stimulate healthy bowel movements. 

Did you know that over 40% of people suffering from irritable bowel movements report having sleep problems? (2) Therefore, if you want to enhance your sleep pattern, ensure your bowel movement is in check. And if not, use superior lab magnesium citrate to get the movements in order. 

Also, magnesium citrate has a high bioavailability. You can, therefore, use it as your daily dose of supplemental oxygen. This makes Superior Lab a good choice for people with deficiencies, and need to use it daily.

Why would Superior Lab be in our top picks of magnesium supplements for sleep? 

Well, it easily dissolves in water. Therefore, this makes it a popular option for magnesium liquids or powders. 


  • Promotes good bowel movement, 
  • high bioavailability, 
  • easily dissolves in water. 


  • There are cases of nausea and diarrhea.

Benefits of Superior lab

Here are some benefits of Superior Lab that will eventually result in good quality sleep. 

  • helps the body relax and also improve symptoms of insomnia, 
  • retention of water that helps in easier passing of stool, 
  • naturally treats anxiety
  • calms the overactive mind


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Best magnesium supplement for sleep #5: Nobi Nutrition

Magnesium complex premium supplement bottle for sleep

Nobi Nutrition’s main ingredient is magnesium oxide. Magnesium oxide is the most popular form of magnesium. 

It is a combination of magnesium and oxygen ions. 

Nobi Nutrition also contains magnesium citrate. 

Magnesium oxide is good for stimulating bowel movements. It is also great for buffering other forms of magnesium. 

You will love that this company individually addresses any customer’s dissatisfaction. 


  • Affordable,
  • Proper customer service from the manufacturers, 
  • stimulates proper bowel movement. 


  • There are cases of changed heart rate.

Benefits of Nobi Nutrition

  • helps relieve stress and depression, 
  • relieves leg cramps and muscle and bone pain, 
  • helps relieve fatigue, 
  • relieves excess stomach acidity,
  • treats insomnia.


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Best magnesium supplement for sleep #6: Designs for Health Magnesium Malate

Another magnesium supplement you should consider taking is Designs for Health magnesium malate. Magnesium malate is a combination of malic acid and magnesium. 

Malic acid and magnesium are pretty bioavailable. Also, they seem to stick around longer in the bloodstream. 

Also, this magnesium malate supplement promotes muscle comfort and relaxation. This is one of the health benefits that will help you sleep better after having a long day at work. 

Yes, you also need that muscle relaxation after hours of working out. 


  • Highly bioavailable,
  • improved sleep quality, 
  • sticks longer in the bloodstream, 
  • promotes muscle relaxation. 


  • Too much magnesium malate may interfere with other medications.

Benefits of Designs for Health Magnesium Malate

  • use to treat sleep disorders, 
  • relieves chronic pain, 
  • increases exercise performance, 
  • maintains healthy levels of GABA, a neurotransmitter that promotes sleep. 


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Top magnesium capsules #7: Elm & Rye

The main ingredient in Elm and Rye magnesium supplements is magnesium gluconate. 

It contains other ingredients such as microcrystalline cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, and vegetable magnesium stearate. 

Elm &Rye has been a role player, especially in bone and muscle relief. But most importantly, it plays an outstanding role in relaxation and improving sleep quality. 

PROS of Elm &Rye

  • Soy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Contains no preservatives, 
  • GMO_free
  • Dairy-free
  • Gives a reasonable value for money; a 30-day supply of Elm & Rye costs $50. 


  • Cases of nausea in some users

Benefits of Elm &Rye

Taking magnesium sulfate has the following health benefits:

  • fights cold and flu, 
  • reduces unpleasant PMS symptoms, 
  • relieves painful muscles and joints, 
  • reduces stress and helps you sleep longer, 
  • allows the body to relax deeply. 

Top magnesium capsules #8: Mindbodygreen sleep support Magnesium Supplement.

 If you are looking for another magnesium bisglycinate supplement, then consider this supplement. 

We love it because it is highly absorbable. And, we cannot get enough of how it has been formulated to perform deep and restorative sleep. 

Besides the 120mg of magnesium bisglycinate, every single dose contains jujube seed extract. Jujube seed extract is used in Chinese traditional medicine to bring a calming and sedation effect. This, therefore, naturally enhances natural sleep quality. 

  Pros of Mindbodygreen

  • GMO_free,
  • Dairy-free,
  • Soy-free,
  • Vegan friendly,
  • Strongly calms and relaxes the body, 
  •  Send you to deep sleep,


  • Chances of nauseousness when starting

Benefits of Mindbodygreen sleep support Magnesium Supplement

  • Enhances memory, 
  • Improves protein synthesis, 
  • Soothes you to deep sleep, 
  • Supports normal blood pressure, 
  • Promotes blood sugar control, 
  • Suitable for strong bones.
  • Relieves leg cramps. 

Top magnesium capsules #9: LIfe Extensions Magnesium Caps

This is the best magnesium supplement for people with a magnesium deficiency. This is because it is a high-dosage and will soon cover up for the deficiency. 

Each Life Extension magnesium capsule contains a cool 500 mg of magnesium. 

The capsule is a combination of magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate and magnesium succinate. Remember that magnesium succinate and magnesium citrate are super easy to absorb into the bloodstream. 

Magnesium oxide may be difficult to get absorbed, but it contains higher amounts of magnesium. So it is a win for all the three compounds present in this supplemental magnesium. 

Dose: 1-3 capsules daily. You can take them any time of the day. However, we recommend getting your doctor’s go-ahead on this one due to its high magnesium content. 

Pros of Life Extension Magnesium Caps

  • Vegetarian friendly 
  • Free from gluten and GMOs, 
  • Suitable for fixing magnesium deficiencies


  • High magnesium content can cause gastrointestinal issues. 

Benefits of Life Extensions Magnesium Caps

  • Soothes different forms of cramps,
  • Relaxes the mind, 
  • Relieves you from stress, 
  • Enhances deep rest and sleep. 


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Best magnesium supplement for sleep #10: Nature Made High Absorption Magnesium Citrate Gummies

If you are not good with pills and other forms of supplements, then these gummies could be your perfect match. 

The main content of this supplement is magnesium citrate. These gummies are nature-made. Therefore, they are free from artificial flavors, synthetic dyes, and artificial sweeteners. 

Dose: Two gummies per day, which contain 100 mg of magnesium citrate each.


  • Sweet natural flavor, 
  • Best options for people who have trouble swallowing pills, 
  • Highly absorbable, 
  • Does not contain any artificial additives. 


  • Some users have reported gastrointestinal issues

Benefits of Nature Made High Absorption Magnesium 

  • Relaxes strained muscles, 
  • Helps strengthen bones, 
  • Ensures deep and restorative sleep, 
  • Relieves stress and anxiety. 


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Best magnesium supplement for sleep #11: Barefoot Scientist Dream State

This is another option for people who won’t take pills, especially at night. 

 The barefoot scientist’s dream state is a spray that is used on the feet. The main ingredient on this spray is magnesium chloride that originates from Zechstein seabed. 

And as if that is not enough, this spray contains ashwagandha. You must know how potent ashwagandha is at relieving stress. Furthermore, it contains sarcosine, an amino acid that boosts the absorption rate of magnesium. 

Also, Barefoot Scientist Dream State contains allantoin. Allantoin is a plant extract that makes this spray gentle on your skin. 

Dose: each spritz of the spray contains 105.6 of magnesium. Therefore, spraying once or twice on your soles would work well. 


  • It is vegan friendly, 
  • Highly absorbable, 
  • Barefoot scientists do not support animal testing, 
  • Ideal for people with difficulties swallowing pills
  • This product is vegan,
  • Barefoot Scientists stand against animal testing 


  • Some people experience a stinging or tingling effect on their soles after spraying. 

Benefits of barefoot Scientist Magnesium Spray

  • Contains ashwagandha that relieves stress and relaxes you, 
  • Helps initiate deep and restful sleep,
  • Helps relieve leg cramps.


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Best magnesium supplement for sleep #12: Doctor’s Best Magnesium 

The ingredient that stands out in this magnesium supplement is magnesium glycinate lysinate. 

Doctor’s best magnesium is chelated. And, this amazing feature is what makes it stand out. This means that it is combined with amino acids. This feature makes it easily absorbable to the bloodstream. Besides, it reduces its side effects. 

If you are looking for something with minimal undesirable side effects while still gentle on the stomach, you will love this. 


  • Highly absorbable to the bloodstream, 
  • Ensures longer retention of magnesium in the system, 
  • Contains amino acids. 


  • Some users have experienced diarrhea

Benefits of Doctor’s Best Magnesium

  • Helps promote better magnesium retention in the body, 
  • Promotes digestion, 
  • Boosts muscle stamina, 
  • Enhances calmness and tranquility,
  • Good for deep and restful sleep. 


Doctors best magnesium

Biohacking Sleep- The Non-Magnesium Ways

Now you already know the pros and cons of magnesium supplements. Like any other thing in the world, Magnesium behaves differently in different bodies. It’s possible to not suit your body the way you’d want!

So for those reasons, you can take other means like buying smart mattresses like Ooler and Chilipad. Or devices like muse headband, Joovv light therapy, and many more.

Best Magnesium Supplements for Sleep Frequently Asked Questions

We answer a few magnesium FAQs below. We hope to clear any doubts you have concerning taking magnesium for sleep. 

Which type of Magnesium is best for sleep? 

There is a lot you can choose from. But, the best Magnesium would be those that are quickly absorbable. Taking a supplement absorbed in the bloodstream quickly means that you can feel its effects almost immediately. And if it offers a plethora of other benefits, just like magnesium bioptimizers, you should highly consider it. 

 How Much Magnesium Should I Take for Sleep? 

The amount of Magnesium you take per day should not exceed 350 mg. This is the maximum daily limit. And, according to research, going higher may result in undesirable side effects such as nausea and diarrhea. 

However, you may want to visit your physician and get the correct dosage. Also, remember the dosage may vary. 

Is it OK to Take Magnesium Every Night?

The time you take magnesium supplements would often depend on whether you are taking other medication. You can take your Magnesium a few hours before bedtime. This makes it suitable for melatonin. 

 Take it one to two hours before bedtime. This will allow you to relax and feel drowsy before drifting into sleep. 

What are the things to consider when choosing a magnesium supplement? 

When looking for a magnesium supplement for sleep, ask yourself these questions:

  • What form of supplements do you prefer, gummies, pills, or sprays? 
  • Are you going for ionic or non-ionic form? 
  • Have you been diagnosed with a magnesium deficiency? With this, you may need high content magnesium
  • How absorbable is it? The faster it gets absorbed, the better

Final Thoughts

Sleep is becoming a luxury to many people. Yet, it should not. It is something everyone should enjoy every other night. But that is where life has taken us. 

However, if you would love to enjoy the luxury of sleep again, you should consider getting on magnesium supplements. Magnesium is an essential mineral that will improve sleep quality. Dietary magnesium may not be sufficient, and that’s why people end up with a magnesium deficiency even after feeding on a balanced diet. 

And, if you have a problem settling for your ideal magnesium supplement, go the magnesium bioptimizers way. It is one of the few biohacking products that will indeed transform your health. And, it will soon be your norm to sleep deeply every other night. 

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